Covid19 - A disaster waiting to happen

 Note. This piece was written a week ago before the ban on visitors from India was imposed yesterday. But many points are still relevant and need to be aired.


Learning from other people's mistakes. We have seen many countries that were doing quite well in controlling the pandemic but plunge into despair overnight just because of a slip or a little carelessness. There was only one case in the USA, now more than 30m cases.

Other than China, the only country that is taking this pandemic very seriously is Australia.  They don't mess around and clamp down quickly whenever a few new cases appeared. But they too are waiting for a disaster to happen as they are also in a hurry to want to open their economy. They have started gingerly with New Zealand. But all is one minor slip and the infection could spread beyond control. So far they are acting very fast and snuffing out every new cases that appeared. But luck can run out if one is flirting with this virus.

What about Singapore? We have 600,000 or so time bombs in the dormitories. Yes, they have been infected and have some immunity.  They are also checked frequently. Presumably all have been vaccinated but from what we know today, vaccination does not mean one would not be reinfected.

The other big hole in Singapore's control is to let in people from three of the worse infected countries in the world, the USA, India and Britain. Not sure which is the most infected as the numbers reported are not real, not the truth. To make matter worse, new strains keep mutating and getting more serious. 

And these people are let in and the only safe guard, when found positive, is stay home notice. (OK, this part is overtaken by events). There is this hope that after they recovered, all is well. Never heard of reinfection? Never heard of the virus still hibernating in their bodies? Never mind, no symptoms means ok and after stay home notice they can socialise with the locals, exchange their breath with the community. Not to worry.

In the same logic, those in the dormitories are safe, just let them out. There is nothing to worry about. Let them drink more Newater will do. Never mind the new cases from those that have recovered. These are once in 50 years stuff. These very nice people should not be kept in the dormitories or more will turn into wildlife like the one at One North that molested two locals, a student and an adult woman, on two consecutive days. He was so desperate and must satisfy his urges.

Singapore has been lucky so far. But for dancing with the virus daily, flirting with the virus with each new arrival, luck may soon run out. Many are very disturb by this over confident or lackadaisical attitude, open the door wide wide. OK, OK, door is closing now. Singapore is a lucky country. How dare the virus come here?

Singapore cannot afford to live with an outbreak that runs amok. It is better to be safe than sorry. Hong Kong is stopping entry of flights from highly infected countries like India. We were embracing everyone from India. Soon Hong Kong would also stop flights from Singapore if the Indians switch flights from Singapore to Hong Kong. But this is small problem, other people's problem.

The big problem, the big disaster is the numerous infected cases from India that are now residing here, in our community. It only takes a few cases to become infectious with the new mutants and we will be dead ducks. Why is Singapore exposing itself to such unnecessary risks, especially allowing people from India that is likely to be the worse infected country in the world to come in so easily? The unreported cases could be many times more than the reported cases in the USA?

PS. If one dose of mRNA not enough to cause adverse effects or mutation, what about two doses, three doses or more doses? As things develop, it is looking like getting vaccinated is an ongoing affair, not going to stop at 2 or 3. With more and more mRNA being injected into the body, the risk will only get higher. the probabilities for mutation will also get higher. 

When are we going to get Chinese vaccines that are produced using the traditional method? Why is this taking so long when half of the countries in the world are using it?


Anonymous said...

By Anna Mehler Paperny

TORONTO (Reuters) - Over the course of a single shift last week, critical care physician Laveena Munshi saw her intensive care unit (ICU) at Toronto's Mount Sinai Hospital fill with pregnant and post-partum COVID-19 patients.

During that week, the ICU doubled the total number of pregnant COVID-19 patients it had previously seen throughout the entire pandemic. Swamped with patients with complex medical needs, one day Munshi ended up pulling a 36-hour shift.

"You do what you have to do," she said.

Ontario's hospitals and ICUs have been crushed by a punishing third coronavirus wave, as depleted resources and overworked staff push Canada's healthcare system - often held up as a model for the rest of the world - to the brink. Yahoo News

This is God's answer to evil nations.

Anonymous said...

