SpaceX testing module to carry man to space

This is big news in the USA, and NASA is celebrating and hoping that this would be successful. And if so, the Americans could send man to space again, oops not again but for the first time. The SpaceX company, a private company, has successfully launched a rocket to space with a capsule containing a rubber man inside to test if it can carry man safely to space. NASA has given up all hopes of developing a  rocket that can send man to space safely without blowing up in mid air.

Wait a minute,  were we not told that the Americans went to the moon many time 50 or 60 years ago using their rockets? Why are they hoping that a private company can do it successfully for them today? Did they do it, done it before? Or they did not, they bluffed the whole wide world that they did it? Oh, they lost their technology and the notes and now dunno how to do it any more. Really ah?

For the last 4 or  5 decades the Americans have sheepishly been hitching a ride on Russian rockets to the International Space Station when they could not do so on their own. And these selfish and devious Americans even told the Russians not to allow the Chinese to go to the ISS. And quietly, after so many decades of inability, lack of ability, no talent, degenerating intelligence, they finally accepted the fate that they could not develop the know how of a safe rocket to space, they even closed down NASA without fanfare.

Now private companies are trying to do what the Americans, NASA could not do and they are praying that these private companies could be successful and allow them the bragging rights to shout, 'China stealing our technology', and of course, for the first time, to send men to space in their own rockets and come back alive,

The hard truth is finally out. The Americans did not have workable rocket and space technology to send men to space, how could they ever reach the moon and back? The moon landings were all hoaxes. What more do you need to call a hoax a hoax?

The Americans can no longer bluff about how superior is their space technology. The probes to Mars and the pictures from Mars could be hoaxes as well. Can't even go to the moon, can go to Mars?


Anonymous said...

I had done a lot of research on whether man landed on moon in 1969 and many more times after. I alternated between belief and disbelief a few times. Finally I decided it is a hoax. Man did not land on the moon. The 100% evidence is seen in 5:05 of this video.
There is a long delay in audio, even in today's fibre optic age, and communication over merely 4000 miles from Washington to Caracas. But if you listen to Neil Armstrong Comms with Houston (300,000 miles and 1969 analogue technology), there is no unnatural gap in the conversation, Neil and Houston were speaking as if the moon is just 100m from Houston. It is impossible. The entire scenario was set up in a video studio. Radio wave takes time to reach the moon and back. The typical delay-audio response in the attached linked video, @5:00 , is clear testimonial to the blatant American political lie which fooled the entire world to-date.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the video is here linked,please click.
Audio Delay example Washington Venezuela


virgo49 said...

Dotard also the Chinese practises UNFAIR Trading practices.

Just because of the Trade deficits with China, Dotard insisted that the Chinese must also followed the American way of doing business and Managenment styles.

People must also their uncompetitive ways of business to their Doomsland.

He said China must not subsidise their Industries and thus had an edge over their Industries.

You die also must follow you to die ah?

Yesterday's CNA repeat telecast of one Americunt Rep to China on the Trade War between them in an exclusive interview.

When told that China is been unfair to U Ass A being more agile like comparing the Chinese Industries like a Soccer Team in light gear and the Americunts in their American Football Heavy Gears and Equipments that they are not agile and is on a losing streak, our wise lady asked him why they don't follow China into lighter gears and can compete, this Intellectual chwee tak lan.(mouth stuck with his own balls) kept mumbling away.

As usual giving all sorts of excuses.

If the Americunts can already sent Men to the Moon..Why now unmanned Spacecraft?

Should send that liar,conman and cheat and plus plus Dotard to there so that he would not face the Wraths of the Democrats and the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Russian Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov on Saturday condemned what he called America's "flagrant interference" and "destructive influence" in Venezuela, in a telephone conversation with his US counterpart Mike Pompeo.

"The provocation and external destructive influence, under the hypocritical pretext of humanitarian aid has nothing to do with the democratic process," said Lavrov, in comments cited by his foreign ministry. Yahoo News

Singapore is still sticking to this international gangsters and praising their rule of law and democracy and human rights.

b said...

