The Evil Empire is resurrecting the 500 Years Curse of the evil white race on all the Non-White Countries : PART ONE

  The shadows and apparitions of the evil white race 500 years curse seem to be occuring everywhere in non-white countries during the last 70 years. Is it a pre-cursor to evil white countries trying to reassume their continuation of the 500 years evil white race dominance over non-white countries. Non-white peoples and countries must make sure this would never happen again. Never trust the evil white race. They have every intention to again subdue all non-white peoples and countries under their savage hegemony.

 The United States under the guise of bringing democracy and human rights to non-white contries is actually using them as political tool kits to bring these unsuspicious countries under US and Western hegemonic control again and thus bringing back the 500 years curse of the evil white race.

 After the Second World War most of the non-white countries had thrown off the yoke of Western colonisation after years of life-long violent struggle of resistance against the return of the white colonialist powers. India and Pakistan  got their independence in 1947 after some years of resurrection against the return of British Empire as Winston Churchill the obnoxious white racist  killer and genocider of non-white people  intended to continue  British rule in India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Bangladesh. President Sukarno achieved independence for Indonesia after he led  the Indonesians in their long fight and struggle from 1945 to early 1950s to get rid of the Dutch imperialists.  China which suffered the most from Western imperialists for about 200 years only managed to get its independence in October 1st, 1949, after years of violent and bloody struggle and resistance against the return of the British, American. French, Russian and Japanese imperialists.

After the Second World War America saw itself as the only pre-eminent superpower which could establish world hegemony in place of the Britiish, French and Russian empires. American policy to dominate the whole world is not new or incidental through circumstance of history. It has been the established policy of US since the first day of its independence. As Christopher Black a renowned international criminal lawyer based in Toronto in his article on 8th June, 2019 in New Eastern Outlook,  'This Outlaw Power ' said : 

"The aggressive objectives of the successive American governments were and are not accidents or mistakes arising out of immediate political circumstances but are a deliberate and necessary part of American Foreign Policy. From its inception the American political leadership has claimed to unite the American people with a consciousness of their mission and destiny  to dominate the world. War is seen as inevitable or highly probable to accomplish these objectives where intimidation and bribery fail."

The Chinese feel insulted and indignified when the US falsely and wrongly accused the Chinese people as thieves for stealing their technology. On the contrary US and the West have been stealing and using Chinese technologies for thousands of years. A world renowned British scientist, Professor Joseph Needham of Cambridge University, said long ago, "The world owes much to ancient Chinese science and technology."  "Every modern science and technology has its basic foundation in China." And in the early 1960s he said, "Give China a hundred years peace abd she will produce wonders in the world." Thus China's advance in 5G, AI, Quantum computing and surpass the USA and the West in many branches of latest science and technology attest to Professor Needham's farsighted forecast of China's plausible achievents for the benefit of mankind. For now US and the West are trying to steal China's latest discovery in science and technology. 

However, being unable to compete with China in science and technology in a fair level playing field the US has resorted to diabolical means to constrain China's progress and development. It started a trade war against China hoping to pin China down economically. Then it falsely accused and illegally targeted Chinese high tech companies of spying hoping to destroy these companies and stop them from competing with Google, Facebook, Apple and Intel. The US had earlier in 1980s destroyed the Japanese high tech company Toshiba and in the 1990s the French firm Alstom. But it is a high wet dream if US thinks it can destroy Chinese high tech companies like Hwawei, Alibaba, ZTE, Tik Tok and Ten Cent. The US is relentlessly plottinng the downfall of China hoping it could eventually bring China under its demonic control. Nevertheless though it can never succeed to take down China it has in the meantime cause a lot of trouble and irritations to the Chinese people and China.

