Land scarce Singapore?

In land-scarce Singapore, new spaces for homes on the sea and in the air, possibly

A floating island and apartments perched over roads and old buildings are just some of the ideas for how Singapore could overcome its land shortage, as the show Land Unlimited discovers....

Based on the Land Use Plan, an additional 5,600 hectares of land are needed by 2030 to cater for a population expected to grow to between 6.5 and 6.9 million.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/cnainsider/land-scarce-singapore-new-spaces-homes-sea-air-roads-buildings-11327586

Many would take this nonsensical comment that Singapore is land scarce as the gospel truth and would subscribe to all the follow up measures the govt is taking to increase land and building high and low and into the sea.  An analogy to this is the claim that the politicians are underpaid despite their multi million dollar salary that is out of this world. The logic is simple economics. They have unlimited wants and nothing is enough. Give them a billion dollar salary and they would claim not enough.

Singapore is land scarce, based on what logic or reasoning? When there are only 2 persons on the island, Singapore would have excess of land for two on the island. Singapore would still be comfortable with the existing 724 sq km of land if it does not have the megalomaniac desire to grow its population to 7m or more. Similarly, Singapore would have enough water resources if it does not have this wild and flirtatious plan for population expansion just for the reason of economic growth and growth that is unsustainable and a double edged sword that would eventually destroyed Singapore.

There is no need for all the extravagant and expensive building projects to create more land just to bring in more wildlife into the island. Be satisfied, enough, and grow the economy by quality, by higher productivity, not by adding more wildlife into the island and claims that land is scarce, water not enough, and must resort to very expensive solution that would only raise the cost of living in the island. 

The proposed futuristic islands in the sea are well and good, but at what cost and who can afford it? Are they necessary if we don't increase our population to the point of bursting at the seams?

Singapore has plenty of land, more than enough, if we stop this irresponsible and dangerous population explosion scheme. Singapore is not land scarce if the govt does not make unduly demands on the land by wanting to put in another few millions of wildlife here.


Virgo49 said...

By 2061, Matland cuts off your water supply, let's have your 6.5 to 6.9M drink Sai chwee.

Also your grown vegetables on your Roof tops and beautiful garden city into vege farms feed your 7M.

Good riddance

Anonymous said...

Hundreds of millions of jobless India nationals are at the gates waiting to get into Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Now Dengue fever is already on the rise. When population reach 10 million, with the idiotic import of 7 million wild lifes, Dengue fever and Money fever will increase out of proportion. Also the swollen head of the PM and other millionaire-ambitious ministers will grow out of proportion. Therefore, the hardship and suffering of Singaporeans (3 million people) will be out of proportion. In fact, everything and everyone will be out of proportion.

That will be the time for Malaysia and Indonesia to take concrete actions to "defend" themselves against a CRAZY OUT OF PROPORTION SINGAPORE.

Anonymous said...


Yes! Land is never enough for Sg to cope with the current rapid rapid growth in population!

Based on my own predictions our population would be..........

2020 : 6M
2030 : 7M
2040 : 8.5M
2050 : 10M
2060 : 12M
2070 : 15M

The value of a basic house in 2070 will easily costs S$1O,ooo,ooo.oo!

Correct? Or madness?


jjgg said...

Ah good morning RB.. our neighbours got plenty land.. relatively few people..largely widespread and overwhelmingly rural..we got modern airplanes..modern armaments..May even have Nukes..and also American warships.. if we run out if land just go across the causeway n take la..or take a ferry to batam n bintan.. Will be ours within 2hours.. who dare resist.. Singapore will never be short of land n water...n people. Btw.. there's nothing in the constitution that says the Chinese stock must remain the major race ok. I believe our million $$ MIW are great planners for the future.. including planning for safe haven in case things go awry.... hehe have a great day ahead

Anonymous said...

Live within your means.

If land is considered scarce in Singapore, then live within your scarce land. If the land can only provide sufficient comfortable space for 3 or 4 million people, why do you want to increase the population to 6, 8 or 10 million?

By so doing, are you not being stupid, greedy, over-ambitious?

Are you not like a fool who owns a 3-room flat, that can allow 4 persons to live comfortably, but wants to invite another six persons to stay with his family of four?

Anonymous said...

Very sensible.
Great post!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Anonymous 918 am!

Want to invite another six persons!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Btw.. there's nothing in the constitution that says the Chinese stock must remain the major race ok. I believe our million $$ MIW are great planners for the future.. including planning for safe haven in case things go awry.... hehe have a great day ahead ....jjgg

Agree. That is why our silly politicians are so happy to sign the CECA and to change the composition of our population by bringing in millions of Indians to change the current balance. Do not be surprise when Indians become a majority in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

When that happens, when an Indian becomes PM, he would say Singapore is not ready for a Chinese PM.

