The Evil Empire is resurrecting the 500 years curse of the evil white race on all non-white countries: PART TWO

      The United States has reduced Japan and South Korea as its  semi-colonies  or protectorates and the Middle East its strangle hold as its milking cows to succour US economic wealth and  well-being. America brought Indonesia under its influence as a client state when it helped General Suharto in a military coup d'etat in 1963 that toppled President Sukarno, the founder and father of modern Indonesia. Then in 1965 - 1966 USA via CIA  supported General Suharto's massacre of East Timorese who were fighting to establish an independent East Timorese socialist state. USA was complicit in the crime against humanity because without  its strong and heavy military support  Suharto would not have been able  to kill hundreds of thousands of East Timorese.

US has since the 1830s held a firm political and economic control of Central America and South America countries. Under its Monroe Doctrine it arbitrarily prevented other foreign powers from trading directly with Latin American countries. All trading such as imports and exports between the Latin American countries and other foreign countries from Europe, Asia or wherever else must go through the United States clearance. Under this arbitrary control through its military might US has been able to enrich itself at the expense of all the countries in Central and South America or Latin America as it is known.   

Since the end of the Second World War in1945 the US has constantly used brutal tactics via CIA to bring Latin American governments under US control. CIA operations follow the same recurring pattern. First CIA would allege that American business interests in the socialist countries are threatened by the intended victimized countries the leaders of which were elected by the people to carry out land reform, redistribute wealth, regulate business to protect workers, consumers and environment, crack down thugs and drug traffickers and drug lords , in which CIA itself is the overall chief drug traffickers with full monopolistic control of the illegal drug business. 

Then on behalf of US business CIA would mobilize the opposition right wing groups within the country, usually the military by promising to put them in power if they agree to give USA a favourable deal. CIA then hires, trains and works with the local traitors to overthrow the existing government. CIA would use every trick in its operation such as by using mass propaganda, stuffed ballot boxes, purchased elections, vote buying extortion, blackmail, sexual intrigue, false stories about opponents in the local media, infiltration, obstruction and disruption of opposing political parties, kidnapping, beating, torture squads and assassinations. These clandestine CIA tactics culminate in a military coup which installs a pro USA right wing dictator. 

Under these clandestine CIA covert operations for regime change many millions of local people were killed and murdered for being labelled as communists, socialists, left wings or communist sympathisers. The countries in Latin America that are subjected to regime change by CIA are as follows. Guatemala 1954, Haiti 1959, Cuba failed coup in 1961, Ecuador 1964, Brazil, 1964, Bolivia 1971 and again 2016, Uruguay 1969, Chile 1973, Argentina 1976, El Salvador 1980, Nicaragua 1980s, Honduras 1983,  Panama 1989, Venezuela 1992, 2002 and 2019 all these CIA attempted coups in Venezuella failed because of strong support from Russia, China and Cuba.

US horrendous brutal regime change in Central America and South America as well as throughout Asia, Middle East and Africa caused millions of deaths and untold hardship and agony to further millions is America's glaring and obscene travesty of human rights and democracy. US has shown to the world that it is morally bankrupt and nothing it says or suggests can be trusted. The world has for a long time viewed the United States as the most contemptible terrorist and criminal rogue state.

America is clearly the number one enemy of all the non-white countries. America may try to resurrect the 500 years white men's curse on the non-white countries all over the world. But it will never succeed with the non-white countries in the world fighting back fiercely under the leadership of China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela. On the contrary the United States and its evil white race allies are now under heavenly curse and will eventually be destroyed by the unseen warriors of the Coronavirus or Covid - 19. However, there is fear and consternation that the evil empire may try to get its way out of this heavenly curse by starting nuclear wars against China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela, a very dangerous and desperate last ditch venture which may lead to the destruction of this earthly world and together with it mankind.


Sunday, 25th April,2021




Anonymous said...

Just heard the USA is trying to punish and demonise Turkey by recognising the atrocities committed by the Ottoman Empire's killing of the Armenian people as 'genocide' during WW1. This is all politically grandstanding by Biden because Turkey, a NATO member, is not listening to the dictates of the evil empire by buying air defence systems from the Russians instead of the USA.

Now, what about China recognising the atrocities committed by the Whites against the Native Americana as 'genocide'? Or what about recognising the massacres committed by the Japanese during WW2 as 'genocide' as well? China must pass a law to recognise such atrocities or else it will be forgotten. What say you?

Anonymous said...

A nuclear war is not the monopoly of the USA anymore, unlike Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WW2. The USA knew Japan has no way to retaliate then. Now, there is such a thing as retaliation, even after a first strike. And many countries are also nuclear powers, big and small. In fact a direct conventional missile hit on a nuclear power plant is as dangerous as a nuclear missile hit.

