UK led naval strike force to enter within striking distance of China - An act of war

'The strike group will be led by the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, marking its maiden deployment. The ship, one of the UK's two aircraft carriers, is the largest warship the UK has ever sent to sea.

Joining the carrier will be two destroyers, two anti-submarine frigates, a submarine and two auxiliary supply ships, a ministry statement said.

A United States Navy guided-missile destroyer will sail with the group as well as a frigate from the Netherlands that will be tasked with air defense, the ministry said.'  CNN

A total of 10 warships, including aircraft carrier, submarines and nuclear weapons, will be heading to China, sailing through the South China Sea and East China Sea.  As the group has appropriately called itself, a 'strike group', it is an offensive military force capable of inflicting very heavy damage to China should it turn hostile once it comes withing firing range of its missiles and attack aircraft.

The concentration of such a formidable offensive force at the doorstep of China or any country without an invitation is unwelcome, is a hostile act. Any country facing such a show of force cannot take it lightly and allow the strike force free passage through its waters to within striking range of its weapons. China must declare this as a hostile act,an act of war, and take serious steps to prevent it from getting close enough to launch a strike at China mainland, just like the sneak Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. An attack by such a strike group at near distance would be very difficult to defend and would exact very serious damage to China in lives and properties. No country can afford to suffer a first strike from such a military force, not even China at close quarters.

China cannot simply protest and allow the strike group to get too near for its own security. China must draw a red line and crossing it would be an act of war. This is no simple freedom of navigation exercise. these are heavily armed warships ready to attack. It is not just a show of force. It is too dangerous for any country not to do anything. The risk is unacceptable. It is like the Russians placing missiles in Cuba that risked a war with the USA in the 60s.

Before China puts itself into harms way by not doing anything and allow the strike force to get too near for comfort, a hard decision must be made.  The evil Brits are not up to any good intention. Like the Chinese saying, ζ₯者不善, China must meet the Brits half way, not allowing such a massive military force near its mainland. A confrontation is called for and it is time China stand up to these military brutes and tell them to get lost or face the consequences of war.

China has no option. China has to make a stand. This is a small town bully foolishly thinking that it is big enough to threaten and bully China. It is time for China to take out the cane and whip them silly. A red zone must be drawn around China and crossing it would mean China would take offensive actions to sink the warships. Period. 

This message must be made known to the world and give notice to the silly Brits that this is not a game. This is violation of Chinese territory, a hostile act and would be challenged and stopped.


Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB and all

Good let the whole combined War mongering countries come together and once and for all be sunk and walloped blue and black by the Chinese.

If the Brits are so confident then it do not need the UAssA and what's other paralyzed NATO countries support frigrates and destroyers to be in this condemned folitta to be sunk by the Chinese.

When irriated, no it's provocations then it's high time for the Chinese to show their might to teach these MFs a lesson that will never ever dared to try again on the Yellow Perils.

They thought that the PRCs are like the Indons who cannot even operated a Grandfather's Sub.?

Before even they reached the South China Seas all will meet their DEATHS in the watery depths of the Straits of Singapore.


Anonymous said...

The white peril trying to conquer the world again.

Anonymous said...

When the Ukraine crisis was at it's peak, the realisation was that if a Russian Nuclear Missile hit the centre of London, the UK will disappear once and for all. That will be the end of the British Empire from the face of the earth.

It is ironic that people in glass houses continue to throw stones, failing to realise how fragile they are. Why do they still try to strut their feathers when the whole world knows it is all NATO. This is not WW2 when the Germans bombarded London and amid all the burning they managed to survive. One direct nuclear missile hit on London and it is gone with the wind. And that missile need not come direct from China. It could be from anywhere in the Atlantic, fired from a nuclear submarine.

Anonymous said...

They China is like a century and a half ago, unprepared and let the White gangster's gunboats threaten them without being able to retaliate? The Whites today have to wake the fuck up. This is the 21st century, not the 19th.

China just unveiled three new warships in one shot and one is a nuclear powered submarine. China knows war is inevitable and obviously are not waiting to build up their military till it is too late.

Anonymous said...


Play with fire!

UK don't know how to die lah...


Anonymous said...

OMG I thought the UK has major financial issues from leaving EU and now they still got time to por USA LP lol. There will come a time where we shall see loads of expensive AMDK scrap metal at the bottom of the South China Sea. The prince of wales and repulse lasted like 3 days vs japan. I doubt whatever they send now will last 3 hours haha

Anonymous said...

Today sinking the aircraft carrier is so easy. Just press a few buttons in the comfort of aircon rooms a few hundred miles away, or inside a submarine.

Anonymous said...

Boris Johnson said that the UK will not give vaccines to India. They do not have enough themselves. Does that tell us what is the COVID19 situation in the UK now? Must be serious.

Virgo49 said...

And also their selfishness that shown their true colours.

Your Ex Colony and now your ally needed them urgently to save their people and you said not enough for us.

Just one word "SORRY" you die your business.

Your people needed them now urgently?

Anonymous said...

