A Singaporean genius in our midst

Brochez was just an unfortunate scapegoat among the millions that have come to our shore to test their intelligence against the daft Singaporeans and was caught. With every Brochez there are hundreds of thousands out there that are still happily employed by the daft to work here and be paid handsomely to do jobs they are not qualified to do. But never mind, in Singapore’s new culture encouraged by the top leaders, no need qualifications, can do the job would be good enough to be employed. Fakes, fake certificates, well, not really an issue as long as you are clever enough to fake it real good. Even if you are caught, they would find excuses to excuse you for cheating.

Singapore knows that this is the Achilles Heel but is willing to live with it. If not they would have taken serious measures to stop the big gap, like the gap between two outstretched legs. This is the new normal in Singapore, all foreigners that claimed themselves to be talented and can cheat, and lie and fake would be welcomed with open arms with good jobs to replace the daft Singaporeans aka PMETs. Cheating with fake certificates and credentials are par on course for foreigners here.

The geniuses, aka the cheats and fakes, used to be foreigners. Today we have a Singaporean, yes a Singaporean that had got away with engineering jobs in 38 firms with forged engineering certificates when his highest standard passed is PSLE. If this is not a genius, what else is? And think of all the daft armed with degrees from world best universities could be conned by a PSLE graduate cum laude, is something that Singapore can crow about and be proud of. Obviously this Singaporean genius passed with flying colours during the numerous interviews with our highly qualified engineers, proving that he was indeed a civil engineer with wide experience for the jobs. Oh, I nearly forget, he claimed to have a certificate for First Class Civil Engineering from NUS! I think it is this certificate, first class and from NUS that must have really impressed the interviewers.

Now that he is caught and charged, all he got was 2 years 11 months jail. Maybe the heavy jail sentence was because he is a Singaporean. What message would the 2 years 11 months be sending out? This must be most encouraging news for the fakes and cheats of the world to come here to try their luck to outwit the daft Singaporeans. Cheating, faking certificates or forging certificates are not serious crimes. And the trade off for this little risk are free food and lodging and free medical care in the biggest landed property in Changi instead of good jobs that could pay $9,000 pm. This is what this genius Chin Ming Lik was paid by some of the 38 companies he worked in.

This guy is so brilliant, must respect him for impressing the daft and highly qualified graduates and employers. His name must be engraved in the Hall of Fame of the Cheats, Fakes and Liars. Going forward he should apply for engineering jobs but declared that he has no qualification but can do the job of civil engineers. And with his record of working in 38 companies, that would be enough proof that without an engineering degree he is just as good as any engineer. Get it?


Anonymous said...

Probably the he get thru it by the interviewer that never questions his abilities & capabilities & credentials, that's it, the weakness of Sinkied kiasi Kiasu syndrome. The HR could hv set up some kind of a test to filter these fakes. Anyway that guy must be a brilliant cheater, his English must hv improve a lot,maybe the interviewer should ask more related engineering questions on how his study are. He can get thru the small firms maybe not the big mnc ones.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB,

Well he is definitely an engineer, but he’s just not an academically qualified engineer.

As far as being a con-artist, he is impressive, without doubt.

People should get onto their streaming provider and watch Catch Me If You Can. Better yet, red the book.

The movie is the dramatisation of the life and career of Frank Abagnale Jr., a talented con artist who faked his way as a pilot, surgeon, lawyer among his many other exploits, mostly involving cheque fraud. He now works for the FBI and as a security consultant.

There are always going to be people who game the system and get to their objectives by fraud, deception and many other methods of cheating. You are never going to STOP them from trying, so the only other option is to DISCOVER their fraud --- BEFORE they commit it.

Eventually most of these con artists are discovered...after the fact, because someone CHECKED UP on them. The point is to do the checking BEFOREHAND. (duh...how hard is this?)

If one local fraud has been caught, could there be others out there whose scams have not yet been uncovered? Hmmm….

