Hong Kong District Council Election - Hongkongers no longer naive?

'Hong Kong’s voters have turned out in record numbers to deliver a landslide for pro-democracy campaigners and a powerful rebuke to the government in local elections that were widely seen as a proxy referendum on the city’s protest movement....

According to preliminary results from partial counts, pro-democracy politicians should have control of 17 of the city’s 18 district councils, a sea change in Hong Kong politics, where pro-Beijing and government politicians have enjoyed a wealth of resources and support from the elite sectors.

“I would not use the word happy, but we have made progress towards a situation where we can fight back against the government,” said Clarisse Yeung, an artist-turned-politician who led campaigning in the Wan Chai district, and announced the shift of power with tears in her eyes.

“It’s important because we all know that we have been sacrificing too much in the past few months,” she said. “Hong Kong people are no longer naive. We have to prepare ourselves, we have to have faith in ourselves to bring change.”'

The above is from a report in Yahoo News describing how successful is the pro democracy movement in the district councillor election. 3 million voters turned out to give a big victory to pro democracy movement and they are now ready to take on China's 1.4b people. 

'Hong Kong people are no longer naive?'  Really, 3 million is a very big number, like a frog in a well would say the sky is so big when looking up. The hysteria and ecstatic cries to claim a big victory for democracy and maybe a break from China are in the air. If this is not stupidity what else is.

Is this really a victory and will change anything in Hong Kong, that Hong Kong can become an independent break away state of China, that Hong Kong can run its own political system to undermine the political system of 1.4b people in China that they hated so much?

What do you think, Hongkongers are no longer naive?


Anonymous said...

Singapore At The Cross-Road?

Would Chan Chun Sing take another five months to come out with another four lessons learnt?

“It’s important because we all know that we have been sacrificing too much in the past few months,” she said. “Hong Kong people are no longer naive. We have to prepare ourselves, we have to have faith in ourselves to bring change.”

The above is from a report in Yahoo News describing how successful is the pro democracy movement in the district councillor election. - RB

AND after five months Chan Chun Sing might say:

"What has happened in Hongkong can also happen in Singapore, if we are not careful..."

And his prophecy become true, as true as the sun will rise in the East every morning, because PAP has not only not been careful over the past 15 years under the reign of PM Lee HL, but also very arrogant, cocky, taking the citizenry for granted and outright patronising.

So, after the next GE, Dr Tan Cheng Bock or Dr Chee Soon Juan will say:

“It’s important because we all know that we have been sacrificing too much in the past few decades. Singapore voters are no longer naive. We have to prepare ourselves, we have to have faith in ourselves to bring change.”

Then RB will write:

"The above is from a report in Yahoo News describing how successful is the pro democracy movement in the Singapore general election."

A joke or reality in the making.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies 不见棺材不流泪 only cry whence the Coffin arrives.
many shall cry for having no money for coffìn soon, maybe even no money for food.
Are Sinkies bother about the Situation in Hongkong and anywhere else ?
Kpkb about them, yes. Worry and empathize about others problems, no. ln fact some enjoy the excitements of violence and
shall be exciting entertainment for others too soon. Maybe,
many are having empty and false confidence that they are able to cope comes what may.
To make it short, Singapore is no Hongkong which has a motherland in China who shall take loving tender care of it.
Singapore shall be sold off by Sinkies themselves. As it is, it belongs to invaders and more aliens shall be owners than Native Sinkies.
Be prepared to be Second Class and Lower Citizens to lmported Elite lnstant Citizens such as Ramesh.

Anonymous said...

//...What do you think, Hongkongers are no longer naive?..//

The answer is an affirmative YES.
HKongers has awaken but Sinkies have NOT, Sinkies still in a drunken mode after all the intoxation of FTA, CECA, or watever free trade their govt signed with other countries, Sinkies still sama sama, stupidity has no cure in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

The election in Hong Kong says Hongkongers hate mainland Chinese. Wait till the mainland Chinese turn around to hate the Hongkongers, then you will see who will do the beating and who would be the victims.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ giddy with euphoria

Whilst the results of last weekend's election may "look good", and people are understandably happy, they should come back down to earth and realise that this is not even a START in self-determination.

It is merely a "signal" that HK'ers prefer more democracy, less Beijing and more HK in determining their course thru history as a society.

There is much more work to be done, and HK is still art of China. If Beijing wants to play "hard ball", they can just say to HK "Your election no pakai. We dun recognise!"

