CPF - The ire and fury of the people

  • old man:
    We remember thees PAP MPs and don’t vote them in including all other PAP MPs. Time for us to fight back with our votes.
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  • oxygen:
    MANY PAST THE AGE OF 70 are physically incapacitated to varying degrees – what is the use of returning their money to them past that age by installment under false pretense of nanny-look-after-the-kid hypocrisy that they would splurge all in Batam? So ladies cougar go to Bali and buy toy-boy for sex too?
    I HAVE COMPELLING APPREHENSION THAT THE PUBLIC MINDS quite justifiably, THINK CPF SCHEME IS A FRAUD. And this is not far from law and reality. Both in statutory and common law applications, there is NO SUCH A THING AS TRUSTEESHIP TO MORTALITY. You might as well tells us that your money is confiscated for undisclosed needs elsewhere (a secret of national interest confidentiality again or it is not in our interest to tell you???) bullsh*t.
    If the contrary is true, then fund management is the most lucrative business. Anyone with a licence to operate investment banking can solicit for public money, and once in the receipt of possession, then change the rule that investors CANNOT SELL OUT AND WITHDRAW THEIR MONEY until mortality hits. The offending investment bank as a legal entity exists in perpetuity – IT THEREFORE INHERITS PUBLIC MONEY SOLICITED AND OBTAINED IN CIRCUMSTANCES OF DECEIT AND LEGALISED FRAUD and keeps it as its own.
    IS THAT LAW OR INVESTMENT BANKING OR BOTH – if it is allowed to incubate to this degree of absurdity?

    Bastards Need To Be Cursed:
    These three bastards need to be cursed by all the other CPF members, especially those who want their money back from the Ah Long as early as possible.
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    We not suipid:
    Pap MPs may not get million dollars as politicians, but most of them hold well paying jobs or very profitable businesses. Their combined remuneration would be in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Impossible for them to understand and empathize with the common man who needs his CPF to live because his earning power has diminished with age.

    . it is therefore .. rather automatic drawdown at 65 .. let old folk has a choice sounds logical .. afterall, many older folks believe they could live till 90 and beyond ..
    90 N BEYOND?
    ANYWAYS,by which time,they cannot enjoy themselves in ‘BATAM’?
    Most will be POPPING MEDICINE/PILLS instead of chewing a great steak?
    dont be fooled by the uncaring gahmen who care only for themselves???

    Biggest scam in SG:
    Dear Simon,
    We trublus are all equally fuming with anger.
    Like many have imagined and voiced out , i too feel something bad had gone wrong with the reserves…
    ..and President HY cant talk…already billued n silenced by her boss and mil$ salary.
    She forgotten she took an oath.
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    do the gahmen really care about ensuring our CPF is safe for our retirement?
    i say bullshits!
    they just want to ensure that older sgs n others are able to PAY THEM as and when due so like THE RUNAWAY MEDICAL FEES AT GOVT HOSPITALS?
    it is only worried about its gang-member$ and that is clear to all.

    CPF is kosong already:
    those pap MPs are not in clown pap inner circle so for them to talk as if they know the truth is nothing but fake news.
    even our esteemed Mr Ong TC did not know how much is pap kitty even though he was the President.
    from normal human behaviour, as long as someone delays in repaying us our OWN money, it is not wrong to say that someone has already spent our money and is in difficult to repay us so come out with all manner of lies BS fake news to delay returning to us our OWN money.
    it is not wrong to say our OWN money has been squandered by the pap fools in gic temasick. these pap fools are proven to be spending dollars reaping cents. no need Cambridge economics degree also know CPF is kosong already.

    The above are comments in a post titled, 'The betrayer of CPF members', posted in the TRE by Simon Lim.

    As more and more seniors reached the ripe age of 65 and beyond, more would realise that every day is a bonus and it is pure stupidity to think that they could live for many more years and to deny them their hard earned life savings is a very cruel thing to do, and UNACCEPTABLE.

    They are very angry and would throw their votes for the opposition. From the sample comments above you can feel their anger in their bones.

    Temperature rising, Dad's Army furious and want their CPF money back! This is like the charge of the White Hair Brigade.  Stop scheming, when they scheme you scream.


Virgo49 said...

CPF Savings is NOT your monies!

Wake up you morons as declared even by a PaiKai Por Lam Par NMP, the PAP Government and our Great Locust Matilah.

So, stop dreaming and wants to have it back?

Lim Tean and Associates promised you all at 55 if they are Voted into Parliament.

So, as one Anon posted. When you shits sitting at the Toilet Bowl just turn to your minds and think about it.

Very simple and no labourious work required Just Mark X on all Opp candidates next GE


Anonymous said...

If they paying higher interest rate and let people have a choice, then I don't mind keaving it at cpf but I must have a choice if I change my mind to withdraw.

Anonymous said...


Only those no money losers are making noise about CPF. They are part of the 30%.

Those with enough money either fuck care the CPF, or they love it. They are part of the 70%.

I guarantee you 200% even if Oppo take over SG govt, they will NOT allow sinkies to withdraw ALL their CPF. At most will tweak to allow slightly more withdrawal & maybe at younger age e.g. 62.

I also guarantee 200% any future govt who is daring enough to let all Sinkies withdraw ALL their CPF at 55 or 62 or 65 will be thrown out within 2 terms. And the next govt will REINSTATE BACK the CPF restrictions. I bet only 1 or 2 on this blog will know the reason ;)

Virgo49 said...

Even with Malaysia's EPF which is eqv to our CPF. The Malaysian Banks rates are much much favourable than our bank's rates.

Sinkieland's banks rates are been manipulated to stay lower than the CPF's rates as a Ploy that it is better to leave it there as not your monies.

Just see your figures and be elated but cannot be withdraw.

Then, later all schemes to make sugar cane dross our of you and be discarded to feed their swines.

Anonymous said...

What's use of kpkb n kpkb now!

No use! No use! Tooooo late lah!

Who did they voted at the last GE?

Who you think they will vote at next GE?

Hahaha....you will be very surprised that many many many will still...pap!

Some said pap very siong as the ground not sweet

You think so?

You wait and see the results after the next GE.


Virgo49 said...

Aiya within 2 terms enough lah. We have all our monies back.

Unless there is KOSONG in it. The wealthy 70% so called fuck care don't need the CPF monies one will cry mothers and fathers.

Talk cock.Sinkias killed for one cents as most as Papuers still pretend to be Princes.

What's ducked cared their CPF. Only the losers. You be surprised that they need them more than losers.

Anonymous said...

Pay them $2 for a comment and they think they are rich oredy. PLP.

Anonymous said...

Boycott that PaiKar NMeePui chabor aSsPeeDeee social company la, sun donate or give charity money to this organization cis they can get fund from their porlanpar garment mah, tell them its donors money not their money can't use anycow la, as ah cow already got his paichiu ops retribution, heaven got eye karma coming to damn.

Anonymous said...


Many 40+ and 50+ year old Sinkies already have more than SGD1 million in cash or near-cash outside CPF.

These are the PMETs who have benefited from working hard & working smart, and having strong salaries & economy in the 1980s & 1990s.

They have another few hundred K in CPF, which is of course important to them. But they don't need to withdraw all out at once. They don't mind withdrawing a bit at a time, or as & when they want.

I have 2 relatives in their 60s who still keep >$500K in their OA and SA accounts. They have started to receive the few hundred $$$$$ monthly from their RA accounts.

Since 2018, these 2 old relatives have also started to use PayNow on their handphones to withdraw a bit of $$$$ from their SA & OA --- they receive the cash within 10 seconds as they confirm using their internet banking apps on their handphones. No need to go to any CPF office or talk to any staff.

