White House Invitation - No free lunch

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two White House officials described tensions and frustrations among some of the nation's top diplomats as President Donald Trump, backed by his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, pressured Ukraine to investigate Democrats.

In closed-door transcripts released by House impeachment investigators on Friday, Fiona Hill, a former White House Russia adviser, and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, an Army officer assigned to the National Security Council, detailed an extraordinary series of meetings and interactions before and after a July phone call in which Trump asked new Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to investigate political rival Joe Biden and Ukraine's role in the 2016 U.S. election. At the same time, the U.S. was withholding military aid to the country.

Like previous witnesses, the two describe their concerns about the call and a gradual understanding that the aid and the investigations were linked. That connection is at the center of the Democrats' impeachment probe....

Both Hill and Vindman describe a July meeting in the White House, before the call, in which Trump's E.U. ambassador, Gordon Sondland, told Ukrainian officials that Trump would hold a meeting with Zelenskiy if they launch the investigations.  Yahoo News

The impeachment of Donald Trump is gathering steam and more evidence are pointing to the road of full impeachment, not just an investigation. The evidence and witnesses are standing up for all to see. No amount of con talks by Trump will be able get him out of this shithole. Trump is going to be dunked and drown in his own shit.

Another thing that came out from this investigation is the right to free lunch in the White House. No one will be invited to the White House for free lunch. There is an expensive price to pay. In the Ukraine case, it is to do the dirty work of Trump if he is to be invited.

Duterte was invited but turned down, knowing that there was a heavy price to be paid. So don't think it is so easy to be invited. A lunch in the White House is not a casual and innocent business with nothing going on under the table. How much is the price for a lunch at the White House?Trump or any American President does not have time for wasteful chit chat and lunch in the White House. The time of the POTUS is very important and expensive. Pay dearly, if you want to have lunch with him.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Know Thy Trump

Trump makes it clear over and over "there's no free lunch". He's a trader, a quid pro quo guy. Bid and offer...you want something, you better be ready to give something. Works the other way too: you slam him, he'll wack back in multiples.

The framers of The US Constitution made it very difficult to remove a sitting, elected president from office. So far, The Dems think they "have something" and of course they are working very hard to throw Trump out. Trump may not be the world's nicest guy, but he also won't "roll over and quit" lah. He'll fight tooth and nail and give his history, he has wriggled out of hot situations before.

So I dun know. It's too early to call. The Dems and the mainstream media control the narrative at the moment. It "appears" that they are succeeding...but I am not so sure. A supermajority of TWO-THIRDS is required to impeach. So Trump might be "guilty" as fuck, but unless the Dems can muster the NUMBERS, this guy is going to continue "business as usual".

Anonymous said...

// He's a trader, a quid pro quo guy. Bid and offer...you want something, you better be ready to give something.//
- @ 8.50am

What about the Singaporean voter?

If I vote PAP, what do I get in return?

PAP give me chicken wing.
Later, PAP take back a chicken from me.

That's what happens if I vote PAP.

jjgg said...

So.. how much we pay for pinkie's lunch n photo op?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi 928am good morning....

Then what will happen if you don't vote for pap? You tell me lah!


Anonymous said...

From 9:36 am:

First, it is not so easy to impeach a sitting US President, even if he goes around screwing young interns in the White, Black or Pink House; even if he goes quid pro quo on anything.

Every aid, monetary or otherwise, from the US to any country, is not for free. It has always been quid pro quo: "I give you aid, you give me something in return!" Same as any invitation to meet with the US President at the White House, or elsewhere.

How many times Singapore PM and spouse visited the White House to see President Obama or President Trump?

Did LKY ever visited the White House when he was the PM? Zilch. Why? Because he was a wise man and a smart politician, statesman and leader. No other PM after him can think, speak and act like him. A true leader needs not carry the US President's balls. Instead, they come and consult him on geopolitical issues.

It is very sad to see that the quality of Singapore's leadership has deteriorated one rung each time the baton is passed over - from 1st rate to 2nd rate (need to give false promises), to 3rd rate (need to cry and apologise, and fix the Opposition) and to 4th rate (fumbles in Parliament, shoots his own foot, and unable to think out of the box under difficult situations).