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Eventually most of these con artists are discovered...after the fact, because someone CHECKED UP on them. The point is to do the checking BEFOREHAND. (duh...how hard is this?) Matilah said.

Me said, where are you from? Have you been to Singapore? You know how many foreigners are here with their certificates unchecked or casually checked and still happily employed with the govt admitting that it is too difficult to check.

So looks like it is ok not to check and accept the cheats as they are. If anyone is caught, that would be a bonus. Of hand I would say at least 50% of he foreigners are here were fake certificates and all kinds of lies in their resumes.

Most of these con artists are caught? Want to check into IMH?

Virgo49 said...

Wah Piang, the HRs and Recruiting Officers must be RED-faced with employing this Smarter than Havard U guy.

MOM should publicise the Companies and their Managers give talks of how they kena conned so that others may learnt thsir lessions.
Also. Have all the Silly Serpents attend this Course under Kills Upgrading WSA as subsidised by the CPF's /MOM Ministries.

You are employing a Professional Engingeer not a clerk with nitty gritty backroom chopping and stamps letters for despatch work.

Surely. At one time or another in meeting you are required to give your professional talks and so be on assignsments or projects that required Real Engineering Skills.

How can he bluff his way through?
Amazing, favourite word of DT.

Anyway, this guy is smart that he always Quit before been discovered.

Thanks to the MOM sanctioned norm of both parties just giving 24 hours or pay in lieu of Service.
Without any compensations for any serivce or benefits )

Worked three months at $9500.00 x 2 then give back 1 mth still conned one month. Not bad.

This is his RUSE.

Anonymous said...

This fake talent with fake qualifications only got caught because he used "fake Singaporean qualifications."
- fake Singaporean qualifications are easy to check in Singapore.

If he had been smarter, he should have used "fake foreign qualifications".
- if a Polytechnic can be fooled for 10 years by "fake foreign qualifications" ... who else cannot be fooled ... you tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans like to be fooled esp by third world con artists. And they are so proud of it and wanting more. Come all foreign con artists, Singapore needs your talents to con them. Singapore is not complaining and is not going to do anything about it.

How to when there is CECA to welcome all to Singapore, no need to check?

How stupid can Singapore be or wanted to be?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Firstly, the fact that foreigners come to Singapore to work is nothing new.

Secondly, secure "hack-resistant" checking is also nothing new. Thousands of foreigners are checked at the borders every hour of every day.

Despite all measures taken, you will occasionally get a few who manage to "beat the system". Even if you lock the borders down and not allow any crossing, someone will find a way to beat whatever strict/ secure methods you can come up with. So you'll NEVER ACHIEVE a 100% fraud detection or "anti-game the system" success in any system. That is something to be accepted because let's face it...some people do get "lucky". For e.g.: Mat Selamat managed to fool his Gurkha guards and escape...with one gammy leg which definitely slowed him down; and yet he just got "lucky".

Systems fail usually because humans fail to follow systems. Everyone, including paid employees, will look for 'shortcuts". The human mind like to obtain "something for nothing" --- that's just human nature.

If the speed limit is 50kph, there will be people who will drive over the limit if they sense there's no law enforcement around. If you go to an all-you-can-eat buffet, people will pile on food, or they will hantam the prawns, scallops, steak...anything expensive because they paid a flat fee and will be acting to "get the money's worth.

Deception/ not telling the whole truth is also part of societal norms, i.e. "accepted behaviour". Women's (and now men's) cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar global industry. Women apply all manner of lotions and potions in order to present themselves are "more attractive" than how nature made them. Because of Asian social bigotry and hidden racism, white skin is more desirable. And so the cosmetic industry offers "skin lightening technology" so the swarthier women (and men) can bullshit the world by presenting themselves as "whiter" than their natural "chau tar" complexion.

We compliment each other on the attractiveness of our spouses or partners, on how "intelligent" each other's children are. If we take the time to look at the distribution, we know most people are "average" in everything: looks, intelligence, bodily proportions etc. Yet when we pay each other compliments, we somehow elevate each other's status to well above "average".

