More instant trees needed in Singapore football

'But Singapore-based AFC Pro Diploma holders have, rather ironically, moved on to other Asean countries, probably because of a lack of home-grown appreciation, such as Micheal Wong (Technical Director, Laos), V. Sundramoorthy (Head Coach, Laos), P. N. Sivaji (Technical Director, Hantharwady United FC, Myanmar) and Robert Lim (previously, youth development in Thailand & Vietnam). Other prominent names out of town are AFC “A”-Licence holders Aidil Shahrin (Head Coach, Kedah, Malaysia) and Stephen Ng (Head, Youth Development, Brunei)...

Another former national coach, who declines to be named, says the “top-qualified coaches should be pushed to the S-League clubs which is the pinnacle of Singapore football”. He adds: “The answer is not always with foreign coaches as we’ve experimented with so many from Trevor Hartley, Micheal Walker, Burkhard Ziese, Jan Poulsen, Barry Whitbread, Raddy Avramovic, Bernd Stange, Slobodan Pavkovic and Michel Sablon”.

Jan Poulsen, the ex-Denmark coach who was with the Danes’ Euro 1992-winning team, says: “Basically I agree with Vincent Subramaniam. In order to get football to progress you must have a good infrastructure, good coaches, a good youth development structure (competitive leagues) and a common philosophy – the Singapore way...'

Oops, I think the above is from thenewpaper or Today.  Misplaced the source.

What is the Singapore way? More Singaporeans or more foreigners, more instant trees? By the look of it, the Singapore way is about replacing Singaporeans with foreigners. They are now looking for another national coach. Are they going to bring in another foreigner to do the same again? For so many years, have they not wasted enough money on the foreign myth, that a foreign coach could turn Ah Meng into a football star? Stupidity is about repeating the same mistake over and over again.

Very likely until today they still have no clue why the Singapore football is in the current state of affair, going no where. And they are desperately hoping that a foreigner could tell them what is wrong and how to turn half baked footballers into world beaters.

Bet you, another foreigner is likely to be on the way here to collect his big fat pay for another few years and Singapore football would be where it is from today until he left laughing to the bank.

The football fraternity are completely lost in coming out with a solution other than repeating the same old trick over and over again. In this case, perhaps you need to bring in a bunch of system engineers, completely clean heads, with no historical baggages, to take a fresh look at the problems and try something new. The same old heads and minds would not be able to see through the veil they covered themselves and no breakthrough is likely to come about.

Maybe a super talent politician could do the trick. It is possible to spend a few billions, like buying the F35s, to buy a complete international team to win football matches. Or at least it would awe the competition that we have the best money can buy.


Anonymous said...

Very likely until today they still have no clue why the Singapore football is in the current state of affair, going no where.

I think they have clue what is wrong but maybe football is not in their priority to make it right lah.

Just like helping daft & suffering Sinkies is not in their priority lah.

So let Singapore football go nowhere lah, let daft Sinkies suffer lah.

After all PAP still can win big in elections, correct or not?

Anonymous said...

Maybe a super talent politician could do the trick.

Their super talent as politician is to win election, and win big lah.

So that after that they can continue to draw super pay for themselves mah.

And for a politician, this is what really matters, correct or not?

So what talent and what trick you want? And for what? TCSS?

Anonymous said...


Don't talk about local Kampong Std football.

Talk about it I want to làugh.

Don't waste time lah!

Anonymous said...

Don't talk about local Kampong Std football.
10:13 am

True lah, it is Kampong Std football, that's why they are doing something about it mah.

But whether can get it better or not, it's another matter lah.

If can, then good lah. If cannot, doesn't matter lah.

After all, football is not a life and death matter for Sinkies, or can football make PAP lose elections, right?

Anonymous said...

I would suggest they send some of those MPs that have nothing better to do to be talent scouts like scouting for table tennis players, to neighbouring countries to talent hunt their young footballers. Some MPs are very good in this kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest they send some of those MPs that have nothing better to do to be talent scouts like scouting for table tennis players, to neighbouring countries to talent hunt their young footballers.
10:25 am

If they can, they would have already done and achieve it lah. But did they?

Not say got money sure can get one, u know. Only table tennis is an exception, because China got excess and good players which China do not want. That's why Singapore can get lah. Nothing to do with MPs being talent scouts.

Anonymous said...

Ago wake them up just ask Matilar to sodomize a few of those responsible then they will wake up Lor

Anonymous said...

Anon 1020am you are 108% correct lah!

CannOt pap pap will not lose GE laH.

Osowill not affect the 70% lah!

Lah lah lah.........

Anonymous said...

