Venezuela – Invasion 101, American boys and girls deserve to die

The Americans are gearing up for an invasion of Venezuela using a 20th Century text book plan. Smear a popularly elected President, imposed sanctions to cripple the economy and turn the people against their President, then picked an American financed and sponsored outsider and named him the American chosen President with American support and the support of American allies.

When the American puppet is in place, warned the govt of the day not to touch him or it would be an excuse for a military invasion like they had done in the Middle East. In the meantime continues with political and economic pressure to bring down the govt of the day, for a text book regime change.

While preparing for an invasion, get the support of the neighbouring countries to give access to American soldiers to move to the borders of Venezuela to mount an invasion. Get the American allies to drum up support in all forms, including military aids, weapons and soldiers to form a coalition of the willing.

The Maduro govt is now underseige from external forces and internal rebels. Any small country would quickly crumble under such pressures from the Evil Empire. In this case Maduro’s govt is lucky to have the support of Russia, China and Cuba to provide all assistance needed to stay in power, military, economic, financial and political. The Russians also have a text book plan to counter such regime change they learned from their successful experience in Syria, ie meeting force with force. The only thing the evil Americans feared is a counter military force as strong as theirs.

The rest of the Americans, many still pretending to be peace loving people, are waiting for the invasion to take place. There are a lot of money to be made and a lot of war heroes to be decorated. They could look to military victory parades and raising the American flags high in the poles. Time for celebration.

But not all Americans would be partying. Many of the unfortunate and unlucky ones would have to receive their darling boys and girls coming home in black plastic bags. And they would have to live the rest of their lives without them except memories of their loved ones invading another country and died doing so.

The Americans must be reminded that many of their innocent boys and girls are gonna die in Venezuela instead of having their hamburgers and hotdogs on a Sunday morning in the parks while they cry for the blood of the Venezuelans, a people that did them no harm.

Venezuela will be Vietnam once more but closer to home. The sad thing is that some of the people neighbouring Venezuela would also end up as gun fodder, many would also die for no reason except being drag into a war by the Evil Americans. The Brazilians and the Columbians with mentality like some South East Asian people, thinking war is fun and very fun to fight on the side of the Americans, sure win wars, never mind if their people ended up dying for the Evil American Empire would be most ready to join in the fun.

Who says war is not fun? Who says people don’t like wars? The USA is a nation of people steep in the culture of wars and cannot live without wars. After decades of continuous warfare and seeing so many of their boys and girls coming home dead, they did not squirm or feel remorseful about it. They would create opportunities to start wars to send their boys and girls to die in wars.

PS. If this happens in Singapore, Guaido would be arrested immediately for conspiring with foreign powers to overthrown an elected govt. Singapore govt should open its mouth on grounds of principle that external interference in the internal affairs of a country to conduct regime change is unacceptable, illegal and against the rule of law.


Humble Ideas said...

Generaly a very good snapshot of the truthful scenario. Except arguably, the following two points,
1. You said Maduro was "popularly elected President". That's because the opposition boycotted for strategic reason. Anyway, numbers aside, is Maduro "popular"? This is as good as asking "is Donald trump popular" or "is Pap popular"? We don't really know. Whatever bad points about Maduro, is forgiven because he has balls and will not accept American colonisation of Venezuela in our Asian view. But to many local Venezulan, the bad points may personally affect them so much that they don't mind USA come in. It's all a numbers game, and a lot of deception, as in all politics. Therefore I would rather say that Maduro is legally elected legitimate president, rather than "popular", cos at the end of the day all politicians are crooks.
2. You said Brazil and Colombia are pro Americans so they are anti Maduro. Life is not being simple redbean. Latin America country inter relation is very complicated and a lot of history of enmity and wars exist. So their anti Maduro stance may or may not be because they are traditionally pro America (like Pap), you need to prove that to make your thesis more scholarly.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Here we go again,

Nah, this won't take long at all. If they deploy, the USA will be in and out so the yanks can be home in time to catch the last season of Game of Thrones.

Or Trump might horse trade with Putin and Xi...and they'll all go away with "something". Realpolitik lah...where big powers jockey, trade and collude and the average Jo & Jane Blo gets anally raped.

Same wayang shit. Different cuntry.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Sorry Humbleideas, this is not a thesis but an opinion piece.

Whether Maduro is popular or otherwise, applicable to Guaido as well, there are principles and rules of law that must be abide by or the world would be in chaos. Of course the pro American cronies and lackeys could not see anything wrong with what the American devils are doing in Latin America and around the world, or too afraid to say so.

