Nobel Peace Prize needs a cleansing



Listen to a Norwegian talking about how the Nobel Peace Prize has been dragged through the mud and going completely against the will of its founder, Alfred Nobel. The mission of the Nobel Peace Prize was to recognise and reward people who have contributed to improving and uplifting the lives of humanity, disarmament and peace, not wars and killings and manufacturing and selling arms.

The recent recipients of this Prize were people that have not contributed anything as required for this Prize. Obama was awarded the Prize a few days after he became President of USA, done nothing yet but eventually proven to be a warmonger, killing a lot of innocent people through wars, dropping the most bombs of all American Presidents. The award of a Peace Prize to Obama has totally discredited and destroyed what the Nobel Peace Prize was supposed to be.  It was the most shameful thing to do for this organisation, to award this reputable Prize to someone that had done nothing worthy when he received it but then went on to do everything against what the Prize was created for.

And the most deserving individual that should be honoured with such an award, lifting 800m people out of poverty, initiated the Belt and Road Initiative to connect millions of people, bring prosperity to millions of people in more than 100 countries, a massive project for economic growth and peace, is still not recognised and nominated for this Prize, is an insult and abuse to the spirit of the Nobel Peace Prize.

When would anyone with some sense of justice, nominate Xi Jinping for the Nobel Peace Price for the things he had done in the spirit and mission of the Nobel Peace Prize?

It is very shameful that this honourable Peace Prize has been politicised and hijacked by the Americans to honour the crooks and murderers, the warmongers but refused to recognise the deserving individuals that this Prize is supposed to honour. The contributions of Xi Jinping for humanity and peace of humankind are unmatched by anyone alive today. The BRI may still be work in progress, but take a look at Africa and see what China under Xi Jinping has done to rebuild Africa into a new continent of growth and opportunities and the uplifting of the lives of hundreds of millions of Africans, once exploited, looted and left to rot by the European Empires. 

Xi Jinping not only improves the lives of 1.4b Chinese but also hundreds of millions of Central Asians and Africans. No one in human history has done a fraction of what Xi has achieved during his time in office. But for political reasons, no one would dare to even suggest to include Xi Jinping as a nominee for this Prize. 

How hypocritical this Nobel Peace Prize has become. It is turning into a joke that honoured warmongers and murderers but ignored those that really contributed to peace and progress for humankind. It should be renamed as the American Dishonourable War Prize. Alfred Nobel must be turning in his grave for the insult to his noble contribution to better civilisation.


Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB

Practically, all the World's organisations and their affiliates organisations are been managed and held by ransome by the Whites.

So what's you expect?

They will nominated Xi Chin Ping?

Unless these White and Fair Bastards are called Sing Xing Pin!

Chee Sin as Cantonese said.

Seow as Hokkien said.

Purahh murah as the Indians said.


Anonymous said...

Hong Kong to Ban Flights From the Philippines, India, Pakistan


Anonymous said...

All the travellers going to Hong Kong can transit through Changi to by pass the ban. QED.

Anonymous said...

It is up to the West to twist their narratives to award such prizes to who they think must go to, not what such a person has done to deserve it. It is not just dragging the name of the Noble Peace Prize through the mud. It is making a mockery of the award and devalues it's significance.

The award to Obama is ultimately the most sickening, damaging and demeans the objective of creating the prize by Alfred Nobel. If Trump had been given his second term, he will probably be the second US President to be awarded the prize. He was aiming for it all along.

That is why anything controlled by the Whites become toxic waste in time to come. The IMF, the World Bank, the UN, the Olympics, are all such entities that have lost their way. For carrying the Western agenda, they have now lost the competition to China's aid to Africa, South America and South Asia. They are resorting to sabotage and throwing spanners into such Chinese projects all over the world, particularly along the BRI.

As long as such bodies are controlled by the evil Whites, do not expect any mainland Chinese to have a sniff of such awards, however much their achievements. But never mind being awarded such a prize carries little prestige knowing it is already highly eroded in significance.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the travel 'bubble' between Red Dot and Hong Kong? Seeing Red Dot importing daily infections from India, Hong Kong is not foolish enough to create a travel bubble that may be hazardous to them to say the least.

SSO said...

The Nobel Peace Prize should be known more appropriately as the NO BELL PISSED PRICE!

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon 9.40

The nail that knocked directly into the Head.

Warmongering and Murderous Americunts Presidents are all given the Nobel Peace Prizes!

What's a Joke with murderous blood on their Hands!

They called them Peace Loving?

Their idiology is You must have Wars to Have Peace.

So our Great Scholars all went to their Prestigious Military Colleges or Institutions to learn their Art of Warmongering Wars.

What's Farking West Point where their Soldiers dressed as Tin soldiers in their Traditional Grabs.

We have our West Point in Pasir Panjang long time ago why go to their West Point to learn.?

That's why our Great Leaders always spout this slogan in our faces: "If you want Peace prepare for War" as to taught and progated by their White Instructors and Masters.

Whereas China always have this Slogan.

"Live in Harmony where you will have Peace and Prosperty"


Simple as that.

