China ‘theft of jobs and wealth’?

This is what Trump and his war hawks have been harping everyday and the western media would print them in glee. China is the demon, stealing jobs and wealth from the Americans, including stealing their technology. As they said, if you keep repeating a lie over and over again, many innocent and unthinking readers would believe in the lie. The bigger the lie, like the moon landing, the easier it is to believe.

Who is or are the biggest thieves in the world? Heard of colonization? Heard of war of conquest? The native Americans lost their continent to the Europeans, now calling themselves Americans and ruling the continent of North America. The native Americans not only lost their country but also their lives, with only a handful surviving today after tens of millions were slaughtered by the invading white Europeans.

The Europeans robbed the whole world of their wealth when they invaded them and colonized them. They claimed to own every country in every continent. Not robbers?

They invaded China and ransacked the palace, robbed China of all the wealth and treasures they could and bankrupted China for nearly two centuries. All the wealth in Europe was loot stolen from the colonies, with bloodshed.

Today Trump and his murderers in Washington got the cheek to shout robbers and thieves? Look at the mirror. Trump’s ancestry and many in the Washington were descendants of white supremacists, killing the niggers, lynching them on the trees, chained them for life, using them as free labour in the land where everything is ‘free’, stolen or robbed from the native Americans.

How many of you would want to believe that China is stealing from the Americans, especially jobs, wealth and technology? Did the Americans forget the agreements for exchange of students and technology signed by Carter and China? This is quoted from Wikipedia, ‘Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping's January 1979 visit to Washington initiated a series of important, high-level exchanges which continued until the spring of 1989. This resulted in many bilateral agreements, especially in the fields of scientific, technological, and cultural interchange, as well as trade relations. Since early 1979, the United States and the PRC have initiated hundreds of joint research projects and cooperative programs under the Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology, the largest bilateral program.’ Theft?

Did the Americans forget that they moved their dirty factories to exploit on China’s cheap labour? Even Apple is setting up factories in China to sell iphones to the Americans and the Chinese earn their keeps working for Apple with very low pay. The jobs lost were willingly given to China. The technologies were exchanged for the right to manufacture and sell in China, fair deal.

The money earned by China was not robbed from the Americans like they robbed the native Americans, the Red Indians, and the way they robbed China of its nation’s wealth. The Chinese earned them by sweat and tear. The technology transfer was agreed upon by both countries/companies operating in China, without a gun pointing at their heads.

Today, when many Chinese technologies are leading edge and the Americans could not even catch up but dare to accuse China of stealing from their backward and outdated technology! Huawei stealing American technology when Huawei is the number One technology company in the world in 5G? How could a world leading company be stealing from backward companies that don’t have the technology? China is far more advanced than the Americans in many fields of science and technology today.

By shouting theft does not make one superior in technology. When you are behind, you are behind, no amount of pretense and allegations could change the truth. Try to catch up with China, if unable, create more hoaxes like landing on the moon and keep spreading the myth and lie that China is stealing American technology.

We will try to believe you, after some heavy drinking or under the influence of drugs. A thief is always a thief. Look into the mirror!

The Americans have also been shouting about democracy, human rights, right for nation to live their own lives, peace, but they have been the worst violators of every one of these claims. Conduct regime change, wars, support dictators, wanton killings of the innocent Arabs and Muslims, Guantanamo, Al Ghraib etc etc.


Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn very true leh. Very disgusting Tio bo? Knn

Anonymous said...

The Americans are stealing Venezuelan money in US banks and money paid for oil in the US. The Brits are stealing their gold in London.

Anonymous said...

Americuns the worse ..look at the tiny red rock island, lagi worse lah, their citizens being robbed left right and centre & yet being do rei mi by their whites also got to vote them it..it's like wat the west said Stockhelm syndrome la, many oppo wanto come out to change but it's very hard la..let's wait for this coming erection。

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Trump identified China, along with Russia, as the chief threats to Uncle Sam. The media seem to agree that the Chinese pose an existential threat to Uncle Sam's global leadership, militarily as well as economically. China watchers see the current wave of official and media hostility towards China as not conducive to dispute resolution.

The Pentagon hawks are pushing for a new Cold War to benefit the military-industrial corporations. Uncle Sam is reinventing history. The white supremacists who pillaged, looted and massacred millions during the days of colonialism and imperialism are conveniently forgotten. Evil still exists in the hearts and minds of the white men.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...


Intellectual Property and 'Made in China 2025'

This video gave a lot of statistics about IP, funds invested in IP and patents and IP litigations. It also shows how far China has come in IP patents, over taking the Americans and the rest of the world.

The panel gave statistics to dismiss the American narratives of IP theft as baseless.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ dirty political tricks galore:

Anyone heard of the Modern Slavery Act? It is illegal to use “slave labour” in your global supply chain. This “law” can be interpreted very creatively. IMO it is used to protect obscenely high-paid workers from low-waged workers in other cuntries.

