Japan to poison the ocean with radioactive waste water - endangering lives on earth

Photo credit Global Times
Tue, 13 April 2021, 8:17 am

Japan's government on Tuesday approved a plan to release more than one million tonnes of treated water from the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant into the ocean, in a controversial decision that follows years of debate.

The release, which is not likely to begin for several years and could take decades to complete, has sparked concern in neighbouring countries and faces fierce opposition from local fishing communities and anti-nuclear activists. Yahoo News

How irresponsible can the Japanese be? And being in the western camp, this is supported by the IAEA, that it is normal, acceptable. Imagine what kind of adverse coverage if China would to release radioactive water into the ocean.  1.25 million tonnes of contaminated water is not a drop in the ocean. Japanese fishermen are protesting, China and South Korea are protesting as they would be the first to suffer the consequences.  

The fish in the surrounding water will be contaminated and may not be edible anymore.  The whole fishing industry in Japan, S Korea and China could be compromised and destroyed.  The people eating the fish could be poisoned for life. And this is only the beginning as radioactive material would last for aeons and eventually the whole Pacific Ocean and other oceans would be affected as well. The sea current would bring the radioactive waste to the western coast of America, California, Alaska, Canada etc etc would not be spared.

Who would be brave or silly enough to buy fish and related products from Japan or S Korea, China and Taiwan? This could become an international crisis many times worse than the Covid19 pandemic when fish stocks could not be consume and not only the prices of fish and other food products shoot to the rood, there will be food shortage around the world. 

And the irresponsible Japanese govt is adamant to go ahead with the release of the radioactive waste. God forbids, this is going to be an international disaster and affect the survival of human civilisation. Where is Greenpeace? No protest because Japan is also in their camp?

The Americans in collusion with the Japanese, are not objecting to the poisoning of the oceans. So Japan is going ahead to destroy livestocks in the ocean and endanger the whole world. China, Russia and the Koreans, plus the Asean countries must not allow this to happen. Covid19 pandemic has killed enough people but nothing compare to the contamination of the oceans with radioactive waste. mRNA vaccines could alter human DNAs and create freaks and mutants but would not be in the same proportion as radioactive livestocks in the ocean, mutant fish and marine life that would be eaten leading to mutant human beans. This irresponsible action of the Japanese must be stopped.

The Americans created Covid19 to kill Asians, the Japanese going to dump radioactive waste to kill humankind. The combined effect of these two disastrous acts could cripple the existence of life on earth. No one cares?  The UN does not care? No big mouth in Asean bothers to say anything? This is an existential problem, many times more serious than what is happening in Myanmar.

This is a horror story of human civilisation! No noise from western media? No condemnation, no mass protest?

PS.  Greenpeace did make a statement, 'Environmental protection NGO Greenpeace East Asia condemned the decision, saying that it "completely disregards the human rights and interests of the people in Fukushima, wider Japan and the Asia-Pacific region,"'

"I am a citizen of Fukushima Prefecture. The decision was cruel," said a netizen, noting that "the image of the prefecture and the local fishery industry will 100 percent be damaged, something only the immediate victims would know."


Virgo49 said...

Good Morning Mr RB.

Japan's Big Bro and Master the UAssA were the first to straightaway cheered and supported and approved the dumping.

If this were to be China's, all HELL would broke loose with all their stupid protests and rhetorics of what's unacceptable happenings that could harm Mankind.

Also remember the waters can flowed and ebbed with the currents and they also flowed round all the oceans not only just near the Japs, Korean and Chinese waters.

They can also ebbed to the shores of Sinkieland and all Asia.

Especially short cut to the Americas from there and also short cut from here to India and Europe.

Don't think that they won't affect you bums.

Virgo49 said...

Just asked the Japs to drink and swim in them if they claimed that they are safe.

Anonymous said...

The Americans have been dumping nuclear and toxic waste in drums into the Pacific Ocean, so it is the pot telling the kettle - never mind we are both black. They are partners in crime, or brothers in crime against all humanity.

If China were to do this, imagine what will happen. There will be a war dance with chest beating all around the world. Human rights megaphones will be sounding in all global languages and the sky will fall. Now that Japan is doing it, it sounds pretty quiet and little or no protest heard.

Fukushima is a environmental disaster of epic proportions and is out of control. They do not know how badly affected are the ground water and whether radioactive water has already been leaking into the Pacific all these years.

As someone commented, if those waste water are now said to be safe, save for one element, why not dig a huge hole on the Japanese Islands and put them in. They will not do it because it is not safe at all and will contaminate their ground water. Simple as that.

After this, it is better to avoid totally all seafood from Japan. Leave the sushis alone. You will not have to live to regret it.

Anonymous said...

The Americans are the most evil ones. Now Japan as the number two is no surprise. You can also understand why the whales are beaching themselves and died in the hundreds. They would not want to tell the true story that it is all because of dumping of radioactive waste into the oceans.