Why spend so much negative energies looking for fights like Hang Tuah and Hang Chiak Liak?

Stupidity got no cure.


Virgo49 said...

We have a tenacious and able PM ayam materials Minister that wanted to jumpstart our Air Hub and Terminals and shown the World that it could be done.

To prove his worth in the runnnng to be the next PeeAyam.

So if it is successful than it would be Sinkieland to teach the World a thing or two how to turn an economy round.

What's if things goes wrong, then just too bad we be collateral damages.

You must try and try never to give up and be PM worth materials on the accoount of others.

For your worth and ambition the rest if ever be damaged are immaterial.


Virgo49 said...

Biden in his only first week had ALREADY bombed Syria and be in the running for the Nobel PEACE Prize of is it the NOBEL WARS Prize.

To the Farking Americunts WAR is PEACE and PEACE then should be WAR.!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lifting 800 million out of poverty is already the biggest achievement that any man on this planet can claim credit for. That is about two and a half times the population of the USA.

Yet the USA has more than 50 million wallowing in poverty, depending on soap kitchens and living on the streets. And how many USA Presidents have come and go without being able to solve the problem? The situation is not getting better. It is getting worse!

Virgo49 said...

Things goes hairwired wrong then we can have our CB or Chee Bye Short Circuited Breaker again.

Simple as that.

No try no gain.

No pains no gain.

No foolishness no gain.


Anonymous said...

Noble Piss Prize anyone?

Anonymous said...

Xi Jinping and the CCP have eradicated poverty in China.

Can you imagine how much effort and commitment to do that when poverty was all over China even in the late 1970s?

The Chinese people are now one of the happiest people in the world. They are so proud of China and being Chinese and living a good and respectable life that is the envy of the world. They are travelling freely around the world, spending money freely and the most sort after tourists in Europe and all over Asia.

This is genuine freedom and human rights, living life with dignity and independence from hunger and poverty.

Anonymous said...

The rogues and murderers have hijacked the Nobel Peace Prize to be sold to the highest bidder and throwing away whatever morality, decency and nobleness that this Award was meant to be.

Anonymous said...

Virgo 10.11

That plan will eventually be another jumpstart that will become 'Chau Tar'.

When COVID19 first started, Red Dot reported very low infections and was praised to high heaven by many countries. We taught the world how to control COVID19 and became swell-headed. But alas the big head became too heavy and came crashing down, when they soon discovered that the dormitories were harbouring thousands of infected foreign workers

Pride always comes before the fall. Remember that!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The landlocked countries of central Asia and the poor African countries, after being invaded and plundered by the white colonialists, were meant to remain as poor and underdeveloped countries, are seeing a revival in their economies and a bright future for their people.

And they have China and the CCP to thank for, the BRI and Xi Jinping to thank for. They are seeing hope of a good life, when both regions would become the new centres of growth and prosperity... and without the evil Americans around, no wars.

Anonymous said...

The USA, during their decades of economic boom, used all their money on starting wars and feeding the military establishment and maintaining their military bases all around the world. Little was done to improve conditions at home. It would therefore be out of the ordinary for them to help poor countries to develop when charity is lacking at home. After all, their intention is to ensure those poor countries remain poor and obedient, so that they can easily divide and control.

China, on the other hand is using it's economic gains to help it's own millions of poor by lifting them out of poverty. More than that, China is helping poorer countries in Africa, South America and South Asia with infrastructure developments like roads and railways, a pre-requisite for economic development. Is that a wrong move that the West is touting? Ask those countries themselves what those infrastructure mean to them.

Virgo49 said...

That's Right Anon.

Maintaining their 7 or 8th Fleet of Flight of stupid Aircraft Carriers that just goes round wasting monies to threaten little monkeys who laughed at them.

Aircraft Carriers are huge useless vessels just for the conveyance of their how many you can carry air fighter planes?

They have to be escorted by what's their stupid so many other fighting vessels just to protect them.

One correctly aimed missile of torpedo will just sink that Fat Arse Carriers.

Maintaining huge figures of chiak liao bread and butter hamsters, oops Gangsters round the World just to show their superiority and muscles to the world.

Created endless wars that now even their war so called evil veterans returned to kill their own.

No killings fingers itches lah.

So all their lootings and bullyings now come to naught.

All their infrarstructres crumbling and sleepy joe said neeeded trillions to rebuild.

Why so wasteful and cannnot live in peace and harmony towards all mankind?

Stupid imbeciles!!!!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Aircraft carriers used to be very powerful offensive weapons, and still is to countries that are unable to hit them.

But when used to deal with China, they are completely useless, hapless when the Chinese anti aircraft carrier missiles can hit them and the aircraft carriers cannot hit back.

The Chinese have made the American aircraft carriers into lame ducks, sitting ducks, obsolete but very valuable targets.

This is how the table is turned against the American war machine. In the South China Sea and East China Sea, the American aircraft carriers need air cover, space cover, cyber cover, under sea cover etc etc. Unfortunately they could not do so and the aircraft carriers are cruising naked, to be hit from top, bottom and everywhere.

Anonymous said...


Virgo49 said...

Right you are Mr RB.