The Americans are the trouble maker and warmonger all over the world.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Here we go again,

Nah, this won't take long at all. If they deploy, the USA will be in and out so the yanks can be home in time to catch the last season of Game of Thrones.

Hey Banana, the Americans also thought they could go in and get out the next day in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria etc etc. They are still there, stuck in the shit they started right up to their knees. Not only they could not get out, they did not want to get out, to maintain a foothold and control over the countries they invaded.

China went into India and Vietnam and also Korea, but got out when the jobs were done. No harbouring of Imperialist or empire agenda.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB,

Dun shit your diapers lah uncle. We shall see, who is right. Your track record for prediction has been quite poor. Just saying...😂

Americans tend to hang around because why? Crony capitlaism lah...follow the money. Do you know how much money defence companies are making in those protracted invasions?

You already said the USA is the biggest war monger. War is business...the world's largest business.

OK, dun believe me lah. Sekali War Stocks Guy will come and give you some learnin' 😎

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

P.S. US is now a huge oil producer. But it is still ILLEGAL to export US oil, except to Canada.

The USA is Number One when it comes to fighting wars over oil. Guess what Venezuela has lots of? 🤔 hmmm

Anonymous said...

I do totally agree that Quaido may or may not be popular. But to paint the picture Maduro is popular,is to make a subconscious comparison with Quaido, and we really can't be sure, right?
All we know is that Americans are sabotaging Maduro government period. Maduro has got balls of steel to reject American imperialism, but whether or not that makes him popular in Venezuela, we may never know. Some or many Venezuelans may actually prefer to succumb to american "aid" and give up abstract political idealogy battles which does not necessarily bring food to the table.
All i am saying is that to describe Maduro government as"legally elected govt" gives more credibility to your "opinion piece".
Just like Pap is the legally elected govt of Singapore, MDM Excellency Halimah Yacob is the legal president of Singapore. Whether they are popular or not, is for people to think about. Unnecessary adjectives is the mother of Fake News.

Anonymous said...


US oil export ban lifted end-2015. Even before Saudi Arabia began cutting its oil exports to raise oil prices, the US was already the 2nd largest oil producing country. From $150 oil in 2008 and hand wrangling fears of Peak Oil to almost being equal to Saudi in oil production in less than 10 years --- this is the real-time example of what human ingenuity, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ & motivation can accomplish.

When shale oil first started to be produced in bulk in 2009, the breakeven price was US$80 --- now they are profitable even as low as US$45. The US is currently about 95% energy independent --- definitely much higher than Singapore's water independence!

Currently the know-how & infrastructure for novel oil discovery & extraction, such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, as well as even newer methodologies & R&D are as important strategically as nuclear ICBMs & dynamic creative destruction in free enterprise. While China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and many other countries know the theories of these new oil extraction methods, they are all still far below in terms of actual practical know-how & implementability.

As for war stocks, yup they form a large building block of my portfolio, together with other long-term drivers of innovation & REAL DEMAND by people e.g. Tech, Healthcare, Consumer Staples. No they don't always cheong up in a straight line. Sometimes some zig while some zag. You oversee & look after them like how business men monitor factories, product lines & staffing, or how farmers look after various crops & livestock. You weed out the losers, prune the excesses, water & add on to the winners, regular harvesting of crops & profit taking to re-balance the overall wealth machine etc etc.

Recessions & bear markets are god-sent opportunities to accelerate my wealth machines. I welcome sharp pullbacks & even sustained downturns in the markets, whether stocks or property or commodities or whatever. I know many younger contemporaries (30+ yr olds) who became Financially Free or at least Financially Independent during 2008-2009 GFC lelong in world class companies & property assets. My own financial independence was also accelerated by the GFC.

The majority of people can't do it. Not because they are stupid STUPID, but becoz they don't have the patience & wisdom & mentality. Everybody wants to go for the quick wins & no mental efforts. So they go for gambling, lotteries, and splurge on stuff that consumes capital that could have been used to build much longer term streams of future income. You can see it in jobs & workers, where 99% are disengaged with fucked up attitude, and go to work unwillingly as a necessity, and just waiting for monthly salary to feed their lottery-mentality habits.

