Covid19 - Why so difficult for China to provide vaccine trial data?

 The West have been fighting the vaccine war with China, bragging about their 95% efficacy rates and denigrating Chinese vaccines for low efficacy rates. With the passing of days, more and more problems are surfacing from the use of western vaccines, with some very deadly. Two are already on the verge of being banned but clinging on like the past great white hopes, desperately explaining away problems and adverse effects associated with them. On the other hand, Chinese vaccines using the proven traditional methods continue to be used widely with very little adverse effects, safe and with very good track records on reducing or preventing serious infections.

The West continue to demand for more data on Chinese vaccines as a way to smear Chinese vaccines. Yes the West can produce their own data, cooked their own data to suit their claims. China has some difficulties producing  data from their trials not because China was hiding or being not transparent. The West conducted their own vaccine trials themselves in their own countries with their own technicians and expertise. The Chinese did not have this privilege. 

China was hit by the virus first.  China was the first to map out the virus genomes and shared with the world.  China was the first to start work on the vaccines. Then came the road block because China was so successful in stopping the spread of the virus.  There were too few cases of infection in China to make conducting vaccine trials meaningful.  China needed to seek assistance and cooperation from foreign countries with high infection rates to conduct vaccine trials.

Several precious months were lost negotiating with countries on the trials and training foreign staff on the trial processes. By the time 5 countries agreed to conduct the trials, several months had gone by.  Thus China started the trials later than western countries.

This is not the only problem faced by the Chinese. China had to rely almost completely on foreign expertise in the conduct of vaccines trials.  The participating countries wanted to be the ones managing the trials. China could not use their experts to conduct the trials. China could not have full control of the trials and could not have dedicated and committed experts to see through the trials.  China was at the mercy of participating countries and their expertise to conduct the trials professional and zealously according to the prescribed methodology.

China was also at the mercy of foreign interference and sabotaged. There were elements in these countries that were less cooperative in conducting the trials, let alone western meddling to undermine the effectiveness of the trials. Without its own dedicated experts involved in the trials, China had to struggle to make the best of the data made available by foreign expertise. This is not the most desirable outcome for China. This could also explain the huge discrepancies in the efficacy rates obtained from different countries, ranging from 50% to 90% that made moderation and calibration very difficult. 

The same vaccines and recommended methodology but conducted by different experts in different countries with different understanding and commitments and level of training would lead to a wide range of results. The reconciliation process thus became problematical. How to make sense between 50% efficacy and 90% efficacy from the same vaccine but done by different people in different countries? If only China could do it on its own in China and write its own narratives like the West, the consistency of the trial data could be more manageable.

As it was, China has to make do with whatever data that were compiled by the different countries and their agencies. The shortcomings were never due to China being not transparent and not forthcoming but due to external circumstances. 

What is important today are the results. More than 100 countries have used Chinese vaccines and are happy with the results.  They were no major adverse cases or incidents, no blood clotting, no death etc etc and no chance for the West and its vicious media to talk bad about Chinese vaccines.

More and more western vaccines are going to stumble and their shortcomings cannot be covered or hidden for long.  AstraZeneca and John and Johnson are down and going out. Should have been stopped from use if they were not western vaccines. They are desperately trying to hang on to the two white hopes and praying that they could go on using them while gambling with other people's lives.


Virgo49 said...

Good Morning Mr RB.

Chinese Civilization by culture are polite and humble.

We don't go round boasting like Peacocks in the Land of Shits and Sewerages.

The Whites are uncivilised and uncultured and crude and uncouth.

They many sound polites to you face to face but they hated you with all their hypocrisies.

Thus, they are proned to boast and boast with their half tank Empty or full of shits and birds brains.

All their date will be debunked in days to come and the World's will cry fouls and appalled when they are finally revealed to have more adverse effects than good effects.

Mark my words MOT.


Anonymous said...

One truth about the whites Western medicine, theirs can't cure your illness totally. One example is the chronic disease like diabetes type II, hypertension & hyperlipidemia, when one takes the Western medications for these diseases it will never be cured in fact one goto keep on taking these medications for their entire life with even more higher dosages & will never be cured. Whereas if one takes the Chinese medicine there is a likelihood that it might be cured. Of course those very serious ones that need operation need to seek Western. But the Chinese Medicine r improving day by day even surgery they r also improving. China high mountains in certain regions provides natural sources of herbs & rare plants/herbs that not found in the West could even provide natural cure for many of the unknown diseases in the world. So don't discount the China Chinese medical experience & antidotes.