Anonymous said...

Not just Dengue,
Tuberculosis shall be the Second Greatest Threat after the Rising Heat which shall bring much more problems.

Anonymous said...

"In land-scarce Singapore, new spaces for homes on the sea and in the air, possibly"

Is this a fairy tale?
- "Singapore is land scarce"

Is this the truth?
- land sales is a source of revenue for the GODS
- but Singaporeans cannot afford to pay the high prices needed to maintain the GODS' standard of living

Anonymous said...


My MP & PMO finally listen to my emails arguing for opening foreigner floodgates bigger!

Hard truth is that for last 20 years, sinkies have proven themselves to be low-quality & low-productivity in higher value industries. We were only good for the low value industries of 1960s-1980s.

When PAPies say foreigners create jobs for sinkies, what they actually mean is that without foreigners, S'pore will today look like Melaka or JB with average salary of SGD1500 for graduates.

This will seem a paradise for some people like retirees & bums, but definitely won't be able to sustain & inspire future generations.

Virgo49 said...

Talk cock.

When recession hits, the Elites scooted away. Anon 11.30

Will find his limbs and legs cut off and wriggling on the road.

Still with head intact and dying a slow death.

Karma comes to haunt him.

Anonymous said...

/// If land is considered scarce in Singapore, then ... why do you want to increase the population to 6, 8 or 10 million? ///
March 14, 2019 9:18 am

Well said.

Virgo49 said...

Forget to add:

They cut his testicles and cooked in Kam Chai.

Hahah,,be in melaka breathing fresh air and drink pure water.


Anonymous said...


Are your children staying with you in Melaka, and working there? If not, why not?!?! Isn't it a paradise there???

Anonymous said...

This could be PAP's idea of punching above our weight. We are not able to be the first to send man to the moon or Mars. So we aspire to be the first city in the world to have people living in the air, underground, under the sea, on tree tops, under bridges and underpasses and anywhere else they can dream of.

virgo49 said...

Anon 12.23

They be in KL. I be in Melaka. After Melaka ventured with China and became 2nd KL. They be in Melaka. Bungalow or terrace or condo with min 2000cc cars.

No fear of Black Ants etc. Not sinkieland pigeon holes


Anonymous said...


So you're renting out your HDB??

If I have the money, I'd rather be staying in a bungalow or condo in Perth or Melbourne. I studied & worked in Oz for 5 years --- still feel much safer there compared to Matland.

Hell, I'll probably prefer Wellington or Christchurch if cannot get Oz. But the f'ing kiwis have greatly increased their entrance fee.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Singapore is land scarce, based on what logic or reasoning? <<

Based on "market signal" --- PRICE lah.

Are you arguing the case for excess population or scarcity of land? They relate to each other and are inversely correlated.

Nah, dun agree mate. Open up the fucking borders again so that the aunties and uncles can see their asset values skyrocket again....one last time in their lives. I reckon with 9-10 million population $20k per sq foot is possible in the CBD. You tell me, not shiok ah? 😆

Anonymous said...

Based on what?

Based on:

1. Greed and

2. Run-Road Mentality.

3. You die your own business as long as I can make more money.

4. People are nothing but digits to be exploited for my smart brain and selfish greed.

5. Ruthlessness.

6. Low or no moral.

7. Unethical behavior.

Anonymous said...


So how long you want to wait for SERS? 1 year, 5 years?

And in meantime, you leave your HDB empty while you stay in Melaka? Quite wasted leh...

Anonymous said...

Retrenchments fall to 7-year low in 2018, employment growth highest since 2014: MOM report

Shiok times for millennials with strong degrees!! Matilah will be very happy. Sinkie-land happening again.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 2.03

No SERs yet. Just leave it. Melaka also only Holiday getaway for so many years. Sanctuary in case sinkieland sinks.

My Estate 99% SERs.Opposite Marina Bay II. Ex PSA CP.

Urban SLA minimum 7K per sq ft. Matilah said up to 20K.

Our estate can made Billions in sq ft.

Waiting for LowRan Wrong to announce.

Anonymous said...


Haha good luck.

Virgo49 said...

Ha ha Anon 3.07

Got see the chow ang moh's couple or not? Asking without any shame crowd funding 250K for their sake.

They been enjoying their lives travelling and not just simply opened their big mouths to ask daft sunnies to sponsor them with 250K just like that.