IMHO, russia and china should give up communism (which was a scam created by the youknowsponsorbywho after all), embrace democracy and send uncle sam to shame. this is beating them at their own game. afterall russia and china are superior in all aspects except for communism that hold them back.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

SpaceX launched Crew Dragon - a commercial spaceship designed for NASA astronauts into orbit for the first time. No one was on board, just cargo and a crash-test dummy. NASA claimed that it was a very critical mission to prove that the spaceship was safe to fly humans. Crew Dragon will attempt to dock with the International Space Station on Sunday and return to Earth on Thursday. Uncle Sam is basically reinventing the wheel to restart its moribund space exploration. Russia and China are definitely ahead in space technology.

Anonymous said...

To 9:17. "Communism hold them back"? How so? Like any country there are rich and poor in China, there is much opportunity for smart people, the government is forward looking, the current leadership is strong and well respected by more than 60% of citizens, what more you want??
Today's "communism" is different variant of Mao's communism of the 60's. The USA has brainwashed almost everyone into thinking that only their model works. It is not necessary so.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo b, DT already shouted loudly that we must not follow Russia and China as our FAKE democrazies and Capitalism will be exposed in conning the Dafts all the time.

If Humbleideas wah so scholary research is correct then that's where we have all the FAKE Ah Mohs and Ah Nehs holding all the TOP Posts in Sinkieland.

We have our esteemed Woman Minister who said in Parliament that this Brochez really impressed me and us with his knowledge.

So, how not to trust him? Also this Dumpling Ah Moh said he had a See San Bin Doctor husband here.

I say man, All Elites you know.

How not to trust and gave him a High Post? You tell me lah?

Maybe I also can have a fling with him.He or She also half creature woman. Wah interesting - Lessbies in action.

Sometimes I wonder whether these Degree Holders really earned or studied for their Degrees or just when given an assignment just Goggle or Goggled Info and copy and submit and get a "A"

So, those half past six or pua tank sai like us "All" levels who really took Real Exams must be DUDS.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam's space programme is in deep shit. A total of 17 astronauts had perished and all hell broke loose at NASA. Friends of SpaceX within the White House and elsewhere in the Executive Branch in 2010 tried to end NASA's human space program including the return to the Moon. One-third of NASA's total funding was redirected to subsidize SpaceX's efforts towards human space flight.

SpaceX is all hat and no cowboy. Its launches have a success rate of 4 out of 7. For this reason, no human was on board in its latest attempt to dock its spaceship with the ISS. Only a mannequin in space suit. Hilarious.

Virgo49 said...

Wah, so far No Flaming from the Scholars. Someone also said this Old Man Vietgo Kwalan.Must also Soto Mee him.

So, understand from one gym fiend asking me to join him in a what's WSA Government approved course for what's Dipolma.Get dipolma then can also go for Degree and on top of that still have what's Reimbursemnts of a thousand plus $ and also free study.

I declined his suggestion.Stupid of me.Should go and have paid monies somemore then go for Degrees.

Aiyo, Study degrees simple lah. Just what's they called paralyzing or plarayasing, that is just goggled and copy and send to Unis without them even seeing your faces and they Awarded you "A " Stars Degree and you can hold high posts with high salaries just like the Elites.

WSG posted the Salaries scales of all thuse Degrees Holders.Wah amazing.Words used by DT.

Less than 3 years can have 6CS.

Including Same league as TCB and Kong Hee's class stay in Sentosa after Changi Resorts.

Now talking like our Bro UG. -Arrg.

Anonymous said...

Dear b

You said communism is holding who back? Democratic America is trying to hold back Communist China and Russia would be a more appropriate comment.

You see, we are so used to the mainstream propaganda for decades claiming that communism is second best compared to democracy, and that mental image has more or less sunk into most people's thick heads. And the West gets big headed, of course, thinking that they have won the argument.

But when Communist China did the impossible, that was a wake up call for the West. And the fact that China is expected to bypass them in technology and other fields eventually, sends shock waves throughout the West. And what did they attempt to do? Contain China of course, by sanctions, false accusations, and all manner of subterfuge where they cannot compete.