Britain’s show of naval and air power is a relic from the shameful days of Empire… and a pitiful excuse to beg for trade deals

Chris Sweeney is an author and columnist who has written for newspapers such as The Times, Daily Express, The Sun and Daily Record, along with several international-selling magazines. Follow him on Twitter @Writes_Sweeney
27 Apr, 2021 13:37

Britain’s show of naval and air power is a relic from the shameful days of Empire… and a pitiful excuse to beg for trade deals

The British government’s plan to send a Royal Navy flotilla on a six-month world tour is a desperate idea from a country that is constantly referencing the past rather than planning for the future, and in real need of investment.

A nation that refuses to move with the times ends up living in a bygone era trading on past ‘glories’ and becomes an international embarrassment. That, right now, is Great Britain. RT

Virgo49 said...

Not onky an International Embarrassment but an International BEGGAR.


Anonymous said...

What is the ticket price for this British Circus starring clown BoJo?

Queen of Hearts said...

All China has to tell the Brits is that China's nuclear weapons are ready to fire at UK Netherlands and USA the moment the flotilla-la comes too close for comfort.

Virgo49 said...

And they have to scurry back to access the damages of their homelands.

Too late liao.


Anonymous said...

No need any war lah, these whites Brits will kena Covid-suiside themselves then balek kampong.

Anonymous said...

China must take this opportunity to show the world that Dongfeng aircraft carriers missiles worked. So many targets coming, of course, lock on every targets. Hit the weakest one first when the red line is breached.

Anonymous said...

Watch this video on Youtube by Alexander Mercouris = The mouse takes on the Dragon.

Quite interesting take on the issue of UK sending warships to the South China Sea indirectly to threaten China..

Virgo49 said...

Wow Anon

Just saw the video in entirety and sniggering all the while the foolishness of the Brits who wanted to challenge China with her puny Navy.


Anonymous said...

This is a good opportunity for China to exact sweet revenge for British crimes against China during the 19th Century.

Sink the Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. This is the most appropriate ship to sink, together with the name of Queen Elizabeth into the bottom of the ocean.

China, just do it.

The British ask for it.

Anonymous said...

The Whites not only owe China the debt of crimes committed against China, but also to so many other countries all around the world. Same for the Japs, who are now living always with the 'Sword of Damocles' hanging over their heads, for the crimes they committed during WW2 that are still not forgotten.

But smaller countries have no recourse but to remain cowed and obedient or the evil Whites will come for them like Iraq and Libya. It is bigger countries like Iran or nuclear enabled countries like North Korea that they dared not bully, but still finding ways and means to bring them down.

The White will always side with the Whites, no matter what. They have to, for fear of pent up retaliation by those non Whites whom they stamped upon in the past. Which White country is free of such atrocities?

Virgo49 said...

China is now actually trying to live in peace with all Nations and yet these itchy backsides countries still do not have satisfaction of their itchy backsides been screwed by her to stop their itches.

Most of the nick picking countries that provoked China now are those with deep grievances that China is trying to forget and forgive and lead as a Responsible Members of the International Community.

These imbeciles countries still does not realise the hideous wrongs and crimes they did to China and still wants to toy and provoked her.

When She is finally irritated and the Great Dragon breathes and blows her fire they gonna be toasted 100 percent degree burn.

All the pent up emotions of their humiliations of the past will be built up again in the heads and chests of the PICS and will be released with fire and fury.

So those idiotic countries better think several times before they are toasted by China for still trying to taunt and provoke her.

HELL had no fury when China is scorned

Many bitter debts that have to be settled if these unthinking countries still want to accumulate.

Their deaths will be the final answers to pacify an angry and now still patient China

This is thus the capability and mentality of the Chinese who are very tolerant and patient now.

The farking bits or Brits still think that they can hassle and bully China as in the old.

They with their cronies are just too tired of living.

China can grant them their wishes and send them All to HELL.

Anonymous said...

Biden's narrative now is that he will not allow China to overtake the USA during his watch. This tag line will be carried over to the next administration, Republican or Democrat, if China has still not overtaken the USA.

It is no more communism, because communism has given China the impetus to eliminate massive poverty and progress faster than the USA, with democracy a failing system and only benefitting the 1% super rich. This is borne out by the escalating poverty, homelessness and falling infrastructure in the richest country in the world. On the other hand the super rich's wealth have gone up by several trillions, reflected likewise in stocks they hold.

It is also no more terrorism, although still the main reason dragged out into focus to prolong their stay in Afghanistan, despite their talk of withdrawal. ISIS was said to have been created for the purpose of fermenting turmoil in the Middle East for the USA to remain. And while there, they are supplying arms to both sides of the conflict, doing a lucrative business in arms sales.

It is also no more about genocide or abuse of human rights because the USA itself is the biggest culprit in genocides, both at home and overseas. They also have no moral authority to talk about human rights with all the rampant abuse by Whites against Blacks and Hispanics.

Do watch those videos on Youtube by 'Difference Frames The World' in which China highlighted the USA's abuse of human rights. Two can now play the same game and is no more one sided.

The migrants sneaking into the USA were right to claim that they cannot be classified as 'illegal migrants' in the land that the Whites stole from them. It is perfectly logical!

Anonymous said...

In a fair competition, like in sports, the winner would be the one that trained harder, work harder to beat the opponents.

In the unfair world of the whites, when they are losing, they would throw obstacles in the path of their opponents, poison their food, break their legs, etc etc to win.