You think Chinkees dared to do the same?

But hor, I tell you hor, within 2 days they will have more than 250K.

Daft sinkies very maganimious one.They will for ang mohs give their arms and limps.

But their own, even ah pehs or aunties sell tissue they will not give. Mark my words. Seen many times already.

You come near one more time I break your legs then you know.

This is Sinkieland under the million aires PAP.

Anonymous said...


Very true.

If your estate no MSCP and got plenty open space carparks then higher chance for SERS.

Examples those in Telok Blangah Rise, Bt Purmei Rd, Bt Teresa Rd, Silat Ave (dunno whether still got residents or not, or rented out by HDB to private enterprises??)

SERS compensation about 20% above market resale price.

Looking at the above areas:
4-rm about $400K-$500K (depending on age)
3-rm about $300K-$370K

So you're looking at roughly $480K to $600K for 4-rm SERS compensation.

Or $360K to $444K for 3-rm SERS compensation.

Good luck!!!

Maybe need to vote for PAPies! LOL!

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 4.39

Ours 8 blocks 5 rms Point blocks plus 2 x 4 rms. One MSCP.

Behind KTM land stretch until Keppel and Kampong Bahru

New Bus Terminal behind and MRT in front. Three Condos built up next to us.

You think they want you 40 yrs slum old fahsion flats to stay.

Opposite going to be another Marina Bay for business.

Singapore sells and sells until no more sells.

So chances very the good.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Aussie land is reasonably safe. Aussie’s are gila real estate...it’s a cultural thing, so every now and then there are bubbles in Aussie real estate, because it is a favourite investment”, easy to get loans, and of course negative gearing which many people use to reduce their income tax bill, plus get exposure to upside on asset appreciation (or die cock standing during a real estate bubble bursting 🤣)

Plus there’s plenty of Chinese money here...but that is about to change. Emperor Xi is coming out with new capital controls because too many Chinese nationals are taking their money out of China and “parking” it overseas, quite heavily in real estate.

Emperor Xi (on advisement from the PBO) is likely to FORCE these land barons to sell their overseas property and repatriate the funds back into the Chinese financial system, under the threat of SEVERE penalties for not doing so.

So there’ll be this huge sucking sound in Vancouver, Oz...wherever Chinese have bought property, meaning prices will fall significantly unless the locals or someone else can pick up all those properties.

Similar situation in the 1980s when Japs bought up the Gold Coast. Sekali their economy and stockmarket collapse, the Japs just dumped their Gold Coast properties, and the Aussie market tanked.

Good lah. More cheap houses! Yeah, Aussie property very good...and if you are patient and not go crazy, SAFE lah.

Anonymous said...

Oz land quite safe lar. We used to milk the Aussie girls melons while studying and working there. They like you to milk them too.

Virgo49 said...

Every country had its pros and cons.

We oldies more at home in Matland
Where environment similar.

Still need nasi lemak and beef balls noddles.

Also Auss land 2 to 1 or even less. Matland can stretch your $$$$.

Any kins occasions easily back.


Virgo49 said...

Auss Land 1 to 1 or even more.


Anonymous said...

Virgo it used to be A$1 versus S$1.35 so the special massage used to be 135 now only 1.04 so 30% discount 😀

virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 7.09

For us poor retirees Matland better bet.


Anonymous said...

Go to Batam massage you get 300% discount.

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 1.02

Now your Christchurch ang mohs shooting at the Moslems.

I don't want to be there to be shot down also.

I, no HellYouComeLah. Better to eat nasi lemak in Matland and pray at Temples than eat Kentan everyday. Later talk slurred slurred like got prick in mouth.

Matland Got Nivarana Very Posh and cosy.

Enjoy your migration to CH.


Anonymous said...


Like you said --- need to be humble, mix with the locals, adopt the local lifestyle. By sticking only to your own kind, and too much insistence on own skin colour, own culture, own religion, own food, own dressing etc you stick out like sore thumb, especially if you are minority.

In my 5 yrs in Oz, only 2 or 3 times kena called chinky usually by their red necks in pickup trucks going pass. No big deal.

By establishing a wide network of friends (mostly local, some asians), I didn't feel out of place or threatened. Any probs I can just call anyone of them anywhere. The most loyal & trusted are actually those angmohs. Asians especially cheenas & ahnehs not so dependable when it comes to things like money or fighting (unless they joined the Oz army or police force).

Virgo49 said...

Right Bro Anon 6.57

To each his own.

Fates of your own choice thru circumstances or otherwise.