The US and Its Western allies new Gun Boat Policy against China will be their nemesis and end of mankind.

    This article is written as an adjunct to Chua Chin Leng's article today, "UK led naval strike force to enter within striking distance of China - An act of war."

 The West headed by the US is in decline and is  desperately trying to reactivate their imperialism and colonialism to force all third world countries under its control again to resurrect the 500 years curse which they had previously imposed on all non-white countries.  By far they have destroyed many countries in the Middle East, Africa and South America and imposed new western economic and financial colonialism  on all the countries therein. Now they are wishfully trying to use the Gunboat Policy on China again. Their gunboats during the Opium Wars 1830s to 1860s and in the Boxer Rebellion 1900 managed to cause great national disaster to China and the Chinese people and caused China to lay prostrate for over a century unable to fight back until the rise of the Chinese Communist Party headed by Chairman Mao Tse-Tung and his  heroic compatriotrs who managed to defeat the British, American and Japanese imperialism during the Second World War in 1937 to 1945.

Now the desperate West headedby the US is driving the war clouds over China again. However, today's People's Republic of China is not to be trivialised  as they who try to do so are courting  their own downfall and destruction.

There is a similar repeat of their past aggressions against China. America and many  of these European countries  are combining their arm forces to provoke China. Not single day, week or month past without their provocations. Now they are testing China's grit and patience to the limit with their military naval and air force encroaching very close to China's shores and airspace. China should not treat these provocations lightly as it would embolden them to interprete wrongly as China's cowardice and cause them to make sudden surprise attacks on China.

China must take counter actions immediately and give the US and its Western European allies their own medicine. China should not be afraid to arm Iran, Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico with nuclear weapons. China should station nuclear submarines by the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific ocean of America, in the Atlantic Ocean close to western Europe, in the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and in the North Sea of England and not be afraid to let them know what China is doing. China should reserve the right to blockade the British and the European warships in the Indian Ocean and in the Straits of Malacca. China's nuclear missiles in nearby Pakistan or Iran should be directed and aimed at US military base in Diego Garcia.  It is definitely going to be an all out nuclear war. China should not hold any delusion of the US and its allies diabolical intentions against China and stop thinking that a peace can be negotiated with the US and the West. The United States and its white European allies are toxic and dangerous and to think that they can be trusted is to delude yourself that  you can  hug a tiger or a lion safely without consequence.


Wednesday, 28th April, 2021



Virgo49 said...

Good afternoon Southernglory1

Right you are in your article!

Why should China doggedly followed all the International Rules and tried to be a Perfect Gentleman when these charlatans are in league to bring down her downfall.

As what's you said simply armed those countries who wanted to arm themselves with the Nuclear Weapons as requested by them to defend themselves against the threats and bullyings of the UAssA and their cronies.

No need for them to invent their own as they knew are possible to achieve.

Two or even all can played the same threatening games.

Have those countries agreeded and allowed China's to station their Nuclear warheads at their countries that are close to the UAssA and their Mafia Gangs.

Ignored all their stupid what's sanctions against their targeted countries that they wanted them to perish.

Why should China kow towed and obeyed their own Stupid discriminatory sanctions against the countries that they wanted them to suffer and perish.

Just simply played their own dirty games. The very most withdrawal as Members of the U.N and obeyed doggedly all their stupid rules and nonsense.

Show them that they meant biinsr it and have their own league of cooperation with those countries that wanted to align with her.

That will wake up the UAssA and their cronies from the perception that they are in Control of the World and the International Community.

The very most all will just simply perished from this Earth all together.


Virgo49 said...

China knew that once she retaliates that's be the Third World and Final World's War.

That's why she is so patient to save Humanity.

But the Farking Whites and their cronies are just too tired of living as they cannnot their luxurious thieving lifes anymore with their looted diminishing wealth and their screwed up decadent lifestyles.

Anonymous said...

The evil white people is tired of living. They have driven themselves to destruction and depravity by living a very decadent hedonistic life. Now they want to blame their failures on other countries and want an easy way out by reactivating their imperialism and colonialism to lord over other countries again. But China is a stumbling block to their evil schemes and therefore they feel the need to take down China and the Chinese people first. China must therefore be fully prepared to take them on and destroy them completely.

Anonymous said...

It was a good thing that very early Chairman Mao Tse-tung, premier Chou En Lai and the top echelon of their CCP comrades foresaw the urgent need for China to have nuclear weapons having realized the potential danger of the revival and return of western imperialism and aggression against China again at some point in time in the future. They were far sighted and with the intense patriotism of the Chinese nuclear and rocket scientists China managed to build a powerful military and nuclear deterrent to the Western aggression led by the Evil Empire.

SSO said...

The Russian Card.

Why is Russia keeping quiet?

Whose side will Russia be on?
China or Whitemen?

Russians are white Caucasians too.

China must also guard her back.
The Russians are very cunning too.

The Russians will wait for China to be awakened and then move in to harvest the spills and spoils.

Russian diplomacy is a treachery to China in the past and it will be again in the future.

China has to be very careful with the Russians too.

Anonymous said...

Agree SSO

Russia is no good goy and also White. It all boils down to the enemy of my enemy is my friend and this can change overnight.

But China has to keep a very very close watch on the Japs, now stirring up the China threat. AT this time, with Modi fighting the COVID19 and the election, Suga still finds it important to talk to him about the China threat. Quard or no quard, there has to be a time and place to talk business..

Anonymous said...

Re: SSO - 8:06pm

You are absolutely right. The treacherous double headed Russians robbed off all the Chinese lands north of Outer Mongolia and the Heilongjiang River as well as all the lands in the Maritime Province bordering the Ussuri River to the Pacific Ocean facing Japan and the Sakhalin Island from the 1850s to 1880s when China was at its weakest during the Opium Wars period. The territories Russia stole from China total not less than three million five hundred thousand square miles. In 1946 Stalin of Russia detached the Chinese province of Outer Mongolia from China under a false Russian controlled plebiscite.

A proud Chinese and hope Chinese will unite in solidarity wherever they may be.

Virgo49 said...

Now their Bullshits Demo Crazy Congress in Sessions with their wayang Bullshits Reel lifes.

What's the Fark they must mentioned that theirs is a True Democracy whereas China is an Autocracy Country?

China with their dignified Congress that impressed all in the World whereas theirs like a Cowboy Bullshits Movie show.

Virgo49 said...

What's Farking social distancing when they don't practice what's they supposed to do.

All their bullshits wayang that now they can go mask less in the Open.

Let them have their Third wave like India with their millions dying every Day.

Virgo49 said...

See that sleepy Joe dozing off in the middle of his address.

That's will be the Greatest and International Embrassement for all to see.

Virgo49 said...

Sleepy Joe greatest joke Americunts ideals is that we created every one is created equal.

But at same time we Whites had the license to kill the Blacks and the other coloured people.

Our whites are specials that they are pampered and immune from persecutions

And you stupid Asians please don't sympathize the Blacks for they don't dared to retaliate against us whites but killed you all.

Virgo49 said...

China's Autocracies Congress can just passed their resolutions within a day and had head starts in implementing their plans in full play and be a Leader in any innovations.

Whereas the Farking Bullshits Americunts Congress argue and dead blocked each other and took years just to pass a single resolution.

So which Demo Crazy or Autocracies is better?