The unthinking bananas can only parrot the western narrative

China's chequebook diplomacy in Cambodia a double-edged sword creating resentment

Tensions rise as locals worry about the threat of Chinese-owned businesses and enclaves to their livelihood, homes and rights, as the programme Insight discovers.

SIHANOUKVILLE, Cambodia: Billions of dollars have been flowing from China into Cambodia, turning parts of the once war-stricken country into modern cities. The economy is booming, jobs have been created and the market values of land have gone up.
It is in the interest of Singapore to stop badmouthing China to please the West or to speak and think like the West to smear China. It is for our own good to shut up and go quietly doing our things and not being busybody unless Singapore wants to make an enemy out of China. In that case, keep doing this kind of things and have more anti China articles written by the West and our very own bananas in our main media, written or visual.

When are the bananas going to grow up and remove the colonial yoke and western coloured lenses and start to think for themselves.

PS. The more Singapore media publish this kind of anti China articles, the more would China distance itself from Singapore. The latest report by CNN on why Singapore is buying the F35s is the American way to undermine Singapore's position vis a vis China and the USA. Singapore is cooked.


Anonymous said...

Yes, Singapore's cooked. Not only cooked but also eaten alive. Chinese say "吃疼了!". Lock, stock and barrel.

The Western-Oriented Banana and Coconut leaders of Singapore are clearly pro-West, pro-Whitemen all aling. The evidences are there for all to see if you have a common sense and a discerning pair of ears and eyes. Just see who are the CEOs in Singapore Government-linked companies and privatised national agencies.

And most glaring was the recruitment of Chip Goodyear to take over the CEO of Temasek Holdings about 9-10 years ago, against public advice. But finally has to accept that Chip Goodyear had to go because of differences in strategic thinking (real reason kept secret).

So, blind and deaf, and bo-chap Sinkies had better wake up, especially those who still hold dwar to cultural and traditional Asian values.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Two loco writers from CNA teaching the Cambodians how to suck eggs. The Cambodians realised that only Chinese money can help them escape the poverty trap. The French colonialists looted Cambodia while Uncle Sam devastated the country during the Vietnam War. The Vietnamese also looted the country when it ruled the country before withdrawing and leaving behind a shit-hole country. Nobody went to help. But the Chinese did. The super sour grapes of the western world accused the Chinese of foisting a debt trap on the Cambodians. CNA echoed its masters.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Every country is looking and begging for FDI. The West is not going to give them unless with strings attached. Also many countries in the West already bankrupt, no more money for FDI.

Any debt trap is due to mismanagement by the countries concerned for asking for too much without planning how to repair or due to corruption. The Chinese money are there to help their countries, not to help individuals to line their pockets.

Why blame China when China is the benefactor, the one offering cheap loans and technical know hows to help these countries?

Where are the monies from the West to help these countries? These countries want to rebuild their economies, they want economic growth and a better life for their people. With no money, no know how, how are they going to do it?

Anonymous said...

CNA stands for Cunts N Assholes.
There are basically no journalists in CNA.
They are all reporters, or report-writing novices.
They are all controlled by SPH.
Even the editors are controlled by the Honcho at SPH.

SPH is being controlled by The-Ma-Sick Ho's-Dingdongs.
The-Ma-Sick Ho's-Dingdongs is controlled by the Empress Dowager,
the one who loves to wager with other peoples money.

Emperor Dragon and Empress Dowager (Husband and wife) control the whole island.
So, when you sing the national anthem or take the pledge,
YOU are actually saluting or pledging allegiance to the Emperor Dragon and Empress Dowager.
They are surrounded by a bunch of highly-paid Eunuchs, all their testicles castrated, no more balls, dare not go against the Emperor and Empress, otherwise heads get chopped off.

The citizens are the subjects, peasants and serfs and slaves.
They have no speaking right, no power, no freedom, cannot even protest alone (one person).