Not over yet...not by any stretch of the imagination.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I disagree that the Hongkongers have awaken. They are like Alice in Wonderland, in a deep state of delusion. They are living in a warp reality.

In Singapore's case, Singaporeans are also like Alice in Wonderland, also in a deep state of delusion that all is well. Also a kind of warp reality when they really have nothing, homes not theirs, cars not theirs, country not theirs, jobs not theirs and they sacrificed years to do NS dunno to protect and defend what?

Anonymous said...

No lah! Sg is no HK lah!

Coffin or no coffin the masses will DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE vote for pap under ANY/all conditions!

The masses are all very very very very very very very very kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai kwai peace loving people!

At most the masses will only TCSSssssssss and kpkbssssssssss when they are not happy! After that only Lan Lan!

This is Sg! Sg is like that loong loong loong loong time ago! Can change?


Anonymous said...

Rb since they like chaos by wrecking all Infrastructure it's like wrecking your own home. I think the govt should withdraw the police for one week and let the radicals wreck all infrastructure jiakat jialat then they know

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Both Chan and the anti-PAP crowd have allowed their imaginations to wander unchecked and come out with ridiculous parallels.

HK'ers are OK with the "one cuntry 2 systems" arrangement until 2049, but Beijing changed their attitude and started "re-negging the deal". Also because of HK's massive capital inflows and success, many young people in HK reckon they don't have the means for "upward mobility" when basic things like a home is UNAFFORDABLE.

These "catalysts for protests" don't exist in Singapore. For e.g. take a typical anti-PAP "protest" at Hong Lim: totally INEFFECTIVE.

Even the attendances are comically sparse. All you get is a few hundred people, which indicates that THE VAST MAJORITY are "OK" with how their lives are in Singapore.

But of course, you can't please everyone. Some people are not doing well. They REFUSE to take responsibility for their own lives and so they cling to "scapegoats" to bolster their (cognitively-biased) views on "reality". They are a minority, and they are LOUD, which gives them an appearance of being more "influential" than they actually are.

And so they salivate like Pavlovian Dogs at the sight and news of a HK peoples' uprising.

PM-In-Waiting Chan takes the opposite side, but he too has allowed his cognitive-biases to get the better of him....or maybe he just has nothing else to say, so he reached for the bucket of BULLSHIT, grabbed a handful, and hurled it onto the collective consciousness of Singapore, hoping to make some kind of "impact". Apparently, some of the shit has stuck, so he's been quite successful 😜

Nothing will change in Singapore. Life will just go on, as per normal!🍻🍻

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think the Hong Kong govt has been doing that, let them wreck the country and economy. The govt only stepped in to protect govt properties.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Deep delusion is vastly underrated. For years I've been telling people about CPF/HDB without success. Silly me, I thought I could help people overcome deep delusion. I vastly underestimate its power.

Singapore needs deep delusion to exist. So now, I support it 1,000,000% 🥂👍🤑🤑🤓

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Anon.

So far only 30% of Singaporeans think like you.

The Rest 70% daft Sinkies will only wake up when they have suffer enough humiliations and slavery.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Virgo49---wrong, again!

Where got "Humiliation & Slavery"?

As usual, Virgo49 taking cock. 🤣🤓

Virgo 49 said...


Sinkies must taste this before they wake up.


Anonymous said...

At least HKongers got the guts & balls, Sinkies r majority gutless & balless. In this aspect HKongers r more 'awake'(aware in their daily affairs & do something about it to change their fate)than Sinkies ( whom got problems but still their heads in the mud).

Anonymous said...

In the long run, who suffer most? Govt or hkongers or both? Most probably both will also suffer.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oops, I forgot to add cPF is not theirs.

'HK'ers are OK with the "one cuntry 2 systems" arrangement until 2049, but Beijing changed their attitude and started "re-negging the deal". Also because of HK's massive capital inflows and success, many young people in HK reckon they don't have the means for "upward mobility" when basic things like a home is UNAFFORDABLE.'

There may be one country two systems for 50 years. But during this period it is best and natural for Hongkongers to gradually merge the two systems into one. How would be like if comes end of 50 years, like our HDB 99 years, next morning gone, next morning no more two systems? For practical purposes, the process of aligning Hong Kong to China must start now, not after 50 years.