Anonymous said...

They have quietly contaminated the oceans and not breathing a word about it.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 said...
Just asked the Japs to drink and swim in them if they claimed that they are safe.

The imbeciles will put them on the shelves of our super markets.

Anonymous said...

China has to worry. Americans will be the first to boycott Chinese food products, even if they have little to do with the sea, as they did with Xinjiang cotton and slave labour. They may say it is made by radioactive Chinese contaminated by radioactive materials they consumed. No need proof, just fabricate and innovate. It is all China's fault.

Anonymous said...

Suffice to say, those waste water are still dangerous. But the Japs have little room to do anything else since their storage capacities are near overflowing. They do not want to dump them on land, as it will contaminate their own ground water, so the ocean is the only way out.

Going forward, will this be an ongoing affair, knowing that Fukushima will take a long, long, long time to burn itself out. In the meantime as the contaminated water goes into the Pacific, more waste water will be generated and it looks like the Pacific is the only final resting place for them. God forbid, humans are doomed.

By the way, there were attempts to build a refrigerated separation wall on the Fukushima shore line between the nuclear plant and the ocean, as they suspect that contaminated waste water seeping into the ground, may be leaking into the Pacific. Whether that was done or not, it proves that they knew nuclear waste water could be seeping into the Pacific years ago.

Anonymous said...

How come our environment minister so quiet this time

Anonymous said...

Karma is coming back to haunt the evil perpetrators. The ghost of Nanjing Massacre, the ghost of those innocents of Vietnam, Middle East, Korea among others are out in force. Beware evils.

By the way, I just read about some comments from documents, now unclassified, about the Korean War, and it really proved that biological weapons were indeed confirmed to have been used by the USA with the participation of Japan. These were from the mouths of Korean and Chinese combatants in conversation among themselves and their attempts to get away from such biological spraying from the air. Those conversations were intercepted by the USA. They were 'classified' information before. And throughout the decades after the Korean War, the USA had been denying their use of biological weapons in Korea.

Never, ever trust the USA and Japan. They have been playing sodomy with each other's backside before. Never discount what they can do to others not in their camp.

Virgo49 said...

Also that Thunderbird or Thunberg.

Wayang only. Hello, open your CB mouth little girl

Can be interviewed just for prestige why are you so passionate in saving the environment?

This is worse than Climate change and also the dumping industrial waste of coals etc.

Chow ang mohs all bullshits and wayang only.

Very partial and narrow minded.

Virgo49 said...

Haha Bro that's a good one.

Under "Sugavian" ?

They already have Avian!


SSO said...

This is worse than Atomic, Biological and Chemical Warfare.

The Japanese leaders must be condemned.

China and North Korea must reserve their rights to destroy Japan when this is about to happen. Send 20 tactical nuclear warheads to destroy Japan immediately just before they throw those nuclear waste into the sea. Better to destroy Japan completely than to allow Japan to destroy the Whole World.

All countries will be affected if Japan is not destroyed.

Virgo49 said...

Right SSO

Sink them once and all all.

Save Our Souls



Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China and the Koreas must warn Japan that they would attack if Japan dump the radioactive water in their seas. This is too close for comfort and as good as poisoning the Chinese and Korean seas and killing the livestocks.

Anonymous said...

Ya that stupid wayang girl why keep quiet

Anonymous said...

Ya that stupid wayang girl why keep quiet

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is ok for the Japanese to want to poison and kill themselves. But they must not be allowed to kill the fishes and marine lives and also the people of Korea and China, their immediate neighbours.

Anonymous said...

The Japanese will do whatever they can get away with. The release of toxic radioactive poison into the sea will be detrimental to the environment killing marine lives for many years to come. They kill and consume whale using the pretext of scientific research. Disgusting people and a big bully in Asia.

Anonymous said...

Are the Japs, over the longer term, be committing slow 'Hara Kiri' themselves. Or tai chi 'genocide' against the Koreans and Chinese among others.

Where the hell is the voice of Human Rights Watch? Still in Xinjiang?

Anonymous said...

Japs - u die ur own bziness ~ sounds familiar right ?...Someboli gonna emulate tat & Dian diam nvr say anything at all hor..

SSO said...

Singapore leaders seem to be encouraging the import of produce from Japan, including those products from the contaminated regions near the Fukushima Nuclear Reactors vicinity.

This senseless ostrich mentality is baffling, coming from people who graduated from the world's Ivy Licked universities.

Singaporeans better be very careful to protect and safeguard themselves by not buying and not consuming products imported/coming from Japan, including raw materials, minerals and water (liquids).

"You die your own business" seems to be the motto of the Japanese and some Japanese-loving leaders in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

I would certainly boycott cotton grown from sheep!

Anonymous said...