Even if the USA can win a nuclear war, they will still go back to the cave man age, living in rock caves. For how long, with all the contamination and radiation? It is an existence worse than death itself. Migrate to Mars? How many can go?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China's newly commissioned nuclear sub has enough warheads in one submarine alone to destroy the USA 2 times over.

The game has changed with these submarines in play.

southernglory1 said...

The Evil Empire never stops using 'human rights' and 'democracy' as its twin tool kits to subvert and topple countries which it considers socialist countries or countries with leftist leanings or countries which refuse to toe imperial US dictates and replacing them with local dictators or little emperors which are more than willing to be US slavish dogs.Hopefully US dirty tactics of regime change will comme home to roost and regime change the present satanic US imperialistic and rogue government with a better and more benign socialist government that will cooperate with other countries of the world with eauality and mutual respects to achieve world peace and harmony.

Anti- US / Western racist and white supremacist dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

The West led by the white American rogues and scoundrels are trying once more to bring all the non-white countries under their subjugation. They are using hybrid warfare against these non-white countries with the combine systems involving politics and military, trade and finance, blockades and embargoes, cyber warfare, sanctions and regime change by foul means and subterfuge. They are trying first to take down key countries like China, Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela hoping that if these key countries are taken down the whole non-white world will once more be under their feet of full control and hegemony. It is a wild wet dream which they must'nt hope for it will definitely be their nemesis.

Anti white imperialism

Anonymous said...

Turkey was the base for the launch of the second front air raid during the Iraq war. Now that it has served it's purpose, look at what the USA is doing to it for not towing the line.

This is what will happen to poodles who thinks the USA is a trusted ally. That is also why South Korea and Japan are so obedient and kowtowing to the evil empire. Where is the Japanese Samurai spirit? Now like neutered male animal.

Anonymous said...

All non-white countries must not fall into US Dollar aid trap. The Evil Empire is using its toxic dollar to purchase treachery. America is hiring and using Asian traitors to kill Asian or fellow country patriots. Accepting US aid is like poisoning the country with a disease that toxifies the national bloodstream.

Non-white countries must constantly be alert to Western / US treachery if they do not want to fall under their curse again.

Virgo49 said...

Australia how lian said will support Taiwan in the case of China reunification with them.

Must be tired of living or don't want to see their last sunsets.

What's a joke.

Fight with China?

Virgo49 said...

What's the Hell they must kept honoring their myths World Wars so called victories of their cannnot fight parasites Militaries?

Aust and New Zealand.

War mongering parasites.

Anonymous said...

Many Aussies were killed by the Japanese in WW2, then in Vietnam by the Vietnamese and in Korea by the Chinese.

The only people the Aussies could kill are the young boys and girls of Iraq and Afghanistan that did not carry weapons, not soldiers but farm boys and girls.

Virgo49 said...

Just now saw Channel News America 5 pm news of Americunts having their Covid shots in their cars.

One young Americunt guy simply closed his eyes with his whole arm when about to be vaccinated.

What's a joke. Full grown man scared of just a small needle shot.

That's show their cowardice.

Anonymous said...

Coronavirus: US determined to help India fight pandemic, say Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
The US also promised to make available the raw materials required to manufacture the Covishield vaccine in India.

Virgo49 said...

Aiya too late. Now then they opened their CB mouths.

Raw materials to manufacture. How many will die before they are ready?

You think they are like the Chinese? Worked 25 hours a day!

They worked one hour slept five hours on their five foot ways.

Also that stupid FauChee relaxing rules on masks wearing in the Open.

These Americunts are just too dumb and fun loving.

Itchy backsides want to exceed India's daily 235,000 infections and be number one again!

Yes, they loved to be Number One in the wrong sense.

Anonymous said...

This is how they would destroy themselves. Every opportunity, every little sign of improvement, quickly open up. It would be an endless cycle of open and close and more cases infected.

Anonymous said...

Military clash, even a war if US and Japan dare try to land on the Diaoyu Islands

The US and Japan may conduct joint military drills in the waters of the Diaoyu Islands soon, which would represent a severe infringement of China's territorial sovereignty.

The China Coast Guard (CCG) sent its vessels to patrol China's territorial waters surrounding the Diaoyu Islands on Sunday, as China made clear to relevant countries that they are unable to challenge China's determination to safeguard its territories.

If the US and Japan dare try to land on the Diaoyu Islands, not only the CCG, but also the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy and Air Force would take action to shatter such an attempt.

In a recent joint US-Japan statement, the US "reaffirmed that Article V of the Treaty applies to the Senkaku Islands (China's Diaoyu Islands). Together, we oppose any unilateral action that seeks to undermine Japan's administration of the Senkaku Islands."

