Everything is for sale – Uniquely Singapore

Put it in another way, everything can be bought in paradise. We can buy honesty, buy loyalty, buy talents, and of course everything else in Orchard Road. That reminds me of all the great properties there. All one needs is money, and you can have your pick.

The latest thing to buy is good character. Pay the bugger for showing good character. In no time Singaporeans will all have good character. Not sure about foreigners. Some have shown that good character cannot be bought even if we pay for their education, food and lodging and a good job waiting for them, even giving them citizenship.

Can everything be bought with money? Good character can? The goodness will go away once the money is not there. Loyalty and pride of being a people, citizens of a country, cannot be bought by money easily. Just issuing a pink IC does not guarantee that the person will want to be one of us. Many are just in transit, transient citizens. The most glaring evident is their children or they themselves refusing to do the little sacrifice that every male Singapore citizen does, National Service.

Please stop throwing tax payers money to the ingrates who are just passing through or waiting for better opportunities elsewhere. And don’t think people can turn good because of monetary rewards. The goodness of a person must come from within that person.

Incidentally we can't even buy a decent football team to compete against Malaysian state teams.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a Government that use high pay to prevent corruption?

Anonymous said...

I had the unexpected chance of being seated next to a lady who was very obviously an activist for the good Minister.

LKY once said in one of his earlier books (when he was much younger and a lot more candid) by Alex Josey that you can sometimes gain a lot of insight into a leader by observing his lieutenants.

Let's just say I'm not much surprised.

Anonymous said...

Money creates group think. Group thinkers are territorial and often protectionistic. Those who accrued most money have the most power over those who don't. At the top of the game are the pimps and at the bottom, the prostitutes.

Pimps can be kind though. Prostitutes can be good cuntree.

Anonymous said...

Nothing to be surprised about good character being exchangeable for money, even LOVE can be bought and sold!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Actually everything in life has to be BOUGHT. Nothing is free.

So I have no problem with what redbean expresses cynicism in.

If you have to pay for something, them you have A CONTRACT. If the other party fails, they've breached the contract which means that you -- the plaintiff/ victim -- have grounds to "recover" whatever you've "suffered loss".

Anonymous said...

We pay to silence people. The more one has got to lose(position, power and money), the more you turn a blind eye to corruption or you become agreeable with the powers.

The rich will always protect their interest over the less well off.

Riverapzbg said...

Nothing to be surprised about good character being exchangeable for money, even LOVE can be bought and sold!