Do you believe those accusations are all true? Iraq was destroyed on the basis of false information cooked up by UK and the US. How can that be? The US and the West were supposed to be in possession of the best intelligence in the world and they fucked up on Iraq?

How about the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, which they claimed was a mistake because of an old map. Unbelievable that they could come up with such blatant and foolish excuse. And yet, the whole world believed in such fairy tales because the MSM keeps drumming them into people's brains.

Now Trump is going to make America great again. How? By dragging other countries down and out so that they will still be on top and be great again. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

The moon landings were all hoaxes.

So? But they can convince PAP to buy their expensive F35 fighter jets what. This is what really matters, I mean for the Americans lah, correct or not?

Why PAP did not buy cheaper fighter jets from China or Russia but instead buy expensive F35 from America, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Now private companies are trying to do what the Americans, NASA could not do......

Please lah, it is not that NASA could not do but rather it is cheaper for private companies to do lah.

Just as PAP knows that it is cheaper to get foreign talents to do a lot of jobs in Singapore. I am sure u also know this because it is a fact.

America and PAP think alike in certain areas and that's what makes America and PAP great, I mean in their own ways lah.

Anonymous said...

If it is true that US space program was a con all along, I wonder what will Trump's space force be like. Russia, China and India are probably already weaponizing space.

The US does not have the financial resources of the old days of the Cold War, so will Congress allow Trump the money for a space force that can compete with Russia or China? The deficit has grown so much under Trump, even his Wall funding needs an emergency declaration and threat of government shutdown to hold Congress hostage.

During the Cold War, US and Russia were competing furiously on who is going to be first in space, land on the moon etc. To give the impression that the US is ahead, they probably did a Hollywood blockbuster about the moon landing that never was.

For a country that can have Donald Trump, a professional liar, con-man, tax cheat and fake billionaire, as President, nothing is impossible, right?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.52

Why PAP buys the expensive F35 instead of cheaper planes from Russia or China?

Because lap dogs have to do what its master says, right or not, you tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.01

You are correct that America and the PAP think alike. How can a lapdog under it's masters command think differently, right or not?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The only "bragging rights" private enterprise needs is based on whether they make money or not.

Govt-funded space programs use taxpayer money so that the various cuntries can "boast" to each other how great they are. Big fucking deal lah.

Elon Musk has launched a red Tesla roadster into space lah.. When you are a billionaire you can do what the fuck you like with your money, and give every govt space program in the world a two-fingered "fuck you" sign.

Jeff Bezos's (Amazon) Blue Origin is the name to watch. Elon Musk is savvier at getting media attention, that's why Space X is "more famous" than Blue Origin , but Blue Origin is further along the development of workable and sustainable space entrepreneurship.

I place private entrepreneurship ahead of anything govts can do. Govts like to "challenge each other" for reasons based on nationalism. It is childish, expensive and wasteful.

The PRIVATE SECTOR will always be the area where the really good stuff happens. Even in China --- their private companies at the top are the ones actually propelling China's growth and wealth creation. Xi Ping and the CCP play the "nationalism game" using the tax money CONFISCATED from all these great PRIVATE Chinese companies.

Fuck the government lah. Less government, better for individual's wealth creation. Boh Chneg Hu --- even better still. Don't believe me, just ask any Chinese billionaire or Hong Kong resident. They hate the fucking government.

Entrepreneurs, the world needs more of them.

Virgo49 said...


Kim Jong Un decided to send Donald Trump a letter in his own handwriting to let him know he was still in the game.Trump opened the letter which appeared to contain a single-line coded message :


Trump was baffled, so he e-mailed it to the his aides, who had no clue either, so they sent it to the FBI.

No one could solve it at FBI, so it went to the CIA.

With no clue as to its meaning, FBI finally asked MSS (Ministry of State Security in China) for help.