BULLSHIT IS THE GLUE WHICH BINDS SOCIETY TOGETHER. Some of it, we just accept as "harmless social lubricants", just to make life a little easier by getting along with each other. However, in different --- critical and more important contexts, you want the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth and accept no substitutes, alternatives or excuses.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

A well-known phenomenon in human relationships is the Principal-Agent Problem, which occurs in any type of contractual relationship.

Basically, it is this: An agent has contracted the principle to perform certain actions/ make certain decisions in the interest of the principle. However, the agent ends up acting in their self-interest instead of performing their contractual obligation to act in the interest of the principle.

Easiest example, backed up by shit-tonnes of evidence: Citizens (principals) vs Elected Politicians (agents). The Agents are required to act in the interests of The Principles and not pursue their own self interest at a cost to, or damage to The Principles.

E.g. 2: Shareholders (principals) vs Corporate management (agents). How many examples are out there where corporate management acts in their own self-interest without due regard of their contractual obligation to act in the interest of the shareholders?

E.g. 3: Boss (principal) vs employee (agent). Boss expects employees to work hard, employees OTOH can't wait for the opportunity to "tuang" and collect money for less work, or nothing. HR Boss (principal asshole) says to their underlings (agent assholes) Eh, bodoh, you fuckers better check the credentials and educational qualifications of all the applicants OK? You cheebyes better not "tidak apa" and tuang ok? . Then the boss himself goes to tuang and play golf with his kakis, and fails to check his irresponsible "don't fuck care" employees who hate his guts.

And so the fake degree holder gets waved through the gate. He's in!

Anonymous said...

Read the Tabla news : India has just make its first ever Robo Cop in Kerala, named it as KP-Bot( a female voice robotic inspector). Perhaps Ah Neh knew that they r lagging behind in AI and wanted to not missed that race with China and rest of the world. Their innovator want to add more advance features for future robo cop use , it's a first step to inch now, it's now or never, hooray to Moodiland.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Matilah, today you sounded like the empty vessels in Parliament, grasping on straws to defend undefendable positions.

The phenomenon of today's foreigners coming in to work in the millions is very different from what we had in the past. Many came from funny countries with funny qualifications and with cheating as a culture and fake degrees a normal. And added to these is the lack of a sound system to check and verify the fakes. And our stupidity have no cure asses just brushed this off as if it is something we have to live with. Period.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


HAHAHA... Actually I have no position to defend. I have an opinion built from observations, they'd all.

2 things I feel I must repeat:

1. I write for sheet individual SELFISH FUN. I'm of course using the Ayn Rand definition of "selfish", not the religious or Ethics definition.

2. I really don't give a shit who runs Singapore, or how they run it, whether they're dictators or saints, corrupt or morally pristine...and every possibly in-between the extremes.
As long as Singapore keeps rocking and steadily elevates it's "awesomeness", and I can make a few bucks to exist on this planet; not "flash", but content and reasonably comfortable, I'll remain my happy-camper, "local-tourist-at-his-Hotel" self.

Life is good. But occasionally it can suck. People are fascinating studies. And they almost always suck. 🤣

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I understood your position, no country, no loyalty, no children no need to care about what comes after you. This island can sink or be taken over by foreigners is ok cause you would be dead and gone.

For those who called this island home, that this is their country, not someone else, they have a stake to defend and protect. For those who have children and grandchildren, they want to make sure that they don't lose out in the future because of some silly actions today by unthinking, shortsighted and stupidity has no cure leaders.

Anonymous said...

The position (position in life, not status) and views of one who abide by laws, morals, ethics and human decency ruled by conscience, will definitely be quite different from the position and views of one who does not care about laws (except those that will put him behind bars), morals, ethics and basic human decency. Because the latter is not bothered by conscience; he is only interested in enjoying his own short span of time on this planet; he will even discard his own parents, wife and children in order to have some fun with other people's parents, wives and children. You can be sure such people are frequent visitors of places of drinking sessions, low repute and orgies of any kind. Most probably, he has no loyalty to anyone or any country, not even to himself, except to his own measure or measures of what fun constitues. He does not value his past nor care about his future. He only lives in the present. His present is not the same as that of spiritual meditators but is a series of worldly pursuits of gain and profit, pleasure and fun, fame and status, praise and acceptance.