But foreigners can protest - no problem; the Administration usually keeps both eyes closed when foreigners protest. CNA dare not report bad about them.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Cambodia could seek financial assistance from the IMF and the ADB to avoid a Chinese debt trap. But they didn't. They asked the Chinese. The BRI will bring prosperity to Asia, Africa and Europe. Uncle Sam is using its spin doctors to convince every country to avoid the Chinese debt trap. Nobody is buying the debt trap rubbish. Many countries now want to be a part of the BRI as they watch the phenomenal rise of China. It's folly if countries do not go for win-win collabration and believe the crap that China is out to grab resources.

Anonymous said...

Why is Singapore allowing such articles and programmes to be produced almost daily?

Does the Singapore garment know what is happening?

Are these sanctioned by the Sing garment?

Is the Sing garment a party to such mischief against China?

Anonymous said...

Deliberate attack propaganda fake news intentionally slanted towards demonizing China is evil and must not be condoned by anyone who claims to be neutral.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Singapore leadership has allowed itself to be a propaganda weapon of the US.

China should take this seriously and stand up for what she believes to be an attack against her integrity and sovereignty.

Little fries who want to take China on must be hit so hard that they would not dare to keep coming back to snipe at China again and again.

Anonymous said...

Luckily sinkie-land rich enough no need to beg Cheena for FDI --- YET!

Otherwise you will find all your MRT, offices, pri schools, sec schools, HDBs, shopping malls, fast food, restaurants, roads all swarming with Ah Tiongs or Ting Tongs.

Actually for menial jobs I like to hire Tiongs --- hardworking but rough.

Unfortunately more & more jobs require communication skills & EQ --- most of the Tiongs in sinkie-land lack these skills. Only a small % of Tiongs got.

Anonymous said...

Better Ah Tiong than Ah Neh.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Yeah, I read the article when it came out last week. Given your well-known “anti-banana-Chinese-chauvinist-bias, your reaction is unsurprising. In fact, one would be remiss expect you to behave any differently. πŸ‘πŸ»

I’ll offer another opinion, as a “thinking” banana myself --- opposed to the idea you already hold in your immutable mind that all bananas can’t think for themselves. I find this an odd position for you to adopt, as it is generally accepted that “westernized bananas” are considered “too individualistic” to the closed, die-hard Oriental mind. No matter, we all have our biases, and I find yours quite entertaining, actually.

The article highlights a reality: you are not going to make the omelet of “economic success without breaking a few eggs. ie. when there are big changes, and big moves in the status quo, driven by CAPITAL, you are going to get winners and losers. You get knock-on effects aka “externalities” or unintended consequences.

A similar knock-on effect is observable in Singapore. The more foreigners that enter to live and work, the higher the real estate goes as supply change is always slower to keep up with rising demand. We all know that the injection of foreign labour and capital boosts productivity and revenues in a cuntry. However, there are “losers” who will get “wiped out” by creative destruction or as we like to call it now disruption.

Featuring the “losers” from any disruptive situation makes for “good content” especially if you are in the media and news business. Highlighting the plight of hapless “victims” suffering because the rest of their cuntry is pursuing progress and wealth, creates sufficient “negativity” to generate interest and therefore advertisement revenue. If it’s a “good news” story, no one will fucking bother. You have to show people suffering. Every human being is DRAWN to the suffering of others. We can’t help it. Our brains are “loss averse”, so whenever there is human loss --- accident, death, natural disaster, war etc, that GRABS our attention.

China’s OBOR is going to be MASSIVELY disruptive. It’s going to shift economies, balances of power, global rankings, societal and cultural standards… Some ports which are not part of OBOR might be forced out of business, and those cuntries (and most probably their peoples) will have to “re-invent” themselves to stay relevant. Or they will fade away into irrelevance if they don’t.

So this media article is just fucking biased. It highlights the plight of a few Cambodians who have been “neglected” by the massive changes, which to me is just scratching the surface of the good and bad shit that will happen.

When foreigners come into your cuntry with “chequebook diplomacy” in tow, you are a fool in denial if you think your life won’t be affected by the ensuing changes. Sometimes you’ll benefit, sometimes you’ll pay a price. That’s the nature of disruption. China (or India) is not going to stop with their economic expansion plans just because some people become “victims” of such moves.