REALLY, those who worked hard & saved / invested wisely for 30 years don't have any issues with CPF.


Anonymous said...

Hi WSG1005am

U are 1008% correct!

Yes! There are many many many many many like your two relatives in Sg.......


Virgo49 said...

Aiyo. War Stocks Guy.

Not all Singaporeans are so fortunate or shall I said More Shrewd like the Papies and their Stooges and also You who make their fortunes on the miseries of Others.

You must understand that the majority arw still living from hands to mouths for their survivals

You and your well to do so callwd Elites need don't need these extras is your own perogratives and we don't give a hoot to your constant boastings with your equally hypocrisy well heeled Matilah.

All after it's our monies and we use them to our wish.

Just remember that Pride always come before a Fall.Your pride in making millions of what's stocks must have make lots of morons red eyed with jealousy.

To me it's just a Farce. I had seen many Called themselves Smart Investors now living as Papuers when at one time they were arrogant behaving as Multi Million Hairs.

Onca a Tsunami hits, Mountains also toppled.

Anonymous said...

I have 2 relatives in their 60s who still keep >$500K in their OA and SA accounts. They have started to receive the few hundred $$$$$ monthly from their RA accounts.

REALLY, those who worked hard & saved / invested wisely for 30 years don't have any issues with CPF.

March 02, 2019 10:05 am

This joker wanted to lie but also don't know how to lie. I am getting about $1k for my $100k in the CPF. How come the 2 relatives got more than $500k only got a few hundred $$$$?

Want to bluff also must use your blain lah. siao tin tong.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> "CPF - The ire and fury of the people" <<

You exaggerate lah. This is not fury...yet. It's just a bunch of idiots making noise, like when you take away a pacifier from a baby...who thinks it is ENTITLED to suck on that pacifier.

I'll believe in "ire and fury" when I see armed angry mobs storm the streets and govt buildings in Singapore, dragging out the executive civil servants, carting them off to gallows at Changi. 🤡

If there is no blood in the streets, it is just NOISE from these moronic fuckheads are just screaming about something that is so obvious, they should have known better and prepared for it.

Instead of island-wide "civil disobedience" and "armed revolution" what you think happens next?

𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙬𝙞𝙡 𝙫𝙤𝙩𝙚 𝙛𝙤𝙧 ℙ𝔸ℙ 𝘼𝙂𝘼𝙄𝙉 in th next GE. So 𝕱𝖚𝖈𝖐 𝕿𝖍𝖊𝖒 𝖑𝖆𝖍 🤣

Virgo49 said...

Just a fine example.

Stocks and Shares wah so luactive and easy to make, then the poor or shall I called them Rich unkos/aunties don't have to get SIAS's help in asking for more than their returns of only S$104.70 for one thousand Invested. I am not trying to mock these poor investors which I also believed that they invested in good faith that this is a Reliable Organistaion full of potentials


Anonymous said...

@Anon 10:37am

Obviously you don't know much about CPF.

My relatives minimised their RA by pledging their properties. Their RA is quite small. Most of their CPF is in SA and OA.

They can withdraw from SA and OA anytime, and any amount. Normally they will withdraw only the accumulated interests, since they don't need to touch the principal.

BTW, I'm calling your bluff on $1K monthly payouts from $100K in your RA or CPF Life.
$100K in RA will only give you barely $600 per month, likely less.

If CPF really allow $1K from $100K RA, you will run out of CPF-RA money in less than 11 years, even with average 5% interest rate for RA. (6% for first $30K, 5% for next $30K, 4% for subsequent amounts)

Please go learn some BASIC FINANCE.


Anonymous said...

CPF - The ire and fury of the people

But then hor, CPF is already like this even before 2015, correct or not?

But yet a whopping 70% voted for PAP in GE 2015 !!!!

Why like that?

If it could happened in 2015, why not also in next election, u tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

The sad thing is there is no throwing of votes for the opposition despite all the complaints, outrage, cursing, spitting and Hong Lim-ing.

Let's see how 2020 turns out. But I am not too optimistic.

Anonymous said...

You are very very correct anon 1125am!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Useless to kbkp kckl now!


Anonymous said...

@ 11.41am

U think pap=49% because of cpf issues in GE 2020?


Anonymous said...

BTW, I'm calling your bluff on $1K monthly payouts from $100K in your RA or CPF Life.
$100K in RA will only give you barely $600 per month, likely less.

If CPF really allow $1K from $100K RA, you will run out of CPF-RA money in less than 11 years, even with average 5% interest rate for RA. (6% for first $30K, 5% for next $30K, 4% for subsequent amounts)

Please go learn some BASIC FINANCE.


March 02, 2019 11:00 am

Please stop guessing lah. Go and check with the old uncles how much they have and how they get lah, young punk. You learn basic finance theory. Old uncles living on CPF realities.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.59

No possible lah! CPF issues mostly affect those who retired. Younger ones already maxed out for housing and only kept what is mandatory for medisave and retirement. They do not consider the implications of the rulings at their age. It is only when they are reaching retirement that they will think about their CPF withdrawal for old age.

Therefore, changing the mindset of the 70% younger voters is difficult, while the older retires keep kicking the bucket by and by. Where can we find the numbers for the opposition to reach 51%?

Anonymous said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Useless to kbkp kckl now!
11:42 am

Not really lah.

Still got use to kpkb.

Kong song lanpar song mah.

Kpkb no use = talk cock = kong song

But must make money first, then lanpar song lah. LOL

Anonymous said...

Where can we find the numbers for the opposition to reach 51%?
12:17 pm

Not where but when lah.

When Tan Cheng Bock declares that his new party or at least his opposition coalition is ready to be govt, then numbers for the opposition will reach 51% or even more.

But Tan Cheng Bock has not or dare not announce yet, right? And why? And what is he waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Ire and fury? In those days of old, ire and fury means overturning buses and pouring nightsoil on the roads.

kpkb is not ire and fury. It is just another version of Trump's 'fire and fury' thrown at Kim, without the 'f'. Nothing and absolutely nothing happened to Kim, and even meaningless.

Anonymous said...

But Tan Cheng Bock has not or dare not announce yet, right? And why?
12:26 pm

Maybe TCB thinks he cannot work together with Chee Soon Juan, Goh Meng Seng, or what not so called leaders in the Sinkie opposition?

TCB invited them to CNY at his house but that does not mean they can work together after winning election, correct or not?

Anonymous said...

kpkb is not ire and fury.
12:31 pm


So is this one reason why PAP not scared of kpkb Sinkies?

For all u know, kpkb Sinkies may have even voted for PAP, like what anon 12:19 pm said kong song lanpar song. LOL

Virgo49 said...

I also do not understand why in the first place if your Realtives had so much in the OA and SA.

Think now after official withdrawal at 55, OA and SA already lumped into RA. Anyway, if you meet that's MS at that year for that Cohort, your balance outstanding balance amount is able to be withdrawn previously at onl y once a year nearer to your Birthday but now anytime as due to you, why the need to pledge their properties at half and get less if they don't really need the payouts and have more interests?

Let me answer that for you. It's because they also DO NOT TRUST the Board as put it bluntly.

Better to halve it and get it out safely wheras the Balance they presumed in their minds the remaiming "O" A or what's "SA" can also be quickly withdrawn if rumors are detrimental to our interests.

Am I not correct? So just don't assume that just because of this arrangmeant, they do not need and cherished their CPF's monies.

I don't want to alarm and be accused of spreading false news and that Shame Guy will hammer me with a sledgehammer.

For all you know. With their Majority MPs now in Parliament, they can now simply have a bill and passed it in Parliament within one seating that you are not even allowed to withdraw any balance amount that you may still have in your CPF's accounts less now the CPF's Life Scheme that you now have.