//...Why is Singapore exposing itself to such unnecessary risks, especially allowing people from India that is likely to be the worse infected country in the world to come in so easily? ..//

Put it in another way, if one go and ask those prostitutes and pimps do they close their bziness even the customers r contracted with viral diseases? Probably not close their bziness as they might tell one to wear a condom, or if they choose to shut their bziness then they got no money to make, or maybe they juz wayang wayang a little close a while then open with cautions ..

Anonymous said...

Good and appropriate analogy. Prostitutes cannot be choosy. Just open legs wide wide.

Anonymous said...

'Why is Singapore exposing itself to such unnecessary risk' unquote. It's the economy.

Everyone is jumping the gun by reopening fast when China reported GDP growth at 18.3% during the first quarter of 2021. Oh yes some will surely say it is fake. But let them be.

Many things said to be impossible for China to achieve, became real when it actually happened. Then they start to panic, impose sanctions, throw spanners, start trade wars, cancel agreements, fabricate lies. Like in Iraq, the world is today wiser and 'once bitten twice shy' motto is beginning to bite.

Germany, for example, is trying to unshackle itself from the evil empire. Not easy, but the signs are there. By creating the conflict in Ukraine, it forces Germany to take sides and of course, as a leading member of NATO, Germany is caught in a trap set by the evil empire.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkieland is facing the Opposite Dilemma of UAssA.

In the UAssA, the Blacks are Animals meant to hunt and killed.

The Whites are adamant hell bent to kill them. Now Chris Cuomo's hour comparison of how their White Police arrested their Whites and the Blacks.

The Whites are worse in resistance and violence in resisting arrests and they were arrested alive. Whilst the Blacks even though complied were shot dead.

In Sinkieland, the Leaders had a SOFT spot for the Blacks.

Even though they are the highest infected nation, they are allowed in without question until now when spreads are happening into clusters.

One infected bean can even caused a disaster with their new mutant or variant virus.

Why they have a SOFT spot for them?

The economy stupid! The economy at all costs.

Now the cat is out that constructions including the BTOs were be delayed.

Also, my oh my. Their so called professonals with their dependents are also allowed in at all costs.

They are under the mercy of our own Dark State to follow their wishes.

The Majority useless Chinkees are under their balls which they do not want to admit until now.

They were now just afraid of another pandemic within our Red Dot which may caused a downfall which we may never ever recovered.

A Scenario worse than a CB- Chee B short circuited.

Sigh just hope for the Best and prepared for the Worst.

If able to escape to Matland with daily two thousands plud cases safer than Sinkieland.

When another disaster strikes, RED DOT no where to run.

Even now bullshits two jabs so no use.

Pzfizer CEO laughing all the way to the Banks.

Anonymous said...

Pfizer CEO refused to be vaccinated using his own vaccines. Remember that.

Virgo49 said...

Also at the same time, our Natural Sheep Dog PM materials in the running Transport Minister is trying to revive our Most Prestigious Air Terminals of the World.

Allowing all kinds of beans, positive or negative to transit here.

Airports came alive and just lapse infected positive transit been can infected our Airport Workers and brought back to all and sundry until discovered.

That's be a disaster too late to contain.

So PM Ministers in.running must show their worth in salt and gold.


Anonymous said...

They collect millions in salary and perts but their work performance is below par and is not commensurate to the millions they pay themselves at taxpayers'expense. Now the fear is that as they are not up to the task they may run road and leave the country to die.

Anonymous said...

if the city-state wants to keep buying western weapons to deter against the countries in the north and the south, then the city-state really has no choice at all but to keep letting in indians/ethnic indians because everyone knows that western countries all are very friendly towards india and also japan.

Virgo49 said...

Wah buy their sky high wayang must passed by Congress weapons also must allowed all the begars that are friends to them to flood Sinkieland?

What's logic is this?

Actually, secretly they are so happy that so many dafts stupid countries kept buying their obselete weapons.

They needed the dafts as conned by their propaganda to keep paying them protection monies.

Anonymous said...

The Americans just screwed the Indians by sailing their warships into the Indian Ocean without informing them. Indians all the time thought Indian Ocean is their private pond and they are in charge. The Americans were sending a message to the Indians, cancel the deal to buy S400 SAM from the Russians or else.