It's time for a complete revamp! Otherwise, Singaporeans will be having a hard time in ten years.

Virgo 49 said...

LHL proudly pose photos with Dotard also have to pay a heavy price.

Purchases of refurbished Fighter jets Just like the Max 737s.

Enroute got to divert due to technical problems or engines problems?

Wah piang, wasting tax payers monies

Have to consult Nasib how to go about.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Anon.

The Sinkies voters are damn stupid to vote the PAP every Erections that they kena screwed after that when they are still on heat.

Squeezed them so dry like sugar canes dross that they have to lower themselves like beggars and seek their alms.

Yesterday morning after gym at PA gym saw many old folks and Elderies waiting patiently to register for some alms by the P.A. staff.

Behind them, rows of numbered chairs for them to await their Saviour PAP MPs to give them thr alms.

These are the tax payers monies to canvass their votes.

Taking peoples backsides skins for their faces.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 928

>> What about the Singaporean voter?

If I vote PAP, what do I get in return? <<

The government you deserve lah 😜

For my own reasons, like not being deluded, nor habour "false hope", I myself, don't vote.

imho said...

There is no free lunch. LKY said it himself.
Do not depend on your or any leaders to make your living better.
They are only there to make money for themselves.
If you lucky, you get something.

Virgo 49 said...

Just to add if they were to vote the Opposition and they became the Government.

No questions asked. No mean testings. Real MEAN.

They will not made you begged for alms from them.

Afterall, it's the tax payers monies that they are dishing out NOt theirs.

What's the fark they canvassing votes and made the poor old sinkies beholden to them

Thinking that they are their Saviours and vote opposition means no more chicken drumsticks.

Never knew that the PAPies acted both as God and also Devils in your predicament

Anonymous said...

I have never voted for PAP or other parties because I refused to vote, even though voting is compulsory.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Frog.

Now already so many young dies chiam.chiam Liao. Not Chian See Tong please.

Most as grab drivers, food deliverymen for the rich and with their jobs foreign trashes.

Many if not in these jobs are either on part time, as hoc and free lance or no time roaming the streets.

Down the road in ten or twenty years time, we will have battalions of not reservists.

But Beggars. The Papied millionaires and billionaires will not see these beggars as they be enjoying their leisure in bliss in some far far away paradises.

Out of sight out of minds.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon 10.55

You should at least vote for the Opposition or don't like their faces, at least a spoilt or protest vote.

In this case, you are just one of the sinkies whose the other daft sinkies thought you also supported the PAP.

The PAP took these protests or spoilt votes seriously as they knew could turn into Oppo votes the next time.

So, even if they want to screw your arse, they will still leave an half inch out.

And not fully shaft in.

Anonymous said...

When we don't vote PAP, then PAP is scared of Singaporeans.

When we vote PAP, then Singaporeans are scared of PAP.

Anonymous said...

If vote oppo, will lose jobs. In today AI world, very easy to find out who voted oppo.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...WSG good afternoon....have your lunch?

You are 1o8% correct regarding Sg!


Virgo49 said...

Ah Chan already started singing the old broken song of FEARS to all Sinkies.

You must Vote the PAP and shown the World that the PAP is the ONLY party to see your survivals.

If you vote the Oppositions, then investments will go away.

Bloody insults to the Mother Hood of Demo-crazy the Brits.

He is telling the Brits Opposition Parties that they are ruining the British Empires of which he is previously one of their Subjects.

Ah Chan, don't sell koyok or hai kow yew lah!

Wah piang the PMDs deliverymen getting hot and fed up and start heckling the Ministers.

Good shows to see. Now many taboleh tahan liao.

Hongkies as Fine examples.

Virgo 49 said...

Just saw a video of the HongKongers burning DBS- Damn Bloody Stupid Banks in H.K.

Me and my big mouth.

Real Statesman


Anonymous said...

Hong Kong is finished for good. The rich have fled, businesses are suffering, tourism is at a standstill and China looks prepared to let Hong Kong burn to ashes. These protestors will destroy everything and Hong Kong's future in their path. They are not true protestors. They are rioters and terrorist. They really do not know what they are fighting for. What is the meaning of freedom they are fighting for when they are preventing normal Hong Kong people from going about their daily lives?

