Covid19 - Americans bragging about helping others but still helping themselves first...and still not helping anyone


The United States will soon be able to ramp up vaccine assistance abroad and will not seek "favors in return," Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Monday, putting a veteran aid administrator in charge.

Blinken said the top US priority was to fight Covid-19 at home but that the goal would be achieved soon, pointing to President Joe Biden's promise that 90 percent of Americans will be near a vaccination site by April 19.

"We are exploring options to share more with other countries going forward. We believe that we'll be in a position to do much more on this front," Blinken said. Yahoo News

The Americans have yet to help any country other than helping themselves by hogging all the vaccines produced in their American first policy. But this does not stop them or shame them from bragging about helping others. They are using a megaphone and with the help of western media, literary blowing their horns about how they are going to help other selected countries, and with conditions, unlike the Chinese and Russians sharing their vaccines without conditions. And as usual, being accused of setting conditions that they did not but the hypocrites are the ones that are setting conditions, be our puppets, be our cronies, and we will help you.

This is how low the Americans have gone down, politicising even the use of vaccines that are meant to save lives but not before saving themselves first. Only after they have vaccinated all Americans would they think of sharing some with others. In the meantime, for almost a year, China and Russia have been sharing their vaccines with many countries around the world, especially those that could not afford to give an arm or a leg for western vaccines, ...and without conditions. Even some enemy countries of China were given the vaccines when they asked for it.

How many still believe in the American lies about Americans helping others? It is always Americans first and if they helped, it is all about leftovers and with conditions.

Has any country been helped by the Americans in this pandemic? The only things we heard of were Americans hijacking and stealing PPEs, masks, gloves etc meant for other countries and also for hoarding all the production of western vaccines for themselves first and still hoarding because they have yet to complete vaccinating Americans. They would only help others after they helped themselves.

In the mean time China has sent vaccines to more than 80 countries and could be more if the Americans have not coerced other countries from using Chinese vaccines.  Can you believe that, the Americans are not sharing the vaccines with other countries and forbidding them from using vaccines from China and Russia? This is how the Americans are helping themselves, preparing to sell their overpriced and questionable vaccines to the unwary and coerced countries.


Virgo49 said...

Good Morning Mr RB.

Americunts to help the World?
Must be kidding. More Apt to conquer the World.

That Blinken who blink and blink only Fools will believe him.

They are the World's First Claas Lairs and Cheaters and Conmen.

Empty hollow words and promises only.

Their own even not orgainsed like the Indians and only a portion of their POP vaccinated.

Dont ever trust them.

Anonymous said...

US now trying to change global corporate tax system to suit its own interests. The plan would help the US to raise more revenue to fund its fiscal stimulus and infrastructure plans at the expense of Singapore.

Under proposals outlined by Joe Biden’s US administration in a 21-page document sent to more than 100 countries on Thursday a global minimum corporate tax would be introduced, enabling the Biden administration to raise significant additional revenue from US-headquartered companies to finance its infrastructure programme.

If endorsed by other countries and the US Congress, the Biden administration’s proposals would be the biggest shake-up in corporate taxation in decades — and could put out of business tax havens such as Ireland, the Netherlands and Singapore, which have attracted footloose businesses by offering low corporate tax rates.

Anonymous said...

USA is in such a pitiful state of affairs and still trying to be the hero of the free world. They already lost their ability to lead, their credibility and the world is taking their promises as mere hot air. They could not even take care of themselves and still think they are capable of taking care of others? The USA will bring other countries into the gutter, playing gutter politics.

The blinking one just said fighting COVID19 is their top priority. After a year and more they are saying that right now, at this point, this is their top priority? Not too late? If the world were to wait all this time to make this their top priority, I think the world would be in big big trouble like them. They talk about sharing their vaccines, but they never walk the talk. Just hot arsehole fart.

The USA is really really in a sad and pitiful state. First they had a 'mentally deranged' President, who we thought was worrying enough for the world. Now they have a 'mentally deficient' President and the whole world has to worry even more. Look at his behavior during his first press conference. It was a painful sight to behold. He is incapable to lead. He is senile, clear and simple.

The best scenario I can foresee, for the peace of the world, is the Republicans exposing the faults of the Democrats, warts and all, and vice versa. Let them dig graves for each other. The whole world celebrates.

Anonymous said...

Russia said it has every reason to believe the US is developing biological weapons in mysterious bio-labs mainly near the China-Russia border, triggering calls for probes into the US' labs in order to better understand coronavirus origins.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev said that US-controlled biological laboratories appear mainly near Russian and Chinese borders. And there is good reason to believe the US is developing biological weapons in those labs, and that outbreaks of non-typical diseases have been reported around them.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian on Thursday urged the US to respond to concerns and make comprehensive clarifications on biological militarization activities within and outside the US, and stop blocking the establishment of a verification mechanism under the Biological Weapons Convention.