You see this in Singapore: many Singaporeans can’t handle the disruptive nature of foreign labour. But instead of changing/ re-inventing themselves, they are screaming for “justice”. What they fail to accept is that if they get their “justice”, we don’t get a bump in wealth, productivity and prosperity as a nation. So their “justice” isn’t “just” at all.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

No amount of China bashing is going to work. Trump has announced that Uncle Sam is raising protection fees for countries that host its soldiers. Cost plus 50% is the going price. Uncle Sam's allies are getting wary. Italy has just announced that it is joining the BRI despite strong objection by Uncle Sam. Like Cambodia, Italy is striving to get out of the poverty trap. Countries know that manufacturing requires roads and rails for delivery of supplies and delivery of finished goods.

China's IRS (Interprovincial Rail System) has facilitated the urbanization of China and allowed more factories to be built and jobs to be created to fuel GDP. This is part of the Chinese Dream and many poor countries want to share its dream.

Anonymous said...


///Better Ah Tiong than Ah Neh.///

Both also you die. You ever work with 80% of them in your workplace, or your neighbours left, right, up, down rented out to them????

Anonymous said...


I actually am waiting for PAPies to re-open the foreigner floodgates. I have submitted a few emails to my MP as well as PMO and the National Population & Talent Division (under PMO).

CECA 2.0 is just a small thing -- mainly in industries where either Sinkies don't want to work (e.g. nursing, chemical, marine, process) or in industries where there are more than enough opportunities IF you have the capabilities, which includes TALK COCK & UPSELLING AND EXAGGERATING YOURSELF (e.g. banking, finance, IT).

This is seen in the FACT that Sinkie fresh grads are STILL ABLE to get the highest starting salaries in IT & Engineering, in addition to the usual Law & Medicine.

For old Uncles & Aunties who are HOPING to sell their aging flats or condos for AS MUCH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ AS POSSIBLE, then re-opening the foreigner floodgates will be their answer. Just like from 2007 to 2013 when property prices shot up 100+% easily.

BTW for those HOPING for HDB SERS, the govt compensation is based on recent HDB transactions ---- which have gone DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN since 2013-2019.

A MASSIVE increase in population will reverse resale HDB price destruction i.e. re-open foreigner floodgates.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:04pm

"You must have many properties got stuck and the rentals is not enough to pay your instalments or just breakeven?"

Nope .... I only got 1 HDB flat that I'll stay in until die.

I'm just thinking of old uncles & aunties ... like Virgo, who have been waiting for 30 years for SERS liao.

Even if no SERS, but if old uncles can sell their HDB for $800K instead of below $500k like now, they can retire damn shiok in Matland or Batam. Then no need to keep on KPKB return my CPF. Hong Lim no business liao.

Anonymous said...

The Indonesian woman accused of killing Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of North Korea's leader, has been freed after charges against her were dropped. Her release is due to the appeal of the Indonesian President to Dr Mahathir when he last visited Indonesia. But the Vietnamese President did not appeal to Dr Mahathir, so the charges against the innocent Vietnamese woman may continue to be heard in court, though postponed at her lawyers' request.

Anonymous said...

So I always say:

With power you can invoke justice.

With money you can pervert justice.

So, what is justice? And of all places, in Malaysia?

Anonymous said...

The media is exceptionally biased in highlighting anything that berates or puts China in negative light.

Take Hong Kong as an example, about people living in cages, situated in overcrowded shanty towns, because they have no where to go. The media reported this and many people take this as an opportunity to blame the situation on China for not doing and helping these people.

How long was Hong Kong under the British and when was Hong Kong returned to China? Did the British Government do anything about such situations involving poor people during its 150 year rule? After 1997 Hong Kong went back to China but still retained its democratic status for 50 years after. China was not supposed to interfere in Hong Kong's administration.

The problem of such poverty in Hong Kong is now blamed and totally pushed into the hands of China despite their taking over for only slightly more than 20 years, and despite the agreement of not to interfere in Hong Kong.

As in most countries of the world that were under White rule in the past, most are kept dirt poor on purpose, so that they cannot progress to compete with the Whites. Now that China is doing to help these countries develop, the West is spreading fear by harping on the debt trap and Chinese colonisation.