No matter what stance the US and Japan declare on issues related to the Diaoyu Islands or the Taiwan question, the PLA will firmly safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity.

On Friday, President Xi Jinping commissioned three main battle warships into the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy.

The three large warships - Changzheng, a Type 09IV nuclear-powered strategic ballistic missile submarine; Dalian, a Type 055 13,000 ton-class large destroyer; and Hainan, the country's first Type 075 amphibious assault ship, have a total displacement larger than the total displacement of many countries' entire navies.

The Changzheng gets enhanced capabilities in noise reduction and missile attack accuracy, giving China even more credible nuclear deterrence with further improved nuclear counterattack capability.

Friday's commissioning of warships is unprecedented in many aspects, as it is the first time the PLA Navy has received three different types of large vessels on one day. This is also not seen in other countries.

This reflects the rapid development of the PLA Navy as well as the Chinese shipbuilding industry, as the two become world class. China can develop, construct and harness these advanced vessels in a very short time, showing "Chinese speed."

China needs large powerful warships to build a stronger navy as it faces grave military struggle pressure from the Anglo-Saxon allies in the China Seas.

A fleet of British warships and military aircraft billed as the “largest concentration of maritime and air power to leave the UK in a generation” will depart next month for visits to India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, in a display of Britain’s ambition to exert a much stronger presence in Asia.

New aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, the most powerful surface vessel in the Royal Navy’s history, will set sail next month for Asia with eight fast jets on board.

It will be accompanied by six Royal Navy ships, a submarine armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles, 14 naval helicopters and a company of Royal Marines.

Virgo49 said...

Think this will be the final straw that will break the camel's back if they dared to land on the Diaoyu Islands.

This will be a slap on the Face on China's claims of their sovereignty of these islands.

Likewise they should also asked Japan to try to land on the Senpaku Islands that South Korea also claimed to be theirs.

Good shows coming up.

The Battles of the South China Seas with the PLA Navies and Air Force sinking all the Americunts and Japanese Fleets.

That's be the beginning of the Interim Third World War.

Forget about the vaccinations.

Brace yourselves for a Real TURMOIL times.

Virgo49 said...

South Korea might turn tailed and attack Japan with Kim waiting at the sideline for actions in their long waiting reunification.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Without protection from the air, without effective protection from cruise missiles, every single British ship will be sunk, including the aircraft carrier, when China decides to do it.

The British used to be smart. But this move shows how stupid they have become. But what to expect from them when they elected a dud like Blow Job, oops, Blow Jo to be their PM.

Virgo49 said...

Big useless fuel wasting clumsy Aircraft Carrier QEII with just Eight Jets on board.

That's shown the stupidlty of those Stupid countries that have so many useless Aircraft Carriers.

That's why China just needed Two. One maybe getting discommissioned soon and Liaoning as Replacement to move forward to the Four Seas to defend any blockades that may.be schemed by the Whites.

To take back Taiwan, she no need use her Aircraft Carrier.

Just attack and flew from Mainland China.

Clumsy useless just conveyance ship that carries only Eight Jets sailed all the while like a clumsy Whale which took months to reach the South China Seas and even before at the Straits of Malacca already sank by cruise missiles.

Stupidlty no cure

Anonymous said...

Singapore's Meng Wanzhou?

Singaporean Kwek Kee Seng, 61, the director of a shipping agency in Singapore, is wanted by the FBI for allegedly directing petroleum oil shipments worth more than US$1.5 million to North Korea, evading evil USA sanctions imposed on severely deprived North Koreans suffering from extreme cold weather conditions, hunger and the pandemic.

FBI assistant director, William F. Sweeney Jr, said Kwek is now a fugitive on its radar, and the US will be working with its foreign partners to bring him to justice, exercising American hegemonic long-arm jurisdiction. If Singaporean Kwek is captured by the Americans, he could be jailed for up to 20 years in the USA for each charge.

Anonymous said...

Fucking American laws to arrest foreigners. If Kwek did not commit the act inside USA, is not an American citizen, and is staying outside the USA, he should not be arrested.

If he is in Singapore, he should not come under American law. Singapore is not a colony of the USA.

The Americans cannot come to Singapore to arrest Kwek. Unless Singapore is a colony of the USA.

Anonymous said...

An aircraft carrier also needs a flotilla of support ships, all in all with high thousands of men. A drone or missile needs no human on board. Really cheaper, better and much, much faster.

Before they start a conflict they also have to move those ships into position, taking days or weeks, by which time the enemy is already waiting. The days of aircraft carriers are numbered. The purpose of aircraft carriers are exactly what it's name suggest, to move aircrafts nearer to the enemy's shore to enable the fighter jets to carry out their bombing mission with enough fuel to return.