Forget about Singapore football. It is like flogging a dead horse. Years of talking about bringing in foreign coaches and players, or using local coaches to improve the game have done little to raise standards. Even bringing in Alex Ferguson, at his peak, will not do the job well.

It is all about the mentality of the players. Winning one game and the media heap their praises to high heaven. It gets to swell heads and by the next game they fell like a ton of bricks, even against lesser opponents in ASEAN. Look at the way the Vietnamese and Thais played. And the rest of ASEAN are passing us by, including Laos and Cambodia.

From goal 2010, when the jinx spoke, we have already started our downfall. That is not the only pronouncement that never materialised.

Let it go!

Anonymous said...

Same thing with foreign workers. Do they really care about productivity and quality of work done? Their main mission is to work here for a stretch, collect the good pay and off they go, collecting their CPF in full, which locals are even unable to do so.

So, foreign coaches come here for the same thing and the same reason. After their contract is up, off they go, collecting their ….. Would they care whether Singapore goes to the World Cup? They are even in better state than local coaches because they can easily go elsewhere, while local coaches only serve the S-league or minor league in ASEAN with the better ones maybe ASEAN state teams. That is all.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Unless you all have been sleepwalking for the last...oh, I don't know...few decades, you will have got the BIG IDEA already. And that ide is the VALUE of the SINGAPORE BRAND.

"Branding" is a technique where reputations and perceived values are created by savvy marketing types to boost the profile of their subject by influencing the minds of potential "customers" or the public in general. The goal is to get these ideas to propagate VIRALLY so that eventually it becomes common "knowledge". Yup, when people, in general, accept this brainwashing as "knowledge", you know you've been successful in establishing a BRAND.

But you cannot stop. You have to keep pumping away at branding...adding more and more "evidence" --- delivered with emotion and passion --- to maintain and increase the GOOD reputation of the brand.

And Singapore does this so damn well. For e.g.:

1 Singapore: The Impossible Story (by EDB)

2 Singapore – Where Passion is Made Possible (by Visit Singapore, STB)

If you consider the production values on these short marketing videos, you will agree the standard is world-class, Hollywood standard. And that means they spent lots of tax-payer dollars making them.

So yah, RB. It's the brand. If that requires the injection of foreign talent to keep building the strength of the brand... so be it.

Anything goes, as far as the Singapore government is concerned. There are no lines they won't cross, and they'll even make up some new "lines" of their own.

Anonymous said...

The Huge Elephant in the Singapore Sports Hall of Fame (or Shame, or Disgrace, or Fraud) is that Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are having Singaporeans as their coaches, while the Singapore Team that lost to them are being coached by very expensive foreign coach.

What does that tell us?

Anonymous said...

Can Sg be ASEAN football hub?

Sg boleh?

Anonymous said...

Actually coaches can only do so much. It is the players that go onto the field. I am no expert in football, not even a fan. But strangely enough, some coaches failed repeatedly when attached to some teams and finding success brilliantly when attached to one particular team after going round in circles. Why is that so?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 1212

The EDB video clearly states that anything is possible in Singapore. Therefore you (the foreigner) must come to Singapore, and bring all your money with you 😜

Singapore is already a well-established "gold standard" in terms of development on every front: social, economic, financial strength, defence, education, infrastructure, international influence and importance, quality of government...you name it, we've probably won awards in that field.

We're so darn good that China has so far sent around 30,000 of their people to be trained here in Singapore, mainly at the Lee Kuan Yew Institute For Public Policy @NUS. But it's not only China who've sent their people. Other Asian cuntries too. Lee Kuan Yew's legacy lives on by training Asia's current and future leaders. That thought is both awesome and scary at the same time. 🤡

Anonymous said...

Cambodia and Laos are hungry for success, knowing they are starting from behind others in ASEAN.

When people are hungry for success, they work doubly hard, like the Japs, South Koreans and Chinese. It is human nature under adversity. Or just look at the Chinese and Indians in Malaysia for a start.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all, the truth in plain sight:

From: https://lkyspp.nus.edu.sg/

"The Applying Behavioural Insights into Public Policy masterclass was an exciting opportunity to challenge assumptions on human behaviour"🧐🤓

Oh yeah! Just as I had suspected all along. They are teaching social engineering, cognitive hacking and other tools designed to influence the thoughts of the masses.👍🏻👌🏽👏🏻

You don't even know that you're being manipulated...probably moment-to-moment. 👽🤖

Resistance is Futile

Anonymous said...

In every country, where the are elections, which are the contests of winning the hearts and minds of the electorate, the political parties (especially the ruling party) will use any methods of manipulation of the voters' minds.

Anonymous said...

Hi 110pm


Politicians will use the famous 3Cs strategy!

First C......they will try to convince you.