Being a VALUE guy and libertarian, I am all for reducing labour costs, open borders and a free flow of goods, capital and knowledge all over the world.

The idea of “China stealing jobs” might have had some truth 30 years ago, but now Chinese wages have risen 2 or 3 fold so it’s not so “cheap” anymore. Why it is still great to manufacture in China is because they are excellent at doing so: HIGH OUTPUT at COMPETITIVE prices. For e.g.: the iPhone has 4+billion transistors and costs USD250 to make, and sells for USD1300. Not even the Japs or Koreans can compete with that, cos Shenzhen is just pumping out tech like nobody’s business, ad people there are RICH. So much for the “China is stealing jobs” idea.

“Stealing tech”? C’mon. We all “steal” ideas. Every artist in history has benefitted from the ideas of others. Thomas Jefferson used the analogy of a candle: You take a burning candle. You can use that candle to light other candles without “sacrificing” anything from the first candle. And soon, collectively, you have a very bright light, which goes on and on, as evey candle can light others.

But...let’s for one moment consider that China is “stealing” jobs and ideas. (I don't think you can “steal” a job. As a concept, it is just plain WRONG.) In that case, I say power to China for giving the world a lesson in MARKETS and VALUE. They take ideas, and make them better, cheaper and deliver faster. Cheap, Good, Fast, value for money. Lazy, fat, overpaid western workers with all their “benefits” and “welfare” and “union power”...fuck off. Let the cuntry with less imposts and taxes on productivity MAKE THE MONEY.

Carry on “stealing” lah. Anyway, Trump’s on the campaign trail. He’s been singing the same anti-China song for over 20 years.

Someone could write a Teochew opera (wayang) about Emperor Trump and his insanity.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Since the 1970’s, China has been opening up its economy. Any industry it spawns is bound to reverberate globally more so than other comparable nations because of the sheer size of the population alone.
The American Dream is about “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. The Chinese Dream is about building a country that is strong economically, politically, diplomatically scientifically and militarily. Their objectives are different. Society vs The Individual. This explained why China has surged ahead. It is creating more jobs and wealth. Not stealing.

Virgo49 said...

The Americunts should listen and see Tin Cook YouTube interview.


China's No 1 attraction is quality of people.

Some many others.


Virgo49 said...

Tim Cook.


Virgo49 said...

WSJ- Wall Street Journal

Bugis Ah Guas Street,

You believe them.?

Anonymous said...


China simply copied SG methodology --- invite in the top international MNCs, learn the current best practices, modify to suit locals, produce same or better at lower cost, use profits ($$$$$$$!!!) to invest in R&D.

The main difference is that China has the breadth of manpower & land to prolong this game, while SG very quickly maxed out cost advantages by 1995. Since then SG has been importing cheaper foreigners to try & maintain SG as a production base e.g. semiconductors, electronic components, oil rigs, shipbuilding, pharmaceuticals, financial shenanigans. LOL.

Some of our long-time-ago industries that have passed their expiry dates, or dead-on-arrival, are e.g. rubber processing & export, tin smelting & export, toys, textiles & clothing, consumer electronic appliances, private education for foreigners, medical tourism.

China is no longer the cheapest. Low tech can be produced cheaper in places like Bangladesh or Africa. High tech can be produced cheaper in countries like Vietnam, Indonesia or even Malaysia & Philippines. Many China tech companies have moved factories & plants to Vietnam.

Trump is a TCSS artiste. He rails against foreigners stealing jobs while he himself employs thousands of cheap foreigners in his companies (some of them even illegal immigrants). Profits are profits, and any publicity is good publicity for a showman.

Anonymous said...

What about our CPF money ??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

The Americans are very good at creating fake news to demonise other countries. This time this stealing of intellectual property against China is nothing different from the past and is called the New McCarthism, once used to witch hunt anything communist that ended with them sending the top rocket Chinese back to China to build China's nuclear bombs and long range missiles.

If there was no such hysteria, China's nuclear arms and delivery systems would not have taken off, or at a much later date.

This time round it pushes the Chinese to speed their development of Chinese chips and 5G in greater urgency to be independent from American chip makers and technology.

What China cannot buy they will make themselves.

Anonymous said...

Trump is a TCSS artiste.
11:12 am

Have to be lah. All politicians are to some extent TCSS artistes, in order to gain political mileage.

The question is, to what extent? Definitely not 100% lah, I mean for Trump. I think he made good policies and have the will and power to execute them that will benefit the American people, although it may be disgusting to China and even the world.

Anonymous said...


Now......we are getting Pilots from India to fly our planes!

What is next?

This is Sg now!

Anonymous said...

