China's moment to cross the Rubicon, carrying a big stick

 China has had it enough of being attacked by countries that benefited from its trade, attacking, smearing and demonising China.  Some even openly called China enemy. Now with a strong military able to take out any country that dares to flirt with a war against China, and the biggest consumer market in the world and growing rapidly with the rise of a new middle class hungry to acquire all the accessories of a good life, the Chinese consumer market is irresistible for any profit driving corporations or countries to ignore. Not participating in the Chinese consumer market is as good as not doing business at all.  There is no other market that is hungry and has the money to pay for all the goods and services at the a volume unmatched elsewhere.

With the cocky and hostile West and their crony countries still thinking that they could trade and make insane profits from China and could still take liberty to attack China, taking sanctions against China, the time has come for China to take a stand, no deals with hostile and enemy countries. The Americans, British, Japanese and even Europeans would have to lick their own ass if they insist on their bullying and unfriendly behaviour towards China.

The recent spat created by the BCI and the stonewalling of H&M, Nike, Adidas and a few other  related countries and their imminent expulsion from the Chinese market is a good lesson for the sillies and unthinking to know what they are dealing with.  Australia is licking its wound and acting tough, pretending that it doesn't hurt when hundreds of billions of revenue vanished in thin air.

Britain, Canada are top on the no trade no deal list. Japan and Taiwan come closely behind. There is no reason for China to be nice to these ingrates. There is no reason for China to continue to do business with hostile and unfriendly countries.  There is no reason for China to engage and meet up with unfriendly countries to talk about human rights, democracy or its domestic affairs. China would completely stop talking to anyone or country should any of these items be in the agenda. It is better not to waste time with them, no talks is better than talking. China does not have to entertain enemies of China with hostile intent and agenda. Just completely ignore them. China must not allow troublemakers to set the agenda for talks.

Anyone or country wanting to talk, meet or negotiate with China would have to a common agenda agreeable by both parties.  Talking nonsense, talking about China's domestic affairs are interference and would not be allowed. Period.

China has to cross the Rubicon, to say No to all rubbish. Anyone or country wanting to talk or meet up with China, it must be for mutual benefits, on trade and development, not on politicking and definitely no talks on China's domestic affairs.  Anyone or country wanting to meddle or interfere with China's domestic affairs should go home and talk to themselves. China must be prepared to cut off relations, cut off trade ties with trouble making corporations or countries. Period.

If Japan insists on making an enemy out of China, wanting to support Taiwanese independence movement, wanting to poke its fingers in the South China Sea, they can pack up all their investments in China. This is the way to deal with rogues, ruffians and hostile people and countries.  There is no need to be nice to them anymore. China does not need to trade with Japan. Japan needs the Chinese market badly as they have no where else to go. Asean market is too small and challenged by the South Koreans and China. America and European market have a lot of barriers the Japanese were unable to penetrate. Best, America is imposing sanctions and raising trade barriers against Japan.

Japan will be dead duck without the Chinese market and without China as the manufacturing base. Dare to do a Pearl Harbour on China?


SSO said...

Japanese leaders are still harbouring the intent to attack, invade and capture China and annihilate the Chinese People, even until today.

Their aggressive and evil ambition to one day destroy the Chinese People and Civilisation by conquering China has never ceased.

China's leaders and the Chinese People must never let their guards down in dealings with the Japanese, be they business people, diplomats or politicians.

After so many past treacherous actions initiated by the Japanese against China and the Chinese People, the Japanese people must never be trusted again.

In fact, China should close down the Japanese spy agencies masquerading as cultural exchanges, researchers, news reporters and business organisations in China for good.

There should be no compromising nor compassionate gestures given to the treacherous Japanese within Chinese territories.

Trade sanctions and restrictions should also be imposed upon Japan for the Japanese leaders' actions against China, especially for instigating and supporting Taiwan's separatist movements, under the guise of democracy and human rights.

How can the Japanese talk about democracy when their country is still a semi-colony of the Evil American Empire?

