Moon landing - A picture does not lie

Watch this video of the first interview of the 3 astronauts that supposedly landed on the moon in June 1969. The commentary then was that they saw something strange on the moon, speculated that they saw aliens. Thus they were still in a state of shock, and did not know what to say and were not
in a state of excitement or jubilation that they had done something so great and important in their lives and for mankind. During the interview they looked so lost, uncertain, afraid of saying the wrong things, afraid of telling lies. Their facial expressions were that of 3 grown men made to tell lies in front of the camera and they were obviously very uncomfortable. According to the commentator, they were solemn, depressed and disturbed. Why?

This was what Aldrin said. 'what this country set out to do was something going to be done sooner or later...' What did he meant by going to be done sooner or later? He was vague and trying not to be specific.

Collins said this was the first time that man had the option of walking on this planet or other planet. Another diversionary statement from landing on the moon.

And Armstrong, he was not sure what to say and hesitantly said, 'It was...the beginning of... a new age...' Just look at his expression and the expression of all 3 astronauts and put them into context, that they did not go to the moon and was put in front of the camera to tell the nation and the world that they were really on the moon. That was more likely the truth than seeing aliens and that they were so disturbed and no longer felt that they had achieved a great feat for mankind. They did not look so like men who had achieved something great. The 'truth' or lie was all over their faces. They were ashamed of themselves having to tell lies in front of the camera.

Compare to the expression of someone who won an Oscar, or won the American Got Talent or a big race, these were faces of losers, of men made to tell lies. Their conscience were written all over their faces. They looked so sad and unhappy with what was going on. Anyone who did something wonderful, won a race etc etc would be full of joy, pride and jubilation written all over their faces. Not these 3 men 'that just returned from the moon'. There was no pride in them.

Go look carefully at the 3 minute video clip again and ask yourself what were written on their faces, what were in their minds? Why were they looking so sheepish and awkward?

And after the Americans claimed to be on the moon 7 or 8 times, there was no announcement of the Russians going to the moon successfully. But the Americans created another hoax, that they found a Russian moon capsule on the moon and a cosmonauts was found dead outside the capsule in a crater. And for some reason, the cosmonaut had removed his protective headgear that was found a distance away from his dead body. Why would the cosmonaut removed his headgear that would kill him instantly. And the best part, the Russians did not know or reported of this space landing.

The best the Russians did was a space walk and setting up the International Space Station. The Russians were ahead of the Americans in everything about space exploration, but lost out because they never landed on the moon. They even built space station and helped the Americans who claimed to have landed on the moon many times but have no functional and safe rockets to take Americans to the International Space Station.  Nothing odd about this?  

How many of you still believe in the American moon landing? Last year the Russians were trying to send a probe to the moon to verify if the Americans were really there. But this experiment has yet to be conducted.

In a 2015 article published in the Russian newspaper Izvestia, a spokesperson for the Russian Investigative Committee, Vladimir Markin, called for an international probe into the disappearance of film footage from the famous 1969 event, while querying the whereabouts of lunar rock samples collected by NASA up until 1972.

"We are not contending that they did not fly [to the Moon], and simply made a film about it," Markin wrote.

"But all of these scientific – or perhaps cultural – artefacts are part of the legacy of humanity, and their disappearance without a trace is our common loss. An investigation will reveal what happened."

Quote from Science Alert.


Anonymous said...

USA was founded based on lies upon lies upon lies upon lies!

Not a democratic country but got the cheek to champion for democracy.

Totally disrepects and disregards international laws but wants other countries to obey international laws when the situation suits, otherwise other countries have to obey US Laws.

Invaded, killed, murdered, massacred, plundered, raped, robbed, stole and destroy in order to own, dominate and control other people's land, resources and people, yet trying to appear like an angel and world policeman.

Master of false flag events to create excuses for 8invasions and regime change, yet tells the world it is for world peace and security.

Anonymous said...

Wat happened if the aliens in the moon told the US Govt to tell lies in exchange of something or some kind? They may or may not landed on the moon, that's not so impt, but the info & techs or AI that the US got from the aliens r tremendous, remember the US Area 51 thing that an 'outer space' craft or UFO landed there in the 40s some speculated aliens craft & US govt cud be hiding something, an after 40s US military techs improved by leap and bounds.

Virgo49 said...

China should just announce that they are sending their Men/Women to the Spot where the Americunts Astro-NUTS claimed to have landed and Probe any evidence of what's they claimed.

But they may be too humble not to spoil the Fake Party of the Americunts. They be drenching in Cold Sweats.

Actually, why these Stupid Nations spent so much unnecessary resources and monies to explore all these wasteful explorations.

