Another great opportunity for Singapore to help India or is it the other way?

'India’s debt-crippled national airline is focused solely on daily survival and keeping its flights in the air, a spokesman said Thursday, after the government warned it would have to shut down unless a buyer was found.

Air India owes more than $8.6 billion and has struggled to pay salaries and buy fuel, with losses mounting following earlier privatisation attempts....

Aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri said Wednesday that the airline would “have to close down if it is not privatised”, adding the government would soon invite takeover bids.

The company’s debt mountain may be hived off in a bid to make it more attractive to potential buyers, according to media reports....'

The above is quoted from theindependent.sg.  It is a big surprise that India with so many talents could run its airline to the ground, in a mountain of debt. Let's see who should be blamed for this. Could it be that India had sent all its talents to help Singapore, including helping Singapore Airlines? If it is so, then Singapore must be blamed and must compensate India for such a big sacrifice. On the other hand, if not so, then Singapore must not bring in Indian talents to help SIA unless it wants SIA to be like Air India. This is funny, how come so many Indian talents helping Singapore companies to grow and make more profits but could not help Air India? Maybe India has talents in every industry except running airlines. Or maybe all the Indian talents flying to Singapore flew in SIA and not Air India.

So it is payback time for Singapore. Singapore should help India by pumping a few billions into Indian Airlines to save them or else many more Indians would be unemployed. After all we have so much OPM to spend and it is only right to reciprocate for so many Indian talents helping us and providing employment for Singaporeans. It is Singapore's fault for stealing all the talents from India. India, please stop sending your talents to teach Singaporeans how to do business, how to run an airline successfully.

I am trying to find a way to say that it is China's fault but unable to find a good reason for it. China did not steal India's talents. The most China could do is to sell cheap wares to lower the cost of operating Air India. So Singapore is a good scapegoat for the failure of Air India. It has to be, after taking a million of its talents to make Singapore's economy so healthy, with all the talented Indians in top posts earning millions of S$ instead of rupees. And because of CECA, SIA can fly to many Indian cities to pick passengers, to steal Air India's passengers, to steal the lunch of Indians. This type one benefit only Singapore cannot lah.

What do you think? Can't believe it, India has so many talents but cannot run its own airline but can run other people's and country's companies so well, including many Singapore companies and banks.

PS. Leaving for Kuching this morning. Will try to post when possible.


Virgo 49 said...

Have a safe journey Mr RB aka Chua.

8.6Billions no sweat for Singapore.

Throw in another 2 to 3 billions for expenditures.

We had trillions in Reserves.

The very most increased GST to 12 percent.

70% of sinkies are rich and winners according to so many winners here who scorned the 30% losers.

These 70% papies supporters are winners and are fully support the spending of these few kuching kurap billions.

Sinkies are rich with their multi millions HDB flats and private prioerites with their ever buoyant stocks and shares.

So it's nothing to spare a few twenty or thirty billions.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Afterall, they had millions in sinking land to help our never fleding economy and we must return the favours.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Problem solved!

Let Hyflux buy it, and then Ms Olivia can run it. 🏆

Use CECA to import Indians to run it, after all, it is their national airline. (one of the world's most fucked up and UNSAFE ⚰️💥💀)

There you go. Problem solved.🤓

Anonymous said...

Sold our national shipping line, NOL, after running it by a paper general who saw losses and losses year after year. Should have got an Indian CEO through CECA instead of putting a useless paper general there. Now the same useless paper general is trying very hard again to make sure SPH follows the footsteps of NOL.

Keppel's corruption case in Brazil went on for 13 years and nobody reported it until the US Department of Justice found out and charge them for corruption. Should have imported CECA Indians to run the show in Keppel. They never get caught for corruption one.

Most probably, Air India's financial woes are due to corruption. Profits went to some "shareholders" and Top Guns. Losses keep accumulating from dubious "expenditures. Under-table money for every major transaction between purchaser and seller, and middlemen in black.

Corruption is rampant and well-known in India, especially among those with power and authority - at all levels. Even customs officials who check-in your luggages at airports openly ask for "tea money"!