In any case these are not the majority of Hong Kong people taking part in the destruction. The silent majority are just afraid of being targeted by threats of harm, and they just kept quiet and bear with it. Some are even hoping that the PLA step in and stop the carnage.

The US is intentionally adding oil to the fire by proposing to enact certain house bills supporting Hong Kong protestors. These fuckers, the offspring of the British and Europeans, are so evil that they tried drugging the Chinese with opium by force. Now the US drug problem in many states is getting out of hand, and for their gunboat diplomacy in confronting China, they are facing problems with gun control at home. This is karma!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Virgo 1.21 about the fear factor being brought up by the PAP.

A while ago, while meeting with a group of e scooter riders, the Sham singled out one guy making videos of a group surrounding him and he said he knows from what political party that guy comes from. What is the purpose of telling people about knowing the political affiliation of common people? Is this to remind us that who we voted for is also a fear factor to reflect on?

The PAP knows the 70% Sinkies inside out. These Sinkies are well known for being kiasu, kiasi and succumb easily to greed. Bribe them with lollipops or chicken wings and they bend over backwards at the ballot box.

Virgo 49 said...

Hoho, not only DBS kena burned.

Even REITS malls also kena.

That's for opening big mouths and interfering in others affairs.

One time insulted China..now praised them but kena chiak lat.

REITS shares dropped. Those how lian boasted of their wonderfully shares have not aeeb their open coffin yet.

When they plunged in world wide disasters they will also plunged from 50 storeys.

Everything can be wiped out over night.

Don't be full of themselves forever.

Even one HK billionaire also goes bankrupt.

What's more these kuching kurap.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> And as I've said many many times .... whether PAPpy govt or Oppo govt .... policies & regulations WILL REMAIN more or less the same as TODAY. <<

Mark Twain said something similar

>> Crunch time .... Sinkies will ALWAYS be thinking of their families, children, home mortgages, jobs when they make their mark on the ballot paper. <<

A Nation's Politics is DOWNSTREAM from its Culture. If your culture is fucked up, your politics will be a shit-show and the government which you deserve will continue to run the cuntry and further embed its "SHITHOLE" status.

If your culture is kiasu, kiasi, dun like to be poor, want to have enough money to live "good life", then---in the case of Singapore---THE PAP have the "desired qualities" in the eyes, hearts and minds of The People. Lets face it, the VAST majority of Singaporeans have fantastic lives, when you consider the alternatives by just looking at other cuntires

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

Wat nonsense you talking dah? All the top end property which has been destroyed in HK has probably INSURED lah.

Also these protests have more to play out...people still got anger, and rioting is the only way they are going to get it out. So enjoy your cock-stand and cheer China and jeer HK...but in time this will be over, and HK will recover, rebuild.

Ever heard of "reversion to The Mean?"

Virgo 49 said...

Why their shares plunged ah?

Insured insured you think can also carry on viable businesses.

Anyway, these blood suckers deserved to be put down once a while.

The Amarvati projects, many of them also deserved to be skinned and conned as they had also slaughter quite a lot on Sinkies as cronies to the Papies.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo

As usual, you talk shit cos your understanding is weak.

Markets go up and down. Businesses have good years and bad being exposed to "non market risks".

The Hang Seng is down, but it certainly hasn't PLUNGED.

Virgo 49 said...

News reports that their shares had plunged.

Plunged plunged plunged.

Hang Seng at one-time rises. I not interested whether they are up or down.

Only interested that those imbeciles boasted cocks who bragged of their kuching kurap shares as though they are like Peter Lim got burned badly.

Peter Lim even retired from cooking shares. Wise man knows when to hits and run.

Matilah, don't think you are the wise one. Also kena burned badly before.

Why siding your sidekick WSG?

Next the Hong Kongers who felt hurt by our Great LHL's remarks will make a Run on DBS. Think they have to pack soon.

Served them right. Sinkies prepare for more taxes as Tummy Sick losing NOT only in HK but later also be wiped out in India.

Just an example the Avatar Project.

