Singapore should consider banning one piece swimsuit

A woman who accompanied her three-year-old son in a swimming lesson was allegedly told by staff to put on one of the swim school's t-shirts to cover up her one-piece swimsuit, as other parents might complain.

The swim school in question, Happy Fish Swim School, has since clarified that all parents are encouraged to wear t-shirts in order to facilitate their children's learning process.

The school has apologised for the staff member's behaviour. The swimsuit Linda was wearing. From themothership.com

In an email reply, Linda voiced her disapproval with the way that the swim school handled the situation.

"I am there to teach my son to swim, not to seduce other people’s husband," she wrote.

She added that Happy Fish should teach their staff how to respond to such complaints, saying:

"Should their husband could not control their roving eyes, perhaps the husband should be out of bound of the premise.

I assume those family do not go to hotel pools, public pools and beaches. If they do, I can assume how busy the wives are to go around telling people to cover up because their husband is present."


The above is from themothership.com. In view of the above incident, and to protect men and their roving eyes, Singapore should seriously consider banning one piece swimsuit for the safety of men and their uncomfortable wives.  One piece swim suit is just too revealing. How, Shanmugam?

Now what other dresses should also be banned for being too revealing? Sari? Cheongsam with high splits? What about tight fitting jogging pants and tops?

Uniquely Singapore. What is Singapore turning into? Men should put on a t shirt when swimming so as not to expose their bare chests?  Too sexy, attracting roving eyes from the women? Should these be banned as well?



Virgo49 said...

Good afternoon Mr RB

Looks like no one interested in your one piece swimsuit.

Think they prefer bikinis or no kinis.

Nowadays, most modern women under the influence of their Westernised Decaying Indecent Lifestyles preferred to go naked if they could.

What's the hoo haa of this one piece swimsuit?

Long overdue seen in Old Changi Point beach in the 70s and 80s

Nowadays you can see them mostly wear their shorts that can really see their bums of two millions flesh if they are more endowed.

A few hundred thousands smaller bums it they are not so.

Also, many with their show offs cartoon tattoos on their legs thinking that they are very fashionable.

So many of them do not looked at their long mirrors whether they are suited to wear all these shorts just because everyone wears them and are in fashions.

So many with legs like elephants and tree trunks that looked so horrible with them shorts.

Not knowing that they looked like what's Chinese said Pai koo! Leprosy!

Men with bands of tattoo on their arms exactly where they just meet their T-shirts sleeves to also show that they are macho. Only to frighten two or three year olds kids.

Old uncles with their 60s and 70s faded tattoos of Real Gang land meanings kept sniggering when they saw these young punks with their cartoons no meaning just for shows tattoos.

Also, now high tastes of drinking special brew cafes coffins, oops sorry coffee alongside those chow ang mohs at 8 to 10 Dollars per cup thinking that they had arrived and very grand.

Not knowing that many still needed the PAP 300 to 500 dollars cash GST for their drinks.

If out of jobs soon they be drinking sai water coffee.

Never think thru their thick electrocuted brains that Good Times are forever.

Sad sad but must have no sympathies for all these manure millieniueals.

Anonymous said...

Sensible people would see the stupidity of this issue. A few uptight people wanting to set the agenda for the majority.

Anonymous said...

First time heard of people being barred from wearing a swim suit at a swimming pool!

What kind of mentality is that?

This is the Year 2021, not Victorian period man!