Wildlife attacked 77 year old man in nursing home

A 77 year old man with dementia was punched up several times by a wildlife, Bernardo JR Perdido Ramos, 36, when the latter knocked into his bed accidentally. The older man sat up from his bed and asked who had disturbed him. It was reported in the ST that Ramos replied, ‘Why? Me!’ ‘The older man responded by hitting Ramos once on his chest and Ramos retaliated by punching the man ‘four or fives times on the face’.’ After another nursing assistant intervened, Ramos hit the old man at least one more time as reported.

Oops, I used the wrong phrase again. It should be foreign talent attacked 77 year old man in nursing home. These wildlife aka foreign talents are very nice people, really. It is so surprising that this one was so fierce, not hiding his wild character and hitting a 77 year old man to show off his brutality.

The court gave this wildlife 12 weeks of jail sentence for hitting ‘a vulnerable victim with severe dementia and Ramos had abused the trust placed him as a nurse’. I am just wondering whether the sentence is too harsh for such a nice wild animal that discredited the good name and profession of nursing. I am also wondering how many such nice wildlife are hiding in nursing homes and yet to shower their basic animal instinct on the patients. Come to think of it, if there are such wildlife in nursing homes, nursing homes can be a very dangerous place for their patients.

Would they do more screening, with more cameras to monitor the wildlife in the name of safety for the patients? Just because a person puts on a uniform be it a nursing uniform or a security guard, it is not automatic that that person is a changed person, becoming a nurse or a security guard as expected of the uniform. We must also accept the fact that it is very difficult to verify the character and nature of the wildlife as they came from places that made verification difficult. It is something that we have to live with if we want to welcome more wildlife here as if they are indispensable to our life and economic well being. Suffer a bit at the hands of the wildlife is tolerable, bearable. Let it be, never mind, we need more wildlife to help us. No need rethinking.


Anonymous said...

Rb, Alamak, not wild life la, tot Sinkieland is Wild City meh? Juz another jolebeing la.
Anyway jus too bad for both, it's another incident let's move on says the g.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Ultimately the responsibility falls onthe employer. In this case it is:

Orange Valley Nursing Home

...which is THE LARGEST private operator of aged care facilities in Singapore. Private enterprises are for profit and are thus subject to market opinions, in this case ADVERSE opinions due to the fact that they --- wich are paid lots of money --- can't protect the safety and well-being of their most vulnerable residents --- aka "paying customers".

This is an instance where people have to be "souless capitalists" and use the meritocracy-based capitalist mentality to PUNISH bad actors financially, and reward the good ones.

Here's an ad I'd like to see:
cue: sentimental music Here at Orange Valley, we deliver the most attention to detail when caring for our residents. You can rest assured your loved one is getting the best care money can buy. As a bonus, we throw in ASSAULTS and BEATINGS for FREE! We provide those 'little extras' just to show you, we care! orange Valley, we beat not only our competitors, but our customers too! We'll KNOCK YOU OUT with our service!

Anonymous said...


Ask him who he voted at the last GE!

You be surprised!

Virgo49 said...

Wait till you are been unfortunately send in to the A&E in SGH and you will see many wildlife Lab Techs and Radiography Techs there with their faces like the Philipines Mafias and drug pushers.

My mother in one nursing hone for nearly two years before I took care od her after been drained nearly a hundred K.Luckily lots of siblings supports in fees.

Wah. Like a Zoo there. Somemore paying patient. Understand those in Govt Prison nursing homes were tied to their beds and chairs whole days soiling with shits and urine.


Anonymous said...

V923am, good morning.......

No choice leh.

Our population keeps gg up up up.

We need lots of FTs. We need them.

Otherwise how?

Who ask the 70% to vote for up up up the population.

Now kpkbsssss and kpkbsssss also no use lah.

Sg is like that liao!

Anonymous said...

Mystery of Womanpower Millionairess Minionster, Jolly-Serve-the-Fin Teo, will say:

"Never mind lah. One wildlife does not make a Summer. DON'T make a molehill out of a mountain lah."

Anonymous said...

Hi 942am

The issue was not just one person........

Even with the population very very rapidly growing, the 70% still voted ok at the last GE!

You tell me......who is to be blamed?


Virgo49 said...

Yes Anon 9.38

Population up and up just to have the trashes in for socalled abundant jobs that Singaporeans don't want to work leh!
Why Singaporeans don't want to work? Firstly, been exploited by their Unfair wages they barely can meets their even basic cost of living.

Secondly, not even given fair opportunity jobs employments.

You kept harping that We need them badly because of our Robust economy. You are just living in a Mirage. You think good times in any country or cycle will be forever. Singapore Tee Kong Kia?