Second C.....if they failed to convince you, they will try to confuse you.

Thrid C..... if they failed to convince you and confuse you, they will con you!

RMB this 3Cs strategy!


Anonymous said...

@ March 10, 2019 1:56 pm

How about the 5C's ??

C1: Convince
C2: Confuse
C3: Con
C4: Control
C5: Confiscate

Anonymous said...

GREED -The Root of ALL Evils

From CNN, report by Ralph Ellis:

"Howard Pilmar, a successful New York businessman, was found dead inside his Manhattan office on March 21, 1996 -- a slaying that shocked New Yorkers because of its brutality.

Pilmar's throat was slashed and he was stabbed 48 times. The attack continued after his heart stopped beating and his body was left on the floor, Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance said in a news release.

Investigators spent more than two decades looking for his killers and finally arrested two people in 2017 -- Pilmar's widow, Roslyn Pilmar, then 60, and her brother, Evan Wald, then 43."

Roslyn Pilmar and Evan Wald were convicted for Second Degree Murder by a jury, after escaping the crime and living it up on the undeserved wealth of her brutally murdered husband for 23 years.

Are there people in Singapore who have escaped their crimes and are living it up on the spoils and still nobody is the wiser after 23 years?

Anonymous said...

Hi 248pm


You are very very good.



Anonymous said...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbeanMarch 10, 2019 10:44 am
"Take the case of the existing India-Singapore Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement “CECA” for example. This FTA literally opens the floodgate to the unrestraint flow of Indian professionals into our employment market to replace our own professionals. Over time, many cases of their “fake” qualification & expertise, and bad social-behaviours are beginning to surface, further compounding the issue, and in turn, eroded the Singapore brand....

When we realize that our working class is made up of our children, family members, relatives, loved ones, neighbours, friends, ex-schoolmates, religious-congregations, social groups, associates etc., can we remain silent in good conscience?"


Unfortunately the selfish kiasee self centred daft 69.9% are also mute and WILL remain in DEAFENING silence

Sssshhhhhhhhhh .......

They are deep in their slumber while being "looted" till the wives and daughters legs are two metres apart open open when walking ?

Ceca influx like to fark lo(oooooo)ng lo(oooooo)ng?

The prostitutes in kengchiokar flip newspapers to read every single article and news from front to back while they fark on top non stop and when the women finished reading cover to cover, they still haven't finished farking yet, then the women must also continue to read SinMin, WanBao, ZaoBao till who knows when. . .?

Very JiatLat?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB et al,

I think you all worry too much. Anyway, there is nothing you can do to effectively stop what is a trend not only locally, but globally. 35% of the world are highly motivated by Chinese and Indians. And they are on the way to eating everyone's lunch.

My solution: go long in their capital markets. They're going to be very rich, very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Four fighter protecting.4 corner of sg.i think

Anonymous said...

1. Buy China's High Tech snd Comms Stocks.

2. Buy India's IT and Transports Stocks.

3. Buy Gold.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 551

Can also buy the "proxies" ie those securities which depend on ChIndia's success and prosperity:

1. ASX --- Australia's biggest customer: China

2. Any of the OBOR cuntries. China pumps in shit-tonnes of cash in those places and their economies goo BOOM Check out what's happening in Cambodia, for e.g.

3. Digital payment systems: ChIndia is committed to developing cashless payment systems. In China, you better have WeChat/ AliPay on your phone or you'll be hampered in what you can buy

UG said...

Banana play foot ball must wear pyjamas. Wear jersey how to win? You all still dont get it. Old leaders are indeed chio si lang. Forgot to watch banana in pyjamas cartoon si boh? Still want blame strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei millenial generation a not huh?


When see swee lau char boh, lau goh? Now ho seh liao. Punk Goh? All the punk all bath punk punk bor chor kang stay Punggol Pi Yan? Song Boh. Anyone still need R1 go Pasir Gudang race to pi yan? Old people got teach young people dont buy house near sea a not ah? If so why still build there? Is other product of Lee family daft like me? Goo Goo Ga Ga.

But I am thankful I this strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei millenial generation got banana in pyjamas cartoon to watch. Thanks old leaders, ang moh or not? So what is going on nowadays ah, old leaders?

b said...

No point in resist change. Its better to embrace change. The world will have 3 super power - us/eu, india and china- sooner or later. 500 years ago, there is no usa, but now, usa is a powerful country. Big = powerful, sooner or later. So plan taking that in.

Anonymous said...

UG your post has improved slightly. Is this after Yiu receive your treatment? Your ass still ok or not? Got use cream?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 551

Can also buy the "proxies" ie those securities which depend on ChIndia's success and prosperity:

1. ASX --- Australia's biggest customer: China

This one outdated. Australia inn China's ban list. No trade until they know who is boss.