The US has always been  flaunting ostentatiously to the world of its superiority, its wealth and glory. They should stop bragging as the whole world  knows  the truth that the US acquired its wealth in an illicit and clandestine diabolical manner. Christopher Black wrote: "The early prosperity of the US was built on the backs of slave labour, extermination of the indigenous peoples and theft of their lands, colonization and exploitation of other countries, including China, and over two hundred years of continual warfare to secure the resources and markets of first the Western Hemisphere, then the world. Their 'prestige' comes out of the barrel of a gun. The US economic and military aggression against those nations that refuse to obey American demands to serve their interests ever increases and never abates."

In the light of Christopher Black revelations we see in the last 70 years,  the West headed by the US have been increasingly hostile and aggressive towards all non-white countries in Asia, Africa, Central and South America. Though US lost the Korean War which it started in 1950 it managed to reduce South Korea and Japan into US semi-colonies or US protectorates under US absolute military control. Under such US coersive control the South Koreans and the Japanese cannot claim to have any more self-respect, dignity and sovereignty. US instigated and incited internecine strives amongst the Middle East Arab muslim states which ended up with US taking full control of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Libya, UAE  and partial control of other states and as a result US monopolizes and exploits the oil resources in the region for its own benefits to the detriment of the Arab states which are immensely impoverished.  

The state of Iran is anathema to the United States and America has never failed in trying to take down the Ayatolah government for regime change. It blockades Iran and uses extreme economic, financial and political sanctions to bring  down Iran. However, although all these evil US designs failed to bring Iran to its knees they nevertheless cause tremendous sufferings and deaths to millions of the common Iranian people.

US  continues to interfere in China's internal affairs. It created the Honkong riots under its Umbrella revolution to destabilise China. Failing in the Hong Kong umbrella revolution it now tries to stoke a Uyghur spring revolution with false allegation of genocide and forced labour of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang hoping to incite the world muslims to go against China. America pays only lip service to its One China Policy when it continuously tries to provoke China by instigating Taiwanese Chinese separatists with illicit actions and activities.  Moreover US has wicked designs to foment suspicion and hostilities between some South East Asian countries  and China to serve the evil motive of its geopolitical interests of controlling the whole of South China Sea. On hind sight it can be seen that US created the United Nations Conventions on the Laws of the Seas was to deprive China's traditional and historical legal ownerships and sovereignty of all China's island territories in the South China Sea. And US ultimate design  was to work behind the screen of UNCLOS to instigate some littoral states of South China Sea to illegally steal many of the Chinese islands in the South China Sea  under the UNCLOS rule of right to claim 200 miles of offshore waters as exclusive economic zones. However, the treacherous US and its western allies have themselves never signed the UNCLOS agreement. Isn't there  something fishy and odious behind? Similarly by illegally handling over the trusteeship and administration of the Chinese islands of Diao Yudao in the East China Sea to Japan, US has planted the seeds of contention and future wars between Japan and China to satisfy US geopolitical agenda of not only controlling Japan but also the whole of East China Sea and the South China Sea arena.

It is important China must find ways and means with Japan and ASEAN countries to settle and break down  this unnatural US created entangling problem in order to avoid future wars and the never ending choas and hostilities of the Middle East syndrome which will exactly fit into US well  calculated geopolitical agenda.

US and UK also worked behind the scenes to instigate and encourage India to steal Chinese lands in South East Tibet and the Aksai Chin region in the South West of Chinese province of Xinjiang. Constant Indian encroachment and invasion of Chinese lands culminated in the India-China war of 1962 in which India was soundly defeated by China's Peoples Liberation Army. However with US support and encouragement India never stops its infrigements on Chinese territories which have been the cause of constant border clashes. Thus by stoking animosities between India and China, the evil US hopes to recruit India as its ally to confront China in its geopolitical agenda. 

The United States thinks if it can take down China and Russia the world will be at its feet and it will be the first time in history that the whole world and all the countries therein will be brought under the sole absolute hegemonic control of one single country of the United States. That is a wild dream and we the countries of the free world must unite to dash that vile dream and destroy forever the evil demonic United States.


Wednesday, 21st  April, 2021.


Anonymous said...