Do u think tat the Sinkies G gonna stop importing stuffs from Japs especially from Fukushima region? The answer is Nay, why? It's an open market with an open policy. Even any type of viral stuffs can be brought in be it Foreign Darens, Fisheries, Craps, Transgender anything, so u thing they gonna care? Fat hope ..the Upper Class Alicetocrap only care about fattening their own pockets, to the ordinary people it's you mati your own business lah .

Anonymous said...

The USA would not say no to Japan. In fact the blinking one, Blinken, even said thank you to Japan for announcing the decision.

After all, the Californian coastline is littered with nuclear waste, sealed in thinly made drums, and stacked along the shore and the sea is dumped full of toxic chemicals, in drums too that are rusting away and will leak.

So, what is a little bit more of radioactive waste reaching their shores from Fukushima in only about three years time after dumping? After all it is all in the crime family.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps they are trying to create another 'herd' immunity in humans against radiation sickness, like what they say of the COVID19 vaccinations.

Last I heard was that after vaccinating millions in Israel, 12,000 of those inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine still got infected.

Anonymous said...

South Korea aims to fight Japan's Fukushima decision at world tribunal

The oceans does not belong to Japan. It is the asset of humankind and Japan has no right to harm the oceans with nuclear waste.

It is a crime against the human race and all marine lives.

Anonymous said...

One day, years down the road, they world is going to see seafood in strange shapes and leaden with cancer. Like what they now found in Sea Lions stricken with cancer. But those strange shapes may be mistaken for newly discovered 'exotic seafood' selling at prestigious upscale 5-star restaurants.

The world is funny. But what the Japanese are going to do is not funny. It is deadly business.

Anonymous said...

Where do you think Godzilla came from?

Virgo49 said...

Agent Orange already had so many crippled and deformed till now in Vietnam. The Farking Americunts does not even feel a single remorse for their sins.

China should do the Vietnamese a favour by dumping some Agent Orange on the Americunts.

Aiyo so sorry why do such favour when the Farking Vietnamese are now running dogs and skunks to their Americunts Masters. Still sucking to their balls whereas the own people are still borned deforms. Never even asked for compensations and apologies. What's sick beans are they?

With the Japs releasing the Atomic waters into the sea, later mark my words the Whole World future generations gonna have children born without backsides and Front sides. With crooked faces and strange alien funny funny bodies shapes.

The Viets and Indians would be the first guinea pigs as they are the most balls carrying to the Americunts and Japs.

Next poor generations men and women would have to ask their future brides and grooms with these questions.

Hey you are ok with both front and backsides intact or not?

Or alternatively actually it's be blessings disquise as then ah guas or homos can just simply choose their partners without front sides and lesibans can just simply have their partners without backsides.

What's convenient!

Maybe it's Heavens will that saved them lots of Monies in not having surgeries to remove them.

What's blessings?

Anonymous said...

China great Physicist Peng Huan Wu 彭桓武 who led in the development & making of the 2 powerful bombs (atomic bomb & hydrogen bomb) in the 60s, he was also involved in the design of the China nuclear sub once said that he developed & made these bombs r only meant to do peace not to destroy human lives. With his motivation and aspirations China now has many great scientists that the Americuns can be jealous of. Even an asteroid is named under him. He was crowned as the Pioneering Star of the 2 bombs (两单一星之物理天公元勋)。

Anonymous said...

Philippines, Taiwan and North Korea joined international condemnation of Japan's intent to dump radioactive waste into the ocean.

Virgo49 said...

China still best.

They asked the Japanese to drink their water,

Don't waste.


Anonymous said...

If the Japanese dare not drink it, then he is lying. If he is lying that means the water is not safe. He shot his own foot!

Anonymous said...

Imagine the Japanese saying that. If the water is safe even for drinking, why dump it in the ocean? Keep it in the Japanese reservoir instead of wasting it! This Japanese guy got brains or not, thinking he can fool the Chinese. He is going to be sodomised jialat jialat for sure.

fairplay said...

To stop the Japanese plan, the affected countries just immediately boycott all Japanese food products starting with Seafood products, until they change their mind. The problem would solve by itself, very quickly too.

Mikospace said...

Enjoy this - https://medium.com/illumination-curated/the-japanese-plan-to-poison-the-world-6b1adfea71b0 .
Proposed the Mt Fuji Solution to dump the radioactive wastewater into the volcanic core of Mt Fuji and nearby lakes.
If the "treated" wastewater is so dafe, the Japanese should demonstrate its belief by dumping some into her drinking reserviors to show the world how "safe" it actually is.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks Mike. The incorrigible and recalcitrant Japanese did not see themselves as evil, just like the Americans, the two most evil people in the world. Between them they have killed more than 100m people, likely to be 200m.

When the two get together, you can expect the them to conceive the most evil plans against civilisation.