You can never beat or con the Indians.

They are Naturals.

Anonymous said...

Avatar New City Project, the now going-crazy, so free nothing to do, keep posting on face book, the-ma-sick idiot dumped in at least 4 billion to buy land. Now project cancelled. Tell public only losses about two to three million. Said not affected in big way. Hahahaha.... Kena burnt big time. Dared not say name. Say CONSORTIUM meaning get conned, become SIRE and keep quiet TIUM TIUM.
CON-SOR-TIUM! Hahahaha....

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow, I shall tell you all a story about "The Fixer And The Fixed". Be patient. Akan Datang.

The story goes something like this:

Once upon a time.......

Anonymous said...

@virgo, @all,

Lol!!! You must have had multiple orgasms during 2008 when reits dropped 60%.

You don't know the difference between a temporary & a permanent loss of capital. And you don't know what is a good sustainable business versus a scam company even if one slaps you in the face!! Lol!!!

Reits have recovered 200%-300+% from 2008/2009 .... And including dividends for the past 10 yrs, are solidly in total profits of 300% to over 400%.

Many current 40+ sinkies achieved millionaire status BECOZ of 2008 as they were prepared & had the conviction to invest BIG in the darkest of days. I personally know 2 of my Uni classmates who belong to this group.

What's happened in the last 3 days is just a blip & profit taking event. It's NOTHING! As I said couple of months ago --- many reits have chionged too much too fast this year ..... They need to consolidate & correct.

The only reit with justified short term concern is MNAC due to large portion of revenue from HK --- but even so, over the medium term both the city & this reit will recover.

So far my War Stocks are still chionging & many are near their all time highs. I do have some money in HK & china stocks though, but the damage is limited as I only started scaling in from Aug onwards. If HK drops another 10% or 20% I'll definitely dump a lot more into their stocks!! Still got $600K cash war chest waiting to deploy!


Virgo 49 said...

LHL and his band of mercy men can only tell Sinkies that they are Men And Women of Integrity.

They have to Tell you without cover up The Right or Left Things.

Sinkies will swallowed bait, line and sinker whether they are prograting the "Right" or "Left" Things.

But when he told the Hongkers the "Right" Things, they will do the "Right" Things for him in their RIGHT way.

So, their RIGHT philosophy is different to different mentalities.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

HK's Latest Situation - A Brief Summary


HK stocks are showing signs of strain, not correction. Profit-takings and capital shiftings are happening side by side. Much of the fleeing capitals have moved to Asean, especially Vietnam and Malaysia.

HK property prices are still holding, though it has dropped to April 2018 prices. It drops only 13 points, from 198 to 185. Not significantly alarming. Overall, the prices are still too high for a good investment. Unseen hands are at play in propping up the property prices.

Started in July, the turmoil and upheavals caused by the subversive elements in HK has not caused much damage to the HK real estates.

However, HK's economy has entered recession. It will go deeper, if the subversive elements are allowed to continue with their progressively violent tactics. Weapons, much of them self-made, have been discovered to be stockpiled in one of the Universities by the rioters, arsonists and subversive elements.


CIA could be ready to supply real weapons covertly to the HK subversive elements in order to start a civil war in HK, once the US Congress passed a new bill on the Rights of Hongkong.

Security and Safety

The HK Police Force is suffering from fatigues and psychological challenges, while the HK government is not making any headway in solving this severe political crisis.

Many mainland Chinese students studying in HK have fled to China for fear of being targeted. Some Hongkongers have already moved out of HK, especially the rich ones.

Singapore's banks in HK have been physically attacked, together with other foreign banks especially BOC. This cannot go on and on without causing a run on the banking sector. HK government must step in soon to provide some forms of protection for the banks.

China's Predicament

China, on one hand, seems determined to drag the crisis along for as long as possible, until it becomes unbearable for the majority peaceful Hongkongers. The Central Chinese Government (CCG) seems to want to pitch Hongkongers against Hongkongers, and force Carrie Lum to call for Chinese Troops to quell the unrests and violence.