The evil white race especially the evil white Americans can plan and do all the wicked deeds against the non-white countries. But one thing is certain the table has turned against them and China, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela are fighting against their aggressions vigourously and the unseen hand of The Almighty has brought the angel of death and suffering to the evil white race in the form of COVID - 19 or Coronavirus.

Anonymous said...

The little French emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte had warned in 1812, "There is a dragon lying asleep in the East, when she awakes she will shake the world."

The peaceful rise of China now testifies to Napoleon's prediction. America cannot go against the headwind of China's rise. Choosing China as an enemy now will be the nemisis of the United States.

Geopolitical observer

Anonymous said...

The American people at large have for years been subjected to endless streams of lies, falsehoods, fake news and false negative reporting against China and other victimized countries like Iran, Syria, North Korea, Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela. Our country has always been under the control of false and fake leaders since its independence in 1875. Every one of our president from George Washington down on is a bad president, a warmonger, a racist and white supremacist demagogue. America is ruled by a shadow government, the Deep State of the white supremacist Anglo-Saxon, Zionist-Rothsch ild Illuminati Cabal of Wall Street and the big business tycoons and conglomerates. It is this undemocratic perverted system of the Deep State that controls all American politicians and the exclusive two political parties of the Republicans and The Democrats. Without the sanction of the Deep State no politician can become a president or hold high office power in the Senate, Congress, House of Representatives,the Supreme Court, The Pentagon and CIA. The danger is that the Deep State Shadow Government of the US has never given up its hope of conquering the whole world and subject it to be ruled with ruthless hegemony by America.

The Deep State Rothschild-Illuminati Cabal has always based on its militant political philosophy and doctrine of permanent warfare as a basis for making tremendous huge sums of sinful illicit money. But now they are treading on dangerous paths. They are dangerously provoking both China and Russia simultaneously with militant hostile acts. They are exposiing both America, China and Russia and the whole world at large to a probable nuclear war in which there will be no victors and even if there are a few survivors they will feel ruefully sad that they be dead rather than survive to suffer in agony.

I hope more sanely people will arise to take charge of our country, the United States and that all the self-interest and self-aggrandized warmongering rogues, crooks and scoundrels will be destroyed forever so that America and the world may eventually have peace, harmony and security.

Helen Elena and Francis Norton

Nashville, Tenneesse

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thank you Helen and Francis.

The white supremacist mobs and the Deep State have very similar ideas and they are setting the agenda for the rest of the Americans. No one in his right mind would think that war is still an option given the destructiveness of modern weapons.

Unfortunately that is the only language many Americans know. They carry the big guns and others would be shot dead.

How and when the Americans learn to live in a multi polar world and respect the rights of other people and countries to live their own lives, choose their own systems and ways of lives would decide the future of humankind.

Many Americans still think they own this world and this world was meant for them, to rule over the rest. This kind of thinking would lead to inevitable conflict, death and destruction.

The only thing that can tame the reckless Americans is mother nature, or things like Covid19. Even then they are disregarding this as irrelevant and would continue to spend their time trying to control others and to start wars.

How would all this ends? They cannot see the evilness in themselves.

Anonymous said...

The irony is that they hate Jews but letting the Jews to control America and dictate their lives and the lives of the people of the world.

Anonymous said...

The voice of reason in the US has been drown by evil men like Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, etc, etc. Wars and killings are what they want to rule the world, the American Empire.

Anonymous said...

Today the Americans are the strongest military power. So they sent they warships everywhere threatening everyone in the name of democracy and human rights.

One day, when the Russians and Chinese are stronger than the Americans, they would sail their warships to American shores in the name to defending the native Americans to take back their country from the white invaders.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When would the Japanese and South Koreans start to call themselves Americans?

I think this is difficult. The US gave Alaska and Hawaii full status as states of America because the whites were a majority in the two states. They would not give full state status to their colonies that are populated by non whites. That was why the Philippines and Puerto Rico did not become states of America.

Similarly Japan and SK would just remain as semi colonies, with no rights to elect the American President or be elected in the House of Rep or the Senate. Yellow race not eligible, would not be given the same rights as whites.