Don't take it as a Joke. The reason that they can give is that you should have withdrawn all in the first place. Why keep it inside.Once inside then its ours NOT yours.

Thare are other means of having your withdrawn FULL monies in other Securities besides just keeping them inside for that extra 2 or 3 per cent more than Banks rates.

One NTUC Security Bond that for $100K for a period of 8 years only
from either cash or you withdraw from your CPF's OA a sum of just 20K per year for 5 years. Making it a total of 100K.

Next 3 years till the 8 year no more withdrawal and for 100K they pay you about 145K in all. An interest of 15K. Which is more than the CPF's interests if you had still there.

No doubt your CPF's interest earned is about 24K for 8 years but you ara withdrawing 20K per year for 5 years and you still earned that extra interests from the Board for 5 years or so.

Added together the interests much more than your 100K in the OA.

So, not necessary you earned more interests laying in the Board. Which is also a Risk Factor.Ahem.

The best is that after the 5 years they offered to pay you back you monthly for the next three years before the Maturity Date with another lump sum of the balance amount.

They paying you monthly 1000 plus for 3 years. Together with your CPF's Life payouts,wah can patronize Genting liao.

Somemore await the Final Maturity date of the balance plus bonus interests.

Safer than that OA account.No guarantee that can be withdraw if things come to unforseen circumstances.

That's why we must have at least enough Opp MPs to thwart any Bills that can become laws and we just sucked thumps.

Anonymous said...

Hi all

Is it correct to say that the next GE is opposition parties Vs the 70% not Vs pap?

What say U?

Anonymous said...

Do you think CPF is a broken system?
Do you think CPF is bad for Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

@ March 02, 2019 12:40 pm

If CPF does not benefit Singaporeans ... who does CPF benefit?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.37

PAP scared or not lah, you tell me? Kpkb Sinkies may have even voted for PAP is not without merit, looking at the percentage of votes. One opposition 'candidate' even went so far as admitting he voted for PAP. How is that for reality wake up call?

So why should PAP be scared?

Anonymous said...

Do you think CPF is a broken system?
Do you think CPF is bad for Singaporeans?
12:40 pm

Whether CPF or what not, bad or not, but if Singaporeans can make money and even lots of money, then it is not bad.

Now can you make money from your CPF? If not, it is bad lah. Understand?

Anonymous said...


So ....at next GE......it is gg to be opposition parties Vs the 70%...... correct?

Anonymous said...

it is gg to be opposition parties Vs the 70%...... correct?
12:51 pm

Correct or not, doesn't matter lah.

What matters is opposition parties will lose, and lose big, if PAP can win 90% or more seats.

And I believe PAP will win 90% or more seats, as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt.

Tan Cheng Bock or even Chee Soon Juan may be PM material but they are no Mahathir.

Anonymous said...

And I believe PAP will win 90% or more seats, as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt.
1:04 pm

I think this one smart Low Thia Khiang (LTK) of WP already told Sinkies lah.

He said Sinkies are very scared to accidentally vote out the PAP because the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt. I really respect LTK for saying this aloud, even though I don't really like the way he and his party behaves as opposition.

Anonymous said...

@Virgo 12:38pm

Hi Uncle,

If you don't have enough money in CPF, you won't understand how it really works. ;)

1. If you still working after 55, your extra SA & OA can only withdraw once a year.

2. If you already retired after 55, your extra SA & OA can withdraw anytime & in any amount throughout the year.

3. My relatives turned 55 during mid-2000s. At that time the Minimum Sum only $90+K.
They pledge property, so only need to put $45+K into RA.
The rest can remain in OA and SA, which will be totally under their control.

4. Most Sinkies will immediately withdraw 100% of their extra SA and OA money.
My relatives left the money inside SA and OA in order to earn the interests --- impossible to get FD or any investment paying guaranteed rates so high in strong SGD currency.

They also have cash savings outside CPF, so use those first, and let their CPF money earn bigger interest rates in SA and OA.


Anonymous said...

They also have cash savings outside CPF, so use those first, and let their CPF money earn bigger interest rates in SA and OA.
1:11 pm

Correct. I am one of them. In fact 5% Presidential candidate and insurance expert Tan Kin Lian is also one of them. He used cash to pay his medical bills even though he is eligible to use his Medisave.

And I believe many Sinkies are like me.

If not, how can PAP every time win one, u tell me lah?

There must be good reasons like this one which make PAP win lah, correct or not?

Anonymous said...


The amount of financial illiteracy & ignorance among readers here is astounding!!

And to think some of you are in your 60s or 70s or maybe 80s.

Even if you're citizens of welfare countries like Sweden or Netherlands, you will still be fucked up in your personal savings & still KPKB there.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am now a 70-year-old senior citizen. Luckily my HDB flat loan was full paid off.

CPF recently send me a letter to inform me that my Retirement Account (RA) balance was S$646.86 and with my monthly payout of S$250 from my RA, the last estimated payout will be in May 2019.

On 31/12/2018 my total amount across my CPF was S$67,562.78, which means CPF is keeping S$66,665.92 of my savings in my CPF money away from me for Ordinary Account (OA), Special Account (SA) and Medisave Account(MA). Posted in TRE

Michael Toh

Anonymous said...

Even if you're citizens of welfare countries like Sweden or Netherlands, you will still be fucked up in your personal savings & still KPKB there.
1:20 pm


In welfare countries, u pay for other people in their old age.

When your turn in old age comes, other people will pay for you lah. Hopefully.

Better system than CPF or not, u say lah? Or still need to kpkb?

Anonymous said...

On 31/12/2018 my total amount across my CPF was S$67,562.78, which means CPF is keeping S$66,665.92 of my savings in my CPF money away from me for Ordinary Account (OA), Special Account (SA) and Medisave Account(MA). Posted in TRE
Michael Toh
1:23 pm

I think he is talking about his MA lah.

MA cannot withdraw as cash, even if one is dying, except to pay for medical bills, correct or not?

virgo49 said...

WSG, I also know that the Balance in your what's OA and SA can be withdraw anytime you want it.

If you are still working then the contributions for current will still go the OA and can be withdraw yearly if they met their MS requirements.

What I am saying is that why your Realtives if in no need the CPF's monies pledged their property for CPF's Life MS in half?

Why don't in FULL and have FULL premiums? If no need to use their CPF's monies. Somemore wah higher interests?

It's beacause they need to play safe and wuthdraw this half to supplment their savings before the Life Premium payouts.

So dont say they No need the monies.

I had already said the NTUC Life Savers Premium Fund pay more than the combined CPF's interests.

Maturity at 145K (Interests at 45K to CPF's 24K)for 100k after 8 years. So which is better?

Somemore, out of their clutch or claws.

That how lian Anon boasted that he paid all cash and kept his CPF may one day be like the Hiflux Perpetual Bond Shareholders drawing only 100 to 1000 in his account. PERPETUAL kena bonded.

Anonymous said...

The more we talk about CPF issues, not only are there more ire and fury, but more confusing issues, claims and counterclaims popping up.

TCSS is interesting!

Virgo49 said...

Part One

"Govt Leaders Lack Political Acumen* by Inderjit Singh, Businessman & former PAP MP.

Singh has criticized government leaders for lacking acumen, citing the implementation of Care shield Life and parking fees for teachers as examples.

Speaking to the press during a Care shield Life debate, he said:

Bottom line is leaders should exercise a greater political judgement in policy-making. The civil servants have presented to the political leaders a logical scheme based on what a market driven approach would look like. But the government is not a company and we cannot apply what may seem logical in a market driven system to policies affecting the lives of citizens the government was elected to serve. Our leaders need to be able to take what the civil servants present to them and fine tune whatever policy or scheme they want to implement to improve the lives of the majority of Singaporeans.