Within a few seconds MSS cabled back with this reply :

"Tell The President That He is Holding The Message Upside Down"


P.S. For those Desk Tops and cannot turn the message upside down, This is the Message:-


Anonymous said...

The most important thing for space travel & space programme is GOT MONEY OR NOT?!?!?!

So far not much profits --- mostly loss or break even.

The space programmes of the 1950s to 1970s involved 10s of trillions in today's money. Sure they can always send people to the Moon again. BUT WHERE'S THE PROFIT IN THAT?!?!

100s of people have died in US, Europe, Russia/USSR, China in all this space programmes & experiments. Many have been covered up or censored. US & Europe much harder to cover up. You can bet tens of China taikongnauts have perished so far, and will continue to die going forward. Is the nature of the game --- zero-death policy is not possible.

Thus far it's been burning investor or taxpayer money. Even fees for sending satellites to orbit can only at best cover costs & break even. It's easier for authoritarian govts to burn taxpayer monies. For more democratic countries, they need super cash-rich and/or silly investors to provide the money to burn.

If S'pore were to engage in this ego-boosting money burning exercise by spending JUST $1B to JV with China or Russia for space programme --- you can bet 3M Sinkies will KPKB, and even many pro-PAP academics, economists, banksters, newspapers etc will come out & say it is foolish.

Luckily Sinkies are OK with govt spending $15.5B of your taxpayer money for war toys just for 2019 alone.

Pioneer Generation Package -- $9B over 30 years from 2015-2045 (when almost all the PG have died out).

Merdeka Generation Package -- $6B over 30 years from 2019-2049 (when almost all the MG have died out).

Anonymous said...

But they did spend over $300 million on Youth Olympics and another $20 million on Trump/Kim summit. Sinkies not OK also have to OK. They got the government they deserve as some people like to say.

Where is the profit in that?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 408

>> Sure they can always send people to the Moon again. BUT WHERE'S THE PROFIT IN THAT?!?! <<

You have to be kidding. Space is the most "human-unfriendly" environment there is. It is also very unfriendly to equipment, and any attempt to "conquer" space. Therefore the vast amount of work goes into developing the science, technology and engineering philosophy and methods required for successful space missions. Space missions have had spectacular failures too --- that's how risky, expensive and often unpredictable this field is.

The clever tech and engineering garnered from experience in space is used to develop useful products for the mortals on planet earth. If not for space exploration, we wouldn't have the tech we have today.

So that's where the "profits" come from.

Anonymous said...


///But they did spend over $300 million on Youth Olympics and another $20 million on Trump/Kim summit. Sinkies not OK also have to OK. They got the government they deserve as some people like to say.
Where is the profit in that?///

Got profits --- all went into PLP grassloots pockets & also some into their pockets thru partnerships, joint ventures, service providers etc. Somebody had to do the hardwork, while Sinkies just wave flags & cheer.

So did you collect profits or you just wave flag???

Anonymous said...


Those things you said are by-products or by-the-way or by-accident.

Even for the most capitalist, most open society to pursue space in the 1950s-1970s, i.e. the USA -- the initial 30-40 years were simply burning up TRILLIONS of taxpayer monies & authoritarian control by govt agencies & intelligence agencies.

It wasn't till the late-1970s and 1980s that the various technologies were allowed to be commercialised into the open, & propagated by non-security-cleared people & organisations.

Most of today's private commercial space companies are subsidised & supported by profits from the non-space operations of those companies.

As for govt space agencies, forget it, they are all pure taxpayer money burning.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China's space programme, including building the China Space Station cost US$5b. Trump is demanding Congress to give him US$5.6b to build his Great Wall of America.

Singapore just announced spending $1b to buy 4 F35s and another 8 just in case, costing another $2b at least. Total cost for the 12 F35s would cost more than China's space programme when the weapons are included.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

BTW the military war complex are made up of private companies. SpaceX is not the only private company building rockets. All the companies building rockets for NASA are private companies and part of the military war complex, in case Matilah does not know. Getting private companies to build rockets is nothing new.

Virgo49 said...