Virgo49 said...

Americans are the most vocal and daring protesters.

Why they don't protest and get rid of this so called Deep State?

They are a minority group of controlling powers.


Anonymous said...

In Ukraine they are creating conflict by coaxing Ukraine to join NATO, which Russia will never allow. With the USA, UK prodding the Ukraine to provoke Russia, they think Putin will back down. They are finding out that they have poked their fingers too deep into the pie and now cannot extract themselves to save face.

While the USA has backed down from sending warships into the Black Sea, the UK is planning to send it's warships and even talked about sending their leaky aircraft carrier into the Black Sea. As Alexander Mercouris sarcastically pointed out, the little mouse is trying to poke the bear.

Anonymous said...

Will our existing vaccines work against this variant?

Reportedly, two of the three variants are more resistant to antibodies. Whether the transmissibility rate of this variant is higher is not known as of yet. The triple mutant has been classified as a "variant of interest."


Anonymous said...

50 India 'double mutant', 137 S Africa variant cases in Singapore so far: COVID database

According to the database, Singapore's latest occurrence of the Indian variant was logged last Wednesday (14 April) by a team of medical researchers at the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL), one of whom was named as NPHL director Raymond Lin Tzer Pin.

The laboratory is one of the National Centre for Infectious Diseases' public health units.

Singapore's latest occurrence of the South African variant – or B.1.351 – was logged on the same day by the same team.


Anonymous said...

The answer? To discredit China’s solar panel and renewable energy firms by linking them to forced labor in Xinjiang. Because there is no definitive proof it’s happening, they take the line of “it’s impossible to verify,” which translates as “guilty because we can’t prove them innocent.”
Read more
China’s right. The long, grim death toll from America’s 201 military conflicts since 1945 reveals the world’s real bad guy China’s right. The long, grim death toll from America’s 201 military conflicts since 1945 reveals the world’s real bad guy

Highlighting Xinjiang has, in fact, become the modus operandi for undermining any industry in China the US dislikes, from Huawei, to cotton and now solar panels. This is a catch-all strategy which gives moral and political capital to preferred policies. So-called ‘consultancy’ firms such as Horizon Advisory create allegations, which are then parroted in the mainstream media and never given proper scrutiny, and used to foment public concern. This subsequently provides political capital for a given bill or executive order. Ultimately, in attacking clean energy, we have seen how dirty US politics works.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Tom Fowdy reporting in RT.

As a result, China is increasingly shining a light on what it sees as catastrophic human rights violations by America, particularly abroad, and ironically in the name of human rights itself. The United States calls China an aggressor for defending its periphery from US militarization, so Beijing aptly points out that America is, by any measure, the most war-driven and belligerent country in history.

Its actions have habitually killed and induced suffering on millions, yet it does not seem to register with people fed a constant diet of propaganda by their governments and their complicit mainstream media. This new study “turns the world as we know it” on its head and looks at the facts. China’s the bad guy? The long and grim toll of the dead from America’s 201 military interventions since 1945 exposes the real culprit.

Anonymous said...

Two can play the same game. China is now highlighting human rights abuses by the USA in several videos on Youtube.

Best of all, in English to be more effective. Hopefully the rest of the world, especially the Muslim countries will open their eyes to the real motive of the USA accusing others of doing what they have been doing for decades.

The Chinese mainlanders, of course, have long been aware of the USA pot calling others black and will not be brainwashed by the USA propaganda. Thankfully Chinese leaders have seen through and prevented such propaganda from destroying reality in China.

Meanwhile the people in USA are still subjected to being prevented from knowing the real China and are still being fed the same propaganda when it comes to the conditions now prevailing in China. A totally different China from a century and a half ago.

Anonymous said...

Australia's cancellation of the Belt and Road agreement with China is a firm statement that it is treating China as an enemy country.

China should no longer harbour any hope of establishing good relations with Australia. It should cut off all trade and business relations with Australia, reduce contacts and eventually cut off diplomatic relationship if necessary.

