Covid19 - Vaccine Imperialism

  “In a war—which this situation is, though we fight against an invisible enemy—you need to do whatever you can to make it stop,” Zeman told me in an email. “I frankly don’t think that receiving vaccines means losing independence, or any similar repercussions. It’s a business deal, for God’s sake.” Czech's President Milos Zeman

Michael McFaul, a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, he said that fears of Moscow and Beijing leveraging their influence over receiving countries are overblown. “We grossly exaggerate the payoff you get from trying to play geopolitics with humanitarian crises,” McFaul said. Plus, “it doesn’t do any good to say that China or Russia are using their vaccines to undermine our interests if you don’t have something else to offer.”


The above are two quotes from The Atlantic to emphasise what vaccines are all about, the saving of lives, not fighting a war of influence. But this has turned out to be a war as far as the Americans and the 5 eyes countries are concerned. It is another case of you are with us or against us. If a country is with the Americans, they must not use Russian or Chinese vaccines or they would be treated as against the Americans.  Some countries that have bought Chinese and Russian vaccines have stopped using them even after receiving the vaccines and paying for them for fear of offending the Empire.

This is the new American Imperialist War. The Americans would not allow its allies, in particular the EU countries and its cronies spread across the world to use Russian and Chinese vaccines. EU is facing the biggest brunt, with insufficient supply of the American vaccines but unable to accept the use of Russian and Chinese vaccines.  The simple tool to prevent them from doing so is approval.  Vaccines that were not approved by the American or EU authorities cannot be used in their respective countries. Germany and France and a few other EU countries have mooted to bring in Russian and Chinese vaccines but have backed off due to American opposition. A few eastern EU countries defied the ban and went ahead to have Russian and Chinese vaccines for their people.

The Americans are using the control and use of the vaccines to define their Empire and to control members of the Empire. In a way this is like playing God, who can have the vaccines and live and who cannot have the vaccines and die. The world is now divided into two camps, the American Empire and the rest of the world. China and Russian combined have distributed their vaccines to more than 100 countries outside the influence of the Empire, some getting the vaccines free, some at minimal cost.

The American Empire would want to do the same but unfortunately they were not able to produce even enough for themselves. And with the Americans first policy, more than 95% of American produced vaccines are kept for domestic use, leaving a trickle for their neighbours and allies. This pathetic situation risking the lives of hundreds of millions of American allies did not deter the Americans to be more magnanimous in a world crisis to loosen their grips and allow their allies to use Russian or Chinese vaccines.  They die their own business. There is a saying that it is easier to buy American weapons than buying vaccines from the Americans.

In the meantime, having cornered the vaccine market, the Americans are blowing their horns that they would share their vaccines with their allies and cronies, caveat, after they have vaccinated all the Americans. They are ramping up production but at the rate it is going, it would take at least another year before they could vaccinate all Americans. The rest of the Empire have to wait for their turns, if the day comes.

With the efficacy and immuned life of the vaccines at only 6 months or so, all Americans would have to go for another round of vaccinations before even all the Americans are vaccinated.  This is looking like the proverbial dog chasing its tail, an unending story of manufacturing the vaccines to meet and unstoppable demand. When then would the American allies have a chance to have their people vaccinated to the level of herd immunity with just the American vaccines? The Americans could only provide for 20% of the needs of their allies and cronies at best. This is American Imperialism at its best.

The rest of the world would likely have their full share of the vaccines from China and Russian. India was trying to fill the gap for the Empire with licence to manufacture AstraZeneca. This too is facing huge problems in the home front, rising infection rate and insufficient supply to feed the domestic demands. India has since stopped exporting its limited supply of the vaccines. What could make matter worse is that AstraZeneca is facing a credibility crisis. Many countries have stopped using AstraZeneca or posed stringent limits on its use.

American Vaccine Imperialism is here to stay and the allies and cronies are likely to pay a heavy price in the lives of their people. Not using Russian and Chinese vaccines can be deadly.  Even when the Americans are able to manufacture enough vaccines for export, maybe in 3 or 5 years, the cost could also be prohibitive to many of their allies and crony countries, not counting the difficulties in storing the -70C vaccines.

