Afghanistan - 20 years of butchery of tribesmen under the pretext of 911

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday (Apr 14) it's "time to end" America's longest war with the unconditional withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, where they have spent two decades in a bloody, increasingly futile battle against the Taliban.

Dubbed the "forever war", the US military onslaught in Afghanistan began in response to the Sep 11, 2001 attacks against the United States.

Now, 20 years later - after almost 2,400 US military and tens of thousands of Afghan deaths - Biden named Sep 11 as the deadline by which the last US soldiers will have finally departed. The pullout will begin on May 1.  AFP

Using the pretext of 911, accusing the poor tribesmen of Afghanistan of involvement in a false flag attack on World Trade Centre, the Americans invaded Afghanistan and stay there for 20 years, killing and murdering the tribesmen daily.  'A decade ago, the United States had about 100,000 troops in Afghanistan.' Thousands of innocent Afghans, fathers and mothers, children, babies and women, were slaughtered daily by the Americans till today and still going on, 20 long dreadful years after their self inflicted bombing of the twin towers. No one dares to condemn this barbarism.

The 911 bombings had nothing to do with the Afghans, nothing to do with the Talibans.  These tribesmen living in the desolated mountains of Afghanistan were never a threat to the USA.  Many did not know anything about the USA. But they were convenient victims of the American butchers.  The Americans were using them for training, to experiment and test their weapons of mass destruction, to expend their obsolete weapons so that they could acquire more new and deadly weapons.

Where is the condemnation from the so called evil no conscience western media for war crimes and crimes against these hapless tribesmen of Afghanistan? They have no means to travel to the USA to pose a threat to the white supremacists.  They have better things to do than to want to attack a country they have never heard of and did not no where.

The world, the UN, must condemn the unilateral invasion of Afghanistan by the evil white men and the killings and destruction of their country.  They must be made to pay for war crimes and compensation to the Afghan people and charge for these crimes against humanity. By the way, the Afghans and Talibans are Muslims, the religion the whites hate most. Forget about the farce of speaking for the Muslims in Xinjiang, another hoax, another fabricated lies to serve the interest of the white warmongers, to instigate the Muslims against China.

Where are the crocodile tears? Where are those whites that were standing on high moral grounds? The Afghans and Talibans are also people that have a right to live, to live in peace, to bring up children and to look after their old folks.

"A horrific attack 20 years ago ... cannot explain why we should remain there in 2021," he said. "It's time to end the forever war."  Biden

It can be explained. The Americans just need wars, unending wars, to support their war industries. When the Americans start a war, it is meant to last for as long as possible. They made the invaded countries pay for their expenses, soldiers and weapons expended in the wars. They made Americans pay for all the soldiers, military bases, military weapons and weapons of mass destruction, biological and chemical weapons and labs by creating imaginary enemies or making enemies of other countries to justify a never ending and increasing budget. And a bonus if they have oil or gold in their banks.

War is business, big business, the biggest contributor to the American economies.  Now they are forcing their semi colonies, allies and cronies to pay for the stationing of troops and weapons in the respective countries. The Americans are the world's number one gangsters, the world's number one terrorists, the world' number one warmongers.

Spending 20 years to kill Afghan tribesmen that have nothing to do with the lives of Americans and exploiting and destroying the lives of Arabs and Muslims using lies, fabricated lies. What did the world say, what did the UN say about these crimes against humanity?


Anonymous said...

Was Osama bin Laden the real mastermind of 911? Such a plot could hardly be made by Osama, hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. How did he planned such an elaborate scheme while trying to avoid detection of his hiding place, ostensibly without being able to use modern communication lines with outsiders in the recruitment and training of pilots and the funding matter.

And, believe it or not, all these happenings escaped the attention of the most sophisticated monitoring and spying establishment in the world, when they were intently listening and trying to establish his whereabouts via his communication lines?

Further, it happened on the day the USA was said to be conducting a military excercise that they claimed grounded all their fighter jets, leaving the airspace conveniently open to those hijacked planes to attack their targets. How did the so called terrorist know so much about this opportunistic moment to launch the attack?

Many still believe 911 was an inside job, to kickstart the invasion of Afghanistan, planned with Israel's expertise, funded by the Saudis and sanctioned by you know who. I an sure decades down the line, when they declassified documents, the truth will be revealed. By then they hope all will be just foggy memories and be forgotten, like the genocide of the Native Indians, their use of biological weapons in Korea and Vietnam and the killings of millions of innocents women and children in wars they created and sanctions they imposed.