A thorough investigation of US bio-labs may offer clues to the coronavirus origin.

The US has set up bio-labs in 25 countries and regions across the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia and former Soviet Union, with 16 in Ukraine alone. Some of the places where the labs are based have seen large-scale outbreaks of measles and other dangerous infectious diseases, the ministry said, citing media reports.

The Fort Detrick laboratory that handles high-level disease-causing materials, such as Ebola, in Fredrick, Maryland, was shut after the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a cease and desist order against the organization in July 2019.

While China opened the Wuhan lab to the WHO scientists with an open and welcoming altitude, the arrogant US continues to ignore the international community's questions over its mysterious bio-labs.

Anonymous said...

Biden's first press conference was all rigged. He had a list of names of journalist to call up to ask prepared questions backed by prepared answers.

Journalist from hostile news agencies, like Fox News, were not on his list because of the fear of them asking pointed questions that Biden is not capable of answering without a prepared script. Even then, Biden had trouble remembering who he was supposed to call and what script to retrieve in response to the journalist's questions.

That is how far the White House had to go to prop up the old man, that resembles a puppet being manipulated from behind. It does not escape the eyes of analysts and certainly not the Republicans, particularly Trump's supporters. They had a field day dissecting the proceedings, some even analysing word by word, pause by pause and stammer by stammer. It was hilarious to hear their comments on Youtube for one.

Anonymous said...

USA vaccine diplomacy, is just a theory as always, hoping that other countries will buy into their hype up ego boasting hot air.

They were talking big together with India about countering China's vaccine diplomacy. India is now even unable to cope at home with escalating infections. At least they are telling the world they cannot afford to export anymore of their vaccines, putting many poor countries at their mercy.

China's vaccine diplomacy is about saving lives, precious lives, not about countering others. USA and India's vaccine diplomacy is about countering China's move in helping to save lives. There is a world of difference in morality and ethics.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe what they said about their vaccine efficacy.

AstraZeneca vaccine is going to be history. Many countries are having second thoughts about using it. The Americans would be giving them away as aids to those who cannot afford other vaccines. The Americans are likely to stop using it.

Wait for more revelations about Pfizer and Moderna. What have they been trying not to report about the adverse effects of these vaccines?

Anonymous said...

Someone did ask why the USA MSM does not talk about the condition of Biden's behavior during his press conference. When Trump was in the White House, every little fart he makes is investigated right to his arsehole. Why the difference?

Same with China. It is all in the agenda. They can generate all the fabricated news, thinking people will take them as the truth. They are using the same old tricks dealing with Iraq, Syria, Venezuela, Hong Kong and now Xinjiang. They say fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. The credibility of the MSM is in the gutter now.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are not only coercing countries not to use Russian and Chinese vaccines, they are forcing their allies and cronies to use American vaccines. This is another imperialist strategy to corner the vaccine market for American's questionable vaccines and the now going to be banned AstraZeneca vaccine. The latter would have been banned long ago if it is a Russian or Chinese vaccines given its poor track records on blot clotting and deaths.

The expensive and difficult to manage American vaccines and their coverups of adverse side effects would not be the vaccines of choice outside the American sphere of influence. The damages that these vaccines would cause cannot be swept under the carpet and would surface in time to come.

The good thing now is that they are mainly used in the 5 eyes countries and not widespread. So the potential danger of these vaccines would be confined to themselves.

The rest of the world would be saved from using the America vaccines while they used Russian and Chinese vaccines.

If there is no American coercion, many countries in the world, including EU countries would happily opt for Russian and Chinese vaccines. Given their sinister strategy to undermine the Russian and Chinese vaccines, any small adverse reaction would be highly exaggerated to discredit them. The fact that they are unable to do so speaks very well of the Russian and Chinese vaccines. Nothing for them to condemn and exploit and smear.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The U.S. has produced just less than a quarter of the world’s vaccine supply, though scarcely any of it has gone beyond its own borders. Of the 164 million doses made in the country, it has agreed to part with only 4 million doses of its AstraZeneca stockpile, which the Biden administration committed to give to its neighbors in Canada and Mexico. Across the Atlantic, Britain and the European Union have also largely been consumed by their domestic needs.

The U.S. and its European partners have contributed billions of dollars to a multilateral initiative aimed at equalizing vaccine distribution around the world, but it guarantees to provide participating countries with only enough doses to cover 20 percent of their population, a far cry from herd immunity. Source The Atlantic