Natural Justice - Karma - Part I

For the numerous commoners who are unable to find justice in the mundane man-made legalistic courts of law, you may find redress in the Court of Public Opinions. If you are also unable to find redemption in the Court of Public Opinions, you may find solace in Natural Justice.

Natural Justice is the law of cause and effect operating, hand-in-gloves, with the law of gravity. Every action begets a reaction or a series of reactions, plus what goes up must come down.

This is widely known as Karma (or Retribution in the Western world).

In simple words: "What you sow is what you get".

If you sow a sweet seed, you get sweet fruits; if you sow a sour seed, you get sour fruits; if you sow a bitter seed, you get bitter fruits. As simple as that.

And, if you flew up very high, you will fall down very hard; if you flew up not so high, you will fall down not so hard. The higher you climb, the deeper you fall. Understood?

Operating together with the law of gravity as one overall single entity, Karma is very real, irrespective of whether one believes it or not, irrespective of whether one realises it or not, and irrespective of whether one accepts it or not.

No one, not a single soul, can escape from his own Karma. You made it, you created it, you own it. It follows you like an obedient and well-trained dog, wherever you go, to heaven or to hell, in body and in spirit. In the air, on earth, underwater or in space, it follows you. Twenty-four hours a day and 365 days a year, without taking even a micro-second of holiday, it follows you, diligently, responsibly and tenaciously like your guardian angels. Even when you are already dead and your body burnt to ashes. You can't run away nor hide from it. It is actually YOU!

Yes, YOU. The BIG YOU. The Ever-So-Important YOU. The EGOISTIC YOU!

Without fail, Karma is always out there operating with an open heart and with a pair of open arms, ever-ready to embrace you and act upon your calls and desires, ever-ready to act upon your deliberate, mindless or careless actions derived from your body, speech and mind - both virtuous and non-virtuous, both meritorious and de-meritorious, both good and bad.

Take heart, do not despair or despise, Karma can be altered in due course to a certain extent and to a certain degree, if you learn how to do it, and apply it.

There are three types of Karma:

1. Sealed Karma - The karma accumulated in the past awaiting fruition. There is nothing anyone can do to alter its course.

2. Operating Karma - The Karma created in the past that is now rippening and the Karma being created at the present life-time that you are experiencing now. You can do something to alter the course of the Operating Karma if you know how, if you try hard enough consistently, diligently, repeatedly, rigorously and relentlessly. It is quite difficult but not impossible. You need to form good habits and remain positively-charge throughout your life, unfettered by all the bad things that come your way.

3. Stored Karma - The Karma accumulated in the present life-time that will only bear fruits in the future. You can also alter its course if you apply the remedial actions that you have been taught and hopefully learned whole-heartedly, persistently and resiliently. Never give up, no matter how difficult your situation may be. It is really very hardwork but you can do it if you put your heart to it during your entire lifetime.
It is not impossible. It is never too late to start cultivating good habits that will store good karma for you and your family. That's why some people spend their entire life-time in secluded hermitages or caves up in the mountains or deep in the jungles to practice throughout their whole lifetime, until they have achieved certainty. Until they have realized liberation. Until Enlightenment!

If you attain Enlightenment, your merits can benefit NINE generations, two generations up and seven generations down.

To be continued .....

SSO - 24 April 2021.


Anonymous said...

We just have to ask ourselves why some are born into wealth and plenty while some are born into poverty. Why are some born into rich families with servants to hander to their every needs and wants, while some are born into the African bush or dirt poor countries to suffer a life of deprivation. There are documentaries galore about children, five years old, doing manual labour in such countries.

Or why are some people born perfectly good looking and healthy, while some are born with missing limbs and distorted bodies, complete with ill health to boot. Why?

It is all Karma. Where you are born into is not something happening by chance. It is about what you did in your previous life, ripening in this life. The pay back is not always immediate, that is why some doing evil are still enjoying the good life. It will come, only a matter of time.

The good begets good, the evil begets suffering eventually. Justice comes by the natural route if humans cannot remedy. What we do in this life may not be rewarded or be punished immediately. Karma is a three life span event. What you do in your previous existence determines your fate in this and your next life, and what you do in this life determines the fate of your next rebirth and the next.

Anonymous said...

The West may not believe in Karma, but with the saying 'you reap what you sow' is a clear indication that you cannot get good result doing evil. That is Karma put in another context.

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon 9.52

So in this life if you are born into a life of wealth and luxury, this is also a beginning to your cycle of your next life.

Many had been pampered and spolit in their good life that they began a life of evils and malices.

Chinese beliefs In the cycle of life that you can be a millionaire today and be a papuer tomorrow.

Seen thru just fine examples of how the spoilt and wealthy children of the Korean Chabo or businesses conglomerates behaved.

Mostly trampled on their own fellow men and women with their wealth and powers.

Even their Government gave faces to them as they are the Prime Movers of the economies of their country.

Thus their next lives if they continued their wanton and wayward lives would be beggars living under their shelters

This is the cycle of Karma.

Unless they continued to live good and helpful lives.


Anonymous said...

Yeah...what goes around comes around is also Karma. Do unto others as u have them do unto u- Jesus said. But the West dun wan to believe in all this.

SSO said...

Inaction can also be considered as part of Karma because it can cause serious consequences to ownself or others too. For example, refusing to take action to stop the import of COVID-19 infected persons from other countries can substantially increase the probability of community infections. The Karma must be registered upon the shoulders of the decision-maker/s who have been turning a deaf ear to public outcry to stop importing COVID-19 infectious foreigners into the country.

On Saturday, the community cases have increased by another 5.

On Sunday, the imported COVID-19 diseased persons increased to 40 a day. Only 2 are Singaporeans, possibly new citizens. The other 38 are all foreigners.

This kind of Karma has long-term implications and those responsible may one day in this lifetime or next bear the consequences of the rippening of their Karma.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps to the Aristocats ir the Upper Class their Karma works a different way. Theirs motto is What's wrong with Collecting more monies is their Karma. These group of 'special breed' want their monies collections to grow and grow like infinity or their own way of Karmic magnification, to them nothing else matters or its u die its ur own bziness.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.54

If the West wants to believe in Karma, they would be constrained to do all the evil things, like genocide against the Native Americans, using Agent Orange against the Vietnamese, using biological weapons in Korea, using sanctions to kill those living in countries that do not follow their dictates and killing innocents women and children in the Middle East.

Not believing in Karma means they can commit all the crimes they want. After all their religion will save them as they tell their followers. Believe and they will be saved and still go to heaven whatever evil they do.

Virgo49 said...

This is the best catch that stupid dafts believed in them and likewise like them behaved the same as they do.

These imbeciles are just clutching to straws as they knew that they will never end go to heavens with their hideous and evil deeds.

So this sure way of Salvation is a sure bet to save them.

Believing it to be so. So simplistic.

That's why you can see so many Westernised barbaric children always convert their whole life of ancestors and idols worshipping to their religions in the hope that they be saved.

Poor senile souls gong gong don't even know what's happening just let them do the hai gong on them

Real cruel of them.