CECA can therefore also stands for
Comprehensive Exercise in Corruption Agreement.

Anonymous said...

Probably the fuel is expensive there.

Anonymous said...

A God-Sent Golden Opportunity

At one time Singapore was eyeing Air India. Don't know what had happened after that? I did not keep track.

Now is a god-sent golden opportunity for Temasek to buy it over, minus the debt of course.

Convert it to a private international airline, as a subsidiary of SIA, servicing both India's domestic routes and International routes.

Change the logo. Don't need to waste money to repaint the whole aircraft.

Put in some new aircrafts. From Airbus not Boeing 737 Max.

Revamp the lazy, lacklustre and arrogant staffs, especially the air crews and check-in staffs, well-known for smuggling gold

Spend some money on advertising with SIA's multinational image - "The Best Way To Fly!"

Promise PM Modi a secure and safe place in Sentosa Cove to retire comfortably and happily, with a string of balls-carriers from grassroots organizations such as CCs and RCs, serving him and gurkhas protecting him 24/7.

A Win-Win-Win deal for all three parties - Indian Government, Air India and Temasek, Singapore!

Don't miss this god-sent golden opportunity!

Virgo 49 said...

Singapore Reserves chiak beh liao.

Last time got to take 52 or 56 man years to compute the actual reserves.

By now, should be at least 100 man years or more.

Why the need to increase GST?

What's is $156.00 as owe by a PSLE student's parent.?

Aiyo, can just simply write off.
Why spend millions on foreign students and add insults to injury secure even jobs for them.

Many even broke their bonds and absconded laughing at their foolishness.

Own natural children koh tok! Others adopted first class treatments.

Farking government is MAD.

Anonymous said...

Don't talk nonsense unless u asked to be sodomized lar


Anonymous said...

SIA = Singapore India Airlines

Anonymous said...

This is funny, how come so many Indian talents helping Singapore companies to grow and make more profits but could not help Air India?

Maybe Air India cannot pay their Indian talents as well or better than Singapore companies, or rather Indian IT support companies in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Under CECA, Indian talents can come and work freely in Singapore.

Under CECA, Sinkie talents can also come and work freely in India.

And this is funny, how come Sinkie talents don't want to go and work in India as allowed under CECA?

How come jobless Sinkie talents can only kpkb and become GRAB drivers or screwty guards in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Please be told that soon we shall paint Sin black.
Mind You our many thousand years of civilization is not for nothing.
Bananas wearing white shall wear black to mourn for their own conceit.
We have dominate Silicon Valley in the US,
What is Sin?

Anonymous said...

Fuel not expensive ? Nonsense ?

Anonymous said...

DBS = Delhi Bank of Singapore

Anonymous said...

"S’pore Has Talent Shortage & India Is A Talent Surplus Country, Says Tommy Koh On CECA"


Tommy Koh supports CECA.

Anonymous said...

Professor Tommy Koh knows better.
He is a professor You know.
He also supports LGBT, what do You think ?

Anonymous said...

Professor Tommy Koh knows better.
10:43 am

Professor Tommy Koh also said he has his weaknesses.

And he said one of his weaknesses is that he is not suited to be a Sinkie politician.

And with that, PAP and the Sinkie opposition cannot count on him. LOL

Anonymous said...

Tommy Koh is Lee Hsien Loong's cock-sucker.

Anonymous said...

If India is a talent surplus country.
Then ...

Melville Park condo is a talent surplus condo.
And DBS bank is a talent surplus bank.

Anonymous said...

And he said one of his weaknesses is that he is not suited to be a Sinkie politician.
10:58 am

Not said his weaknesses lah, but rather due to Sinkies and the Sinkie political system.

Join PAP? Cannot, because PAP very bad.

Join Sinkie opposition? Also cannot, because sure lose election one.

So for smart Sinkies like Professor Tommy Koh, best is not to become Sinkie politician lah. And also to say he is not suited to be Sinkie politician. Smart Sinkie, right?

Anonymous said...