You think we have the Resources and Jobs for all these when there is a Recession and worst Depression.

Just see the Workers Protests at old CPF Building just for their unpaid wages.

If they are out of jobs as citizens and most been wildlifes in their country of births, you think our Sinkies sheeps and lambs can protect against these wild lifes?

Unthinking daft Sinkies who are still snoozing that all will be good forever.

Virgo49 said...

Want to drink own Sai Chwee and urine still wants to talk of 10 million POP.

Kena popped then you know.

Now Pay Until Bankrupt got cold feet threatened HiFlux that they will take over their plants.

If kena Outsiders and they have evil agenda, Sinkies will be dead for sure. Drink own urine.

Like in deserts.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ control freaks, accomplishing nothing:

Oh dear, one doddering old fart with dementia well on the way to a date at the crematorium got bashed up by a foreigner working at Orange Valley Nursing Home. Horrific!

Reality check: Is Singapore still rocking and awesome?


Can I control what happened or prevent it from happening again?

A big fat Negatory!

As I said: What I cannot control, I don't bother with.

Got "stay in the present" mindfullness yet? šŸ˜†

Apparently not. Enjoynig your pain and anguish helps me stay focused in the present. šŸ¤£

Stick that in your "spirituality pipe" and smoke it!šŸ¤Ŗ

Virgo49 said...

Matilah now exposed himself to be a REAL sadist.

"Enjoying your pain and anguish helps me stay focussed in the present"

Thinks he would not be that doddering old fart with dementia also on the way to be incinerated one fine day.Wah, forever young and invinvible.

Wait till the time, he kena tied to the bed with soil no underwear full of shits and urine and he would shout " Mati lah, mati lah! Let me mati lah! KNN where are the nurses and ah mahs? Mati lah mati lah..

Heavens and Earth No Response.

That's be real karma.

Matilah gonna load his Artilley soon.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, the sentence could have been enhanced to send a message to other would be wild life that this little dot do not tolerate violence, especially to those who are unable to defend themselves. This may not eradicate the propensity of these animals coming from a cuntry where violence is a way of life but it may take some steam out of their frustration at the job. True, it is not easy working in an environment such as this animal found himself but when he signed up, he should already know what he was in for.

I bet my last dollar that the nursing home in question when recruiting him did not thoroughly investigated his background and or have him undergo a psychiatric test to determine his suitability for the job.

This nursing home will have to pay a high price in court if I were a relative of the victim.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Nah, no arti lah. It is unnecessary.

There's a Jewish tradition in which present at every funeral is a COMEDIAN.

In my opinion, it is wise,if nothealthy to LAUGH AT DEATH and DYING. Let's face it, no one wants to die. Those who do are already in such pain in their living state.

We all are destined to die. Some of us will die horribly. No one can say how or when.

So like the Jewish at their funerals, I'll make jokes at death and the dying.

And guess what, you can't stop me šŸ¤£

Also, if you're feeling "bad" about my humour, that's your business. I cannot control your brain. And repeating myself here: what I cannot control, I don't bother with.

See? I didn't even fire one artillery shell.šŸ¤£

Anonymous said...

Everyone can rock when they are young. But when the time comes, they may not just land in old folk's home, but have tubes stuck all over their body. All that wealth you accumulate matters not anymore.

Never think for a moment that you will not grow old and be like that old man. Sickness struck when you least expect it, and you never know what kind of sickness will befall you. You can screen all you like, there are a million and one ways to die.

God forgives, humans do not.

Virgo49 said...

OK matilah,your sense of humour is very entertaining.

Let's not be that Old Fart with his fate to be punched by those supposed to take care of them.

Anyway,old farts like us been thru episodes of gang fights and fights ourselves are still very garang even at our dying beds.

Pity the Minninienals in the future when kena punched just whimper and cry.

Now brought up in street fighting wise ways.

Anonymous said...

Anyway this is what the 70%votedfor!

We deserved it! No point kpkbsssss! Correct?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we know the 70% voted for. No need to keep reminding us!

Pay some money, make a record and put it on a shelf at bookstores selling broken records!

Anonymous said...

Our city is really one weird place. Here birds, dogs, cats, monkeys, wild boars, etc are routinely culled. But the door is opened wide to welcome in wild animals from all over the world. And they are arriving in stampedes to displace the locals who look up to them as talents.

Anonymous said...

With the spate of fake degrees being unearth, I wonder if the Government and private enterprise will go deeper into the root of this problem, by making a serious search with reputable institutions when they recruit so called foreign talents.

Search is easy with the internet connections and will take little time to find out. You never know the seriousness when such dubious talents are found in hospitals, engineering firms and drug manufacturers.

Lives are at stake. Do not let what happens in India and China and other third world countries plague our already tottering first world reputation further.