Even can landed on these planets, still have to find whether humans can live there or not. Takes another Century..By that time, Earth No More with all these Earthly Creatures already killed each other with their Wars and Bombs. Better spend the monies on your begging for food in the streets vagrants.

Even can live in these planets as claimed, how many us can fly there? How many can load into Rockets or Spaceships?

Better spend the monies for those so many even in their lifetime not take a plane in their lifes before. They be most happy staying on Earth rather in a strange place like Pluto or Bukto.

Have to breathe and wear the space helemts everyday.Aiyo. how to sex floating in your cabins?

Stupidty is it not?

Anonymous said...


Who cares?!? Focus on earning money!!!

Lockheed starts receiving $$$$$$ for US$15B missile system in Saudi Arabia.

Another US$100B from Saudi for other war stocks!!

Why pay them petrol money when you can earn their money indirectly via war stocks?!? :)

Virgo49 said...

Creatures WITHOUT souls of most Sinkies today.

Learned fast from their Sifus and Masters and Mistresses of their Pay And Pay.

Buried or incinerated with their tons of monies.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Uncle Sam knew that the USSR could not match its prowess in space exploration. Nevertheless, it went ahead with a stunt to beguile the world that it had actually landed men on the moon. Uncle Sam was forced to put its space programme on hold after repeated failures with the space shuttle programme. But, when China became the first country to land a rover on the far side of the moon, Uncle Sam decided to rekindle its interest in space exploration.

SpaceX Dragon has successfully docked with the ISS and is now hailed as a commercial success. Trump has trumpeted that it is an epic win for American spaceflight and NASA is rocking again. Trump thought it was such a big deal but it was no mean feat.

Anonymous said...

These creatures will sell Singapore and Singaporeans for money. See how many foreigners are here taking over their countries and how DBS is getting rid of Singaporeans who have been with the bank for decades just to improve its profits. There is no compassion, empathy and loyalty to talk about, just about making money.

When are they going to sell their fathers and mothers, wives and daughters?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Ann, by the time they tested and think that they could send men to the space station safely, the space station would have closed down. It is due for decommissioning in 2024, 5 years from now.

And China is not going to let them dock to the China Space Station.

What is important is that they have just confirmed they did not have such a technology, and the moon landing were all fakes.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Hi Redbean,

Uncle Sam thought it could use its space exploits to boost its hegemony image. China's space programme has a different take. It wants to establish a base on the moon for deep probes into outer space. Chinese scientists know that it requires 22 times less energy to launch a spaceship from the moon than from Earth.

Anonymous said...

If they could land on the moon with that kind of technology in 1969, by now mankind will be making regular trips to the moon much like us taking a bus ride to work daily.

Not only that, doesn't it strike anyone why that supposed trip was done only once, never
to be done again? That's because it never happened

Anonymous said...

When US and Russia were competing for space exploration supremacy, the US was still financially loaded, hence the competition practically made the Russians kaput, because then Russia's GDP was only a fraction of the US.

Actually, other than bragging rights, what else does space exploration done to us common folks? Only the filthy rich will pay the kind of money to go up there and look down on what we can see on google earth, but clearer. And they will come back and also have their bragging rights about having been to outer space.

Silly or smart? I think I can more or less tell you the answer. The one providing the spacecraft and collecting the millions is smart. The one paying millions for the bragging rights, not so smart, but cannot be called silly because they have been to space and we have not.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.51

That is why many have asked why did they not return to the moon. And they have to invent the story about aliens on the moon warning them not to return to the moon.

You see, this story fits in nicely with the contorted plot, otherwise they have to find a way to really land on the moon. That would spill all the beans.

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Not interested whether landed on the moon or not.

Only interested whether pap will retain power at the next GE or not.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ War Stocks Guy

Buying war stocks is a salute to the rise of women in business leadership! 🤠

Check out the women running the world's top defense companies.

In study after study, the data show that women fund managers and women CEOs outperform their male counterparts.

Virgo49 said...

Ya, Stupid. What for landed on the Moon and see whether these planets inhabitable or not when Mankind would will be KAPUT with thesa Greedy Creatures in what's Defence Sciences and what's those WSGuys making tons of monies to be incinerated together with the Mother of All Bombs when they start letting them off at each other.

Wah, just loved the Holocaust at Nagoya and Hiroshima.

Breathing in all the Fumes and have sauana baths that your flesh no need massueues to peel for you.

Remember to clutch your Bags and Bags of $$$$$$$$$$$! Hellyoucomelah!

Businessmen and women of the Years
In Defence Sciences and Technologies.

Own inventions of War Machines also killed our poor NSmen.

Onit their White Horses Sons are safe in air-con Offices.

Anonymous said...

