Wildlife executed for savage robbery

Micheal Garing, a 30-year-old Malaysian, was executed at Changi Prison on Friday (Mar 22)....the Judges of Appeal saying then that the "sheer brutality" exhibited by Micheal, who had attacked Mr Dillidurai in a "totally savage and merciless manner", warranted the death penalty....

In May 29, 2010, Micheal and three other friends - Tony Imba, Hairee Landa and Donny Meluda - had set out from a friend’s house with a plan to commit robbery. Micheal had armed himself with a 58cm parang.

Mr Dillidurai was cycling on the footpath along Kallang Road when he was attacked by the group. Tony knocked Mr Dillidurai off his bicycle and Micheal slit Mr Dillidurai’s throat and cut off his left hand.

The victim, whose wallet was taken by the attackers, also suffered a skull fracture and deep wounds on his back and left forearm.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/kallang-slashings-malaysian-micheal-garing-2010-murder-executed-11370142

How many of these sweet wildlife are still among us and waiting to display their primitive savage instinct? There was no need for butchering the victims in a robbery. The wildlife was not thinking of robbery but wanton killing of the innocents on the roads. They showed contempt and total disrespect for the law and brutally attacked their victims, not just to rob a few dollars, but to kill and hurt like savages. How could we sleep in peace with so many wildlife in the country, in our neighbourhood?

How many daft Singaporeans out there are still in love with the unknown wildlife in their midst? Singaporeans' stupidity has no cure. The savages are inhuman.

In the above case the court commented that under Singapore's law, all foreigners and Singaporeans would be treated equally. I don't agree. Look at the case of the rioters at Silat Road as reported in Channel News Asia.

' Yadwinder pleaded guilty after a five-day trial to rioting with a deadly weapon, failing to present travel documents upon departure and extortion with common intention.

Two months before the riot, he and four others extorted S$200 from a 21-year-old Indian national. They threatened to report her to the Housing and Development Board (HDB) for supposedly having more than the legal number of tenants in her flat....

According to a list prepared by Deputy Public Prosecutor Jason Chua, Yadwinder had been committing crimes repeatedly since 2015, three years after arriving in Singapore to work in construction.'

Such unrepentant wildlife that committed repetitive crimes in Singapore should be deported long ago to prevent them from disturbing the peace and threatening the lives of Singaporeans.


Anonymous said...

Rb//How could we sleep in peace ...?//

Too liTtLe tOo lAtE le

"mAtiLa siNgApUrA" - the internet moniker since early 2000s of a resident in msn

He publicly mentioned countless times he has a second home , no first home and many other second home, third home properties in aussieland which he rented out...

Sin city is NOT even a home to him but a ROCKING HOTEL.


Judge one by his action and not his mere words.

Action speaks volume of one's mind?

Words are to conceal one's inner thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Parliament will have “a proper debate” on issues like hate speech, race and religion next month, said K Shanmugam on March 19 at the 15th Religious Rehabilitation Group retreat.

What Mr Shanmugam said indicates that he is well aware that the Parliament has never (or seldom) had a PROPER debate.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 910

Yes, yes yes...Singapore is a rocking hotel. If you still consider Singapore you "home", good for you lah. As far as I'm concerned the PAP "kapored" the entire cuntry already. Not that that is a "bad" thing...at least they made it awesome and encouraged "rock-titude"...and so here we are. Happy and wealthy...which I believe are CHOICES one has to make.

>> Judge one by his action and not his mere words. <<

10000000...000% agree. Any cunt can open his mouth and talk shit. That is cheap. Action requires exposure to risk: you could lose, which is the #1 thing in people's minds which keep them from action.

Even after millions of words have been written, across the decades, to fuck the PAP and bash up Lee Kuan Yew...none of these "ex-spurts" have even paid attention to what the PAP stands for. The "A" in the acronym is ACTION. You may dislike or like, agree or disagree with LKY and his PAP, but you cannot FACTUALLY disprove that they are not people of ACTION. They don't give a fucking shit about naysayers --- they just take ACTION, and you can go get fucked if you don't like it.

Unfortunately, they talk a lot of cock too...that is the part which annoys me. Nah, I don't want to know lah, just take the fucking action and shut the fuck up. 😝

>> Action speaks volume of one's mind? <<


>> Words are to conceal one's inner thoughts? <<

Or...words are used to EXPRESS one's inner thoughts. You be the judge lah. Every circumstance is different.

Murderous Wildlife. Yes, we in Australia and New Zealand know about this. Last week an Aussie "wildlife" went and decreased the Muslim population of New Zealand by 50 people, and to prove he is a person of ACTION, delivered live "proof" of his convictions. Prior to the attack, he expressed his innermost thoughts in a 70+ page manifesto.