In the days of WW1 and 2, fighter jets needed refueling and the only way was on board aircraft carriers after a mission. Take away the aircraft carrier and the planes will have to dive like kamikaze pilots into the sea.

Now, with long range drones, hypersonic nuclear missiles able to reach half way across the globe, the strategy of war has changed. Moving aircraft carriers into position is old strategy, clearly visible and telling the enemy of what your intentions are. They threaten and cow small states without retaliatory capabilities, but they do not scare those who have the military capacity to retaliate.

Virgo49 said...

Yes by right Kwek has nothing to do with the stupid Farking Americunts own sanction laws.

But our Great Leaders will arrest Kwek on their behalf as they feared the UassA big Mafia bro.

He will jump accordingly to their orders.

Anonymous said...

China must pass laws forbidding military sales to Taiwan. Then China can arrest all the Americans and Europeans selling arms to Taiwan. Sanction them and arrest them when they come to Hong Kong and Taiwan fro breaking Chinese laws.

Pass another law for acts that undermine Chinese sovereignty, harming Chinese citizens, then bring HSBC to court, close down the bank and fine heavily for its role in compromising and assisting in the arrest of Meng Wanzhou.

Anonymous said...

If China do that, the sky will fall! The poodles will definitely bark and toads will croak loudly - "how can you do that to our master".

Anonymous said...

Australian National University academic slammed over citation of Chinese genocide research paper that debunked Western lies

An Australian academic has been savaged as “unethical” for citing an anonymous report which she said “debunked” claims China is committing genocide.

Professor Jane Golley, who runs the Australian National University’s Centre for China, caused a storm among Sino-watchers when she used an address to the National Press Club last week to refer to an anonymous document to say the estimated figure of 1 million Uighur Muslims who have been through re-education camps was probably exaggerated.

The paper also claimed findings of forced sterilisations were in fact “family planning”.

The anonymous 18-page document took aim at work by Australia’s Strategic Policy Institute but primarily focused on the work by racist German academic Dr Adrian Zenz, a senior fellow in China studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation who was recently sanctioned by China.

Professor Golley said she had received the paper via a former Australian ambassador to China, who she declined to name, and said she had consulted two other colleagues before going public.

“They all thought it was scholarly, it was well written and there were lots of footnotes nearly all in English,” she said of the report.

“So that’s where I used my academic judgment, I’ve spent my whole life peer-reviewing articles. I read it and thought that there were many points that make sense to me.

“I’m not saying I understand Xinjiang perfectly, but if I read an article that makes sense to me why aren’t I allowed to raise that?”

She said she raised the report to counter the prevailing media narrative in Australia surrounding Chinese relations.

“I know more about Xinjiang than Pompeo, I don’t want to sound cocky but I know more than what 99 per cent of Australians know about Xinjiang.

“There are all sorts of fuzzy lines between what constitutes forced and what constitutes choice - what if 30 per cent of Uighurs are choosing to work?”

Professor Golley said she still did not know the authors of the paper but defended their right to submit the paper to her anonymously via proxies, saying they would be “persecuted” by white Aussie Chinese-haters if exposed.

“When the names come out there will be some Chinese names in the list and people will immediately assume that they’ve been subjected to Beijing’s orders when it might be the case that that’s just how they see the world, and then they’ll be persecuted - they’re going to be labelled spies.”

Golley said she had never been paid a single cent by the Chinese Communist Party but that had failed to stem an avalanche of “hate mail” “close to death threats” telling her to “f--- off, you communist spy,” and calling her a “shill” for China.

“I feel so misjudged, if people knew me, I just want the best for the Uighurs,” she said.

She said her motivation for presenting the paper was a concern that academic freedom is being stifled in Australia, but she was also concerned that exaggerating China’s human rights abuses could backfire if it emerged they were overstated.

She also urged Australia to consider its own genocidal past against Indigenous Australians, saying while it did not justify abuses in Xinjiang it was not “completely irrelevant either”.

Anonymous said...

Indigenous man’s death in Australian jail marks seventh in custody since March

An Indigenous man has died at Cessnock Correctional Centre, marking the seventh First Nations death in Australian jails since March 2.

A Corrective Services NSW spokeswoman said the man was found unresponsive in his cell at about 10am on Tuesday before he was pronounced dead at 11.15am.

The death marks the seventh death in custody since March 2, four of which have occurred in NSW.

“There is a deepening breakdown in the relationship between First Nations communities and prison and police authorities in NSW and this death will only broaden that divide,” NSW Greens MP and spokesperson for justice and police, David Shoebridge said. “It cannot be accepted that First Nations people routinely die in custody."

An Aboriginal man died at Port Phillip Prison in Melbourne’s west on Monday night from a medical episode.

More than 400 Indigenous people have died in custody since 1991.

Flags Of The World said...

Flag of Singapore