The rest of the world can do without this neo evil American Vaccine Imperialism. And they have China and Russian to thank for.


Virgo49 said...

Good Morning Mr RB

After the six months then another one or two millions Americunts gonna to die again.

We have also to go for our third jab if available or any or is it a waste of time, energy and monies from respective countries.

Don't really know it works or not. All hai kow yew talks. Later they can always said oh its because of the new variants. These are booster jabs. They are notorious for lies.

Don't be surprised that the China's and Russians's ones are effective for life.

That's why the WHO don't sanction that these are guarantees for World's Travels.

They knew Captalists countries must reopened their border as soon as possible as they need to make as much monies as possible to recoup their lost time and hefty investments.

Thus they would want to make as much monies as possible even with the lost of lives.

To them collateral damages to my wealth. Your lives not important as to my wealth.

Your lives are worth pennies but What's I lost bleeds my heart.

Anonymous said...

From this you can see the wickedness of the USA. So wicked, it boggles the mind.

They would not even allow countries to save themselves. All they want to see is total destruction just to suit their agenda. Even allies are being treated with disdain. How could the EU tolerate them is beyond comprehension. How could Germany be forced to abandon Nord Steam 2 when it was they who wanted the project to give the EU cheaper Russian gas.

As Robert di Nero said of Trump, even gangsters have morals. It should apply to the whole USA establishment, Republicans and Democrats. Immoral and shameless!

Anonymous said...

The whites have been lying and lying and continue to manufacture more fake news and disinformation to lie with no sense of shame after being proven over and over again that they were telling white lies.

See how they exploited and abused the Arabs and Muslims to serve their agenda for hegemony. Fabricated lies to invade Arab and Muslim countries, killed their leaders and stayed on to steal their oil and wealth.

Now manufactured lies about genocides of Muslims in Xinjiang to pretend they are the protectors of Muslims! How outrages! No sense of shame.

Americans are a people made up of liars, shameless liars.

Virgo49 said...

See this video Plandemic Documentary : The Hidden Agenda Behind COVID 19


The Evilness of the Americans which involved so many of their Bullshits promiment Doctors of Fark Chee etc and also that Bastard Capitalist Bill Ungated who wanted to made monies on the lives of others and their miseries

Queen of Hearts said...

Singapore case. Work Pass Holder from India staying in dormitory, got infected even after getting two vaccine jabs, in Jan and Feb. Still got infected in April. Tested positive on 7 and 9 April.

That means the Pfizer vaccine's effectiveness only lasted for two months. They can boast of 95% efficacy but effectiveness is found wanting. That is why they keep trying to sell the notion that you must keep renewing your jabs every few months. This is big time money for the evil big pharmaceutical companies - lying and deceiving the idiots who called themselves experts.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Many gullible people still believe in their sales talk and marketing numbers. 95% efficacy? To me it is bullshit.

There have been so many cases of people infected after two doses.

They havebeen hiding so many adverse data. Notice how the western media maintain a silence on the number of adverse cases and reinfections?

Virgo49 said...

Oh Queen of Hearts.

Two months? Maybe not even effective.

He lucky lucky escaped any contacts with any COVID patients thus escape two months.

Anonymous said...

If he is staying in a dorm, did he get it from his dorm mates, or did he spread to his dorm mates?

Anonymous said...

A new variant of Covid19 virus that is more infectious has now been discovered india.Its part of the reasons the daily spike in cases that caused India into another lockdown.
As majority of imported cases are from that country, Singapore should be on high alert or impose a temporary ban of travel from India

Unless the authorities think 'FTs' are more important to the economy and maintain the status quo of travel.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, when the virus hears the name Singapore it will scare them to death. How dare the virus come into Singapore?

And all those coming into Singapore are free from such viruses and would not infect Singaporeans. They sure have certificates to prove they are virus free or already vaccinated. Not to worry.

Anonymous said...

What if such certificates are fakes like University degrees? If they can fake University degrees, can you trust the vaccination certificates?

SSO said...

