21st Asian Masters Athletics Championship in Kuching, Sarawak

We hosted the 19th Asian Masters Athletics Championship in 2016. China hosted the 20th and now the 21st will be hosted by Malaysia in Kuching, Sarawak from 2-7 Dec 19. The host Sarawak, Malaysia came to town to witness the Touch Run today at the Homes of the Athletes in Kallang. Among the officials of AMA were Sarawak Sports Minister YB Datuk Snowdon Lawan, Assistant Minister Youth and Sports and his entourage. Here are some pics of the event.

The Singapore Team going to Kuching with Team Manager Kannan and Team Captain Jason Wong.
The Singapore Team doing the Touch Run to...Kuching.

PS. I will be there running the 100m and the 4x100m relay for Men 70-74 age group. During this period I will try to post if possible but may not post daily given the circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Good show! Jia Yu! Singapore Team. 8 believe RB sure get GOLD for the 100m. Cheers!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

This is Asian Meet and very strong athletes from the big countries. Japan has a formidable team. Individually, to get a medal is very tough.

Our best hope is Men70 4x100m relay. Though on paper unable to beat the Japanese team, we are gunning for a silver medal. Hope it turns out well. We have 6 fairly good 70 plus sprinters working on it.