AstraZeneca - 7 dead is worth the risk?

 AFP -'But MHRA chief executive, Dr June Raine, stressed that the benefits far outweighed any risks. "The public should continue to et their vaccine when invited to do so," she said.'

Can you believe what this MHRA chief executive said? The invitation for a jab could be an invitation to death for some. No matter how few died, it is not acceptable. One dead is not good enough. It is unsafe.

Official reports coming out from UK said 30 people suffered rare blood clot after receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine and seven have died.  For these 30 reported cases just in UK alone, how many were not reported and how many cases around the world and how many have died? And they are casually saying it is ok, benefits more than worth it?

In countries that are desperate when not getting vaccinated is a matter of life and death, such argument may be a no option option. In many countries when the situation is not dire, this vaccine should not be used especially when other vaccines are available. Even in UK, there are other vaccines, not just AstraZeneca. And also there are vaccines from Russian and China but for their own selfish political agenda, they chose not to use and preferred to use this Astrazeneca vaccine when blood clot and death are increasing.

You can imagine the kind of condemnation even if there is one single death for using Russian or Chinese vaccines but now officially at least 7 death and they are still saying it is ok and encouraging people to continue to use it, accept the invitation to death? This is the new moral authority from UK and the West. Die, die refuse to use vaccines from Russia and China and with many unable to be vaccinated and died because of this political reason.

How atrocious can these politicians be? Many would be invited for a vaccine jab. A few would be like the 7 dead, invited to die. And no one is feeling remorseful for the loss of 7 lives, probably more but not reported. and they are still selling this deadly vaccine, not withdrawn. Initially they claimed that the blood clot was not related to the vaccine. Now never mind, more alive than dead. 

Is this logic acceptable?


Virgo49 said...

Good Morning Mr RB

They will cajole and con all and sundry to have vaccinated in whatsoever vaccines except the China's ones as they are desperated with their rising numbers.

This is due to their past used to live decadent and pamper lifestyles of enjoying themselves that are now killing them.

One Stooge with uncombed and disheveled straw u kempt hair proud to announce a watering hole and the rest of their pubs and entertainment venues on April 12.

Thailand and many other countries are desperate to open their doors just for the sake of their economies.

Welcoming Sinkies to Thailand and mixed with the infectious Decadent Whites who are in doubt whether all had been vaccinated.

Even vaccinated, there is also no guarantee that you would not be infected again. No further studies and even covered up cases been hushed into silence.

Why Human Beans must have all these unnecessary and monies wasting activities to get themselves in danger.

Think this is Heavens Way to punish the Decadent Beans with their decadent lifestyles which they cannnot simply stop until things had ready been controlled.

Like your lives as Nuns, Priests and you be safe.


Anonymous said...

After decades of 'USA is always right' propaganda imbued inside the minds of those naive followers, what is logical is no longer acceptable or fashionable. The brain dead just follows the dictate of the USA, without thinking, without asking and it has now become automatic, just like the vaccines.

Yes heaven is punishing them. The leak in a huge storage lake filled with toxic chemicals is springing a serious break and will be a ecological disaster. More such disasters will follow with the USA infrastructure falling apart. Oh, they are setting aside trillions to put that right, though that promise has been touted for decades by both parties without positive action. This will be the same with Biden, nothing changes except creating conflicts and wars.

Anything to do with China now is bad, even it's vaccines. Any killings the USA carries out is good, all done to uphold democracy and human rights - manufactured hubris of course, like in Iraq. Proven but not taken into consideration by the walking dead.

Anonymous said...

If Chinese vaccines had been the cause of 7 deaths, I think the sky would have fallen with all the Western MSM declaring war on the Chinese. And like Trump's vagina mouth, it will all be China, China, China, even in his sleep walking.