The USA is the problem, not China - Warmongering Americans spoiling for war

 As the evil Americans are all out to start a war with China, a mother of all wars that these evil white men think they could survive the destruction, China has no choice but to face up to the American threat. The American attacks are in many fronts, from trade war, tech war, space war, cyber war, media war, biological and chemical war now they are throwing everything at China, fabricating lies about Xinjiang to call for an independent Xinjiang, instigating Japan to dump toxic nuclear waste into the seas around China and egging the Taiwanese separatist to break away from China, what can the world expect China to do?

While the Americans are taunting and provoking China, China was busying building the ports,  roads and high speed rails for the BRI projects, spending more than a trillion dollars in the project, the same amount that the Americans are spending to acquire a fleet of F35 war machine.  Now China's attention has to be diverted to meet the American war threat. China would have to take the Americans head on. 

In America, the hate stirred by the white racist devils in Trump and Pompeo are gathering momentum with Asians in general and Chinese in particular being targets of violence by the whites and silly unthinking blacks. And a silly woman in Taiwan is inviting the big lump of lard to visit Taiwan, unable to tell who is causing so much hate against the Chinese people, which incidentally includes the Taiwanese. Hope the Chinese in Taiwan would know what to do with this evil white man when he is in Taiwan. Shame on that Taiwanese woman.

The increase in American warship activities in the seas around Taiwan has prompted the Chinese to reciprocate with the same. The more the Americans pushed the Taiwanese towards independence, the more China would be pushed to reunite Taiwan by force. And this date is looking like tomorrow. China is now in a state of war with the Americans.

The rest of the world are watching this war between China and the US with trepidation. Though everyone other than the equally evil 5 eyes Anglo Saxon countries are staying clear from this fight, the rest of the world know that they would not be spared from fallout caused by the reckless and irresponsible Americans. This war may start as a localised war in the East or South China Sea but would quickly escalate to include the Japanese and the 5 eyes countries and then goes nuclear.

Only the wild and primitive white men would think that this is an acceptable risk, the destruction of human civilisation in such a war.  No reasonable or thinking man would dare to go risk a nuclear war. But the evil white men are not reasonable thinking men. They are still the primitive tribes of Europe that think of nothing about conquering countries and committing genocides. This war if it ever happened, would be the mother of all wars. It would probably be the last war as not many human beans are expected to survive this nuclear holocaust.

Japan would be the first to be cooked as China would take out all the military bases there the moment war is started. It does not need many nuclear warheads to wipe out the whole of Japan. The evil Japanese are still thinking that war is possible and the damage acceptable, they could survive a nuclear war with China plus Russia, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea fighting as one block.

Pray God would destroy this evil white race before they destroy the world.

PS.  The white Europeans are also spoiling to attack Syria, a Muslim and Arab country.

'Despite whistleblower leaks casting doubts on the OPCW’s findings, the EU Parliament is determined to enforce the organization’s anti-Assad line on Syria. MEP Mick Wallace was accused of spreading “fake news” when he spoke out.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has taken an intense interest in Syria’s civil war, and has accused President Bashar Assad of deploying chemical weapons against his own people on several occasions. Its conclusions have twice been used to justify US military action against Syria, and a new OPCW report on Monday found “reasonable grounds” to suspect that a Syrian Army helicopter dropped chemical weapons on the town of Saraqib in 2018.

The OPCW’s reports are good news for Western interventionists, but the organization is not without its critics....

Mick Wallace, an Irish MEP, is among them. When OPCW Director-General Fernando Arias addressed the European Parliament Subcommittee of Security and Defence on Thursday, Wallace accused the OPCW of squashing evidence that Assad may not have been behind one particularly heinous 2018 attack in Douma, near Damascus.'   RT


Virgo49 said...

Cuomo saying we are one of most civilised country in the world who does not addressed our problems heads on!

Civilised? one of the most uncivilized and wars mongering nations that now tasted retributions from Heavens.

Really made my day.

Tonite sure strike 4D.


Anonymous said...

Virgo I hope the silly woman will be sodomized by the fatso jialat jialat then she knows lor

Anonymous said...

China's money comes from hard work and sweat, from manufacturing products for the world. The USA's money comes from thin air, with no backing, nothing, just fiat money in exchange for products from China and the rest of the world. Yet they have the gumption to complain that China is stealing from them in terms of trade.

When the US$ Hegemony falls, all this will end. The US$ Hegemony is the heart and soul of the USA's power. Take that away and the USA falls like a house of cards. That is why the USA is so desperate to bring down China, Russia and Iran, the major powers who are working together to bring down the US$ Hegemony.

Trade between them is now very significantly done in Rubles and Yuan or by barter, like Russian oil for Chinese investments. Likewise, Iran is doing business with China in the same way, avoiding the US$ since it is sanctioned. It is Iranian oil for Chinese products and investments.

The fact that Russia, China, Iran, Sweden and significantly the central banks of the EU are moving into digital currencies will hasten the demise of the US$. The USA is attempting to plug a sinking ship and must do desperate things hoping to save the US$ status quo.

The creation of hostilities in Ukraine, South China Sea, Xinjiang are all geared to saving the US$. Russia and China with Iran cannot backed down so easily, otherwise the bullying, sanctioning, dictating and unilateral resort to gangsterism and mafia tactics will never ever end. The world's biggest and most evil terrorist will grow more threatening and lawless. Enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

The main reason why they are persistently telling fake news about Xinjiang is because that autonomous region of China lies at the central and mid point of China's ambitious BRI- Belt and Road Initiative. If the BRI becomes a success, China would go on to become the No 1 economic power in the world-but not under Joe Biden's watch or any of his successors.