Singapore should just simply spend one billion and buy the Mother if All Bombs from handsome boy Kim.

Saved one billion. Also no need the pilots. Kim would be elated.
If Paki and Indie can have, we cannot meh?

The Whole World should ignore U Ass A threats of their own self imposed on others sancations and trade with Kim. See whether UAssA can attack all or not.

With the MOAB onto our Sub..we can tell Dotard Trump off.

Why they accused Huawei CEO as an Army personnel now in Private Company whereas their own also aligned with the Military.

No need NS liao. No need Exit Permit liao. Like kena. Sect. 55

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 4.08

I am in the PG group. In by whisker. But don't be elated by these Bullshits.

Also same for the Meredeka G. Pkg.

Who in the first place wants to see the Doctors, doctors if they can help it. I, for one even commom cold & flu which I also seldom kena try self cure. You think see doctors. completely free. Jack up prices in the medical services and then give you subsidises and discounts.

Also, if really full subisidies, why still have what's personal purchase of Insurances. Even for polyclinics not all medications subsidise by them. Also using your own personal Medisave Monies?

All, many ex Old timers Silly Serpents had their Ah Kong cards b4 they are not covered for life by the new regualations.Ah Kong's cards much much valuable than PG cards.

So it just pulling wool over your eyes lah.

In the end, you still have to pay the bulk of it.

Bill of 100 jacked up to 1000. Then subsidies 50 or 25%. You still pay 50 and 75%.

Kena conned lah!

Anonymous said...

A country built up by a conman and run by a conman will no doubt con everybody.

But if 70% are so willing to be conned, then the "conjob" becomes a national policy, and then developes into a national culture - the culture of getting conned.

That's why the Americans and Indians love this Sillypore so much.

That's why Brochez can con the Ministry of Hell, the Ministry of Women Power, the Immigration and Costumes Authority, the Ministry of Uneducation, the Temasick Pyrotechnic, and the Prisoners Diservice Authority so easily for so many years Yet instead of putting own house in order, all efforts and focus, time and resources are being spent to stalk, troll and hound this Brochez, giving front-page reports day after day without respite, thinking that they are doing the right thing. WTF!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> All the companies building rockets for NASA are private companies and part of the military war complex, in case Matilah does not know. <<

My dear uncle, it appears it is YOU who does not know. Private companies doing work for the government are paid by PUBLIC MONEY. Private Companies like Space X, Blue Horizon and Virgin Galactica are funded by their owners (Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and SIR Richard Branson) PRIVATE MONEY.

Of course the pakat-brothers of the military (space) industrial complex get money straight up --- whether their tech works or not...the private buggers have to keep pouring their own bucks until their venture (hopefully) becomes profitable one day. Also have to sustain. The govt defence contractors...no problem. As long as the govt can TAX, these private companies will always have money.

Republic of Grandchildren-less Bananas said...

@ Anonymous March 01, 2019 12:29 pm
>>>>>Virgo69 9.22am: //How you gonna to inspire the Young from having loyalty and raise their families here if this is what's happening//
那⼀个家⻓能放⼼, 安⼼, 宽⼼, ⽆忧⽆虑, 放⼀百个⼼早晨送孩⼦到学校⻔⼝, 在下午孩⼦却躺在医院⾥?
现在每⼀天到每⼀间医院的紧急部⻔(A&E), 不难看到⽆数的在级学⽣遍体鳞伤, 有些更加严重, 受的伤影响
有那个家⻓愿意看到孩⼦早晨还好端端的, 在学校⾥校⽅不知在搞什么, 过后孩⼦就躺在医院了?
接下来的⽇⼦家⻓每⼀天早晨需以⾮常沉重, ⾮常焦虑, ⾮常不安的⼼情, 战战兢兢, 惶惶恐恐万⼆分不愿意

Anon 12.29pm,

Referring to your post in CHINESE on 01 Mar 2019. Basically it could be a waste of your time. Why? First of all, this is a blog mainly written by and for "BANANAS". It would be amazing if the readers here can comprehend even 50% of what you wrote in CHINESE.