Anonymous said...

So......anon 1155am, what should we do???

Anonymous said...

@ 11:29 am:

"Anyway this is what the 70%votedfor!

We deserved it! No point kpkbsssss! Correct?"

You must have gone senile already. Your brain now stores only these two sentences. Nothing else!

Anonymous said...



PAP for allowing 50% of workforce to be FTs??

70% for voting PAPies??

PAP & 80% Sinkies for approving pro-employer laws & anti-minimum wage??

Nursing home for taking advantage of pro-employer laws to offer subsistence wages so that only potential animals will apply??

FT animal for being ungrateful for salary that is 5X-10X what the animal can earn back home??

Anonymous said...

Hi 1251pm

Haha....u are 1oo% right! I had already gone senile bec of the 70%.

Anonymous said...

Foreign workers organised sit-down protest at CBD, demanding unpaid salaries of nearly S$300,000



did somebody forget to tell them the age of withdrawal is 65 years old?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

>> Everyone can rock when they are young. But when the time comes, they may not just land in old folk's home, but have tubes stuck all over their body. All that wealth you accumulate matters not anymore.<<

I would argue that when you're at death's door with tubes sticking into and going out of your body, that is the time your wealth will matter the most. Because that is extremely expensive shit. 80% of all medical expenses in one life are spent in the last few years of that person's life.
Good luck to your if you don't have money. Better hope your family does. Even so, they'll take a huge financial whacking. Universal healthcare system? Yeah, good luck with that. I don't trust anything the government does. The government breaks promises ALL THE TIME. When you're old and frail, they can just say “fuck you, die already old man!” And there's nothing you can do.
Wealth won't give you eternal life. Nor can you take your money beyond the grave. But money can sure as shit make your dying years more comfortable. But hey... that's my opinion. You're life, you choose lah. šŸ˜

@ Virgo

I don't waste time worrying about things I cannot control. How or when I die, or whether some serial abuser in aged care is going to bully me...fuck lah. You can never prevent that.

So just stay in the present, and make the most of it.

Anonymous said...

Temasek Poly on Brochez submitting fake degrees for job: “He met the job requirements”


Anonymous said...

How many other fake degree holders that met the job requirements are in our universities, polys and schools right now?

I am sure Brochez is not the only one if the answer from Temasek is any indication.

Anonymous said...

Temasek Polytechnic accepts fake degrees as part of its job requirements. The other thing that Brochez has aplenty is his ability to con people. So another job requirements of Temasek Polytechnic must be the ability to con people. A third job requirements of Temasek Polytechnic must be a gay, because Brochez is obviously a gay. The fourth job requirement must be a person who can spread HIV disease, as Brochez is suffering from HIV. Don't tell me Temasek Polytechnic never demand a thorough medical report before employing anyone?

What have the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Manpower and ICA got to say about being conned by Brochez. What is/are their excuses?

I am sure the taxpayers would want (not like) to know very urgently about their excuses (reasons, rationales, explanations).

I am sure the taxpayers would like to see whether the $Millions paid to the Minsters are worth yhe beef?

Anonymous said...

PAP ministers and MPs are too busy fixing the opposition, what with election on the horizon, so no time to look at this issue. The case against the WP not over yet, but rest assured it will surface on prime time just before the GE2020.

Same as Mahathir digging up petty issues in order to start a quarrel with its southern neighbour. Since he got elected, he has no time to fix the economy or put Najib behind bars after so long.

UG said...

Got opposition to fix meh?

Clap clap clap on Virgo49 real boss theory. Wah seh. What exam thing ah?

What is this Hyflux sai about huh? LHL not very li hai one meh? What old woman invest? What one room flat? What is Know Your Customer (KYC) ah? Still must go court? The millions dollar salary people dunno what is going on and dunno how to talk for old woman? Defend what country? Hide in Little India Riot ah? LHL pay people millions do what one ah? Got praise Hyflux? LKY Iron Fist is lan jiao. Throw 6 smoke bomb. Those remisier left DBS maybe good ah.

Peasant below just ask, help a bit help a bit. On top pay so high, LHL pay them do what ah? Got people luff at LHL and HO CHING is DAFT behind their back a not? Even I feel it is like a joke. Those smarter one wont luff at LHL and HO CHING STUPIDITY?

UG said...

Election come I stay at home loh. I dunno ppl will be too tired read wrong my vote a not leh. Or Lee Li Lian empty boxes? I got Cambridge O Level one. Cannot throw Ang Moh and Rothschild face. Decathlon own self check out, throw everything inside can liao. NTUC still one buy one scan? Still got metal trolley, blue basket, red basket, green basket, wah seh, greatest invention ah? Better than Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi? Kia Si Lang.