What has the US been doing to the whole world with it's one thousand military bases and lording over those countries into obedience using it's military might. To protect. My foot!
When the time comes for them to pay protection money as dictated by Trump, many would be even more cowed, or be thrown under the bus for good.

UG said...

Kam lan got no cure. Banana. Tua tua kee. Yummy. Ho sek ho sek. Yum yum yum yum.


What no contract, dunno go where study ah? How Huawei come ah? Singapore got WeiHua a not ah? What old people come from where ah, only one young people stay here ah, than the rest of children dunno where ah? What import people solve aging population ah?

The Ang Moh is daft, got sinkies or hongkies problem? Tua tua kee. PAP can change one leh. Who the investor? Ang Moh? Why PAP manage until my dad sleep void deck? Than Li Ning got free education? Is hongkies like us? My issue now still not solve, minister pay millions, of course Ang Moh is daft lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 404

I agree. Open borders policy needs to be revisited. I want a vibrant, pulsing Singapore, and open borders will allow people to "step up to the plate" to come and create value and prosper, or not. Competition, bring it on!

Turn up the heat! Let's get this place rocking more!

Virgo49 said...

Anon 4.56

I only want SERs for my old forty over years Flats facing the old KTM station in exchange for just another 99 lease hold flat for my two children.

So that they can have their CPF's Savings enough for retirement.

No need to make what's monies. Content to have what i have now to survive. Also moving to Melaka to enjoy the Peace and quiet there for easy sojourn to Genting without the hassle of the Tuas butter and Jams. Exchange at 2.9 or even 2.50 enough enough.

No need have to be gian png and rent out flats that caused social disturbances to your neighbors.

When the MRT is about to be ready, LowRan Wrong will make the announcement.

Appraising the Land there at minimum 7K per sq ft or higher.

HDB only at 2K per sq ft.


Anonymous said...

Matilar, I agreed. Even in the massage industry, it used to be some over 40 sg aunties and some young Malaysian girls that offer special services. But with liberal immigration policy, it has attracted entrance of China, Pinoy, Thai and Vietnamese young girls to offer the services. Now the sg aunties no business Kena forced out become Kopi shop washing ladies and Malaysian girls now reduce prices to be competitive or offer more services. So even in the massage industry it has its disruption. Matilar should know more.😬

Anonymous said...

The Unthinking Bananas Have Decided That Profit ($$$$$) is More Important than the LIVES Of Thousands of Customers

Summary from Yahoo News Singapore 11 March 2019:

SilkAir’s six Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft currently service flights to:

Kuala Lumpur,
Phnom Penh,
Phuket and

SIA spokesman said SilkAir’s fleet of Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft are currently operating as scheduled.

The SIA said that it is “closely monitoring developments”.

Even though two 737 Max 8 have crashed shortly after take-off within 5 months, killing everybody on board, SIA management refused to take precautionary measures to prevent more lives are taken away unnecessarily by the killer-machines. Mind you, both the 737 Max8 that crashed were brand new!

The latest crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max8 Flight ET302, bound for Nairobi, crashed six minutes after it took off on Sunday, killing all 157 passengers and crew members.

SilkAir has six Boeing 737 MAX8 and has ordered another 31 such planes to replace all the old planes.

Ethiopia has grounded all her remaining 6 x 737 Max8 planes.

China has also grounded all her 100 x 737 Max8 as a precaution.

However, SIA and SilkAir has chosen to just "closely monitoring developments”!

If the safety of "our passengers and crew is of utmost importance to SilkAir”, then isn't the logical step to take is to temporarily ground all their 737 Max8 aircraft until things are certain? Monitoring development means nothing. When the plane crashes, the "monitoring development" is too late to do anything, unless you are Superman or Speedy Gonzales.


Indonesian Lion Air's 737 Max8 crashed 13 minutes after taking off from Jakarta last Oct killing all 189 on board.

99 Airlines have ordered a total of 4,500 737 Max8 from Boeing as of July last year. If there is a major structural defect/fault, the number of lives this new model of 737 is going kill will be horrendous!

Anonymous said...

Indonesia, South Africa, Cayman islands and many other countries have joined Ethiopia and China in grounding their fleet of Boeing 737 Max-8 jet aircraft.