On the issue of charging teachers up to S$110 a month for parking, market rates should not apply as school premises are not public car parks.

The idea is logical, to have a clean wage system and the charges teachers have to pay are close to the market rates. In reality, schools are not public car parks, so market rates should not apply. So, we either charge teachers a token amount only or just don't charge them. This requires political judgement. I guess this government works on pragmatism more than politics but sometimes when it is the time to convince the public to buy into a national scheme or idea, some political acumen never hurts.

Care shield Life has run into problems despite being "actuarial fair" because the government appears to be profiting from the scheme.

People see the government as a service provider to serve all Singaporeans equally. Also, they do not think that the government should be making a profit from any schemes that they provide to Singaporeans. So, they are not happy if they think this is being run as a 100% market driven thing. In any case, the Govt has the capacity to do this, without it being market driven, and still not come out negative because the past scheme showed that the insurers who ran the Elder shield collected $3 billion and paid out only a negligible amount in claims.

Women must pay 23% more in premiums than men for the compulsory disability insurance scheme and that should not be the case.

Contd: part 2

Virgo49 said...

Part 2

I feel the government should make this scheme gender neutral for two reasons. First the Govt is not a private sector company and Govt should provide some of these services to the public at concessions. The Govt source of revenue for Care shield and CPF Life and other such scheme is not just through the collection of of premiums but also through the taxes Singaporeans pay and also from the returns of our sovereign wealth fund - these are all the people's resources.

So as a Govt some services should be provided at a subsidy because citizens are already contributing to Govt revenues in many other ways. There must be something called citizens' privilege and having a gender neutral Care shield and equal CPF Life pay out may be the right thing for the Govt to do. Furthermore, based on past records, the Govt is net positive and not negative in the past.

While urging the Govt to average the cost of premiums for both genders and charge them an equal rate,there should be more transparency regarding pricing of the scheme.

Show Singaporeans what the actual cost of coverage is and then decide to have a
permanent citizen's subsidy to be below the actual cost with women getting a higher subsidy.


You will notice that the proposed Care shield Life scheme is a crowd-funding scheme where the Singapore citizens are contributing but the Govt is not contributing to the Care shield Life and all the time, the Govt is so afraid that
there may not be enough funds in the Care shield Life to take care of disabled citizens. This is all wrong!

Less we forget....

The Govt is not a private company, out to make money. The Govt's function is to serve and look after its citizens. Hence the Govt must be involved and provide subsidy when required. So the Govt should "under-ride" Care shield Life scheme.It should subsidize when necessary, and guarantee the payment.

The criteria for pay out claims should be looked into. Already it was found that
the criteria for pay out c;aims for Elder shield was too stringent and many disabled citizens suffered because they did not get their claims. From past experience from Elder shield claims and pay outs, it was found that some disabled citizens were almost dying before they got their claims and hence they only got a few claims before they died ! Sometimes the disabled person died before the claim was approved ! The criteria for pay out should be re-assessed. For instance, being blind should be taken as one of the criteria to claim.

A good government should serve its citizens and have compassion for its citizen and have compassion for its citizens.

Posted as Received.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 126

>> In welfare countries, u pay for other people in their old age.

When your turn in old age comes, other people will pay for you lah. Hopefully. <<

Most welfare cuntries have changed their pension systems from defined benefit (for e.g. you get $x automatically after age, say, 65) to defined contribution (you have a portion deducted from your pay throughout life --- like CPF), or a combination of both.

They are ALL moving toward self-funded retirement systems because they understand that "Young people pay for old people" system cannot work, and that borrowing and taxing just to fund the state pension system eventually will BANKRUPT the cuntry.

In other words, they are all adopting pension systems mirroring Singapore's CPF system. In Australia, it is called "superannuation" and it has evolved into a very flexible system. For e.g. you can "self manage" your own super (SMSF -- self managed super fund) and get another 5 people together to form your own "mini fund". You can imagine that having 6 people who are financially savvy together, pooling their retirement savings...that has the potential to make a lot of money! It is hard to cock up because the rules on how and what you invest is quite strict but still flexible. You can invest in equities, managed funds, term deposits, precious metals and even "exotics" like antiques and art.

My super is handled by fund managers who get me an average of just over 8%. I'm happy with that because I'm quite a lazy guy. However, my ex-wife and her brother (in their 60s) set up their own SMSF and have amassed around $5mill in rental property and hold nearly 2 mill in term deposits. The deflating Aussie property bubble has seen prices drop 30% in some areas so there could be some good value buys coming up. The rental market is still delivering nice returns.

Hopefully, the wise-heads at CPF Board will realise that although Singapore was first with govt-controlled self-funded retirement plans, there is scope for more "diversity" in investing for retirement.

Anonymous said...

A few carrots dangled in their faces and they will put their X alongside the PAP candidates. " Singaporeans are so very very stupid and gullible " says the PRCs. So very very true. Singaporeans are master at bitching and KPKBing between GEs. Now with a few sweeteners just before GE they will be bought over. So very very stupid. What to do? Unlike the meaner and hungrier PRCs, Very soon the true blue Singaporeans will be the minority and Singapore will be taken over by PRCs and the Indians. The elites of Singapore would all have migrated, leaving the very very stupid true blue Singaporeans to be bullied in their own country. So sad.......

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

OK, something doesn't click here. Day after day we hear the "stupidy has no cure argument" and that 70% (or more) of voters are gullible and kayu because they vote PAP over and over. Even when they are angry with the PAP, they still vote PAP.

Then you look at the hard facts about Singapore's people: many of us oldies are wealthier than our cohorts in other cuntries. Certainly in all of Asia. I'm talking averages here, not multi-billion outliers.

So if the sg.gov is so fucking bad, how come there are so many wealthy "average" people?

Anonymous said...


///I had already said the NTUC Life Savers Premium Fund pay more than the combined CPF's interests.
Maturity at 145K (Interests at 45K to CPF's 24K)for 100k after 8 years. So which is better?///

I call your bluff ... that $145K is for PROJECTED MAX returns, which in insurance industry is almost NEVER met.

I worked for 10 years in NTUC Income claims department, and I've never seen any life or endowment policy bought in the last 30 years being able to meet the projected amounts.


BTW, do you know what is the presumed rate of return for $100K to $145K in 8 years??
Use Excel or financial calculator or scientific calculator and the answer is 4.75%.


Compare with CPF Retirement Account --- 4% TO 6%.

After 8 years, your $100K will become $146,881 GUARANTEED.


Anonymous said...


///So if the sg.gov is so fucking bad, how come there are so many wealthy "average" people?///

That's why PAP keeps on getting the majority votes.

And not just 51% or 55% like in other countries, but 65% or 70% or 75%.

It's just that the remaining 25%-30% have got very big mouths! :) :)

Anonymous said...

So there is no need for GE in SF!

Waste of time and resources!


Anonymous said...



Since when did I type "THEY NO NEED THEIR MONIES"?!?

What I typed is:
"They have another few hundred K in CPF, which is of course important to them. But they don't need to withdraw all out at once. They don't mind withdrawing a bit at a time, or as & when they want."


S'pore govt already give you a system to play with & take advantage of. By minimising RA and maximising SA and OA, you:

1. Retain maximum control over your money.

2. Can withdraw as & when you like.

3. Continue to earn higher interests than any banks and FDs.

If you think PAP is going to confiscate all your CPF money, then you can always do INSTANT TRANSFER from OA and SA immediately to your local bank account. And then immediately transfer to overseas banks in safe & developed countries.

Otherwise if you think CPF still safe, then just continue to let the $$$$$$ rot in SA and OA and collecting the interests.


Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 2.39

You worked 10 years but already left. So what's you know about their New Other Types of Savings or Premium Products???

Aiyo, claims dept only followed up claims by their nitty gritty medical claims. This is NOT what's Endowment or Life Policy claims.

What's you know about Other Insurance???

This is NOT what's Endowment or what's Life Policy.


For those who can one shot Dream and Savers One Hundred Thousand to One Million $$$$$$$$$$$

Go back and check with your ex-colleagues and don't call people bluff.

b said...

Sg companies overseas also stupid one. Used cpf to buy so many overseas companies and employ overseas people. Must employ overseas sg people first. If all sg people have good jobs in oz, they will visit sg more often and sg can have more 'tourists' income.

All pensions scheme in this world is a ponzi scheme. They will bankrupt when take out > put in because most money invested in subprime over the years n have fallen in value greatly.

Virgo49 said...


At aged 55, I played smart and had already my first Cataract Operations on one eye fully paid for by Company in Insurance claims as an Managerial and also enjoyed one month's leave benefits for holidays secretly of course.

At aged 56, before I called it quits with enough dough to retire, I had my second operations also fully paid for by another sucker Company also as a Manager. Also enjoyed my One month's leave for holidays. So, my eyesight without any specs and aids is 6/6 both eyes at that time.

Now after these years last checkup for driving license renewal at 6/20. Still combine with both eyes vision can also your pimples.

So, Eyesight's cleared and perfect. NO WO WO or VOVO Kings if still can shoot firing ranges.

You want to play with our Great Friends system and take advantage of their Scholars???

Haha, one fine day, you kena caught with your pants down and expose your arse then you know.

I had before played with their system and had benefited from it. That's was when they announced their CPF's Life Scheme for seniors.

A Bonus benefits of think 3K for those who opted to join in with minimum 20K in CPF;s Life.
I deposited 20K in her name.

My mother was already eighty plus and I thought no harm in putting in for her as this will be a short-term investments. Just monthly payouts till she goes to the WEST to see her maker. So, just for a year I had all my returns back plus plus interests and that 3K

So, thus I had extra 3K from them. Not easy to take 3 K from these Scholars you know.

You want to take advantage of their System. After this GE, when they had the Majority again and as I have said earlier within one Seating in Parliament, a Bill passed into Law to rule that No withdrawals allowed for any OA or SA or RA or R21, then you will cry.

Don't play play

AGC said...

Come on, let's face it.

Life in Singapore for the majority (60%) is still reasonably tolerable.

And for the top 10%, quite comfortable.

And for the pinnacle 1% extremely filthy rich pleasurable.

It adds up to 71%, isn't it? Give and take the margin of error of 5%, it is still 66%.

So, how can the PAP not continue to run (down/up) the country? How can you (masses) not be trampled upon? CPF is only one aspect of the "atrocious" treatments dished out of the PAP's Power House (of Lee). If you really can count, there are at least 20 more challenging circumstances that you (the masses) have to contend with.

In the mean time, Opposition parties are not really political parties. They are only the semblance of a political party. They are unable to form a new government to challenge and compete with the PAP - miles and miles apart. Not even close.

Dr Tan Cheng Bock may bring a little fanfare and intrigue into the equation. However .he is not a real maverick. He is too guarded and conservative. Moreover, he is only one man. His team comprises old, outdated, uninspiring people (good people but lack luster, cannot shine). Not impressive!

WP is on its way down and out soon. They say pride comes before downfall. This is what's happening to WP's Team of Blues, after winning Aljunied GRC.

How can a party with three "wise" lawyers get itself into legal problems and landed up in a prolonged legal battle in court? Lack of legal advice or too many cooks spoilt the soup?

SDP is trying very hard (for last 20 years?) to make a comeback from the self-inflicted loss of popular supports, since Dr Chee took over. No doubt it has improved over the years. But the torn in the party is also the rose itself - Dr Chee Soon Juan. Only leadership change can see the rise in popular supports back to the Chiam See Tong's glorious days again? Most probably, but not necessarily so. He deserves a second chance. No one should be condemned forever.

So is "No one party should rule forever!"

Anonymous said...



Hope you never wake up from your DREAM, coz don't think you can take REALITY!! HAHAHAHAHA!!

I only recently retired from NTUC Income in the last 2 years, so my info is still accurate lah.

DREAM SAVER is NOT new lah, already a few years old.

I've looked at the backend for this policy & calculated the expense ratio, the projected returns, the effect of deductions etc. AND I AM NOT IMPRESSED WITH THE RESULTS!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! ALL MY OLD TIMER NTUC INCOME COLLEAGUES WILL NEVER BUY THIS FOR THEMSELVES OR THEIR FAMILIES!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!


As for my experience --- Claims not only for medical lah .... Also got maturity & surrenders.

Also need to talk to underwriting dept & actuaries --- they calculate your chances of dying or getting cancer or car accident, and they set the pricing and premiums. We all don't work in a vacuum or in our silo, you know.

I also talk to those in investment dept to see what is the projected medium & long term returns, and what will be the sustainable annual bonuses to give to customers but yet still keep enough profits for the company. This is also where I learn long ago that projected returns seldom come true.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


"Forever" is an idea which doesn't apply to mortals with a finite amount of time to live (TTL).

Any party, be they bad or good, only has to be there in your lifetime to either benefit or hinder your life's journey.

What has happened in the past cannot be undone. What happens in the future, no one can predict not control. What happens now and how we deal with it is what matters: some things you have direct control, other things you don't do you will have to be the one to make the choice and take the necessary actions to "adjust".

I don't worry about the children's futures. When they become tax paying voters, they can determine the nation's politics. In every generation the immutable truism applies:

Virgo49 said...

Anon 3.52

Definitely you are not impressed because you do not have that capacity for these types of Policies.

Aiya, claims departing nothing lah.just nitty gritty 1 year x 30 years experience.

You are not one of their Qualified Sales Person.

Claims clerks only seive thru to disclaim claims.
Bite the hands that feed you.After leaving service bitched against their products.

I am happy to receive 1700 per month plus the next 36 months and thereafter my whatsoever bonus they calculated for me and principal amount.

Anonymous said...

Don't need to argue. Don't waste time.

For the next GE many many have forecasted pap 75% Vs 25% opp!


Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 4.25

Just walked my dog and your are Right On that Next GE PAP at 75% vs Opp 25%.

Every neighbour I met cursed that Stupid Mahahthair.

Wah Lau..all got good words for Vivi and the PAP.

Only I odd person out.

How to convince the masses?

Better TCB, LT and the rest don't waste their time and resources.

Trulely Parrotic Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Wah Lao!!!

I just spent 1 hour going thru from top to bottom!

So I can conclude 2 things:-

1) Either be loser, no money, KPKB and go Hong Lim.


Work smart & use the system to screw others & enrich yourself.

2) To get rid of PAPies, either sacrifice yourself in a rebellion or mass demonstration, which has no hope of success becoz all Sinkies boh chee & will leave you to the hangman.


Vote Oppo, which also has no hope becoz seems like more than 65% Sinkies all very happy with PAPies. And so go back to Number 1 thing & working smart... KNN is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:21 far up, is the only worthy read here. Everything else is rubbish. Anonymous 9:21 said,
Only those no money losers are making noise about CPF. They are part of the 30%.Those with enough money either fuck care the CPF, or they love it. They are part of the 70%. Unquote.
The "Return My CPF line" is useless rhetoric to move votes. So simple. The rich won't heck care. Cpf stuck till 65 is ok, it's just diversity of portfolio. The middle class who have other passive income, already knows that they cannot survive forever on their own cpf and would have adequate resilience, so they comfortable accept CPFLife, as a supplement to their regular cashflow. Only the really bottom percentile who mistakenly thought their CPF can see them through, (which is not possible in the first place), will be unhappy. Though it is fashionable to complain about CPF, secretly, I think more than 70% can live with it and won't even consider it as a reason to oust the Pap. On the contrary, just like a run on the bank, the more financial savvy may even fear an opposition govt can cause a run on CPF beyond its safe liquidity ratio resulting in disaster. After all it is financially prudent for the State NOT to hoard CPF money, but rather allow controlled investments beyond its real value, as in the way banks work. Credit Creation: Economics 101.