Anonymous said...

UG kakakakakakaka your head lar. U need to be sodomized laršŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€šŸ˜€

UG said...

Clap clap clap on Virgo49 real boss theory. Wah seh. What exam thing ah?

Lim peh study until face turn green. Still must work leh. Still A leh. One day dunno sleep how many hours only. Still got CCA leh. The elites shooting sperm is it? If not who lam pa zheng? Feng Shui issue a not? On top warning elites too free shoot sperm, below peasant work till no fertility, give some one Feng Shui issue is it? Still got MP call what name ah? Still Hmmm Zhai Si? Chio Si Lang. Smarter people than me is it luffing at LHL and Ho Ching? Sometimes Taxi, Sometimes Grab, Sometimes Go-Jek. Electricity must choose. Internet got Singtel, Starhub, M1 and etc. What social engineering is that ah?

UG said...

What is going on ah? Is the old people investment going to lose money? If so lose than lose lah. Old people not the most not strawberry one meh?

Anonymous said...

UG nothing going on lar except u need to take your treatment to be sodomized lar like what the other anon suggested.

UG said...

I am the product of the Lee family leh. If I am daft, need treatment, need to be sodomized, what are they ah? Anyone know why my family got issues and what is the divorce rate ah? Lee family feud is why ah? Feng Shui issue?

Anonymous said...

Mental patients sometimes slip out of the Institute of Mental Health without anyone knowing. And lagi jialak without taking their medication. And more siong when they start talking like a chicken - kakakakakakaka.

This is one question to ask the Ministry of Health, why the open door policy is so wide even in the mental hospital?

Anonymous said...

Worst of all is IMH or private mental hospitals/clinics patients escaped without medicat9 and come to MySingaporeNews.

Anonymous said...

Now this blog is infested with this mental patient. Hope he agreed to take his treatment go back to IMH and get sodomized by some of the fT Nurses šŸ˜¬

UG said...

Product of Lee Family. Officer throw 6 smoke bomb dunno how to count. Soldier smell smoke bomb dunno how to run. Minister dunno how to sack officer. Fail fail fail. Zhen hai?

Read some where say buy high sell low. Ching Ho. KAKAKAKAKAKAKA. Chio si lang. Everything like high high. CPF high high. HDB high high. Like to give people smell smoke bomb to feel high high.

Product of Lee family. Li Hai one never invent hardware or software like China sell world wide? How the heck China become more li hai than us? Even Cai Ming Jie know how to write books. No Singaporean degree holder drive taxi know how to write books? And how the heck Ah Tiong scoot millions away? And Li Ning got free education? I am proud of my yellow skin. Ang Moh and Rothschild go home sleep. Dont tell people I am a banana serving so many army in a banana country than Li Ning got free education? And Ang Moh so scared of Huawei? Do I need to learn some ISIS go back to their so call own country and fight? I should go back China and join them fight Ang Moh ah. Cos Ang Moh is lousy. My Cambridge O Level no job. Cannot eat. Vietnam war also lose. Lousy Ang Moh. Next time maybe I should not eat western already, must eat ma la xiang guo. So many shops now. Like western last time, so popular.


How many in top management in Singapore is Alien ah? The Rothschild want to use Ten Commandment ask them why a not? Why this happen? Why that happen? Manage what thing? Investor and Rothschild very good one leh. Here nothing come here invest. Must ask those getting paid, doing management one like PAP, what are they doing ah? Why lose money in investment? Must answer to investor, Rothschild, Board of Directors a not ah? If not Ten Commandments for what? Idea is to prevent devil leh. How come got people suicide? Old people collect card board is exercise? What is PAP doing? Rothschild quick pray and see if PAP is devil a not. Millions dollar salary leh.

UG said...

Next goondu is Rothschild. What ten commandment? Religion master suppose to live a frugal live or live in landed property? Hong Kong still got people live in cages ah? Aiyo. Talk what religion. Joke ah Rothschild. Goondu is it.

Anonymous said...

UG, hey dude, I think u have really gone mad posting all kinds of rubbish. I pity u but obviously u needed help. Please do go to IMH asap but I am not sure your ass could take the punishment. As tuakee rod can reach 10 to 12 inches long so not only your ass suffers but your mouth is even worst. You can use cream for your ass but I have no solution for your mouth only to suggest u practise deep throat with banana or cucumber first. Good luck and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Sodomizing this mad chicken without feathers may get you six months and maybe the rod. He claims to be a product of the Lee family hor, so the sentence could be even worse. You kick a cat and already you are liable for 3 months in jailhouse rock.

But hor, sodomizing chickens without feathers maybe different, a lighter sentence perhaps. I don't know. The law works in mysterious ways.