Virgo49 said...

Right you are Anon.

The Americunts would do any hideous crimes even against their own people just to justify their Main Agenda to attack Afghanistan.

This is their inside job to declare war on Afghanistan.

To them lives are cheap. Whether their own of others. See every day they had their killings on their streets in almost every cities and towns.

Only foolish natives and fools would want to go there and be gunned down by their cowboys.

Anyway, Nature is going to cruel to them as their infrastructures are all crumbling down and with a major disaster they been all buried and burned alive soon.

Also with their daily killings and also civil conflicts it gonna be destroyed soon

One or two of their Nuclear facilities gonna go bust like PukiYama in Japan and they will have their Doomsday soon.

They have so many of their Storage Nuclear Bombds which could be a liability to them.

When things happened then Kim and Xi and Puki commandos will set out to other destinations countries the same and sabo them.

Soon they be in panic station and will surrendered.


Anonymous said...

Along the coast of California lies an abandoned Nuclear Power Plant, just on a beach, complete with piles of nuclear waste stored in drums. This plant sits right on top of a fault line. When the next big quake hits California, it will be Fukushima all over again.

The long awaited big one that will hit California is going to lead to the collapse of most of the old dams, bridges and highways, not to mention how many nuclear power plants will be destroyed but creating a nuclear holocaust.

There is no way of preventing the next big quake. Praying does not help either. And it will be unlike previous quakes when nuclear power plants were practically non existent.

Virgo49 said...

Wow Anon 10.31

SUPERB description.

Thank you


Virgo49 said...

Wow CNN now discussing What's Sinkieland Pay And Pay Govt is doing?

Getting new Immigrants to replace Local Sinkies.

In America they were doing the same. Replacing their Whites.

Accusations by the Republicans Dirty as Dotard Trump.

Wow wee at least Sinkies are now one up in teaching the Americunts What's to do.

Americunts getting slower and more stupid than ours who took lessions from them in their prestigious unis.

Today's Report in Matland, two so called smarter local Mats are going to Havard Colleges to study.

So before they go, better stop them for when they are back they be also replacing their stupid and lazy Mats into minorioties so that the Country can prospered.

Hey idoits economics more important than being a dumb majority who are utterly useless.

Squabbles on minor trivial isssue of religion and the wearing of tudangs.

Just a piece of scarf. Want to wear as your God commanded more decent then wear lah.

Nobody stopping you.

Aiyo that your business..this type of weather. You want to get sat bu get lah.

Who cares you have lices in your hair?

Your par sat! Ooops Parsai.

Anonymous said...

Now also talking about a third COVID19 dose after one year. Looks like it is going to be a endless shifting of goalposts, clearing the way to the banks indefinitely for big Pharma. Because the COVID19 is here to stay, looking at what is happening in India, Brazil and EU.

Those thinking of big money in the works and entering the race will be no match for the propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

LNG avoids China hit as exports set fresh record
Angela Macdonald-Smith
Apr 16, 2021 – 10.52am

Australian LNG exports hit a monthly record in March and export revenues surged as several projects upped their performance and took advantage of stronger prices and demand that has continued apace, led by China.


Anonymous said...

What a stupid lie. With China not importing LNG from Australia, who else could replace China to buy more than China, especially when all the economies were hit by Covid19 and slowing down?

This white lie also dares to put out.

China is cutting all imports from Australia, including LNG.

Anonymous said...

Cheap fake news. Higher LNG prices some more! Wow, wow, Australian economy booming, booming, booming, bust.

Trade delegations begging to go to China to reset relations but all turned down. So desperate. If revenue is so good, no need to go crawling to China to beg for business lah.

They think this is 19th Century can still lie about what is happening in Australia and nobody knows the truth. In this information age, everything is know by every corner of the earth.

Which economy is booming and buying more commodities to fuel its economy?

Anonymous said...

Did they say export to who? What projects upped their performance? Lying also must have basis.

Right, if Australian economy is so good, why is there a need for Oz to ask the USA to intervene in talking to China a while back not to target Australian food etc.

Anonymous said...

They need to burn away all the spoilt produce returned from China after China refused to accept them. So need to use more LNG.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China's first quarter GDP grew by 18.3% yoy. The fastest pace ever recorded in 3 decades.

Virgo49 said...

Wow wee

Indianapolis FedEx premises 8 killed many injured by gunman.

Heavens really have eyes.

Never end America is toasted.

Indianapolis- Indian Polis?