He backed up his words, with action. 🀑

The wildlife they just executed received his comeuppance. He already had a criminal record for violence. And Singapore's gallows did the world a favour by removing his genes from the gene pool, and his propensity to harm from the general population. I will ALWAYS support the death penalty for murder. Good riddance motherfucker...I'd pulled the lever on the gallows myself, and so would many other like-minded people.

Malaysia was pleading for the life of this scum. Hah. No one gave a shit about the way the BUTCHERED his hapless victim. Fuck it. He deserved to die. Go have a beer to celebrate lah. I will. 🍻Cheers, justice has been served!

Anonymous said...

@ MATILAH SINGAPURA 9.46am, 24Mar2019 >>>...As far as I'm concerned the PAP "kapored" the entire cuntry already....<<<

@MATILAH SINJIAPOLAH 9.46am, 24Mar2019 >>>>>.....They don't give a fucking shit about naysayers --- they just take ACTION, and you can go get fucked if you don't like it......<<<<<

HA HA HA HA HA .....


YEW are a political animal and genius indeed. No one could have said it better?

The kaput of the NOL fiasco say it all?

ACTION, "KAPORED" ... etc all the elements YEW mentioned are encapsulated in what happened?

Despite all the naysayers, indeed they took ACTION and "won" on the basis >>> "They don't give a fucking shit about naysayers --- they just take ACTION, and you can go get fucked if you don't like it"<<<< . .

Look what happened to NOL in the end?

Need to repeat the NOL fiasco story here in msn again but which WILL not sound like a broken record cos serving as a reminder as a classic case study in MBA courses of how NOT to break up and run a profitable ginormous outfit with massive overwhelming comparative advantage to the ground?

Next, ACTION ACTION action?


Dont give a damn to naysayers?


"...kapored the entire country... "?


What happened to the fella who bankrupted and sold off the old guards painstakingly built sea-based crown jewel aka NOL?

He was elevated to the post of CEO of another bigger GLC with absolute monopoly in predominantly domestic market business only?

No need to compete in the "real world" in the cut throat shipping industries with foreign competition?

Ownself "compete" against ownself as proudly pronounced by the Extra Senile Man (ESM) in 2015?

Maciam sparing with own shadows?

Did Mike Tyson do that to become many times undisputed world champion?

Action indeed?


Dun care what and give a damn to naysayers ?

Just took "ACTION" and ran NOL into the ground, into the sea, capsized, sank to the bottom of the seabed and sold to foreign firm for $1 and rescued by them by making NOL great again turning it around with a profit almost immediately?

Whatever old man published in Hardtruth no use de?

The action of running NOL into the ground thunders LOUDEST and speaks VOLUME?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 9.41

Shame having a debate and bill in Parliament about hate speeches etc.

Posted what's you want whilst you still can as they will paased into laws to clamp down all social media bloggers soon.

Very soon.


Anonymous said...

We should respect the 69.9%'s vote for more wildlife in Singapore. Period.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1046

Eh, please lah I never said that if you take action you are 100% guaranteed success. Definitely, sometimes you will lose. Anyway, dun pray pray with NOL. GCT cut his teeth there and today he is Emeritus OK? Temasek loses money, but in the end they've grown their (private equity) business and are a feared and respected SWF in the "Biggest Game In Global Finance" --- the rise of the mighty SWF. (dun believe me? Ask Jho Low lah πŸ˜‚)

If not for the folks running NOL into the jamban, there won't be "opportunity" for those folks who love "distressed companies". Buy super-duper cheap, make shit tonnes of money. Air Asia was started as a $1 purchase of a bankrupt national airline. Capitalism is a FUN game lah. It is the most fun game of all. If you're not playing it, you're missing out.

Capitalism is an ACTION game. Sometimes you have to be patient, but when the time comes to strike --- you better have your One Dollar ready to pickup a BARGAIN. As a greedy exploiter of other people's failure and stupidity, or just old-fashioned bad luck, you have to be a person of ACTION, otherwise, you can fuck spider lah.