As for upward mobility, the big issue is a decent home which they are not going to get given the 4 big landlords hoarding on all the available land. In 1949, all the landlords exploiting the landless farmers would have been beheaded and their land distributed to the farmers.

Tung Chee Wah tried to build more public homes but was opposed by the landlords and nothing changed after that.

This rioting initiated and supported by the landlords could be a blessing in disguise for the homeless Hongkongers. China now has all the reasons to acquire all the land from the landlords to build homes for the homeless Hongkongers.

See the irony, the daft Hongkongers fighting the Hong Kong govt that could build homes for them instead of fighting the landlords that are pushing the property prices higher and depriving them of a decent home.

Hongkongers awakened, but not knowing who is causing him to be homeless with sky high property prices? The Hong Kong landlord went to China to do the same, buy up cheap land and refused to develop, waiting for land prices to go up. China said no, build within two years or the land will be repossessed. They knew they could not do this in China, so packed up and return to Hong Kong to continue to make indecent profits from high property prices at the expense of the daft Hongkongers.

Think China is going to change all the property rules in Hong Kong to build more homes for the homeless Hongkongers like they did after taking power in China. The land return to the state.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Like I said, it's still early days.

BTW virtually ALL of HK property is LEASEHOLD...75 & 99 years, and very few 999 years. So if they are to change the law to be "more equitable" they don't have to wait for Beijing...they can do it since the HK govt controls all the land.

at lest Singapore, we stillhave freehold land. My godparents are still alive, in their 90s now. They've been living in their freehold Serangoon Gardens landed house since 1956 which they bought for only a few thousand bucks. Lord knows what its value is now, even in a down market.

Anonymous said...

@RB 10.16am

Based on your analysis of HK lands, it will be a likely chaos once China repossessed HK. The rich will probably run road leaving the poor behind. The poor will have to accept China land acquisition systems, many maybe homeless when the land return to China & force to buy at a certain price , think there would be more chaos in yr 2049, perhaps China may be preparing for a more 'chaotic'phase after this incident.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Human nature always defaults to "what's in it for me?"

Please lah, the CCP would have run through every possible scenario, they are not fools.

Also if China repossess HK, and the rich land barons fuck off, the prime real estate will be quickly grabbed by top CPP officials lah.

It's not corruption if you are the boss.

Absolute power doesn't corrupt; it enables...HUMAN NATURE! 🤑🤑

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 10:27am, the CCP had done this before. Nothing new to them. It will be good that the rich landlord run road. Land acquisition will only benefit the poor and homeless Hongkongers. It will bring down property prices for the good of the average Hongkongers.

Anonymous said...

@RB 11.27am

Glad from your insightful comment.
Hope that this tiny red dot G will be more sensible in the coming election & do more to help more Sinkies poor & struggling families to have a better lives ( there r already some 1000+ homeless Sinkies here & the numbers r increasing), also more can be done to jobs, cos of livings, transport , retirement adequacy & healthcare etc ( even HK Chief Carrie Lam also admitted her govt ineffectiveness in solving HKongers challenges and need improvements).

Virgo 49 said...

Wait till we have millions of the likes of Ramesh in Sinkieland and see whether Sinkied be humiliated and enslaved.

Matilah, locust and scavenger like Ramesh surley said I talk cock.

Sinkie await the Mosses of Singapore with the likes of TCB,LT and CSJ to lead them to freedom.

Like the Ancient Rameshi who enslaved all the Slaves, Sinkieland's slaves also waiting for Salvation.

Virgo 49 said...

Ramsey, the Yul Byner sama sama Mati Lah.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Xi said that whatever outcome the election results show, Hong Kong still belongs to China? He did not have to say anything more.

Enough said!

Anonymous said...

@ WSG, 4.21pm

" Li and his parents could live decadently if they sold their flat and moved to any number of Chinese provinces. Unsurprisingly they choose to stay in the only city they’ve ever known. As such, their inflated paper wealth is a meaningless statistic."

Same, same in Singapore.

Li and his parents could live decadently if they VOTED OPPOSITION IN ANY NUMBER OF OPPOSITION POLITICAL PARTIES.



Anonymous said...


Alibaba's debut in Hongkong opens at 6.6% above listing price

My $50,000 has become $53.300 on the first day. In 5 years time, it should be at least double, $100,000. In 10 years, it should be at least x6 = $300,000.

Imagine $50,000 becomes $300,000 In 10 years. Isn't it fantastic?