US is working overtime to muster all its allies it can to take down China's growth with the lies about genocide and human rights abuses so more nations could implement sanctions. And it appears they have no shortage of lapdogs, with Japan now jumping on to the US anti-China bandwagon without being appear to be diplomatic.

At the same time CIA, with its fake front the NED- Mat Endowment for Democracy, is giving $ support to anti China subversives, terrorist and separatist elements to create more havoc in Xinjiang. If Xinjiang goes, so will the BRI and China's economic aspirations.

This has always been the US modus operandi for all its devious operations against other countries in the past. The fake media would spread the lies and fake news for their gullible and stupid citizens to swallow and elect even more Chinaphobia politicians who would vote to conduct wars.

On the Taiwanese issue, its unfortunate that the people elected the shill DPP who seized on the opportunity on the HK protests to scare the voters. The DPP has made themselves become the pawn and useful idiot of the US scheme in containing China . The more the DPP thinks they are capable of fighting the CCP, falsely believing they have the US and Japanese backing, the more the hot war becomes closer to happening. With pompous fools as leaders (William Wu, the Taiwanese FM for eg), Chinese will be killing Chinese in a civil war and the Americans and Japanese would be watching with glee.

Anonymous said...

The success of BRI would benefit mostly Muslim countries in central Asia and the Middle East. All the 'tan' countries are in the centre of the BRI, plus Iran and the Arab countries.

The success and prosperity of Muslim and Arab countries cannot be allowed as the Americans regard them as their main enemies. They have been dividing and conquering the Arab and Muslim countries to keep them poor, destabilise them, make their economies dysfunctional. Look at Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and many others. It is the American and European plan to keep the Arabs and Muslims forever poor, fighting and under their control.

China's BRI would improve the lives of Muslims and Arabs and thus cannot be allowed to succeed. Now they are using their terrorist organisations like the ISIS, to attack ports and rails and related projects in BRI countries to disrupt the project.

The ISIS is an American funded and trained organisation, though appearing to be Muslim and Muslim terrorists but actually the pawn of the Americans. So they are using ISIS and the Uyghurs to attack China and the BRI.

Anonymous said...

Days ago it appeared that the USA wanted to make a threatening gesture against Russia in the Ukraine conflict, by sending their aircraft carrier to the Black Sea. But they have now backed off. The USA knows that Putin is not easily threatened and mean business. That had been shown in 2014 when the Russians annexed Crimea.

Likewise, the Brit's leaky aircraft carrier, The Queen Elizabeth 11' was steaming to the South China Sea region to put on a show of tough strutting against China, but looks like that also fizzled out with the UK instructing the carrier to steer clear of antagonising China. This is like trying to brandish a 'guan dao' in front of 'Guan Yu' but lost the marbles.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 10.43

These are the same old monkey tricks of posturing by the ganstsers in threatening anybody who feared them.

But to use the same insane methods too many times they became stale and meaniless to those who do not fear them.

Thus, they are making Fools of themselves.

Why China only have two Aircraft Carriers? They dont even actually need even the Second One. But for standby as the First One is a Second Hand One and may be out of service soon So they just need to have a second one as standby by in the case of a Real War she can also have her Aircraft Carrier Secretly despatched under their plans to attack China or any of her cronies.

Also, in Peacetime, in case the White Bastards tried to deadlocked her survival routes China can also send her Aircraft Carriers with her fleets to counter them.

China does not wants to dominate others by having lots of Aircraft carriers and went round the whole World just to threaten others.

In now Modem Warfare, Aircraft Carriers are only for those who are still behaving as Gangsters to threaten the weaker countries.

You can have one hundred Artifacts Carriers but actually you useless in just conveyancing your planes and troops to attack other countries.

If that Country like China is a Militarily Strong Ones with lots of their anti aircrafts and also missiles to sink any ships or carriers you are completely useless to fight with them.

You are just an empty good for nothing vesssl except to convergance the aircrafts to attack that Country.

You can send in your hundreds carriers we shall sink your hundred carriers, simple as that.

We are defending our Nation on home ground and you are vulnerable at Seas without much logistical supports you are just sitting ducks for us to attack you.

Why we have those reefs with military weapons for our First Line of Defence?

Go and read our strategy of the "RED CLIFF" in our historical epic.

It will be "RED CLEFT" kik chwee for you if you dared attack us.

So Bro Anon. These aircraft carriers are just for shows only to flex their muscles on those weak nations that they can attack you.

To China as Red Bean said Fuck off.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans wanted a show of strength by sending two warships into the Black Sea. Putin responded by calling to close off the Black Sea, meaning the two American warships cannot leave and no American warships can enter, just like the recent blockage of the Suez canal.

These two warships would be sitting ducks to be blasted to pieces by the Russians. Their balls dropped and quickly turned around and got out of the Black Sea.

Virgo49 said...

Mr Red Bean

Hahaha laughing away after my business in the toilet

That's Really a Good One.

Made my day


Virgo49 said...

This is the same happening as what's happened in the epic "Red Cliff" where they destroyed the Fleet of Cho Cho by Chee Kok Liang.


Anonymous said...

Mr.RB may I refer to your paragraph 5 with regard to the word
"dilapidation" which means "in a state of disrepair or ruins".
I think the word you wanted to use was "trepidation", am I right?
Trepidation means "in a state of fear and anxiety"

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Anon 7:44pm. I misspelt that and did not double check.

Good that you noticed and corrected for me.


Thanks again.