Crony Capitalism is even better. Because you have the govt as a highly resourced and ACTION-oriented partner. If "total conquest" and "global domination" is your thing, then I highly recommend Crony Capitalism. It is the best, damn hard to lose one. πŸ€ͺ

BTW the ex CEO of NOL is now the big swinging dick at SPH. I call such people "Temasek Generals". Our cuntry is run by Temasek Generals...very good deal. When they fail, they get promotion. πŸ™ƒπŸ˜œ

Govt Clamp down on shit-speak: Yup, we can rest assured the sg.gov is working very hard to keep us all safe, and so they are going to make a few examples out of a few unlucky people for "fake news" and "hate speech" or whatever bullshit they can conjure up which in their view "disrupts and threatens the harmony" of society. (I don't even know what the fuck that means. To me it is just "political word salad" --- shit the government makes up, and gullible people just believe). Anyway, everyone take care lah. This govt is full of ACTION motherfuckers --- for real type...not like most of you jo-standard fuckers lah..."action borak" type. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ€ͺ

Anonymous said...

Talk cock so much for fucks, Matilah! You are paid by the per letter, not per word, not per comment, is it? The more you talk the more you contradict yourself. So your credibility has gone to zero, just like 99-year lease hdb flatted flat

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

BTW the ex CEO of NOL is now the big swinging dick at SPH. I call such people "Temasek Generals". Our cuntry is run by Temasek Generals...very good deal. When they fail, they get promotion. πŸ™ƒπŸ˜œ

New rank for Singapore Generals. For a moment I thought Matilah was saying Tahbalek Generals : )

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 231:

>> So your credibility has gone to zero <<

Your maths very lousy lah. My credibility was zero when I started posting here. As you might be aware, I write for my own shiok sendiri sense of selfish pleasure. And I already said many many times, I don't "prove" anything", I just gasak buta.

I am but a humble beach bum with PSLE qualifications, and a very dirty mind and a vulgar mouth. πŸ€ͺ

In that case, according to you assessment, my credibility should be expressed by a negative number. But since your maths sucks, there's not much I can, or want to do about that. 🀑

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> For a moment I thought Matilah was saying Tahbalek Generals <<

Uncle, oso can lah. Lose money, get a promotion is the same as lose battle get a promotion, plus increase salary, plus "national award" for kwa si mi lanjiau.

This type of deal, where to find lah? Only in Singapore lah. A-Number One awesome cuntry rocking to a symphony of Crony Capitalism, supported over and over, GE after GE, by a citizen's majority, and an overwhelming one at that.

So stand at attention, put your hand on your heart, pull out the biggest SGD note you have on your wallet and kiss it, and give thanks to the Almighty God Lee Kuan Yew. πŸ€“

Anonymous said...

Like Madgilah, I downed a couple of beers after finally seeing that scumbag hung at the gallows till he breath his last. This piece of shit don't deserve to live. Some wily politicians for personal gain said some comfy words knowing that it was futile. I am unsure whether executions in the past was truly warranted or not but in this case, it's a thousand times Yes! In fact, all those animals that committed this crime should join him in the netherworld but for a technicality. If it were for me to judge, all of them should perish because there was common purpose to perpetuate a heinous crime.

We should never ever be soft on those who invade our shores to steal our jobs or brutalize our citizens or those of our other guests. That SOB who caused violence and mayhem and upset our peaceful and tranquil life should never have been just given a slap on the wrists. He should be jailed for life without parole and given the maximum 24 strokes of the rotan to remind him where he committed his crime.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Just a theory:

@ Where's Zero-Eight when you need them?

The Brits and later the PAP in a big push, wiped out secret societies and gangs like Zero Eight, Three Six Nine and Two Four.

Those youngsters have no clue of “exciting” Singapore was back in the old days. Many young Orchard Road Anime kids won’t even know what “bearing scrapers”or “acid bulbs” are which along with parangs and choppers were favourite “tools” of the good old, bad gangs of early Singapore.

These guys would have their clashes, collect protection money, but they also would wallop foreigners who “kwai lan”. How many mat salehs have been beaten up in Chong Pang, Nee Soon and Changi Village because the yaya too much and bully the locals.

If we had our gangs and secret societies reigning mayhem terror upon miscreant and violent foreigners, I believe we might have less bad behaviour from “guests” who think they can come over and fuck with us.

Just a thought...

Anonymous said...

ln the 50s and 60s, Sin was in the Hand of the British.
Taxi driver, bar operator and other night-life operators and those in the Vice Trades would be happiest when angmochun/British Soldiers arriving in Sin for rest and creation.
Those soldiers were mostly generous with tips for all who served and serviced them.
Many however tended to get rough when intoxicated.
as posted by Matilah Singapura, the Locals at those time did make the offender pay for their aggressions without help from Lawman.
Many laymen served justice by themselves. That was how the Locals defended and protected themselves.
booksmart Sinkies depend on the Authority but often ended up at the losing end either with offender getting a slap on the wrist, case thrown out or worst, complainant got warning or even penalized by counter claim.
Virgo, Matilah Singapura and Patriot could have been street justice in those years from the ways they spoke about the Past.