Me, The Lucky Millionaire?


Me, The Lucky Millionaire?

If I am assured of striking lottery of more than $1,000,000 a year, for the rest of my easy-peesy life, would I be so stupid as to deprive myself of this rare and special gift that my God (or Godfather, whichever appropriate) has engineered for me?

And in return for that all I have to do is to take and follow orders?

And all my brain-works are actually done by my subordinates, my consultants, the specialists and some young up-and-coming "promising" scholars?

And my supervisory role is done by my personal secretaries and the many side-kicks I have been given.

And I don't need to shoulder any responsibility whatsoever when I blundered. All I have to do is to give a statement that I do not accept what others say about my role, responsibility and performance, whatever they maybe?

What a wonderful life!

Do you think I will care for my own rice bowl more than I care about you, the digits most of whom I don't even know existed?

And doing it day by day, month by month, and year by year, I have become so accustomed to such comfy, easy-peesy, multi-million job with no responsibility (with scapegoats aplenty down below always ready to cushion the blow for me), what do you think I will become?

A Fat Cat? That cannot catch the mouse?

Over-confidence, arrogance, incompetence and inefficiency set in, naturally with time?

And I don't even put my clothes on anymore, exposing myself totally naked, yet I keep wearing a mask to cover my face, to hide my real face from the world?

Thank my lucky star! Thank God! Thank Godfather!



Anonymous said...

Just wondering, how to pay so much for doing so little.

Anonymous said...

That is called gagi buta in Malay.

Anonymous said...

Why is Mr Shanmugam holding two Ministerial posts for so long? No Opposition parties have even dared to ask this question?

Is he also paid two times the Ministerial Pay Grade?

Everyone has only 24 hours a day. No matter how capable he may be, he cannot double his time to 48 hours a day. That means some of his works in either ministry will have to be delayed in order to give way to higher priority works in one of the ministries. This is only logical and natural.

Why is there no other ministers able to take over either the Law Ministry or Home Affairs Ministry?

These two ministries are actually highly likely to have conflict of interests. One creates the laws while the other enforces and maintains the laws. That means the later cannot be independent in terms of decision-making if under one person. There is bound to have a certain degree of bias, seeing the same issue from same pair of eyes and thinking by the same brain.

One person can shoulder two ministries only on a temporary basis of perhaps two to six months. But should never be such a long period of time. Something is seriously not right in the eyes of the public and taxpayers. The people are not getting their moneys worth.

Yet there are spare Ministers to hang around in the Prime Minister's Office and some holding 2nd Minister posts of Senior Minister of State posts. This is becoming ridiculously laughable. On the one hand, someone has to shoulder two ministries. On the other hand, there are spare tyres everywhere. This reflects very poorly on manpower management and leadership at the very top.

Sorry to point this out. But facts are facts. They can't be swept under the carpet. No matter how inconvenient or embarrassing, the facts must be discussed and tabled to educate the public and the public-office holders as well.

Is Singapore really a parliamentary democracy or actually a dictatorship?

Anonymous said...

It could also mean that the two ministries have very light or little works, or super easy and simple to handle in the eyes of "God". Switch-off ministries?

Anonymous said...

Why don't simply merge the two ministries into one. The Home Affairs Ministry was together with the Defence Ministry as the Ministry for Interior and Defence before.

Anonymous said...

Constitutionally wrong to have two ministries under one Multi-Million dollars Minister. Also, organisationally incompetent and inefficient. Two brains are definitely better than one. Unless, of course, if duds are chosen. In that case, too many cooks spoil the soup. Period.

Anonymous said...

The get-rich-quick scam has been taking Sinkies for a long and winding ride for a very long time. Sinkies are easy to bully.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon

Not hang around lah.

Bluff bluff got invited to those now then start manufacturing companies and looked into their productions

Long long time ago should have started these factories instead of now.

Caught with pants down this pandemic where many sunset sectors are caught flatfooted and dead.

Want to pan.sai than look for jambans.

Also the MOM or MUM minister just went round sebok sebok looked into what's any safety offences.

These Ministers on their tour still gets their gaji butas salaries.

Virgo49 said...

One Ministry have one Full Time Full Pay Minister.

Then he will have assistants as follows:-

1) One Senior Minister of State to his Ministry

2) One Junior Minister of State to his Ministry

3) One Perm Sex oops Sec.

4) Secretaries and all admin staff.

Maybe also another Senior Minister of State will also be seconded to this Ministry.

Thus One Ministry have so many chiak lao bread and butter.


Virgo49 said...

Forget to add this Senior Minister of State is from another Ministry.

So many long runways and hands holding.

Sinkieland can even.get pure breed Shepard dogs that does their duties without holding hands and have long runways to run.

What's a joke!

LKY and GKS and HSS know they will.kicked arses.

Virgo49 said...

Should be CANNOT get pure breed Shepard dogs that don't need training.

What's a short of talents.

Anonymous said...

When one minister helms two ministries, either he is a superman or the two ministries not much work, so only need one minister.

When one ministry has two ministers, either the work load is too big or too difficult or the ministers are incompetent, so needs two to do one man's job.

Anonymous said...

There was a long period of time, when the PMO has one PM, two DPMs, two Senior Ministers, one Minister Mentor and four Ministers Without Portfolio, what does it tells all of us, the taxpayers?

Where else in the world has such a luxury?

Taking Singaporeans as fools! Period.

Anonymous said...

Singapore – A migrant worker who molested a teen and teaching support staff member at One-North was sentenced to 20 months’ imprisonment and three strokes of the cane on Wednesday (Apr 14).

Mr Rahaman Shahinor, 32, from Bangladesh, pleaded guilty to two counts of molestation while he was employed at the construction site for agri-business firm Wilmar International at One-North Link, reported Today on Apr 15.