How can the Japanese talk about human rights when they have carried out the most inhuman experiments on the Chinese people?

Never, never, never trust the Japanese.

Virgo49 said...

Good morning Mr RB

China is now the Number One in their economy and Miltarily also Lost to one. Grown at 18.3% and MORE to come.

Now she have to set the Agenda that any one who wants to talk trade or other matters with them.

No No definitely to lectures from others about their human rights and actriocites.

To HELL with them.

Chinese mentality is I One Up if I have more monies than you.

My MONIES can even make Devils and Monkeys dance.


Anonymous said...

China must break the fingers of any trouble makers trying to poke at its eyes.

southernglory1 said...

The evil empire has reduced little Japan to a semi-colony or protectorate. Japan has lost its sovereignty, self-respect and dignity as it is now the lap dog under the firm control of the United States. But it is still trying to act big and tough against China.

Though it had been nuked twice by the evil empire it has short memory of it and is still running to its evil master like a fawning dog to wait for instructions.The disgusting little Jap still dream of conquering China with the help of America. Does it not know it will be a wishful dream of its own self-destruction and the sending of Japan into oblivion together with its devil master.


Anonymous said...

For China to let it's guard down regarding Japan is very dangerous. Japan still harbours ambitions to over-run and take China, with so much land to covet. But now Japan knows the prospect is getting dimmer by the day.

Japan will have to annihilate hundreds of millions of Chinese to be able to control the land they grab. That had been the reason for the massacres they carried out in lands they conquered during WW2, because they were overstretched and unable to control the lands they seized. So they massacred the men in those countries, mainly the Chinese.

The reason for putting Japan as the top threat to China is the sneaky attacks that may come even though they may bow and appear friendly, harbouring ill intentions not apparent on the surface. That is the real danger. With the USA behind them prodding, who knows? The land of the rising sun may be inhabitable soon, not knowing what is happening below the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

Anonymous said...

India on the other hand is in no shape to create havoc with China as the country is falling apart at the hands of Modi. A rebellion is on the cards and Modi may have to run road. Unless the Indians are really that dim to keep following the pipe piper into the sewers.

Anonymous said...

Do not underestimate the cunningness and evilness of the Japanese. Knowing their vindictive nature and aspiration to be a world power again, Japan is bidding its time.

For the time being they are scheming to egg the Americans on to fight China. That is the dream of Japan for the Americans and Chinese to engage is self destruct war and then they will pick up the pieces. So, whenever the Americans initiated an offensive move against China, playing the Taiwan card, Japan would be there to fan the fire.

On the other hand the Americans are fully aware of the Japanese anger for the two Atom bombs and waiting to avenge that vicious attack against the Japanese people. Americans are also playing along, hoping to agitate the Japanese to take on China in their wild ambition to hold on to Diaoyu Islands. The Americans would pledge to be behind the Japanese in their war against China. Everyone will know who will be wiped out first.

This is a very interesting intrigue involving two of the most evil empires, both hate each other, done extreme harm to each other. The Atom bombs were in response to the sneaky Pearl Harbour. The Americans also rounded up all the Japanese in America into concentration camps and ill treated them like all Asians, actually worse than that. The Americans knew the Japanese would not forget those humiliating days and waiting to screw the Americans at the first opportunity.

So we have two strange bedfellows dreaming of killing each other but pretending to be sleeping happily, snoozing away with no worries, hugging each other in deep embrace.

Virgo49 said...

Also Japan is constantly worried that China if really irritated and provoked will seek revenge for their millions of Chinese as killed by them.

That's why the Americunts must kept provoking Japan to have a confrontation with China.

Anonymous said...

"Despite repeatedly hearing Sung identify herself as a member of the press and tell the troopers that the zip ties were too tight on her wrists, one trooper yelled at Sung, 'Do you speak English?,'" Walker's letter said, noting that Sung never resisted the police.


Anonymous said...

Unspeakable white racism displayed by the white police. Hope they would get the same treatment one day.