Next, many readers here are oldies such as Virgo49. As mentioned by him on several occasions, his children are in their 30s, single and NOT likely anytime soon reproducing themselves either in the near or far future. Therefore such readers like Virgo49 likely won't give a damn to such issue/ problem.

Third, Redbean has mentioned many times too his children are Phd and master degree holder PMEs but could have been displaced by many talented 3rd world foreigners. His children are not in sinkieland and thus even if he is lucky to have some continuation of his gene in having some grandchildren, they are very likely with their parents overseas. Hence, such issues concerning the problems parents are facing in the schools are unlikely to attract Redbean's attention.

Essentially, the audience here are either like Virgo49 who has decided to stop propagation of their gene and therefore voluntarily going into extinction down the road or like RB who are quintessentially grandchildren-less either by choice or circumstances as their grandchildren are not in sinkieland.

It is very pitiful but this is the stark reality. No doubt what you wrote in CHINESE about the problems parents and their children are facing are very real, nobody is likely going to even muffle a single letter, much less aid or give any comment.

Stop wasting your precious time to contribute such posts as either the BANANAS here can't read in CHINESE or able to comprehend much, they are also mostly if not all grandchildren-less by choice or by circumstances with none of their children by their side in sinkieland and therefore technically no grandchildren having to contend with the issues you wrote. Expectedly, they borchap or borhew and your efforts either fell on deaf ears or illiterate blind ox as far as the Chinese language is concerned.

Nontheless, this is just a personal view and you do not need to take it too hard.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 12.

You must have misunderstood me and Mr Redbean by saying that we bo hew or bo chap the problems of Young Singaporeans families facing the Real problems in Sinkieland.

Read thru what's Mr Redbean and my postings in his Blog, you can read that we are harping practically the Real Problems of All Singaporeans daily even though frankly as you said, we are not in some ways not affected badly by their Idiotic policies.

Like what you said about the young families real problems they facing here. No doubt its true for me and my Spouse with no grandchildren now or in the future and we can simply just like the rest of the unfeeling Sinkies boh hew and boh chap as our children hopefully would not be burdened and saddled with these Real problems, but WE are the ones who constantly harped and kpkb and kena flamed by the Rest when we posted these REAL problems.

Only this Chinese Scholar responded and said to me :

What's you said is TRUE.

Literally what's you said is GOOD.

I,do not need to have any attention or praise as this will be hypocrisy and but most times even have brickbats thrown at us by some jokers just to agitiate or taunt you.

Mr Redbean had also been harshly provoked by Matilah and some others but He kept writing as He thought that this is the way to contribute something to his fellow Singaporeans.

This is part and parcel of life when you are alive here and when you are posting your opinions in this forum.No one will agreed with you completely as all have different experiences and upbringing and values and bearings.

We, sometimes purposely go overboard just to agitiate and tease or taunt the other party in just good humour and not boasting ourselves.

Just to contribute and bring our experiencas and awareness to each other.


Spouse and me

virgo49 said...

Just to add.

Or you felt slighted that we did not Respond in Chinese.


Lye Khuen Way said...

I enjoyed watching that movie "Capricorn One" decades ago. A thriller move about fake Mars Landing.

I believe NASA did had many successful Apollo missions including the various moon landings.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

If the Americans claimed to have flown to the moon so many times in the 1960s and 70s, how come they cannot fly to the moon again? Can such technology be lost, forgotten or gostan, go backward?

Once you can build a car, you can only build better cars or little aircraft, 4G, 5G, 6G.

The American Space Programme is like going from 1G to 2G and then back to 1G and 0G and -1G and to Stone Age.

Nothing funny or strange about this?

Humbleideas said...

Mr Lye, please present your opinion of the science evidence I mentioned in the first post, the audio non delay was an oversight by the Hollywood producers of the moon landing on July 23 1969. Also, surely you have watched numerous YouTube videos concerning the mythical moon landing. Your focussed opinions will be most appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood can produce anything. If they can do the moon landing, why not others? Get the point?