Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year

Another year past, another year beginning. Let' hope that this will be a better year for all and all our wishes will come true.

The Year of the Pig marks the end of a 12 animal cycle period and there is hope that the new cycle will be more promising and brighter in the personal life and domestic affairs of Singaporeans.

In the bigger picture, the changing of an era where the East will rise and shine again has been taking place amidst opposition and resistance from the fading hegemon. The new Asian Century brings hope of peace and stability against the last era of incessant wars and conflicts. The change would not come easy and peacefully as the demons would not want to change their ways and their control over the rest of the world.

Happy Lunar New Year to all.


Anonymous said...

RB Knn happy new year in the year of the Pig. Just want to thank you for putting a tremendous effort posting Everyday and let many people kpkb to reduce stress. Knn you are a real contributor to Singapore society. Pardon the way I posted as I got use to it already.

Anonymous said...

Thanks uncle RB for your informative and interesting articles throughout the year.

Wish you good health and happiness!

Yam Seng!,����

Anonymous said...

//…the changing of an era where the East will rise and shine again has been taking place amidst opposition and resistance from the fading hegemon. The new Asian ..//

As one oppo head summarizes it as "Never on Bended knees.." China will not kowtow to the Evil Empires of the West & all Chinese in this world shall flourish & prevail..Kong Xi Fatt Choy!

Anonymous said...

RB, Blessed CNY. Thanks for the numerous articles. An opportunity for us to share & kpkb. You got brains, got guts and got perseverance. Respect!

Cow49 said...


Chinese Idiom All Around the Seven Seas All Chinese Are BROTHERS.

In Today's Western Cultures and Influence, it's seemed that this All Chinese are BROS are starting to erode. Many had became Bananas.

Even Sinkieland Bananas Leaders exhorted that Sinkie Chinese are an Unique Breed different from the Chinese in others part of World and Asia. Do not look to your Originial Motherland as been of Chinese origin.

Your are Chinese in the Real Sense anymore but must be chap chai as bananas to behave more like the Whites and other races.

The Chinese in China even in their Lunar New Year's greetings always conveyed their Greetings and Regards to all Chinese in China and ABROAD greeting them as their own. They still have hearts and concerns to treat you as their own but most Overseas Bananas Chinese been strongly influenced by the West wants to disassociate with them.

Just a few of their Western influenced nuts tried to persuade the Rest to their agenda.

Likewise that Taiwanese Tsai President been drunk with the influence of the shitty West and her own prejudice against China pitting the Taiwanese in danger of going against China.

True Blue Chinese in this World Shall Flourish and Prevail.

King Xi Fatt Choy

FL said...

It comes only once a year. So on this first day of this year Chinese New Year, I wish Uncle RB and your readers, Wang shi lu yi and gong xi fa cai. May all of you in pink of health throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

1049 the leeder maluah lah. Didn't invite siblings to CNY reunion dinner so talk cock to justify himself. Consistent character go Parleeman n declared ownself. His hole world revolves around him. Bth.

Anonymous said...

Hundred year marathon.