Anonymous said...

Put it this way - however much data China puts out, the USA and the West will always find reasons to accuse China of hiding some information or other. So, what is the point of arguing with them. China should concentrate on providing vaccines for those who want it.

Virgo49 said...


Western medicines even though they can find a cure, they will suppress the cure.

For there are millions to be made from their medicines.

This is how evils the Whites and their Western medicines are.

For so manu years they been researching the stem cells and their what's genomes and what's transplants

What's the results? Even though so many researchers in the whole wide world did the same. There's must be some headways but in the end you hear nothing from them.

So many of them presented their Research Papers but the big billionaire pharm companies just simply clamped them down with their monies.

Researchers are afterall humans and what's they did also purely for monies.

So in the end the billionaires became trillionaires and the researchers and Doctors are both happy.

Those poor chronic sufferers still have to carry on.their medicines which comes to billions of dollars every month or year.

What's Hypocrates Oaths, only Hypocrites Oaths.

Anonymous said...

I personally do not take those Western MSM articles at face value, nor even read them. The whole Western MSM is a propaganda cartel, whose job is to fabricate and exaggerate problems associated with unfriendly countries. They could not stomach the facts, so they add in toxic ingredients to change the whole dish and make it more palatable to the unwary and undiscerning readers, who will lap it up.

What happened to Iraq fits the perfect crime. The whole Western Media had to hype up the WMD and chemical weapons theory without even real facts to back them up. All that they had was the USA military establishment's agenda of wanting to get rid of Saddam. They, as responsible news outlets, do not care to check the facts, but instead provided further ammunition by adding more toxic elements to make their case more believable, fabricating fake videos, intercepted conversations and misguided intelligence. That fooled the whole world, and dragged them into the invasion of Iraq.

After the Iraqi war they could not find a single piece of evidence of WMD or chemical weapons. But wait, they did find 'Chemical Ali', shhhh...hiding and clutching a can of milk power in a collapsed milk powder factory which the USA bombed, saying it was a factory making chemical weapons. And what did the UN, human rights watch and those who participated in the war said - just as expected 'Baa baa baa' the language of sheeps.

That episode in Iraq practically destroyed the credibility of the Western MSM till today and destroyed the image of the journalism profession. Suffice to say, even the Brits themselves have lost faith in the credibility of their BBC.

But now, the propaganda cartel is back doing it's dirty business of toxification of facts about Xinjiang and may yet drag the world into another 'Iraq version 2'. That will be a real shame if the rest of the world fall for the same trick twice. But is looks incredibly coming true!

Anonymous said...

Their intention is not to cure, but to prolong the ailment with medication, so that they can continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the patients. Cancer and some uncommon sickness medication is so extremely expensively priced, but in actuality is cheap to produce.

It is a win win situation, both for big pharma providing the long term medication and the doctor. They work hand in glove. Forget about the oath. People swear at marriage ceremonies and in court, but of what use?

Anonymous said...

Yes, just like wars, they do not fight to end a war. They fight to prolong wars, to make money by selling weapons.

War is big business for the Americans, selling weapons and war machine. Their sole business. Without wars, they could only sell Apple iphones and soya beans.

Anonymous said...

Apple is not what it was few years ago. With new products at atrocious prices, people are wising up about changing their phones every year. With little input to enhance the product and making changes that do not match the price increases, people are wondering whether it is worth paying for upgrades.

Will Apple iphones go the way of Nokia? Hard to tell. Who could touch Nokia in it's hey days! When Nokia suffered almost a total collapse, even Microsoft could not save it. Never say never.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The only time the Americans chose to end a war was when they are losing. When they are in control, in charge of a war, to kill at will without being killed, they would prolong the war to eternity, to test their weapons on the hapless and defenceless, to perfect their weapons and killing strategy.

The only time they chose to end the war quickly was in 1951 when they were walloped by the poorly equipped PLA volunteers in Korea. Two years and they had had enough, unable to win and being killed, so they called it quit.

Anonymous said...

246 Fully Vaccinated People in Michigan Test Positive for COVID-19; 3 Dead
By Zachary Stieber
April 7, 2021

95% efficacy? Who is bluffing?

Anonymous said...

May be 246 is 5%?

Virgo49 said...

Ya bro with their what's Patent Trademarks Coverage for seven years at the price that they choose to sell to you.

Then after that you can have your generic products.

What's blood suckers?

Saved the World?

Lined their pockets.