The Indians thought they are in the Quads and the Americans would treat them with respect, afterall they are very useful as a tool against China. But the Americans just treat them as a tool, nothing more nothing less.

Buying weapons from the Americans and bringing in more Indians are two separate matters. No body knows what the imbeciles are thinking for doing this.

Anonymous said...

I fear Singapore's detection system for active infected cases in the community is not giving the complete picture. The selective proactive testing is not enough. The whole population has to be tested in order to get the full extent of infection in the country. More than one year has past and yet the 5.8 million people have not been tested completely yet. WTF is going on?

Virgo49 said...

Wow see the changes to the reshuffle of all the ministeries.

Square pegs in round holes and round holes in square pegs?

Luckily had my knee replacement operations and fully paid my bills.

Son of a Gan no more Health Minister taken over by You know who. Or Yew Tang

Wow wee lots of changes soon. Medisave, Medishield changes again???

Grab to your seats tight.


Virgo49 said...

Son of a Gan as Trade And Industry Minister?

Josephine Teo finally replaced by A more professional Man Tan See Leng.

Ah Seng as Education Minister. They will learn cotton comes from sheep. The Students will be lot smarter and most will go to Harbour Board instead of Havard.

Low Ran Wong as Finance Minister. His budget speeches will be peppered by his stares and gestures.

Son of a Gan looked more like a Doctor. He now Trade And Industry Minister.
What's a joke?

Please add if you would will.

Made my Day.

Poor HDB minister no change?


Anonymous said...

Alamak, why the house of cards reshuffling? Ai yah, some say change the soup but never change the medicine is no use one lah, lppl mah. All got one same mentality is to suck u all till the last drop & u mati is ur own business lah.

Anonymous said...

Got this funny feeling that the kingmaker thinks he is in full control while the real king sits quietly in a corner waiting to pounce and seize the crown when the right moment comes.

Anonymous said...

Would there be an Ides of March moment?

Anonymous said...

Chinese saying --鷸蚌相爭,漁翁得利(yù bàng xiāng zhēng yú wēng dé lì)

the third party benefits from the tussle。

Anonymous said...

Wa, probably Ah Chan in a safety spot as edu Min. Ah Ong now goto hell (health) min, woah Transport too challenging for him. Now Lawlang go become Fortune Min will he give ang pow or up the taxes no boli knows, maybe he be earmark as the next pm or dpm, when the times up his LauBan will put him as suicide squad at East coast to see whether he can win votes if win a bit like Ah Heng maybe he step aside again, by that time LauBan's Kia come out erection then tio zai yia la.

Virgo49 said...

Yes you are Right.

Minister of Finance normally will be Second Man to the PM seat.

That's the most important Ministry. Besides been the most tough Ministry as Admin CEO he also must have the quality of an Operations Man which this LownRan Wong fully qualified.

So he I reckoned be the next DPM.

We are either in safe hands or hard tough times soon as he is a tough nut to crack.

Hopefully hard nut to crack by outsiders and feared by them instead of by us.


Virgo49 said...

Also as to me This LowRan Wong had the ability as a Natural Born Sheep Dog.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Ah Long plays his Hames of Thrones. Test water Laulang first, see others got any sore eyes, if Lauland survive the test, than Cotton Chan will not be Puppet Man. However if Lauland can't make it, then Cotton Chan got upper hand to be Puppet Man. Wow all sui sui plan out by Ah Long to open a pathway for his son when he arrives (Ah Yang son said b4 a Dynasty is no good for this tiny island leh).

Anonymous said...

The outlook for Singapore is very bleak . .

Queen of Hearts said...

The Dark Horse Will Be The Sit-Warmer!

The musical chair is just a charade to keep every idiot and daft Sinkie guessing.

The Son of a Gan will be the next PM. He is the dark horse waiting on the sideline.

He is the best sit-warmer because he is the most beholden and obedient balls-carrying guard-dog.

All the rest, aspiring Pee Ayam to be, are totally unreliable as sit-warmers. They are too ambitious and have shown their hands too early.