Anonymous said...

A good government should serve its citizens and have compassion for its citizen and have compassion for its citizens.

Posted as Received.
March 02, 2019 2:23 pm

This garment is just as compassionate as DBS Bank. Sack all the remisiers and gassack their business and clients and don't pay them anything for it. Sooooo compassionate, have soooooo much compassion for its citizens.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous b said...

Sg companies overseas also stupid one. Used cpf to buy so many overseas companies and employ overseas people. Must employ overseas sg people first. If all sg people have good jobs in oz, they will visit sg more often and sg can have more 'tourists' income.

Singapore companies in Singapore lagi better. Employed foreigner to sack Singaporeans. Sack more Singaporeans so can employed more foreigners.

Virgo49 said...

Our Great Humbleideas KNOWN ALL but KNOWN NUTS had spoken.

All postings except Anon 9.21 are all nonsense.Is he the Anon 9.21?

Self praise maybe.? Who knows ?

Why spend one hour to read all these Trash. So he must be also a DUD.

Must be in the Wealthy 70% who fucked care about his CPF's balance. Only losers will whined.

Pauper pretending to be a Prince to boost his EGO like his counterpart Dotard Trump?

Sigh. Takes all sorts of creatures to be a World.


Anonymous said...

Virgo, I agreed with Yiu that 9.21 anon need to be sodomized😀

Anonymous said...

We (three brothers) too don't mind to let 9:21 am be sodomized. We can help you to sodomize him. Just let us know when.

Anonymous said...

On second thoughts, there is in fact another post which makes sense, it said that all you buggers complaining "is just NOISE from moronic fuckheads are just screaming about something that is so obvious."
The fact is that if you want to kick out Pap, I don't think the answer is to attack the CPF system. It is not that bad, what was bad is they allowed the funds to be used for overpriced flats, depleting the ordinary person's pension fund. It is not a CPF problem per se.

Virgo49 said...

Talking cocks again that Dumbhead KNOW ALL but Know Nuts.

If your CPF's Savings are not allowed to purchase your Flats, how many of you Pauers pretending to be Princes had enough cash savings to purchase your Flats?

Can have 5 roomed and Exec and what's Condoms?

Most are just too greedy to ungrade, upgrade don't lose to your next door Bengs or Kins and only think of make more monies out of their inflated "investments" thinking that forever they be up up like a young man's erected penis.

How many really can afford Sinkieland Condos when they just put in some cooling measures of less loans and higher stamp fees and had to make Death rush deadline just to sign the dotted line and thinking that they are Safe. Made a pile already.This is the beggining of that Gold Pile of Never ending diasters for you.No wonder you can never see a smiling Sinkie when you just walk around.
Should not go for Catacarat opns and be partially blind to all these Black black Pow Kong Faces.
Worse than black ants faces.

When they reached Ah Peh. Deflated when recession,depression hits they be circumcised like EUNCHES.

So, Sinkies are mostly living on the edges sinking anytime. That's why they have lan lan lam par stuck in wooden horses no choice have to have the PAP in government for fears of Sinking.

Thinking that these are the only Saviours.

Pathetic. Don't know what's to say.

Anonymous said...

10.54pm anon, I think you three brothers need to sodomize Virgo too. He too kualan Liao.😀 I can join you three too.

Humbleideas said...

Virgo49. I marvel at your pristine stupidity.
You said that if CPF is not allowed to buy flats how could people afford. In the 1960s, people buy flats from their own savings. Some use bank loans, which are repaid after say ten years of honest working. In other countries, people buy flats using the same model. However, Because of the pap subsequent policy of "generous" allocation of one's retirement funds to buy flats, and the evil lie, that 99 year flats will continue to have enhanced values indefinitely, it caused several decades of upward spiral of prices- unnaturally. This need not have happened if in the first place for example, the govt limited, say, the use of retirement funds to buy 99 yr properties, to just about 20%.
To put another way, it is dog chase tail problem. The retirement funds CANNOT BE EMPTIED OUT 80% TO INVEST IN DECLINING ASSETS. THE GOVT NOW REALIZE THE MISTAKE. BUT THE MISTAKE IS SO HUGE THAT Tweaking THE DRAWDOWN AGE OF WITHDRAWAL IS NOT GOING TO SAVE THE BOTTOM 30 PERCENTILE OF CITIZENS FROM POVERTY PERMANENTLY. It's good to reform the policy, but like cancer, it's already rooted too deep.

Anonymous said...

To be more positive, the government should do this:
1. No need to tweak CPF policy.
2. Compensate every single citizen HDB owner with at least 30% cash value of their last purchased price, in lieu of the govt outright lies of ASSET ENHANCEMENT which caused severe erosion of HDB OWNERS fair value retirement funds. Where to find the money? They are very rich. The money is therebin the system. The punishment compensation could be given in instalments to pay for the terrible mistakes.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, sixties, you born already?

Old uncles bukit ho swee No rooms old hall, only corridors flats already sold under CPF's monies.

You think old unkos know how to have banks loans. Use your backsides for collaterals.

HDB flats initially all under HDB mortgages. Later, push to banks as they can firesales your Flats without political cause burdens on the PAP.

Talk nonsense.Think study more than us must be smarter than us.

Aiyo. Tak see chek. Worse than unthinking humourous parrots.

More they studied, more dumb than ever. Brains mostly Cantonese said chee sin or wires short-circuited.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 6.23

Wah. The Truth always hurt. Must be also one of the kind who are Papuers still pretending to be Princes.

Like Mr.RB said Must put these silly boys and girls in their proper places.

George Baba said. Cheelaka. Boh Tu a Boh Suay.

Hello Anon. Besides your unaffordable flat that you are now stuck in.Did you also parked your unafforable car in another far away car park?

For fear of also being Towed away for owing too many instalments?

Poor souls, have to pay towing charges dunno want to redeem or not ?

If redeem, have to eat plain bread and water for next 30 days.


One good teaching.cannot.afford don't buy to show off. Yourself suffered.

Anonymous said...

Virgo, I don't live in hdb flat like yourself. I stay in fully paid landed property lar. Now retiring nothing much to do compared with hectic regional job. The only thing I can think of is to join the three brothers to sodomize you in tag team basis Lor.😀

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, Landed? Where? Jalan Buangkok Green? Mad House? Worse Paupers than HDB Pigeon Hole dwellers.

See HDB 2 roomers or not? Mercedes Sports. Landed, 15 years old Lau pok toot toot cannot renewed COE anymore. Still trying to survive and coughing away.Seats also gave way till can feel the springs.

Many Red notices pasted on their walls.

Many cry fathers and mothers why the Cow ex- Hell Minister have what's Means Testing.

You think you all think we landed RICH? Ho kwa boh ho chia. Still have another 50 years to pay. That's why we still have to work at McDonald to pay our mortgages.
If not firesale, got to teow low.

Owe Maids ten to 15 months no pay salaries.

My one container truck driver salary plus trips allowances can pay ten maids.

Landed property owners. Kill for one cents.

Anonymous said...


Virgo 12.39

Don't be like that leh.

We all assume landed owners must be filthy rich or at least richer than pigeon holers. That is why landed is every young punks dream. You are frightening them leh!