Canada, USA and Singapore are "in touch with Boeing and monitoring the developments".

Anonymous said...

Shares in French aerospace group Safran, which makes the engines for the 737 Max-8, fell more than 15%. And shares for Boeing fell 13% on Monday.

The critical problem with the 737 Max-8 seems to be its new anti-stalling system, which automatically make the airplane's nose dive down and pilots are finding great difficulty to reverse the nose dive manually.

Boeing is supposed to come out with a new software to remedy this critical saftey issue. So far it does not seem to have done so.

Better ask for refund if you are booked on this 737 Max-8 flight. Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed and say your prayer every minute while on board the plane. Good luck.

Oh yes, buy extra insurance. You won't need it but your family may need it.

Anonymous said...

UG, though I do not totally understand what u posted but I am shock that you now crave for tuakee after being only sodomized by them only a few times. Your treatment is to cure your illness so don't treat them as your idols.

Anonymous said...

4.56pm anon, the guy already warn you that you may be sodomized by the FT yet u still did not see the danger ahead. If you can not visualise the bleak future, just go to Jalan besar and offer yourself to be sodomized by the USA sailors then you know the pain u going to suffer in future by continuing to advocate for the open leg policy. God bkess.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Masa Soh Mengming
I thought the article is about the plight about Cambodians then it suddenly becomes a hatchet job against Cambodia for supporting China over the South China Sea!

Makes me really wonder if this is a reporting of facts or a propaganda campaign.

Kenneth Avan
Why must it be binary, where the Cambodians are forced to either accept a Chinese takeover or go back to the days of poverty? Economic growth can be achieved in many ways. Unfortunately, the Cambodian government has chosen the path of easy money but lifelong shackles.
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Masa Soh Mengming
Kenneth Avan I think you have fell for this slanted reporting. You sound like the socialists of the 60s and 70s who predicted that Singapore will be taken over by the West because of foreign MNC investments.

I suppose in a sense we are taken over. Look at us defending the West on other fora when some pointed out that the West are worse offenders at whatever China is accused of. Already I can picture you retorting that Western investment is different from China investment.

If you thought that MNC takeovers in the 60s and 70s was propaganda then, then how is what I am reading any different?
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Kenneth Avan
Masa Soh Mengming and I guess you have also fallen for Chinese propaganda. It's already proven that Chinese loans come with a very high price. For example, strategic assets have been handed over to the Chinese government when Sri Lanka could not afford to repay the loans.

And how else would you expect the report to be? That every Cambodian in Sihanoukville is enjoying the ecomonic boom? That Chinese are creating jobs for Cambodians and not for their own kind?

If you only want to read what China wants you to read, go read Xinhua or watch CCTV.

The first lesson anyone learns when dealing with China, is that they are not a benevolent nation. Their entire foreign policy is based around a win-lose strategy in order for them to exert influence over other countries.
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Su Zhi Rong

Kenneth Avan , this is not donation or aid so any lender can seize or take the asset(s) of the borrower to sell to recover their loan which they lent out. Bank also does the same.
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Kenneth Avan
Su Zhi Rong Thank you. Now explain to us how easy China makes it to borrow and how heavy the penalties are for defaulting on the loans.
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Leo Shaolin
Kenneth Avan .As I said earlier, if China is that bad, why didn't Cambodia goes to the IMF or WB? Why is it a fact many countries are avoiding them also?
You message here sounds exactly like those spurted by Australian politicians when they neglected the Pacific islands nations and only make the same noise when they discovered China was making hugh investments and loans to them.

The above are some comments on the same article in CNA online. Now who is this Kenneth Avan? You know where he is coming from. The Kenneth in front of his name does not mean he is white.

It is good that some sensible people are rebutting him but in vain as his western biased agenda is so thick.

Anonymous said...

Zhongming Poh
Look at the reports CNA have been making. And you can find a pattern
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Eddie Lim
no choice, sg chooses to ally with US. must choose one. :)
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Eddie Lim
or maybe CNA editor in chief is getting paid by CIA too....haha

I am sure CNA read these comments. Are the comments telling the truth about CNA?