Anonymous said...

Invest in Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand;
Next best, invest in Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim.
These countries are going to boom in five to ten years,
playing catch-up with the help (aids) of China.
These are the countries China wants to protect against US's
treacherous slimy designs.
These are the countries China wish to see prosper, and linked with the Chinese Economy.

Anonymous said...

Ethiopian Airlines, the safest and biggest airlines in the continent of Africa, has just lost one of its 737 Max 8 new aircraft bought from Boeing.

Within six months, two new Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft have suddenly ditched and killed everyone on board.

This is a new form of mass killing is frightening, really frightening ......... to say the least.

UG said...

Some anon dunno how young only got senile problem. What sodomize ah, cream ah? Dunno is Product of Lee family a not. Please import more FT to change all citizens and old FT.

Mass killing put some poison inside holy communion can already. Rothschild and Ang Moh must be kind person. But are they daft? Holy communion can kill more leh. One Sunday only, world wide, can kill a lot. Some more still can jail the culprit. Very fun.

UG said...

Or maybe dont jail the culprit. The priest eat the only big big holy communion. Look. We never die. We are the prophet. The 2nd coming of Jesus maybe near. Maybe the landed property will be bigger than which ever pastor already own one a not ah?

Than best is nuclear plant open in coney island. The priest eat the holy communion and drink the water beside. Look we are okay. Nothing from nuclear plant leak into the clean water. Ho seh liao man. Play some trumpet and let the snake come out from the basket. Magical. Woo hoo.

UG said...


Later the ah neh ft IT talent come here work, send their kids study here will become daft a not huh? Product of lee family like me, no job, go wda and e2i also no job. Please put your kids study primary school in India, got chance to become Microsoft or Google Tai Lo. I very caring one no matter what color.


Anonymous said...

Put poison into communion holy bread or H2O is a crime: Mass Murders.

Modify the plants - vegetables and fruits (GMO) can liao.
People buy the veg and fruits and eat and they die slowly. Nobody knows. By the time they discover, it is too late liao.
Some more, like that is not crime.
You are warn of the GMO products - all clearly labelled.

People chose to buy, that is your wish. Nobody forced you to buy.
Nobody forced you to eat.
People are so stupid, everyday eat potato chips, french fries, and
all sorts of fries and chips;
all sorts of crackers,
pop corns, bean curds and bean curd juice,
modified durians, tomatoes, apples, oranges, grapes, etc.

You know fully well they are genetically modified products.
Yet you chose to buy and eat them. Therefore, you die your own business.

Just like you know PAP screwing you day and night, yet 70% of you love it so much
that you continue to ask for more screwing, and then KPKB complain all the time.
You asked for it. Therefore, you die you own business.

UG said...

Than how ah? Eat what? Meat? Water how ah? How to know the water is fresh one or recycle one?

Anonymous said...

UG out of all your posts, the one at 1.39am looks sensible but the rest are mad if not crazy posting. The treatment must have work somewhat. I hope you don't fall in love with the tuakee cause they are just sodomizing you for pleasure though from your perspective you get treated for your sickness. But no need to feel grateful as the tuakee just satisfying their animal lust and instinct. All the best and I hope you continue to take your treatment as its already showing sign of improvement. Tahan a bit longer though I know your ass must be hurting now. If you can give me your address, I will buy some cream from the pharmacy to mail them to you. God bless 😀

Virgo49 said...

Anon 10.26

For all you know, Dotard Trump and the Evil Empire is behind all these crashes.

Those who supported China in their Belt & Road Initative.

Boeing-U Ass A under their control and direction. Just press a button and engine malfunctioned.

Likewise those dafts who brought their fighter planes.

Once you turned against them, Poof you arw DEAD.

Or in the case you use against them. They have the utilimate control to nail you.

Anonymous said...

China already asking it's airlines to ground the Boeing 737.

Talk that Boeing is able to control its planes that it sold has been making the rounds unofficially, but of course they will deny.

If Boeing is under US Government control, anything is possible. It takes a thief to catch a thief, and that is the exact same reason the US is targeting Huawei.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ no one likes crashing planes:

I wouldn't be surprised if the 737 MAXs all over the world are grounded. 2 crashes in 4 months. Could be coincidence or just bad luck, but better to be safe... ground them all!

Boeing needn't worry lah. Nor Airbus either when they've stopped with their A330. The EU taxpayers are bailing them out. Anyway both Boeing and Airbus are defence contractors. Sure, passenger aircraft is revenue stream for them. But they're also cutting edge "war technologists" and can be included in any War Stocks portfolio. 🤑💀🤑