Melville Park condo is a talent surplus condo.
11:02 am

That is to be expected as it is very near to Chennai (oops! Changi) Business Park which is a talent surplus Business Park. LOL

Anonymous said...

Tommy Koh is Lee Hsien Loong's cock-sucker.
10:59 am

I think he strongly support LKY under the old guard PAP.

But I didn't hear him support LHL but he also did not criticise LHL. Smart Sinkie.

Anonymous said...

But I didn't hear him support LHL but he also did not criticise LHL.
11:14 am

Criticise LHL also cannot win election. Don't believe, just ask Chee Soon Juan.

Anonymous said...

How come Singapore became a talent shortage country when 30 years ago we were sending our talents to China to help develop the Suzhou Industrial Park in the 1990s for example. There are still many who are alive who can testify to this.

Where are all our talents now? Oh yes, in the civil service thinking inside the box (not out) of how to fix Singaporeans and the opposition.

This is the result of keeping all the talents and providing the fertile ground for them to do their own inbreeding. Coupled with the 'PAP Eunuch Disease' warned by Philip Yeo, all of these did not improve the talent stock, but dumb them down instead. Who to blame?

Anonymous said...

I know Chee Soon Juan will suffer collateral damage by hook or by crook. The echo sounder is so effective, it keeps echoing forever.

Anonymous said...

Tom Tom the piper son.
Stole a pig and away he ran.
The pig was found
And Tom was caught
Talking nonsense to cover his fault.

Anonymous said...


Airlines are among the most difficult businesses to run i.e. high-cost, high capital expenditure, low margins business.

Warren Buffett famously said that if only someone had shot down the Wright brothers' first powered flight in 1903, that person will have done an immeasurable service to millions of future investors.

Most business people & investors know this. RB should know this else he's just another pasar malam or sim lim square salesman in UOB Kay Hian.

Even SIA's performance over the past 20 years is quite terok. Take a look at SIA's stock performance here.

There are thousands of shit companies in India, China, US, Singapore etc.

There are even more tens of thousands of solid companies in India, China, US, Singapore etc.

That's why over the long run even India companies will give you eye-popping returns:
1,000% returns for diversified Ahneh blue chips since 1999.

An example of a solid ahneh company:-
HDB's 4,600% returns since 2001.

Coming back to airlines .... there are some well run US airlines making big profits in recent years. This is thanks to the ongoing long-term bear market in oil since 2008, which is helping airlines save billions in fuel costs each year.

Jet fuel is the 2nd biggest cost to airlines. 1st biggest is salaries (manpower cost). Aircraft surprisingly is 3rd biggest cost.

Examples of well run US airlines:-
(1) Southwest Airlines

(2) Delta Air Lines

Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger allowed their 2 designated successors to invest in these airlines in 2016, despite Buffett's famous dislike for airlines businesses.


Anonymous said...

There are thousands of shit companies in India, China, US, Singapore etc.
There are even more tens of thousands of solid companies in India, China, US, Singapore etc.
WSG 2:05 pm

There are thousands of jobless Sinkie PMETs due to CECA. These are those u see around who r GRAB drivers, GRAB food PMD riders or as screwty guards.

There are even more tens of thousands of Sinkie PMETs (including new Sinkies of course) who have good jobs and good life. These are those u see driving big cars and living in condos and landed property.

Anonymous said...

These are those u see driving big cars and living in condos and landed property.
2:32 pm

I agree because in my company there are a lot of such new Sinkies who r as u described above.

In fact I, a true blue Sinkie born here and having served NS, has become a minority in the company where the boss is also a new Sinkie.

No wonder PAP can win and win big.

Anonymous said...

Learn From Failures, Not Success Stories!

Jack Ma said, and I agree, "Don't learn from success stories. Learn from failures! People tell you about their successful ventures. Nobody wants to tell you about their failures. I will write a book about all my failures. Because people only know that Alibaba is very successful but nobody knows how much difficulties and obstacles I have to go through. Success comes through failures!"

There are thousands of success stories on YouTube and even more in books. There are few, or none at all, about failures. Successful people shy away from exposing their weaknesses and embarrassing instances. If there is any story about failures, it's usually written or spoken by a third party, e.g. by investigative journalists, whistle blowers or geniune academic researchers.