Cotton from Sheep Chan-Mali-Chan-Hoay-Hoay is too famous a clown and court jester to be taken seriously by the people, by foreign dignitaries and by his own comrades. He will disgrace everybolee, even himself if become Pee Ayam.

Lowland Wayang is too fresh and still wet in the ears. Papees have been trying to advertise him with positive propaganda to test water for public acceptance but received hot and cold water treatments. So, his position is uncertain. He has yet to show any distinguished and outstanding performance. His co-handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic has left much room for improvement, though the media has been painting a rosy and picturesque achievement, which is not in sync with ground sentiments.

Oh Yew Tang has been rolling from Edusave to Transport and finally got transported to Hell, is highly errectic. First, he failed in the GE when stood alone against WP's candidate. Second, he failed as Edusave Minion. Then he failed again as Transport Man. He failed three times, big time. A rolling stone gathers no moss! In addition, the public look down on him for betraying his father's ideals and ideas. The public will not accept a traitor and triple-failure as the country's king-pin.

Therefore, the Son of the Gan will come in from behind, knocking all the three contesters out of the race.

He makes a good last choice. He is also a good actor. He knows how to wayang and deflect critical issues, problems and blames. He will obediently hand over the seat to the real clown Prince.

Anonymous said...

RB, the US running dog has sneaked in @ 1:45 am with engineered lies to smear China again.

Queen of Hearts said...

Prince Philip - The Dead Openly Well-Known Anti-Chinese Racist

Gemma Chan calls out British newspaper for making light of Prince Philip's 'casual racism'

Cydney Henderson

Gemma Chan called out The Sunday Times for making light of Prince Philip's "casual racism" in its coverage of his death.

The "Raya and the Last Dragon" star shared a "particularly irresponsible" excerpt from the British newspaper's front-page story on Instagram Monday.

Following Prince Philip’s funeral Saturday (he died April 9 at age 99), The Times' reporter Christina Lamb remembered the royal as "an often crotchety figure, offending people with gaffes about slitty eyes, even if secretly we rather enjoyed them."

"The fact that this was written by a journalist who should know better, approved by editors and sent to print," Chan, 38, wrote. "To trivialize casual racism in the most widely read Sunday broadsheet at a point when the Asian diaspora is experiencing a surge of attacks is deeply irresponsible."

According to The Independent – which recently published a list of 90 of the late royal's notorious gaffes – Prince Philip once told a British student in China in 1986: "If you stay here much longer, you will go home with slitty eyes."

Chan said The Times' article highlights the need for "more people of color in newsrooms."

"I am disappointed and hope if it was a mistake you are able to apologize and learn from it," Chan added on Twitter. She also urged her followers to sign a Change.org petition calling for The Times and Lamb to issue a "retraction + apology for anti-Asian racism."

The petition has received over 22,000 signatures, as of Tuesday evening.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is one reason why I refuse to post anything about this dead man. He and his son Charles were two daft privileged by birth British that were racist to the core.

Anonymous said...

There are many dark horses hiding in the dark corners.

Virgo49 said...

All these are accordingly to Chinese Gentlemen are PARASITES in the Real Word in the World which lived off the hardwork and toil of the humble fellow beans.

Still don't understand why these daft beans revered and honoured and feed them.

To the Chinese,you are classified into just two groups of living beans.

Either useless or useful beans who either destroyer or made their fair share of hard work and contributions to the world.

No two ways about it.

These Royalties are simply in the useless groups.


Anonymous said...

G'morning my fren,

Anonymous said... The outlook for Singapore is very bleak . ...April 23, 2021 5:55 pm

USA is no better regarding Covid-19 it's not gonna getting any better but worst. The County medical services offered residents: Pfizer, Monderna and J&J - many took J&J but I did not take the bite. Everyone must sign liability wavers. Holy cow turns out J&J another killer! I email my sister in M'sia not to take any jab but another sister in Singapore took Pfizer but she is OK.... I have health issues and most likely 50/50 chances of surviving. Why takes the chance? What if I dun makes’ it? My children are living far away... To my fens American is not a place you wanna be now or ever... Kindest Regards JC

Anonymous said...

This is a very good site for genuine China news...


Kindest regards JC