Just one torpedo from the Sub will do.

She will sink with all her planes into the deep watery graves


Anonymous said...

In reply to anon 11:46am.

The little countries in Asean have the most powerful armed forces to take on China. When China sees their gunboats, China will run in fear.

China will not be afraid of the Americans but have no answers to the clowns in Asean.

Anonymous said...

Aircraft carriers are the kingpins of war, only if they do not sink. Sink the carriers and the planes have no where to land. That is where the anti aircraft carrier missiles are changing the concept of war.

The USA dared not risk sending their aircraft carriers into the Black Sea, because they knew the Russians are prepared and waiting. Once inside the Black Sea and if hostilities break out and the Russians blockade the entrance, they will be sitting ducks with the Russians taking their time to sink them. Like what the Japs did at Pearl Harbour.

Sinking them in the Black Sea or White Sea does not matter, as long as the Russians sink one or two, it signals the end of the 7th fleet and expose their venerability and puts an end to their perennial threat to world peace.

Virgo49 said...

You mean Sinking Land with her RSAF, RSN and RA- ahem Republic Army or Republic RA shows?

China just one blast will just sink all.

All thier sampans wanted to fight China.

Even China's Coasts Guards Vessel bigger than our Navies Warships.

Little cow not scared of Tiger?

Virgo49 said...

Also if the Americunts dared to sail into the South China Seas near the Twain's Straits. I purposefully called the Twain shall meet straits.

Their aircrafts carriers plus all their warships would also be sitting ducks to be sunk.

Now the reefs that are been built by China's had their military installations of missiles and subs in them.

When you are in its be another episode just like "The Red Cliff" where they be surrounded and sank.

That's be their RED CLEFT- the mouth with crooked lips.

China's main aim in building all.these reefs are for defence purposes.

When you are in, you are dead ducks been surrounded by them.

So if the Americunts can send their fat arse aircraft Carriers to their watery graves.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In the latest encounters, the aircraft carrier Roosevelt was surrounded by Chinese aircraft, bombers, submarines and warships. Their weapons were locked onto the aircraft carrier and could easily sink it. The Americans saw the danger and fled the South China Sea.

The second encounter was the tailing of Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning by American nuclear submarines. The Chinese anti submarine warships locked on to two nuclear subs and forced them to surface. Not surfacing would put them at risk of being attacked and remain in the deep ocean bed, their grave yard.

The PLA has proven to the Americans that the East and South China Sea are in their absolute control.

Anonymous said...

And nobody is talking about the appalling conditions at the detention camps at the US border with Mexico? They even tried to hide it by chasing away reporters. Transparent my foot!

Anonymous said...

UN Advisor slams BBC for ignoring Western human rights abuses during fiery Newsnight debate (Part 1)


UN Advisor slams BBC for ignoring Western human rights abuses during fiery Newsnight debate (Part 2)


Virgo49 said...

The torture camp of Guantanamo is worse with the woman solider putting a leash on the necks of the prisoners.

They dared to show the world somemore.

What's batant and inhuman acts!

Don't know whether the women soliders and MPs asked them to lick and clean their clits or not?

Farking inhuman Americunts

Virgo49 said...

Now National Guards are standing by for the Chauvinism murder trials now deliberating by the Jury

So you can imagine what's the Verdict will be!

Bastards Whites

Virgo49 said...

Think this time round Sleepy Joe had to sacrifice a White to tell the Nation that enough is enough.

To pacify the Blacks and set healing in motion.

Hopefully so. It's under Jury System and the Whites can be biased.


Anonymous said...

Let the white jury find Chauvin not guilty and let the party begins.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.06

That is what I am hoping for! And the world can sit back and enjoy the wonderful sight to behold.

Virgo49 said...

Hello All.

Think our hope is coming true.

They still deliberating must be not guilty.

If not why stand by National Guards?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes, the fact that they have deployed the National Guards means that they have already fixed the 'not guilty' verdict and expecting rioting to follow. This time they would shoot at the BLM protestors.

They would not be so kind like the assault on Capitol Hill comprising mainly white mobs.

Virgo49 said...

Looks like what's I posted earlier Sleepy Joe would sacrifice a Bloody White to pacify the Blacks.

Another riots would be another National Embrassement.

What's Bullshits Biden's daughter telling the Bro of George Flloyd that DADDY gonna change the World.

UAssA you are already a Universal Embrassement to the World.

Change the World?

President Xi one or two nations thinking that they are mighty must not dictate their opinions on the Whole World which made up of 193 nations.

Fark Off UAssA with your philosophy.

Anonymous said...

Chauvin faces a maximum of 40 years in prison for the May 2020 death of Floyd. He was convicted of second-degree murder, third degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

With the threat of full scale uprising and rioting in the streets, a non guilty verdict would be unimaginable.

Next stage would be looking at how they would try to mitigate the sentence and make it lesser and lesser, after all, how can they jail a white policeman for killing a black man?

Today we see appeasement. Tomorrow the white supremacists would have their say.

Virgo49 said...


After the appeal he goes Scott Free.

That's the World of the White Supremacists of UAssA.