You learn from failures and losers in order to avoid the same pitfalls they have gone through. Never laugh at or belittle losers. Because one day they will succeed if they persevere with sheer determination and hardwork.

Success stories are more often than not told in euphoria. They do not tell you the whole picture. Usually, they pick and choose what they want to tell you. There are certain critical issues/information that they prefer to keep confidential or secret, or left out "inadvertently".

It is those critical information that are important to you, not the superficial "feel good", ego-massaging, bits and pieces you read from Trump's book in "The Art of The Deal" or his ego-inflated interviews. Neither from Warren Buffett, Bill Gates nor Mark Zackerbreg because these are rare breeds, one in a billion chance.

Yes, some may say, "aim high, think big" but I say, "Aim realistically, Think realistically!"

Learn from others' failures to avoid as many pitfalls as you go along your journey. One step at a time. Baby steps. Do not jump queue and take shortcuts. Or else you will fall like a rock avalanching down the mountain cliff before you even realise it.

Success stories are only good as motivational stories. That's all. They don't reveal their secrets to you. You need a master, guru or mentor to guide you and teach you how to avoid pitfalls and the intricacies of the path towards your goal - your own success!

Nevertheless, even if you can learn from successful people how they failed and fell, climbing their ladders of success, you still have to walk the path and find your ladder by yourself. This, nobody can do it for you. It's all about trials and tribulations, mistakes and errors, choices and decisive decisions, consistency, perseverance, resilience and hardwork.

Nothing comes easy. There is no shortcut.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

Check out Mohnish Panerai if you want to see how a successful Indian invests in the India market.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.25pm
《 Learn from failures, not success stories 》

Learn from Chee Soon Juan.
Not Lee Kuan Yew.

Anonymous said...


I think you meant Mohnish Pabrai ;)
Panerai is the Italian watch company :)


The difference between shithole M'sia & shit hot S'pore:

Malaysia's Hope Fund becomes Hopeless. 205M ringgit used up to pay for 50.5B ringgit of debts. LOL!!

Crazy Rich Asians in Singapore. Huat! Huat! Huat!


Anonymous said...

Learn from Chee Soon Juan.
3:52 pm


Learn from loser (and every time lose one) and suffer collateral damage in RB blog?

Anonymous said...

Hi, a very good afternoon....

The broken record here just back from a wedding lunch.

Please don't blame the pap lah! It is the masses!

The problem is that the masses will DIE die die die die die die die vote for pap under ANY ALL conditions!

Pap never never never never never never never never put knifes at the masses throats to ask the masses to vote for them! If pap is really really no good vote them out! But no!

The masses will only TCSSssssssss and kpkbssssssssss whenever they are not happy. Said before the masses will die die die die die die die die vote for pap!

This is Sg, truly!

Anonymous said...

Wah Lau Wei, NUS and NTU top the list of best Asian universities.

Best in producing square pecks for round holes in the job local markets.

Best in producing PMETS to be replaced by Fake Degree holders from 3rd world villages.

Best is producing Taxi Drivers, Grab Drivers and Screwty Guards.

I will send my children to Indian for holidays and get the Fake Degrees. Some more can get 7 IT certificates in 6 days.

The world is really going upside down!

Anonymous said...

Hi 450pm

I heard what you had said above loud and clear!

BUT why parents are still sending their children to our universities? Very very difficult to get in... you know?

So why why why? You tell me lah!


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


Yes of course. The Dhandho guy. Bloody Auto correct on my China phone 😂

Anonymous said...

@ 512pm

((( So why why why? You tell me lah!

Hahaha....... )))


If you have to a ask why, that proves LKY was correct!

Anonymous said...

Lots of questions. But same old questions. Nothing new but just echoes. Looks like IB no other blogs to counter except RB blog.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"S’pore Has Talent Shortage & India Is A Talent Surplus Country, Says Tommy Koh On CECA"


Tommy Koh supports CECA.

November 30, 2019 10:22 am

He needs to be replaced by CECA Indians.