At the end when they turn 60, 70 they discover they still need to continue working to survive, and KPKB about returning CPF etc. Then the rest of the population will look at them & say they are "STUPID" without realising that they themselves are also setup on the same path to stupidity.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ What happens when the PAP goes “bad”

Under Chavez, oil price super high USD90+ per barrel at peak so good times and lots of “free money” all around. Chavez is very popular. Chavez dies, Maduro takes over.

Maduro does a “PAP” but in the worst way:

1 Sack judges, put in his own kaki
2 Change constitution
3 Make “National Assembly” like S’pore’s GRC system, but places his own kaki in there.
4 Winds back all the free money stuff (CPF not your money --- but much worse)
5 Hunts down and silences opposition and dissent. (sounds familiar?)
6 Starts blaming foreigners for all the fuck ups (More like Dr Mahathir’s style)

Venezuela today:

1 Lots of prostitution
2 Hyper inflation
3 GDP in the toilet
4 No food, water, electricity breaking down
5 Highest murder rate in the world
6 World oil price at the bottom of the jamban so boh lui
7 People very very unhappy. Cannot complain, govt slaps them down, but still they protest.
8 More than 80% of voting citizens want Maduro OUT. (In Singapore 70% want to keep the PAP IN. Well done PAP)

So, America might come in as (usual) The Great White Saviour. But wait...there’s more.

Trump doesn’t like “paying” for America being the “saviour”, and so I believe he will be sending Venezuela a BILL for “services rendered”. 🤣😂

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just what is wrong with a 'popularly elected president'? The PAP has 69% of popular vote, so it is not popularly elected? Maduro also was elected in a general election and in any election, the winner must have the majority of the votes. If majority votes are not popular votes, what is?

Anyone got a better definition of popular?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


The USA's brilliant productivity in oil really fucked up all the other producers --- OPEC, Russia,Malaysia (non OPEC cuntries).

Aiyoh. 🤣

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

A popularly elected president is a very bad idea. Much safer to have parliament or the houses of congress, senate or general assembly to select a president. Like China does. Or like we used to do.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

What we read and see in the media, produced by westerners, are at most fake news or twisted news. They showed only what they want you to see and to believe.

Just a few months ago, the main media only showed pictures of starving children and rural broken down homes in North Korea. Today all the pictures coming from North Korea or in the main media are modern high scrapers and buildings and roads carefully designed and built.

All the western news is about bad mouthing China's BRI, AIIB, infrastructure development, 5G, debt traps, predatory investment and trades but not about the wars the Americans are starting, conducting and fighting all over the world and the destruction and human sufferings they brought upon the people affected.

The American wars and bombings have no blood, no tragedies, no victims, just war collateral. But China's investments are all about exploitations and sufferings.

And many made up their minds from what they see and read in the western media.

Africa, central Asia and eastern European would still be in the dark ages without Chinese investments. Greece would have long been bankrupt and history without Chinese money.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB
News organisations are there to make money and spread "the narrative” of special interests and their governments.

Mainstream media functions exactly as intended --- for the MAINSTREAM. They earn ad revenue from the mainstream, and the mainstream are usually the sheeple of each particular cuntry.

We all have our biases, and so I suggest you stick to the MSM of the cuntry to which you have a positive bias, because life is hard and we all need a little bit of “fantasy”
as a temporary respite from the harsh vagaries of reality.

For e.g.: RB should read China’s msm because he has a pro-China bias. If you love the PAP-type Singapore, anything SPH puts out should give you your daily dopamine fix.

If you hate Singapore, Malaysia has some brilliant editorial.

If you are a fan of Islam or a defender of those “poor things” in Africa (but too darn lazy to do anything about it), you will find great satisfaction listening to the BBC.

For China bashing on a consistent basis, most American MSM will stroke your ego, and give you plenty of ammo to insult people on WeChat. 🤣

Or you can be like me: don’t care about shit you can’t control. Only care about shit that benefits me.

3 cuntries which are off most people’s radar, and also the MSM are Pinoyland, Cambodia and Vietnam. In SE Asia, they are doing phenomenally well, so maybe there’s profit lurking there. These are “shitholes with attitude” and also contain a large supply of jute pussy ripe for exploitation (conquest) by the horny Singaporean wielding the almighty Singapore Dollar. 😎

Anyway, keep enjoying the narratives fed to you by the various MSMs you like. Society needs bloody fools. You re doing the Lord’s Work 🤣

Virgo49 said...

Anon 11.08

One fine all your so called manipulated stocks and shares go KAPUT and you shall also lose your Sanity.

That's the day will come MOT.