On the other hand, China wants the HK crisis solved as soon as possible. However, under the one-country-two-systems agreement, as long as the HK government does not request for help, the CCG cannot interfere by sending or deploying military and para-military forces in HK. The HK government still feels it is able to handle the crisis without asking for China's assistance. So, China's hands are tied.


There seems to be no respite. The crisis is unlikely to stop until more bloodshed materilised. It is now up to the silent majority of HK's population to react in force against the subversive elements.

Time is running out for all parties! The whole world is watching.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr Frog

Interesting interview conducted in Berlin between Tim Sebastian and a Hong Kong student leader.

Tom Sebastian trashed her from start to end!


Anonymous said...

This video is unavailable.

Virgo 49 said...

I had passed over to Mr.RB.

Maybe he has your email link can transfer chat to you.


Virgo49 said...

Mr Frog,

Here again.



Anonymous said...

There is no free lunch.

Say NO to PAP's "free" chicken wings.
-it's not free
- PAP will take something back after elections

Anonymous said...

So far my War Stocks are still chionging & many are near their all time highs. WSG

This WSG's war stocks like HDB prices, can only go up and up.

Virgo 49 said...

Think first is O then follow by 0 zero. Wyk

Old man type mistake


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Bully kechik

Tim Sebastian is a seasoned, multi-award winning journalist who has a "hard" style of really getting into the head of his interviewed guests and trying to upset their composure, to make the interview "exciting" and to get at the truth.

But sometimes he tries to "bully kechik". Fair enough, that's his style. He doesn't force people on his show. You go on his show, better have "eyes wide open" to what you are going to be confronted with, and how confrontational this seasoned old pro can be. Tim is excellent at his job, even if you disagree on his methods/style.

At the end of the day it is just one man, one interview and one opinion (his...it's his show)...take what you will from it.

Of course, easily TRIGGERED people like Virgo49 will cheer like a moron if the content agrees with his CONFIRMATION BIAS. You cannot convince people with CLOSED MINDS....it's like wrestling with a pig: the pig enjoys it but you end up covered in mud and pig shit.

Here is Tim Sebastian interviewing Lee Kuan Yew. Opening salvo, our fierce LKY lanyaks Tim Sebastian for misquoting him. 1st shot: LKY wins.

The rest of the interview, Sebastian is NO MATCH for Lau Lee.

Tim sebastian can "bully kechik" some pretty 20-something student from HK. Let's face it, these are YOUNG PEOPLE who don't know about life yet.

But I give them credit and support because THE DARE to do what they think is NECESSARY based on PRINCIPLE even if they don't have all the dots on the "i's" or crosses on the "t's".

ACTION is more IMPORTANT than fore-knowledge. When you take ACTION, you gain knowledge from the FEEDBACK you get from CONSEQUENCES.

Old farts like Virgo69, take note.

Virgo 49 said...

Young punts wet behind the years have not even earn their first dollar wants to show off that they are Smart.

Old farts have open Uni life experiences.

Only some old farts like Matilah will only boasts as empty vessels.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo49

That's your problem: you think your apek "life experience" is the be-all and end-all of all "wisdom".

I hope that many young people find their own way...mistakes and all, because if they follow "your style" they probably end up like you: negative, always putting down people's aspirations and success, no joy, no hope...just a blob of toxic emotions and misery.


Anonymous said...

Virgo has been an angry old cock since kena retrenched in early-2000s from PSA or MPA lah. Hahahaha!!! At least they gave him the full retrenchment benefits of 1 month's pay for each year of service capped at 25 years.

Not like today where many companies try to get off with 2 weeks pay as recommended in Employment Act.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Anon.

Alreday told u that I NOT Please Suck Again. Employee but Employer.

Paid quite a sum for their Services.

If I were retrenched after twenty or thirty years of service with a month's or even one and half or two months benefits I would be gleeing from mouth to mouth and eyes cannnot see. Also they paid ex-gratia for long service and balance leave or whatsoever pays.

Why should I be a gouchy man??

Unlike you poor fellas now under the Employers mercies with the blessings of the Papies and their Sai Kar Unions of only one month, or twenty four hours in lieu of Notice firings or retrenchments.

All employees now working in fears without any security and protection.

Dafts Sinkies like you still in Dreamland.

Pathetic and Sad.