I asked my doctor why he still lives in a condo while other doctors have upgraded to terrace or semis. He also said 'aiyo "ho kwa boh ho chia". He asked me if I noticed the thick curtains covering the windows of such landed properties? It is to prevent people outside from seeing the owners crying inside when they are far behind in their mortgage payments.

Virgo49 said...

HaHaHa- Anon 2.56

That's A Good One!

Thanks and Have A Nice Sunday.

Have you read my Kim Jong Un's Joke just posted a moment ago.


Kim Jong Un decided to send Donald Trump a letter in his own handwriting to let him know he was still in the game.Trump opened the letter which appeared to contain a single-line coded message :


Trump was baffled, so he e-mailed it to the his aides, who had no clue either, so they sent it to the FBI.

No one could solve it at FBI, so it went to the CIA.

With no clue as to its meaning, FBI finally asked MSS (Ministry of State Security in China) for help.Within a few seconds MSS cabled back with this reply :

"Tell Your President That He Is Holding The Message Upside Down"

The Message is :-


If cannot turn Upside Down"


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 255:

I know of smart people who've lived in their HDBs since the 1980s and have several landed properties in Singapore they rent out, plus houses and apartments overseas in Malaysia, Vancouver and Melbourne. This was before HDB changed the rules. One chap, in particular, we've nicknamed "Land Baron" --- lives in an HDB in the East Coast, drives a Toyota (because he hates paying COE tax).

Yup, buying landed property to live in Singapore is not wise. Better to live cheap, and take all the "free kicks" from the govt (like HDB and CPF) and invest in high income generating, value-stable freehold property in Singapore --- which is better than GOLD.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 12.39

Owing the maid's salary is one thing. My newspaper delivery man tells me that private homes are the most difficult to collect the monthly newspaper subscriptions. It is always a case of the maid telling him the boss is not in. Why can't the money be left with the maid? It is not a matter of hundreds of dollars. It is 'chow kar' through and through.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Search YouTube with the keywords "fake rich". Then go out into the city and observe. Make sure you're not one of these losers. 🤓

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Real Rich (no no really really fucking rich!...The Richest!!) in Real Life:

World's Richest Person Queuing Up For Hamburger

Anonymous said...

The 1961 Bt Ho Swee fire was probably some plot to fire up people's willingness to be relocated. Up till today, the official police & govt statement is "Unknown Cause". And very difficult for researchers to gain access to the official investigation documents which are all marked as "Top Secret" and kept under OSA.

Previously the British colonial govt, the David Marshall govt, the Lim Yew Hock govt, the initial PAP govt all had great difficulties in getting people to relocate from kumpungs to HDB. They always had to mobilise large numbers of police force whenever they did a relocation exercise. People will often protest, demonstrate, sit-down etc.

Even after losing their homes, 25% of the Bt Ho Swee residents (about 4000) didn't want to be relocated into HDB flats --- they rebuilt & stayed in nearby squatter home, attap houses etc.

Rich people & public donations collected about $18M (in todays dollars) for the 16,000 Bt Ho Swee victims.

PAP fucked the CPF when they allowed people to use CPF to buy resale HDB & private properties from 1986-1988.

Before that, CPF can only be used to buy cheap flats directly from HDB. And up till 1980, HDB based their flat pricing based purely on construction cost (didn't consider land price).

If PAP didn't change CPF to allow buying resale HDB and private properties, property prices in Singapore today will still be much affordable --- probably cheaper by 30%-50%.

Most other developed countries don't allow people to use their retirement money or pension money to buy properties --- they know their retirement will be MAJORLY FUCKED UP if they do so.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 4.17

Nowadays SPH not only losing Subscribers and have to merge and diversify their business still very stuck up with Regular subscribers.

Either you signed on with them on Credit Cards payments or with vendors that will deal with you in cash or otherwise.

I had a fraudulent charge to one of my CC and Bank advised to cancel it. Forgetting that SPH is also one of them in this card.

They send me a message that they unable to receive payment from the cancelled card.

So I gave them another card number to charge to my Subscription.

They send me a form to authorise and send to Bank for approval.I thought they can straightaway charge to new card as it is the same bank as approved for my old subscription.

I told them each time I signed, most times signature is irregular and very troublesome.Can invoice me monthly and I pay by interbank payment.

They said No, either by CC or go thru vendors.

Fed up as been subscribing for decades. Also plus E-Paper news.

So, no choice now vendors. Minus E-Paper News. They so stuck up cannot even invoice you with so many staff.

Yes, I really pitied those Vendors just earning a living and early mornings had to deliver before even Sunrise.

And Many many Chow Kar not so much monies just less than even $30.00 without E-Paper also Siam and Siam. Even more monies still have pay what. They also have to pay SPH.

My immediate neighbour wah even tortured the poor guy to make two or three trips b4 he pay.At one time even disputed that he already paid for that month.Asking the guy to show proof that he did not pay.

Wah lan, just Less than $30.00 plus delivery fee also wants to cheat.

Someore supposed to be Electrouted People staying at 800K 5-roomed resale flats. Gianpng indeed.

So many times, I saw the vendor sitting downstairs waiting for them to come home.Poor guy.Morning woke up at 3 to 4 and at night at 10 still up collect payment from these chow kars.

I made it a point end of last month first payment to meet his boss sorting the papers near my block to pay him.

I wanted to care of to delivery man but he refused as not allowed to collect cash.

Those so called Rich bastards and bitches are the worst kind of creatures.

See how they bashed their maids.

Need to cane and jail them.


Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 5.03

I was between 8 to 10 years of age when the Big BHS's fires come to live with my first horror experiences.

At that time, I was at my GrandAunt's Boon Tiong Road old SITC 4 storey flat.

Bukit Ho Swee is just actoss the road between Kian Tian and now the TB Plaza.

All the squatter zinc and attap huts were all in flames.

At that time, that place is notorious for their gangsters as well as the Cheng Hoo Lans black hats.

Rumours with some eye witnesses saw one or two guys went into one of the huts at that time with kerosene cooking stoves and pots on cooking something and they went in and kicked them down.

These are their paid informers that are use for this Inferno.

They wanted to resettle them the easy way.

Think British Laws at that time if squatters were to stay for a certain years they have a right to own the land or ask for compensations.

So only devils who are involved knew about this and must have already brought the Secrets to their graves.

Now maybe still serving sentences in HELL.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

I believe the 1961 Hari Raya fires at BK Ho Swee were "black ops" conducted by the PAP on a bunch of stinky squatters so that they could free the area up for "nation-building".

To make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. Pragmatism was part of the PAP's playbook from the very beginning. Still, as a nation, we've done better than "ok".

I was only about 5-6 years old then. But I remember how shitty Singapore was, and now we're fucking spectacular. So maybe the
willfull burning to the ground of this shit bucket was necessary, at the time. After that, HDB activity "exploded".

Progress lah.

Anonymous said...

virgo I need to disappoint you lar and other sour grapes here. Not only I live in landed fully paid, I also own several properties collecting rent plus big fat bank accounts. After retirement nothing exciting to do except visit this blog to look for people like you to sodomize Lor hopefully together with the three brothers as I don't like to pay like Matilar 😀

Virgo49 said...

Hello Anon 7.00

Don't how lian lah.

Frankly All those who collected rents on their cannot afford properties are gian png.

Just to subsidise their up to their necks choking mortgages.

I no need rent my properties.That true Colours.


Anonymous said...

PAP fucked the CPF when they allowed people to use CPF to buy resale HDB & private properties from 1986-1988.

Before that, CPF can only be used to buy cheap flats directly from HDB. And up till 1980, HDB based their flat pricing based purely on construction cost (didn't consider land price).