Talk Big of how smart you are. The Rest in their own ventures Imbecils.

When that day come, Bungakok Green be waiting for you.

Anonymous said...

Popular means likable. It's an emotion charged word. Based on what MATilah said about Maduro he may not be very likeable. But that's none of our business, and the USA has absolutely zero right to interfere. If not for the oil in Venezuela the USA won't give a damn about the internal matters of another sovereign country. We all know that and it's beyond dispute.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ humbleideas

Invasions of cuntries has never been based on "rights", although there's always going to be those who argue the case for rights, and the invading states will always say they have a right to invade. I've already established that there are no such "things" as rights. Germany and Japan claimed they had "rights" to annexe cuntries in their vicinity.

I absolutely agree. Whether a cuntry lives or dies is no one's business other than that of the citizens themselves. The People Get The Cuntry They Deserve.

That said, there are opportunities in war, especially for Crony Capitalists. 😜 Every nation-state on the earth is run by crony capitalism --- even the most "free" democracies. Corporations have become so rich and powerful now, they exert enormous influences on sovereign governments. We would be where we are in SE Asia without crony capitalism.

@ Virgo

The thing smart people do it BUY MORE when markets fall. If you already have "quality", you know you have value. So when the shit hits the fan and people are jumping out of skyscrapers, that's the time to buy more. As Buffet puts it: Get GREEDY when people are fearful.

War Stocks Guy already said how he and his friends loaded up after the epic collapses in the last GFC. A lot of stuff has multiplied 3x or more in value since then.

Anonymous said...


To paraphrase 2 famous sayings: If you want wealth, prepare for blood in the streets.

Like I said, 99% want instant gratification & instant wins, and they cannot & unwilling to take prolonged pain and hardships to achieve success.

They will not be able to get wealth from stocks or properties or any other investments ... unless thru pure luck.

US sanctions on Venezuela have already benefited angmoh oil companies in the Guld of Mexico

For every govt action (yes, even PAP locking up "your CPF"), there are always ways to profit. Crony capitalism or manipulated capitalism or socialism or communism or fascism or authoritarianism or liberalism --- whatever you want to call it, as long you get rich & comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly Matilah said that 80% of Venezulan does not like Mr Maduro. This contradict totally to the impression RB sowed, Maduro is popular. Who is right?
I did a Google and I am brought to a 2016 article about Venezuela. At that time the USA have not imposed sanctions yet, and Quaido didn't even exist substantially. Yet the article , from The Economist , appears to be rather truthful. Please read for yourself and figure out if The Economist, Matilah or RB is delusional.
Article here, The Economist Oct 2016


Anonymous said...

Matilar, cannot tahan your view. I wanted to sodomize you lar.😀

Anonymous said...

1. The Economist is pro-Western (US & UK) as the Straits Times is a pro-Singapore (government) and pro-Western.

2. Most popular English Language newspapers and magazines are Pro-Western.

3. Remember always:


4. 90% of people are Single-Track Minded. 9% are Double-Track Minded. Only 1% are Multiple-Track Minded.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous @9:53. Specifically, you totally reject the 2016 article from The Economist? I think matilah believes it, that Maduro is not a smart dictator like LKY, and his number of "80%" was evidently sourced from The Economist. It is true that some articles from Pro-Western media are garbage, but to elevate Maduro as a popular good leader, is too much to digest. You have gone overboard in loving Maduro just because you dislike USA. Actually everybody are crooks, but one crook should not cross the border and act like God to chastise another crook.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 9:53pm has mentioned several truths about main media esp western media. How much you can trust them telling the truth depends on who is their paymasters and where they are coming from. The fact is truth is often biased or selected truth of the writers.

Maduro could function much better if given a chance. But the Americans did not give him a chance. An effective leader does not need to be popular. With so many sanctions and pressure put on Maduro, nothing could work. And it is so easy to put the blame on him when he could not function.

Let the Venezuelans solve their own problems, elect their own leaders. No country has the right to interfere and bring down their elected govt.

Guaido is an American puppet, just an opportunist. He is no different from Maduro except that he is planted by the Americans to usurp power from a democratically elected President.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ wow, at last enlightenment!

Western media --- bad, fake news

RB's "ANALysis" --- the absolute truth, real news

Dun pray pray...

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


It is good that you finally see some light. My effort did not go to waste.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Of course. Your effort's aren't wasted. Your efforts align with my self pursuitof cheap entertainment!😂