Therefore, the twine does not meet.

Anonymous said...

Almost all the foreigners here holding good jobs with good pay come from third world countries and possess degrees, even if not fake, from unknown "universities" in little towns and villages in their countries. How to verify these credentials from these obscure institutions? Even if they are authentic are they of any use? My relative's maid has a degree in English from a university in Kerala but still needed to attend English classes run by a church to learn simple English. Someone who works in a bank which employs foreigners told me that if you want to employ foreigners you have to take them in on faith. An angmoh who used to work in the civil service as an Assistant Director said that it was very easy to get a job with very good pay in Singapore - all you need is to be very bold.

Anonymous said...

The news should focus on those who got cheated. They should expose the 38 companies that have been so gullible and lazy to do proper checks.if this one man of only PLSE qualified can cheat 38 companies, the problem is not with this one man. The problem is with the 38 companies! There is a system failure.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Recently a freind of mine got all worked up because of “problems” in Singapore. I told him:

What I cannot control, I don’t bother worrying about.

@ RB:

>> I understood your position, no country, no loyalty, no children no need to care about what comes after you. <<

No, you’ve entirely missed my point. I wouldn’t like to see Singapore go down the shitter, especially if I’m alive and still able to enjoy life to the max.

You entirely forgot my “caveat”, so I’ll repeat it: As long as Singapore continues to ROCK and it’s AWESOMENESS trends upwards…. If Singapore degenerates in to a turd floating at the bottom of a toilet waiting to be flushed, I would be shattered! I want Hotel Singapore to be what it is today and get better. If people can’t “get with the program” and instead think that their “entitlement mentality” is the standard we should all adopt so we can be “equally poor”, well, they have Hong Lim to go to to do their thing. 😆

You believe that you can actually change Singapore politically. I don’t. I think that politics stems from culture. I canot control culture nor politics...and if you read my lead, what I can’t control, I don’t bother with.

@ 1203:

Like I said, what I cannot control, I don’t bother with. I have no control on people’s MORALS, because I believe “morality” is a personal thing. It depends on the individual to assess what their morality is and how it applies in specific situations.

>> You can be sure such people are frequent visitors of places of drinking sessions, low repute and orgies of any kind. <<

I also enjoy museums, libraries, public lectures by smart people, rain forests, nature preserves and walking the dog.

>> Most probably, he has no loyalty to anyone or any country, not even to himself, except to his own measure or measures of what fun constitues. <<

Unlike you (oh how telling your lack of character is!) my loyalty is valuable. I don’t give it out willy-nilly. I have to earn the loyalty of others, and they have to earn my loyalty. For e.g.: someone like yourself will never earn my loyalty. In fact, I might go out of my way to fuck you up.😂

>> He does not value his past nor care about his future. <

Again, unlike you, the past is gone, and lessons learnt already (hopefully). If you need to refer to it, use Google. I don’t waste time on things I cannot change or control. Same applies to the future. I have a “preferred future” and try to apply effort to achieve it, but at the end of the day there are no guarantees and RANDOMNESS (aka “luck”) always has the FINAL WORD.

>> He only lives in the present. His present is not the same as that of spiritual meditators but is a series of worldly pursuits of gain and profit, pleasure and fun, fame and status, praise and acceptance. <<

Again unlike you, I understand this better. The spiritual dimension is no different from the material dimension in this case. If you engage in spiritual practice to “get something” then you are clinging with DESIRE and pursuing a goal, just like a materialist pursues their goal.

“Living in the present” begins and ends with not giving a damn on things you cannot control.

I’ve repeated that over and over.I trust you get the idea...or not. (I don’t care, because I cannot control your brain, and neither would I want to.It’s appears to be BROKEN 🤣 )