Anonymous said...


Your words confirmed you don't invest in shares lah!!!

Your 1st sentence is simple fact that can be googled. Your 2nd sentence is a big question mark. The rest is gibberish. LOL!!!

You want to bluff on internet at least train yourself on actual markets lah!

Yours is just like virgo saying he keeps winning big $$$$$$$$$$$ at Genting & wins much more than lose. Please larr ... 4 year old kids also won't be taken in!

As for me, I'm too busy counting money from my investments in:-

(1) War Stocks -- 15.4% per annum for 16.5 years!!

(2) Mangali Stocks -- 11.8% per annum since 2016

(3) China Stocks -- 15.4% per annum since 2016

(4) Hongkie Stocks -- 10% per annum for 17 years!!


Anonymous said...

So clever. Good for you. Congratulations! Hope you can continue another 17 years like that.


Anonymous said...


Next Budget will be "STRONG"

Election budget lah.

A lot of angbaos coming!!!! LOL!!!!

Maybe $8888 for every Sinkie.


Anonymous said...

Real investors don't depend on charity lah. Only cheapskate investors, who lost most of the time but never talk about them, are hardup for a few hundreds charity lah.

Anonymous said...

The Loaded should invest more in stocks.
lt shall be boom time in the coming months.
Hongkong shall be back to normal, China and US shall increase trade, Europe will benefit from the improved China and US Trade. Asia, Russia and Asean
shall prosper with peace in the region.
Stocks may rise above 15 more percent in 2020.
Huat arrrh.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:35pm

///lt shall be boom time in the coming months///

If only!! LOL!!!

I'm not so sanguine that stocks will shoot straight up next 6 months. There'll be plenty of ups & downs.

Both trump & xi are desperate to make a deal ... but both have to act tough & wayang in front of the tv cameras and their own ministers.

All I know is that stocks will be MUCH HIGHER 10 years from today. From now till then, if you not mentally stable or financially prepared for temporary paper losses, you'll sell at the lows & miss out on 100s of percent of profits.


Anonymous said...

My guess is next few months shall be boom time,
end of 2020 could see stocks hitting the peak and got to gostan for equilibrium for sometimes

At 78 yr old,
10 yrs down the road is too unpredictable for mortality.
lt is already quite pointless to look for wealth now.
Better take care of health.
Muscle,jaw, sight appetite and sex are all in decline,
what is the use of wealth ?

alak said...

Those restless protesters in Hong Kong, like the walking dead in American movies, just keep pushing without realising that they have long been manipulated. More apt to call them "Hongbies".

Anonymous said...

Watch full documentary HK riots by RT (Russia Today)?

Tomorrow 28 November in "RT Rick Sanchez show". Presented by RT correspondent Michelle Greenstein BTW if you're never watch RT News. It's available free in Interne type RT.Com or (https://www.rt.com/on-air/rt-america-air/)

BTW Michelle Greenstein very beautify look Asian NOT White, she was in HK in October or early November


Virgo 49 said...

Starhub under package.

Good documentaries


Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:29pm,

///At 78 yr old,
10 yrs down the road is too unpredictable for mortality.
lt is already quite pointless to look for wealth now.///

Age doesn't have direct bearing on wealth building.

Warren Buffett is 89 yrs old. Charlie Munger is 95 yrs old. Both of them are sharper than ever & still VERY into stock markets as when they were 30+. They find it exciting & challenging, and they don't feel like it is a job since they enjoy it so much.

It all depends on your needs, ability & willingness.

Important rule is if you need the money within 5 years, that money should not be put into risky enterprises such as stocks, junk bonds, properties or businesses.

For those with weak stomachs / untrained mentality, then even if you're just 20 yrs old --- you probably should put less than 10% of your savings into risky things like stocks.

My Dad & some older relatives still have 15% to 30% of their total networth in stocks.

This is becoz:-
(1) Their cash, FDs, CPF, SG govt bonds are more than enough for the rest of their lives.

(2) They like the challenge to analyse industries, study company reports & attend AGMs to ask the CEO or CFO or Chairman hard questions.


Anonymous said...

Plus if u are still game enough allocate 5% to screw the china Mei mei


Anonymous said...

those that leave fortunes for their successors.
more bless are those that are able to use their fortunes on themselves.
The Most Bless shall be those that pay millions to China Mei Mei when they are passed 70.

Great Folks.