Singapore Open 2019 - Athletics at the National Stadium

These are some of the pics taken at the Singapore Open on 29 Mar, the final day of this International Meet with competitors from Japan, South Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan and our neighbouring Asean countries. The schools sent in their supporters en mass to cheer their school representatives competing among the men and women in the various events. The school supporters and their parents contributed to an otherwise empty stadium and boosted the spirit of the game.

The organisers of such events need to create more publicity and find ways and means to bring in the crowds to keep the events alive and favourably received. It needs great effort, coordination and support from all the agencies and organisations to make such events successful.

The next big event would be the Singapore Masters Open cum the inaugural South East Asia Masters Meet in 3-5 May at Bishan Stadium and Home of the Athletes. Would there be supporters and crowd to cheer the seniors competing in the fields? Would there be publicity given to the event to inform the public and supporters to turn up and liven up the spirit of the game?

The main media could do a lot to lend a helping hand in such promotions and publicity.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Japan 86 ! ooh lala !

jjgg said...

Good Sunday morning RB .. If the stadium is packed then I worry..easy to get packed stadiums n funerals.. not so easy to get people to volunteer themselves to such events.. the school kids there by choice?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous March 31, 2019 8:55 am
>>>Wow! Japan 86 ! ooh lala !<<<

Asshole Soto Mi Addict Matilda: "HK 401 (blue vest)! Oo la-la! !!"



Anonymous said...

If free holiday to sinkieland most of those kids don't mind lah. I bet many of those NE Asian kids also help to clean up the stadium end of each day.

As for masters event don't think many will go lah. No hot chicks to oggle n masturbate to. Maybe they will send old folks homes en mass to support. Just provide plenty of diapers & abalone porridge.

Anonymous said...

Make $$$$$$ more important lah. Sports only for gamblers in other countries. Sinkies got other outlets for gambling already. So very few gamble on sports in Sinkieland. If want to get big crowds in sports, must introduce gambling lah. Only $$$$$$ makes the world go round and round lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> The main media could do a lot to lend a helping hand in such promotions and publicity. <<

Aiyah, uncle. I already told you lah...you need to hire a kick-arse millennial ex-spurt in SOCIAL MEDIA, or get some of the grandkids to do it.

I looked at your webpage, Facebook...sorry to say, terok terbokok lah. If you want MSM "support", do the social media thing, and the MSM will pick it up, boosting your event and profile even more. Social media requires content. Still shots, while good in themselves are not as exciting as video. This is an ACTION sport. You also need interviews --- origin stories...how they started, how the overcame obstacles, that sort of thing. You need to ramp up the content especially on Instagram and Youtube. These are the things people look at when they commute on trains and buses --- ie.a HUGE audience. Many of these people are aunties and uncles.

MSM won't pick anything up unless it is "value" to them. They are assholes in it for the money. Well planned and executed social media stratergy is almost guranteed to work, but you have to offer "value" and quality. These days everyone has good digital video cameras, editing software...you don't need your expensive digital cam to shoot a decent video (although it can't hurt), a good phone like iPhone or Huawei or whatever are more than good enough. If the MSM "perks up", there is a good chance they will do a piece on your meet, with professionally written script, video shoots and editing to put up on their website. That would boost your profile greatly and get the public to take notice (which I think is the idea)

Good luck

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

BTW if you get lots of hits on your Instagram and YouTube, you'll be paid some coin. That's a good little "side-earner" for your club.

Anonymous said...

If u have young girls as cheer leaders sure got crowd one lor😀

Anonymous said...

But not too young else only pedos will turn up.

Potential sexy cheerleaders

Anonymous said...

321 even better. But 2.37 pm u pedos Menzies? If so better ask Matilar yo sodomize u😀

Anonymous said...

Seldom go out.sun too hot.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous March 30, 2019 10:47 pm

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Yew all say tiok bo?

Correct or not?

If not how did Matilda know abt the various type of food IMH canteen sell on which day?

Quite sure Matilda is NOT a staff in IMH given his condition and that he already admitted many times that he spent a lot of time on Aussieland beaches bumping old ANG MOH (RED pubic hair) lao kuay boo? Thus Maltida cannot be working in IMH?

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Make sense?

So the talk IN TOWN (or at least in MSN? ) all these years that Maltida was "an escapee of IMH wasn't too far from the truth"?

The sudden revelation by Maltida himself about IMH canteen food was just a careless Freudian Slip that gave himself away?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous April 01, 2019 4:40 am
///3.12am, the way u attacked Matilar, he must have pissed u off in someway. If he is a mental patient and given I heard his interest for incest etc, u be careful cause in his unstable mind, he may sodomized u///


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Anonymous said...


How is the appt this morning? Doc got give med or change new ones?

Btw, Monday the canteen got any special offer like $1.50 chicken rice or $2.30 chap Cheng png .. Oops chap cai png?