Australia has yet to feel the pain and would think it is able to continue to make China an enemy.

Anonymous said...

Cancel lor! China got so many other projects across central Asia. In fact China places priority in Africa, where development of infrastructure is sorely needed. Foreign minster of China said that Africa in total is much bigger than USA for development and trade opportunities.

Virgo49 said...

Now India is in deep shits.

COVID cases exceeded 300 hundred cases per day.

Shortage oxygen and beds. Even their peasants stole the oxy tanks for security.

That's why I said be friendly with China. Your immediate and most endowed Nation and just one request for help they will airlifted with supplies with no second thoughts.

Now you kwa lan with China and too ashamed to open your CB mouth for help.

You deserved your predicament.

Where in the World your Instigator White Barbarians help you?

You stupid imbeciles.

Anonymous said...

The USA is waiting for India to request for help and they will set stiff conditions for that. The USA will never help others for humanitarian reasons. Right now the USA is not done with vaccinating all it's people yet. What about the need for reserves to be made in case they require third doses or even more? Remember everything is USA first.

Any help given to India is going to create much unhappiness among the Whites. Moreover production of those vaccines have still not kept up with demand from other countries that have placed their orders. It is a tricky situation.

In any case India will be coerced to do more to antagonise China if they were to request for help from the USA. Just wait and see.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 6.29

Now they need oxygen urgently. China just nearby can send by trucks easily.

Oxygen tanks send by planes very dangerous.

Even lithium batteries had limitations.

Stupid Indians deserved their deaths.

Another Stupid Indonesians

Hello you don't have the talents to operate subs don't try to aski borak.

Now your sub also lost.

Virgo49 said...

The Proverbs as the Chinese always believed


Be friends with all unless they want to K.L or Kwa Lan with you then gave them HELL.!

Peace comes with Prosperity And Happiness.


Anonymous said...

Fri, 23 April 2021, 4:30 am

The United States voiced solidarity Thursday with Australia, saying it suffered from China's "coercive" diplomacy, after the US ally angered Beijing by scrapping a major infrastructure deal.

State Department spokesman Ned Price said that Australia makes its own decisions but that the country has "borne a tremendous toll" from actions by Beijing.

"We continue to stand with the people of Australia as they bear the brunt of the PRC's coercive behavior," he told reporters, referring to the People's Republic of China.

Australia’s federal government on Wednesday pulled Victoria state's participation in China's massive infrastructure-building Belt and Road Initiative, a signature project of President Xi Jinping to expand influence.

This piece of news from Yahoo News has two glaring white lies. One, Australia claims that its economy is roaring, no impact from China's sanctions. So why are the Americans saying Australia is suffering a heavy toll? Who is lying?

The second big white lie is China's 'coercive behaviour'. This cheap shot is so silly. The whole world know that it was Australia that is provoking and attacking China and China is just reacting by kicking Australia's ass. Why blame China for making an enemy out of China openly?

How many more white lies are the whites going to spread? They are so shameless.

Anonymous said...

Now it is beginning to come to light that all is not really well with Australia in their spat with China. Just a week ago, the talk was all rosy about new projects helping to fuel demand for Australia after loosing the China market.

Keep on bluffing Australia! It is going to get worse with the cancellation of the BRI. China is going to retaliate.

Anonymous said...

'We continue to stand with the people of Australia as they bear the brunt of the PRC's coercive behavior' unquote. What a big fat joke!

The country with the most coercive behavior is not China. China did not invade or force other countries to change regimes. China did not impose sanctions on any country, except in retaliation. China did not send warships to the doorsteps of other countries, trying to intimidate them into a conflict. If those are not coercive behavior, what is?

The evil empire can even sleep in bed with Australia. This is a good chance for them to corner the Australian export market. What is the use of standing with them if real help is not forthcoming, only grandiose talk that is of little value.

Virgo49 said...

Wah scarped a deal also wrong?

Purely business.

Hey? You know how to do business or not?

Cancelling and contracting a business deal is no big deal

Now you know who is the Real Pay Master!