If PAP didn't change CPF to allow buying resale HDB and private properties, property prices in Singapore today will still be much affordable --- probably cheaper by 30%-50%. 5:03pm

You miss the point altogether. It is not buying HDB flats or resale flats. The problem started when some assholes said there were too much money in the CPF. So they decided to price the HDB flats according to affordability ie according to how much you have in your CPF. And there go your CPF savings and the problems facing many retirees with CPF saving not enough for retirement today.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:58pm

///You miss the point altogether. It is not buying HDB flats or resale flats. The problem started when some assholes said there were too much money in the CPF. So they decided to price the HDB flats according to affordability ie according to how much you have in your CPF. And there go your CPF savings and the problems facing many retirees with CPF saving not enough for retirement today.///


If they did that, then HDB prices will become same or even higher than condos. Will you want to use up all your CPF to buy a new HDB that is the same price as a condo? Maybe 1 or 2 will, but 1 million others not so stupid.

REMEMBER --- the fantastic rise of bungalow & condo prices in the late 1980s to today is caused by allowing CPF to be used.

IF PAP didn't change CPF rules, and CPF still cannot be used to buy private property or resale HDB, then the price increase of condos & bungalows will be very slow & steady --- like in the 1960s and 1970s.

This will help ordinary people, but is no good to business men, banks & property developers becoz they cannot earn big profits.

Virgo49 said...

Part One

Right Anon 12.40

You are Right On! These Vultures had frequent reports of how much the CPF's Dafts had in all their accounts.

So, wah, plenty, chia bay leow! By the way, each cohort year by year reaching 55 gonna make withdrawals soon. Can be a run on us as we are tied up with all their funds in Overseas/Local and Short and Long Terms Investments.

So, hello, better think of ideas how to make sure we can keep the funds in our hands or in our lands.

Bright sparks scholars with the then MND Ministers hatched their brillant plans. HDB Owners can USE their CPF's Funds to purchase Private Properties!!!

Wah, All the Sinkies were Elated!!! My God now can upgrade and beat the next door Bengs and my kins and relatives and friends.

Every CNY, as usual Chinese Kapoh, how your business, how your jobs, professions? Where now you stay? Your children have not married? Aiyo Why like That?? As though these are SINS.
Another year, they did not ask about married children anymore, because they had too many problems with their sons or daughters or father or mother-in-laws. Some even DIVORCED lest than a year of marriage.

Har? Wah now you stay Sixth Avenue? St Thomas Walk? Orchard? Green with Envy. Go home had big quarrels with spouse.

You useless lah, people have Condoms, Bungalows and you still stay HDB? Cheng Hoo Choo?

Lau Kueo, you know? So the Paranoia Box is opened and every Sinkies start rushing in and one up man ships.

See who is more capable. The Papies cronies, that is the Developers rubbing their hands with glee.

Same time also must chok chok a bit and announce that Singapore Properties will NEVER go down. No worries, Only Matland.

So, this is the Tsunami and Earthquake that took over Sinkieland.

Now after so many years and the poor Sinkies all dry dry with the Developers pockets Full Full, they said cannot withdraw at 55 and postphoned and have CPF Minimum Sums as we do not want you to be burdens to us. Also keep for Medisave and pay for your medicine and also lastly your own coffins.

Now New HDB Flat owners cannot buy private properties and even CANNOT have any Private Properties. Even Overseas, also cannot, means cannot. So, my dumb dumb PreWar house kaki now go and applied 2 roomed flexi flat as he bachelor go and declared that in Melaka, he is
one of the joint-tenant(owner)-in-commons of an apartment and condom.

HDB Girl got a shock, aiyo, when you tell me. You make me very busy you know. I have to let you have a dozen forms to declare and also sompah. Or Peh Som. Also, I tell you huh, you must sell or withdraw your name from your Matland Apartment and Condom six months after you have our keys, or else we repossed your flat and we chong kong all your monies. No mercy!
Understand or Not???

Contd: Part 2

Virgo49 said...

Contd: Part 2

Next Scheme. Hello HDB Arty kats. Liu Tha Kuer. You Big Brother. Use your brains, use your brains like shouted by Phua Choo Kang.

Ok, now we conned the Dafts. We make the HDB designs better than the old ham kar chan lego blocks stale pigeon holes. We make them like Condos styles but also cannot beat the Private Developers, our Good Friends, Ahem Private Condom Styles.

Bay windows till roofs- wah like Condo designs but NO Balconies please. If built like Condos got balconies like even Matland Apartments and even those Public Poor Men Apartments, then our Developers friends will scold us for the HDB upgraders would want to buy our HDB better designed flats than their Condoms. Understand??

So, you see New Punggol HDB Pigeon Holes, which block got balconies?? Cannot, only Bay Windows. Look Nice only. Matland cheap cheap apartments even had balconies.

HDB Can do it but they don't want to. Same time also must conned the Dafts, hello new design you know so must pay PREMIUM Price. Fair what? But actually whats designs the Construction costs is about the same lah.

Also, must pay premium for land cost! Now we have SLA- Singapore Land Authority. HDB/MND must pay land costs to SLA so you also have to pay to us. These State Land are Assets to the State and Treasury.

Also, you know your flats near LRT/MRT, Central, Turban, oops sorry Urban, Suburban, etc all different prices you know. Convenience to you, you know, you suckers!

Also, high floors better view, so you choose high floors, you have to pay more. Simple Logic, Yes or No? No, you get out!

In between their meetings, all laughing with glee. We made Fools of them and they are too daft to understand.We all smarter and more shrewd than last time the old Ministers like GKS, LKS etc who had hearts for them.

Stupid of them, don't know how to make monies and retain monies out of them for our million $$$$$$$$ salaries and also the cheap funds for us to roll and build these flats for them on their monies and same time still charge them all sorts of nonsense for the monies.

Wah, piang, we made billions and tell them we subsidize them trillions. Every year lose monies you know.

Last time, GKS,LKS sold them the flats, everywhere, what floors all SAME price. So stupid of them. Don't know how to con them. No wonder LKS NO take home pays and GKS just few thousands a month.

How to have Mercedes for Grace Disgraceful to drive there in one piece but DON'T know how to park! By God, know how to drive but don't know how to park! How she passed ha??

So this is the Scenario of what's happened to our History of HDB Pigeon Holes Stories.


Anonymous said...


You dunno harr?? --- about 20% of newer HDB flats now got balconies --- real balconies sticking out of the living room, exposed to sun & rain ... not like last time fake balcony part of living room with main door.

Many of these new balcony HDB in Punggol --- but small lar, wanna put chair in balcony also difficult, kindergarten chair maybe can ... want to make love on the balcony also dangerous, scarli fly down ... only Josie can lah.

WAAHH, your prewar kaki damn stupid haaarr!

You know how many ahneh-nehs & cheena-nas PRs all got bungalows back in their home countries, but sompah don't have & buy resale HDB?!?!?!

Buy resale HDB also must sell away all your other private properties, whether in SG or overseas.

If private property in S'pore they will know larr --- cannot bluff. But overseas?!? U don't say they also pak bodoh lah.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 4.47

You are absolutely right !

Matland would not give info to HDB even the FIC -Foreign Investments Council or Committee have the details.

You think Matland so free. If free also they won't disclose as they also want Sinkies to buy their Properties

This Kayu Friend of mine is a typical Kiasi, kiaso and Kia cheng hu Sinkies.

They want to penalise Foreigners but instead Sinkies dafts kena.

We scolded him like hell as he had put all our names and particulars in his somp par forms to the Registrar.

Luckily this regulation does not affect us as we brought our flats 40 years ago and waiting for LowLan Wong to SERs our blocks.