PAP don't need you to worry lah. Sure retain power in next GE one, and many more GEs. No problem lah.

The daft Sinkies are so daft, drunk and dead (brain dead) - DDD - that they can never wake up. The more they get screwed in the back, the more they wish to be screwed harder.

Anonymous said...

Why should we be concerned about the moon landing or non landing? Let me summarize, The moon landing was clearly fake. The 911 incident was another grand lie (controlled Demolition of the buildings was the main source of collapse). The WmD accusation of Iraq was fake. Many more, go Google.
Everytime a catastrophic or impossible event occurs you can smell the lies back to USA. What about MH370? I personally believe in the Diego Garcia version, it was a black ops again by the USA.
Hey. Here is my very own never-never-heard-before theory. Hiroshima A Bombs were fake. A sealed explosion in Fukushima already caused so much damage, so if an open air Abomb was dropped in 1945,the radiation burnt out would still be around today because the halflife of the isotopes are several dozen years. Yet, within about few years Tokyo was rebuilt on the same site,no need to isolate like Fukushima or Chenobyl disasters. The environment can recover from direct radiation bomb so fast meh? In reality, probably a squadron of conventional bomber planes droppedd numerous napalm bombs or similar, definitely not radioactive uranium bombs. Kee Chu?

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump's Trade War against US trading partners, particularly China, cost US companies and consumers US$4.4 billion a month in 2018.

Economists from the New York Federal Reserve and Princeton and Columbia universities assessed the impact of the duties on prices and welfare in the United States, concluding that those who were exposed to the duties overseas “paid none of the bill”.

The research paper was released as the US and China, the world’s two largest economies, are reportedly close to a trade agreement that could see most or all of the tariffs lifted.

China's President Xi Jinping and the US President Donald Trump are expected to sign the deal in Florida later this month.

Anonymous said...

Retirement and Re-employment Age To Be Raised Further

Womanpower Millionaire Mini$ter, Josephine Teo, has confirmed that the retirement age and the re-employment age of Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners earning a living in Singapore are to be raised further. Never have time to find out the reason she gave for this latest raise. Nonetheless, I can't help but think that it must be something to do with helping the increase of the GDP (so that ministers can have more bonuses and also increase their perks and salaries?). This callous, heartless, unconscionable move, taking for granted that everybody can live healthily beyond the age of 55, can only come about when 70% of Singapore voters continue to be daft, idiotic, kiasu, kiasi, greedy and irresponsible.

Actor Luke Perry, who rose to super-stardom on the teen-oriented 1990's U.S. television drama “Beverly Hills 90210” and then aged into a fatherly role on comic-based “Riverdale,” died on Monday at the age of 52 after suffering a “massive” stroke last week.

Hope the minister that suffered from stroke stops being so heartless raising taxes and increasing new taxes without blinking an eyelid, and hope that he does not suffer another stroke like actor Luke Perry.

Hope the minister that suffered from cancer 2 times stop being so cock-sure that he is going to live forever and start doing something compassionate to the people who are suffering under his blinded policies and hardened iron-fists.

Hope the minister that had $8 heart by-pass learnt a big lesson in his recent fall, which might be a direct message from Heaven (his Buddha) that he is not invincible after all - that he can fall anytime, anywhere, anyhow.

Hope the CPF Board of Directors can sleep soundly every night without having to worry the probable repercussions that may befall them once the daft Sinkies wake up to the various ponzi schemes besieging them - depleting and siphoning off their hard-earned savings like nobody's business without respite.

Hope the minister that make use of taxpayers hard-earned money to buy so many advanced and extremely expensive military toys stop for a moment to think deeply and go deep into his conscience (if he still has one) to search his soul. Singapore can have all the best military hardware but the most it can win a few battles, not any war against Malaysia and Indonesia combined. And that the US, like the British Empire, can never be trusted to defend the tiny island. Basically, to them Singapore is expendable.

Hope the various high-paying ministers and top civil servants can continue counting their easy-come fat pays and annual bonuses without having to worry when they are going to die of stroke or heart-attack.

Hope all daft Sinkies wake up, stop being daft, and stop thinking that they can live beyond 55 years old and continue to work beyond that without any problem.

Hope springs eternal in the human breast
Man never is, but always is to be blessed.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:18pm

Nope --- PAP will not raise the official Retirement Age because this will increase retrenchment liability for companies.

What PAP has been raising is the Re-Employment Age, and the CPF Payout Age.

Re-employment age has been increased to 67 from July 2017.

CPF Payout age will probably be increased to 67 after the GE. Together with GST increase.

Of course if you have enough $$$$$$$$$$$$, then all the above is sup sup suey.