That Indian work tot he got two jabs, so must be immuned and safe. So went back to India and collect the new strain of India COVID-21 and come back to Singapore to spread the virus.

Singapore must enact new laws to curb such spreading by unscrupulous and/or unthinking idiots.

This is only the tip of the iceberg.

How many of such asymptomatic cases have gone undetected? Nobody knows for sure. Not even MOH or the Task Force.

Never or failed to detect does not mean there are no infected persons happily spreading the virus all over Singapore.

Virgo49 said...

Whether you are vaccinated with two jabs does not guarantee that you are immune.

So said the WHO who even said avoid all Travels if you can as there is no guarantee that you won't be infected.

So many countries with their all high infections reports and kept welcoming you.

For example Tiger Land with all their half naked and bikini clad tigers, oops.Thai Girls wanting you to join them in the Heavens. (HELL) if infected.

Good for those with uncontrollable Travels and sex lusts.

Short cut to Hell and fast.


Anonymous said...

For the banana type, it is so easy to believe in white lies and they would jump at every opportunity to accept white lies as truth. These gullibles whole heartedly believe in the efficacy rates claimed by Pfizer and Moderna and kept discrediting China's official rate as too low to be good. Only Pfizer and Moderna with more than 95% efficacy rates are the real stuff, the good stuff.

Israel has vaccinated a huge portion of its citizens with Pfizer vaccines and should be very safe. But Israel has just announced that 12,000 of its people that have received two jabs of the Pfizer have been infected by Covid19.

Now what does this say about the effectiveness of Pfizer vaccines? 95% efficacy!????

You think about it and make your own judgement. Think, don't blindly believe like the bananas, always want to be believers of white lies and not wanting to question anything about their white masters.

Anonymous said...

Israel may have reached a ‘sort of herd immunity’ from COVID, expert says

Israel may have reached “a sort of herd immunity” and can safely ease further restrictions, a top expert said Saturday.

With over 4.9 million Israelis fully vaccinated, the number of daily coronavirus cases has plummeted by 97 percent, Eran Segal, a computational biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science, told Channel 12.

“It is possible that Israel has reached a sort of herd immunity and regardless, we have a wide safety net,” Segal said. “I think that makes it possible to remove some of the restrictions immediately.”

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile in Israel: Continuing to crush the curve despite a nearly fully open economy

From the peak of mid-January:

96% fewer cases
90% fewer new daily critically ill
85% fewer deaths

Daily cases (weekly avg) now at 327, hasn't been this low since June 2020

Anonymous said...

They still believe that a lie repeated often enough will become the truth.

The thing is there are now such a thing as avenues like Social Media countering such lies today, not like 30 or 50 years ago. When lies are perpetuated by the only source of information which is the MSM, brainwashing was a walk in the park. It is different today.

Anonymous said...

Six months after the vaccinations we will see the truth. Herd mentality is big Pharma's route to prosperity.

Virgo49 said...

Simple lah bro.

They will have something up their sleeve even a Pri Six student can tell you without blinking of their eyes.

Well? No more effective? What can I say. These virus kept revolving and now they have new variants which our old.vaccines wont work on them.

Anyway, we had without rest discovered new vaccines to counter this virus. (Our monies making god of fortune as implanted by our Americunts and sponsored by our great greedy billionaires with Bill Ungates as one WHO every one thought that he is a Good Man)

So voila you are damn lucky we have the new vaccines but now must have three jabs instead of two.

Behind closed doors champagne glasses are clinking and celebrations going on with Dotard Trump as the Main Guest Devil in Honour as the man who implanted the COVID Virus in Wuhan.and then started blaming them turning lies into their truths to blame China.

Anonymous said...

If one is to look at the Covid cases in Singapore, everyday about 20 are imported, what happened?

They just stay at home. No need to do anything. After a few days all is fine. No more Covid. And those infected can go out and play, no longer infectious.

So what the farce is all about? The infected cases healed themselves, the virus disappeared. And no longer can spread in the community.

Is this the case? Never heard of any infected cases on stay home notice not cured. All cured, so easy.

So, what is the problem?