Mr Rahaman committed the offences on his victims, a 13-year-old and a 30-year-old, at a secluded part of the Forest Canopy Boardwalk at One-North Park Fusionopolis South during two consecutive days.

This wildlife is like the hungry otters or hornbills, when hungry and desperate, no longer so nice and friendly, and would not commit crimes.

Beware of wildlife, stupid Singaporeans. Stay away from wildlife.

Anonymous said...


Who ask you last time don't study smart smart like them can earn BIG BIG $$$$$$$$$$!

Now can only kpkbssssssss here!


Anonymous said...


SSO said...

Crowd-Funding As An Indirect Form Of Redress By The Court Of Public Opinions?

Following in the footsteps of Leong's successful crowd funding to pay the entire sum of $130,000 to pay Lee for the defamation suit on Leong's posting of a link to an article in a Malaysian website, Roy has also managed to crowdfund the entire sum of $144,000 owed to Lee due to the court's award of $150,000 to Lee for the defamation suit on Roy's article about the CPF Scheme six years ago.

The payment of $150,000 is to be done in monthly instalments of $100 for six years. Thereafter, $1000 per month until 2033.

Such a long-drawn cruel/merciful punishment!

By 2033, another 12 years to go, may be one of the two parties would be dead already?

Justice must be seen to have been done. It must also be seen as impartial and not contaminated or twisted in anyway whatsoever.

There should be no doubts, displays or indications of fear, favour or ill-will on the part of those who decide on the ultimate outcome in the applications of the common and civil laws.

The collective minds of the educated and learned discerning public are more powerful and impartial than any individual or group of legal practioners.

The fact that both Leong and Roy are able to attract the public to contribute the full amount required in both instances in record times means there is a very strong public Message being sent to those involved in the outcome of the defamation law suits.

To me, it is a form of redress by the Court of Public Opinions on what the public might have seen or considered as injustice, miscarriage of justice, wrong application or misinterpretation of the defamation laws. This is only my personal view.

What do you think?

Virgo49 said...

Latest reports

Now Sinkie Govt reviewing border controls after a new cluster is formed and discovered.

All from India.

Itchy backsides.

HK already banned them and yet we still receiving them.

Now what's another seven days SRN.

If they are infected one hundred days they also will spread.

Playing with fires till got burned

SSO said...

Redress Of Injustice

Redress of injustice can come in several ways. Not necessarily by the way of the legalistic courts through fallible human judges who are imperfect beans subjected to all sorts of natural and unnatural influencing factors and sectors.

Humans are the most emotionally unstable creatures on Mother Earth. A judge's thinking, interpretation of the laws and decisions can easily be influenced by countless factors and sectors. No one can claim that he is perfect under any circumstances. No one should even dare to think that he is perfect in anyway, in anything, in any subject.

No one is an actual expert as far as the laws of man are concerned. Why? Very simply put, it is because the man-made laws are made by imperfect human beings and interpreted and applied by imperfect human beings!

Man-made laws, like man-made languages, are evolving all the time. What was considered right yesterday can be considered wrong today. What is considered right today might be considered wrong tomorrow. It all depends on changing circumstances and changing environments, from country to country.

Personalities also play a very substantial part in the interpretation and application of man-made laws. No one person in the world can claim that he is always fair, unbias, non-corrupt, non-influenciable, totally upright and completely fair in all situations, under all circumstances.

A strong and steady character differs widely and significantly from a weak and meek character. An appointed position differs widely and significantly from a self-made and elected position.

Especially in any case involving high-powered dignitaries verses commoners, whether perceived or real, there is a strong tendency for the public to scrutinise the judge (or judges) and his (or their) judgement more closely and in depth, more inclined towards thinking that undue behind the scenes influences directly or indirectly could have been the devil in the works of deliverance.

Especially so, when records show distinctly that out of 10 cases involving high-powered personalities, at least 8 resulted in favour of the high-powered personnel, then the whole legal system and process is automatically called into question by the educated and learned discerning public. A 50/50 probability would be more palatable. A 80% tilt towards one side, any side, of the scale of justice cannot and must not be so easily accepted and swallowed, and happily pat one another's back and move on. If it does and carries on for a long time, frictions will accumulate, until one final day it will explode for sure. This kind of ostrich mentality cannot and must not be condoned for the good of our nation and the future of our people.

Yes, justice is blind. But the problem is that judges are not blind!

Therefore, redress of injustice must also come from the following ways:

1. Divine Intervention.

2. Natural Justice.

3. Court of Public Opinions.

SSO - 21 April 2021, Wednesday.

SSO said...


May you please publish for me my second article "Redress Of Injustice" first and then on the next day my article on "Crowd-Funding As An Indirect Form of Redress By The Court Of Public Opinions".

Thank you very kindly.


Virgo49 said...

Judges are also human with their own prejudices and likes and dislikes personalities.

Also their upbringings of rights and wrongs and their inborn tastes of prejudices that may affected many a wrong judgements.

They must-have a fair sense of justices on their minds without discrimination to his and her own personalities of likes and dislikes.

See the Lady of Justice with her eyes covered with a cloth signifying that she must not discriminate a person whether they are rich, poor, literate. illerate, high and low status in society.

She must be blinded to all these and judge the case based on the facts and merits.

But many a Judge as I are also human with their prejudices thru years of likes and dislikes and may simply dislikes an innocent bean due to their prejudices of likes and dislikes.

Also, some are weak beans simply afraid to make any adverse or controversial judgement that may be hurt his career with the Establishment.

It takes a very Impartial and Upright Judge that dared make Fair and Correct Judgements.