Virgo49 said...

Aiyo, have to increase Retirement Age and Withdrawal Age by kicking cans down the Road in any Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme.

Just like a CFO or Accountant or Financial Officer or Director when the Company's funds cannnot be reconciled or disclosed, they had to defer Reportings and same time took chances in bigger gambles hoping for a Big Windfall or As in to reconcile the Accounts.

Alternatively, have to get new subscribers to TOP up the funds so as to cover the discrepancies.

Anonymous said...

Companies are not stupid. Companies can always give employment to older workers on a year by year basis, hence retrenchment benefit is a non issue.

In fact even among younger workers, some are on year by year basis.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon.

Frankly, nowadays most employers offered most employees on Contract basis. They took this loophole as sanctioned by the Government for easy hire and fire.

Even FullTime supposed "permanent" employees are terminated both parties by common clause of giving both parties 24 hours or 0ne month in lieu of service.

Maybe more senior positions on other terms as longer notices of notices of both firing and leaving.

That's why recently a spate of what's bills in relation to these contract, part-time and ad hoc employment.

They just trying to get some basic security for the workers as they knew that if too many of the workers are been unfairly terminated at the whims and fancies by unscrupulous employers, it will be a Politucical cause for them in any elections.

Due to their unthinking given too much grace and advantage to the employers, the workers are been put in vulernable positions.

Partly, because of the Big Influx of the Foreign Workers, they want to have the Employers added advantage in their hiring and firing but in turn hurts our own citizens.

Nnowadays, workers are at the mercy of the employers and not a grain of jobs security.

The younger generation workers thought these to be the Norm.

We are in a way lucky to have enjoy our hey days of Jobs "Security" one way or another by the old ways of most Employers with hearts Fair Treatment.

Nnowadays. Employers only cared for themselves, the bottom line and share holders

Employees are just digits. Expenable.

Anonymous said...

Unions of those days were really for the workers. Where else in the world can you find a worker's Union with a minister sitting on top, besides also having an entourage of minor government officials at all levels in it's rank?

Now, workers are just paying protection money to feed monkeys. Government cares only for Employers. They allowed in planeloads of foreign workers to help employers and in the process broke the rice bowl of many locals. Anti You See is the government. Right and left hand clap together. Tripartite my big foot! Think about that!

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 9.18

Tripartite is Three Legs.

Three Legs in Hokien

Sa kars- Carry the Employers.

Anonymous said...

US politicians and generals are thinking of conducting NUCLEAR WARS!

This is a fact. Not fake news. You can check it out.

The Evil Empire is really, truly EVIL!

Anonymous said...

Seriously the war stock guy really need to be sodomized badly.😀

Anonymous said...

War stock guy thinks he is very smart living off others' miseries and sufferings. This type of ruthless and unconscionable exploiter-opportunist have no soul. They have sold their souls to the Devil. They can even sell their wives and mothers to the highest bidder. Totally devoid of loyalty to any country or person. Simply cannot be trusted.

b said...

Why russia and china so stubborn and remain as communist? So there can be more drama and more money spent on useless war toys otherwise every family can have a nice house and car. It takes two hands to clap. THey are just acting that they are enemies and hate each other. Its all a scam/lie/con.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ “sour grapes” 822

Haters Are Gonna Hate! (with soul, bro’ !)

>> This type of ruthless and unconscionable exploiter-opportunist have no soul. <<

Oh fooey! War stocks are important because these companies make shit to PROTECT people from the bad things other people might consider doing to them.

Sometimes you need to kill motherfuckers who are going to harm or kill you, destroy your cuntry and enslave the citizens. The only people who have the right to enslave citizens is the government the citizens themselves voted for. 🤓

>> Totally devoid of loyalty to any country or person. <<

What a dumb statement. You mean you suka-suka just “give loyalty” to any cuntry or any person? Hahahaha...you might be a victim or future victim of a scam which will use your own gullibility for its “success”.

“Loyalty” is a value, and all values must be EARNED. If your cuntry consistently plays your backside, why in the fuck should you be “loyal”?

The Roman generals knew something you don’t:
To ensure peace, prepare for WAR.

Most of the military hardware produced has never been used in armed conflict. Most war ships and planes, tanks, missiles etc and military personnel live out their service lives, and are peacefully retired, without experiencing any armed conflict or battle.

For e.g.: During the Cold War, thousands of nukes, nuke bombers, ICBMs and nuke subs were made, but none were used in anger. NOT ONE. Some are still around, but the vast majority have been RETIRED...all still in “brand new” condition.

Anonymous said...

Moon landing is true. Michael Jackson was there, that is why he can do the 'moonwalk'. How else can anyone know how people walk on the moon?