Manifesto for a pro Singapore political party

This manifesto is slightly different from the pro Singaporean one. This one is pro Singapore, as long as Singapore is looking good, Singaporean is not really important, or not all Singaporeans are important. One is for people and one is for the concept of state in theory but for a few individuals in reality.

I have listed a few things that would favour a pro Singapore political party, and the people or citizens exist for the country, not the country for the people.

1. Priority housing for those who can afford to pay for it. From the lowest income to the highest income, housing price will be adjusted accordingly to fit their incomes. The more they earn, the more they pay. The lesser they earn the lesser they pay. Very equitable and very fair. But many will just have enough to pay and nothing left for retirement.

2. Tax payers’ money will be used to benefit anyone regardless of nationality as long as he has merit. It would be better if they are talents, from anywhere also can.

3. Licences for small businesses will be given to whoever is allowed to stay and work here. Priorities given to foreigners as they need to feed themselves and to help the citizens, and to provide jobs for the citizens.

4. Hospitals and medical services must be privatized to be efficient and affordable with the help of insurance schemes by paying forward. As not many people really need to pay, the pooling together of their savings will make it easier for those who need to pay for affordable hospital bills.

5. Land is really scarce and landed properties must be sold off to foreigners to maximize profits and returns. The profits can then be used for overseas investments in our sovereign funds or put into our national reserves. The purpose of sovereign funds and national reserves, no one knows, maybe for that rainy day that is supposed to come one day.

6. Political offices, appointments in govt and stats boards must give priority to able citizens and also able foreigners. Nationality is not important, merit is.
7. Citizenship must be given to those who are hungry and willing to migrate here to raise our GDP numbers. They would also help to create a buzz. Not forgetting that they will improve our gene pool. The new bastard generation will be strong and fitter and maybe more talented also.

8. The population of 5m is too little. We need to grow our population to generate growth in our GDP. There shall be no limits to the size of the population as long as it is good for our GDP. We can build modern towers of Babel that will dwarf the old Babel tower.

9. Pledge to implement policies that favour both citizens and non citizens based on merits. There shall be no discrimination against non citizens or PRs.

10. CPF money must be carefully managed to ensure that all citizens have enough to live forever. The minimum sums must be regularly adjusted to inflation.

The above 10 conditions will ensure that the country Singapore will last forever even if all its citizens become quitters. More and able foreign talents will be eager to come here to replace them.

Majulah Singapura.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Too messy. Too many controls.

The best pro people and pro cuntree policy is a total free market where the state's role is simply to keep the peace by rule of law.

Anonymous said...

Amend the constitution in the way that foreigners (don't even PR) are allowed to contest GE and PE for parliamentary seats (MP to PMs) AND 49% of the minister porfolio are allowed to be appointed without going thru election.
AND very last amendment: As long as people (anyone in SG) stay at least half a year, you are allowed to vote.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Not just stay. Must pay income or corporate tax...i.e. must be "productive" (paying tax is proof positive) and contribute to the commonwealth of the cuntree.

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean
A very good pair of articles.

I wonder how many people truly appreciates the implications of what you are saying.

Me. I'll just keep it short.

Pro-Singaporean means I am a clever voter.
I ask what my country/leaders can do for me.
I ask the politician if I vote for you, how exactly will I benefit?

Pro-Singapore means the typical daft Sinkie voter.
Die also will always vote for the Pro Alien Party.
Always overworked and poor.
Never knowing just what the fuck happened despite doing all the "right" things for Singapore.