The Quailo Afffair

Maduro, the President of Venezuela, was elected last May. The Quailos claimed that the election was not free. So they put up an unknown Quaido, trained by the CIA to conduct regime change and claimed that he is the new President, without any election.

They demanded a new election within 8 days, if not all the American and European Union states would recognised this non elected coup leader as the President. Who is the elected President under democratic means, who is the coup leader that was not elected under democratic election?

So far Asean leaders have not said a word. For recognising this Quaido is recognising a coup de'tat, recognising foreign intervention, and allowing the Quailos to interfere in their internal politics.

All the countries that recognised this American trained Quaido are in a way opening themselves to American interference in their domestic politics, especially the Latin American states. And when their turn comes, they would have no one to turn to. They have to live under the behest of the Quailo's dictate.


Anonymous said...

Damn true. Sg may be the first one to open her mouth cause want to punch above her weight and can not keep her big mouth shut just be tiam tiam type.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Juan Guaido is a right-wing extremist nobody. He was plucked from obscurity to prominence by Dotard Trump and endorsed by pro-Uncle Sam western media. The Trump regime is scheming to transform Venezuela into another vassal state in order to control its world’s largest oil reserves which it had coveted for years. Italy had refused to recognize the puppet Guaido as interim Venezuelan president.

Its Deputy Foreign Minister Manlio Di Stefano warned against a repeat of the disastrous outcome of US-led intervention in Libya. So far, only 6 of 28 EU nations had expressed support for Guaido. Meanwhile Maduro had challenged Trump and warned him that he is making mistakes which would make him leave the presidency with his hands stained with blood for wanting a repeat of the Vietnam War.

PS: Happy Chinese New Year, Redbean

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Trump has threatened Venezuela with military intervention as one of his options. Trump's hired hoods, Mike Pompeo and John Boltan who are out-of-control bloodthirsty psychopaths, are running Trump’s geopolitical agenda which include wars and a regime change in Venezuela. Bolton warned Maduro to go for a long and quiet retirement on a pretty beach far from Venezuela rather than being in some other beach area like Guantanamo.

Meanwhile, Maduro thanked Russia, China and other nations for supporting him as he tries to preserve and protect the nation’s sovereignty against imperial Washington; humanity’s greatest modern scourge.

Humbleideas said...

The almost instantaneous recognition of Juan Quaido by USA, UK and a few European countries is highly suspicious and uncalled for. It must be something to do with wanting a piece of the OIL pie in Venezueala. John Bolton the war monger openly admitted it, oh my god. This is ridiculous.

And, The confiscation and transfer of Billion dollarz from the National coffers of Venezuela President Maduro, to Mr Juan Quaido control, by the Bank of England is unheard of in history, this is Grand Larceny and outright theft. Shame on the Bank of England to be directed by politicians to commit Theft.

Banks should remain neutral. Until the United Nations fully reject Maduro, there is no basis for the Bank of England to freeze the national assets of Venezeuala at this point in time, and tranfer it to a Mr Juan Quaido who is merely an "Interim President" at best. Due process must be followed!! It is like passing the keys of a condomimum to a buyer who has only just made a booking. This is ridiculous!!

Of course, Maduro is no angel. He is not a good politician, just by judging at the economic indicators and widespread unhappiness among the population. Libya and syria was different, there is no lack of supporters from the ordinary folk, of how great Qadafi and Assad is. (Of course there are unhappy voices, too, but this happens in every country)

Maduro does not seem to be getting support from any of the locals, all his support is from the Army. I can be wrong, but social media is a good indicator of what actually happens on the ground. Even if Maduro is a crook, THE USA AND THE WEST ARE NOT THE POLICEMEN OF THE WORLD. THEY CANNOT ASK THE BANK TO FREEZE THE NATIONAL ASSETS OF VENEZUELA UNDER MADURO, as the UNITED NATIONS HAS NOT MADE A DECISION TO COMPLETELY REJECT MADURO'S GOVERNMENT. It probably wouldnt, because heavyweight UN members,Russia and China has rejected the Mr Quaido as an Interim President.

Unfortnately, President Trump has gone too far this time to listen to the oil-hungry and war-thirsty John Bolton group. It is his only way perhaps, to get a bit of support from the Democrats who for once may like him because there is a saying that no american president can be great if he didnt start a war.

Humble Ideas

Anonymous said...

The daft Venezuelans just simply blame Maduro for the bad economy. They could not see the evil hands behind that destroyed their economy through sanctions and blockade by the Americans, the real devil behind their plight, just like in Iran and North Korea.

Anonymous said...

11.36 am, agreed and I think someone needs to be sodomized for all the evil acts.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Venezuelans will not surrender their sovereignty on a platter to Uncle Sam without a fight. They saw how the Yankees transform Iraq and Libya into failed states through forcing democracy down their throats. A pro-Maduro crowd gathered to mark the 20th anniversary of the rise to power of his predecessor, Hugo Chávez. Maduro accused international media of ignoring demonstrations by pro-government supporters. Maduro must arrest Juan Guaido who is guilty of treason and cooperating with the CIA against the duly elected government of Venezuela.

Maduro needs to nationalize the media to take it out of the hands of coup plotters.  Most importantly, he should also arrange for Russian troops to protect their airbase and for Chinese troops to protect their oil investment. The presence of these troops would likely prevent an Uncle Sam invasion from Columbia.

Humbleideas said...

RT which is a much more reliable news source than USA MSM, recently released this video showing pro-Maduro supporters.
click here
The spirit of the audience and their thoughts and emotions are completely lacking. That's why it's hard to take sides and say that Maduro did not cheat at the recent elections. We really do not know, election fraud is so common.

Even then, it is no business of non-venezuelans to intervene. And itiis wrong and traitorous of Juanquaido to openly ask USA for help. It is wrong for usA to impose sanctions on venezuela, it will be grossly unfair as it will destabilise an already weak , arguably incompetent leader.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Venezuela’s problems are largely part due to Uncle Sam, the UN and the EU. Over the last five years, Uncle Sam has imposed financial sanctions on Venezuela. It was cut off from western financial markets and this has resulted in oil production shortfalls. Venezuela is unable to raise capital to address deficiencies in the oil sector of its economy. This situation became worse when the price of oil fell sharply around the world.

Venezuelan debt instruments are banned by Uncle Sam's Treasury. This prevented it from acquiring loans to address its severe economic problems. Bolton doesn’t care about the people of Venezuela. If he did, Uncle Sam would not be imposing harsh sanctions that are causing malnutrition and starvation. Bolton is using the cruel technique of sadism by starving and depriving the poor so they will overthrow the government.

Anonymous said...

If Guaido is an opposition leader here and asking the Americans to help remove the PAP, he would be arrested for treason. This Guaido in Venezuela or here is the same traitor of his country.

The sanction is to impoverise the people to turn against the govt. The Americans would not care about the well being of the people, just like those in North Korea, Russia and Iran.

Anonymous said...

The vile Empire has been eyeing Venezuela since the time of Chavez, all for the oil. The vile empire had openly declared that they want to take over the oil, and that can only happen with a regime change, by putting that man, Juan Guaido, presumably a stooge of the evil empire, into power. They have been stirring up unrest for quite some time using sanctions. Maduro was elected freely by the people and there is nothing illegal about that.

The US has been stirring up unrest in many places, notably the Middle East, South America and soon North Korea will again be featured in the global conflict, having been singled out breaking the sanctions and going head on against the denuclearization promise.

Will WW3 start from what is happening in Venezuela? The US is now acting like it can take anything from anybody it wishes, openly and giving everyone who objects with them it's middle finger.