What's a name !

Virgo49 said...

Monies making bullshits vaccines.

Now need 3rd Jabs after 12 months.

What's baloney and bullshits?

Virgo49 said...

No wonder so many killed.

Useless Indians Polis!


Virgo49 said...

They Have a New Name for America


Sold out all coffins and cemeteries.

Anonymous said...

Now I know why Australia's LNG business has surged. It is due to the hot air balloon projects. They use LNG burners to inflate their hot air balloons. Notice lately they have been sending hot air balloons everywhere, with some landing on RB's blog.

Anonymous said...

RB, the 3 links coming in after 11 pm seems to be from Australia's spy agency.

Virgo49 said...

Now they talking about Weapons Control as it's a National Embarrassment to UAssA as according to Sleeepy Joe.

Republicans will cry Erosion of human rights and freedom.

Human Rights and Freedom to kill one another?

The WHITES are too afraid to give up their weapons as they have a Panonroid and Phobia Fears of the BLACKS slaughtering them as they had done so many actriocites against them.

This is the hypocrisy of the Whites constant shoutings of Human Rights and Freedom.

Virgo49 said...

Sometimes I kept wondering why so many STUPID Natives of Asia had so much high respects for the UAssA Unis like Havard etc.

After watching daily to their CNN and Foxy News and Commentaries I found them to be Imbeciles worse than Asians.

For everything disasters, they would rambled and rambled looking for excuses ans reasons for their mistakes and blunders and not solutions.

Why Sinkieland send our Scholars to there and learnt their stupid dramas of never ending episodes worse than the Taiwanese.

Even in the Courts cases the rambling and rambling of a simple murder by their police idiots and they can spend days and days wasting so much precious time and energy just to prove his guilt.

Even a three year old will just simply pronounced him guilty of First Degree Murder and don't waste any more bread and butter executed him.

That's why China can be such a orderly and peaceful and laws abiding country with 18.3% rise in economy because she don't spend her stupid time in all these non productive dramas.

Just applied the laws fairly whether yellow, blacks, whites or blue and you will have countries like China with prosperity, peace and happiness.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Morning 4:45am. You are absolutely right.

Since Matilah Singapura exposed himself as working for the Australian intelligence, I have booted him out of this blog. He is lurking in the shadow, following this blog very closely and trying to sneak in whatever he could to try to change the narrative here.

I have been deleting a lot of his sneaky works.

Virgo49 said...

Send Sinkies so called connections elites Scholars to their Stupid Unis and learnt all about all their nonsense.

No wonder Sinkieland is going to the skunks and be called Sinking Land.

Police and SAF scholars to learn their stupidity and Ways of Wars that cannnot even defeat a Rag Tag Volunteer Peasants in the Vietnam and Koreans Wars.

Learnt empty hot airs propaganda and nothing else.

Virgo49 said...


Now seemed quite tame with his postings.

Mostly on the good of Aussies and his White Masters.

Now may be kena whacked and bashed badly by his Red Necked Aussies that he already lost his marbles.


Virgo49 said...

Stupid Taiwanese ans Sinkies buying their obsolete fighter planes just to please them and crashed and crashed with their stupid obsolete technology.

Virgo49 said...

Sydney man found snake in his bag of cabbage.

Planted by MatiLah?

Mati Lah already Mati Lah kena bashed and sodomised by.his Aussies Masters.

Those who thought that migrated there in their Land Of Honey and Big Smelly Melons are now tasting their Retributions for been arrogant.

Anonymous said...

That Australian sheep dog's cover is now exposed. Thinking it can sneak in unnoticed. But we can spot that dog from a mile away by his actions and agenda. Who else would want to sneak in like this in the middle of the night? He thinks RB will open at least a small little hole for dogs to sneak in and out. Not so fast doggy!

Anonymous said...

Obsolete fighter planes aside, there are now more problems discovered in Boeing's 737MAX plane's electrical system. Boeing is toast. I wonder how much longer they can mothball those 737MaX planes and what kind of compensation to those airlines is being envisaged.

The only saving grace is that the COVID19 has forced those planes out of service in any case. Maybe for good.

Anonymous said...

I also know Putin is a confirmed 'killer' in the USA list of wanted people. LOL

But Biden still wanted to meet Putin to talk peace. But not before slapping Putin with more sanctions to show Putin who is the boss as they did to China before Alaska.

Does not sound and act like a man wanting to talk peace.

Would Putin trust a man who is untrustworthy?