Now......we are getting Pilots from India to fly our planes!
11:24 am

It's Ok lah. Many countries airlines also have pilots from India.

SIA's longest flight (Singapore to New York direct) has a captain with a Indian name.

Anonymous said...

So difficult to bring American Brochez, who steal and release the HIV files, back to Singapore.

But so easy to have Huawei's Meng arrested to bring back to America.

Anonymous said...

so scary hor, they say "the arrangement will provide India's Vistara pilots with experience in long-haul flights."

Anonymous said...

So difficult to bring American Brochez, who steal and release the HIV files, back to Singapore.
11:52 am

Maybe PAP think not worth it lah, as the damage has already been done. I think so too.

Now the priority is to contain the damage.

PAP Health minister already said sorry lah, for those Sinkie HIV cases leaked online, although sorry no cure. LOL

Anonymous said...

What can China do with the US having all the poodles at it beck and call? Now the poodles are howling like hyenas on the 5G issue and encircling China for the kill. All kinds of dangers and security issues have surfaced related to 5G.

Do not tell me that with 3G and 4G there is no security risk for people and companies? If Microsoft can control your computer to update your system at their beck and call, what is there to say that they cannot steal information inside your computer? Since 5G came into the picture there is suddenly so much talk about the dangers of its waves causing harm to humans. You mean to say all the waves from handphones, TV, lights etc swirling around us are not dangerous and only 5G waves is dangerous? What kind of bullshit is that? I think it has more to do with their not being able to afford the cost of changing to 5G infrastructure that is making them cringe and baulk at the Chinese investments.

Let us see what the evil empire and its poodles will say if they do not embrace 5G and falls behind in technology advancement. Like Philips, they may have the technology for many inventions, but if they do not capitalise on it, someone else will benefit. It was the Japanese after WW2, now it is the Chinese. They are fearful of the Chinese going head on against them.

Virgo49 said...

You want to hit the Dog, must also see who is the Owner.

Ang Mohs,you know. Americunts you dare arrest him. Plus the Brits and Aussies.

They can even danced in front of our Police. The Brit also slapped Indon Immmigration Officer. And hold British passport but Immigrant from India.

Even extradition also must guarantee No canning.

Sinkies, arrest a min slow also tulan. Caned till buttocks open flowers.

Triple Standards.

Anonymous said...

hi 1151 am


how about some for our parliment?

in near future.....sia = singapore india arline?


Anonymous said...

They are fearful of the Chinese going head on against them.
12:22 pm

That could be one of the reasons lah, but not the only one.

Anyway they also cannot publicly say such reasons what, correct or not?

Theft of American IP by China is a better reason to say publicly, although only partly true lah.

Anonymous said...

Many things cannot say one. Can you say the Whites stole lands that belong to the Red Indians and Aborigines? Cannot say like that one. Instead of calling it stealing, they put it nicely calling such an act of daylight robbery as 'discover'. Now Bolton is thinking of forcefully take over the oil from Venezuela and maybe calling it 'discover'. Hypocrites are hypocrites.

But if you go into bank and rob other people's money and tell the police you discover the money, you cannot say 'discover' right?

It all depends on who is saying what and who holds the gun.

Anonymous said...

When the West push too hard, they will regret.

They pushed North Korea to the brink and the North Koreans worked extremely hard and fast to develop the nuclear bomb. Did the pushing and sanctions stopped the North Koreans from doing what the sanctions were imposed for?

The US is also pushing Russia by withdrawing from INF and now Russia is free to go full steam ahead to develop more destructive weapons. The cold war is on and this time the Russians are not going to compete on the number of nuclear weapons and bankrupt themselves once again. Fewer, more accurate, more destructive and hypersonic, which cannot be stopped, can do a better job of taking out strategic targets. The world is going into extinction mode.

Anonymous said...

The race to start human settlement on the moon and other planets has begun on earnest. It must succeed at all costs, because humans are going to destroy the Earth one day. This is for sure. Not if but when.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Intellectual Property is NOT property:

Libertarians are famous and infamous for many ideas, but one abstract in particular forms the basis for all libertarian argument. That is the idea of PRIVATE PROPERTY .

I used to be in the camp of “intellectual property is property”. However it took about 5 years of solid reasoned argument to make me change my mind. To be sure, the idea of intellectual property as property vs Intellectual property is a fiction has divided libertarians for over 200 years, with the people believing that IP is property winning the day.

However former patent and IP attorney Stephan Kinsella delivered a superb argument against IP. He demolished all the theories supporting IP over years, and summed them in his book “Against Intellectual Property”, available for free at:

No such thing as IP. China has every right to take what it needs or wants.

There, I said it. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.17

Forget about starting human settlement on the moon or other planets. That is not for common people like you and me. Even if they succeed, counting from the top downwards or counting from the bottom upwards, it will never come to our turn to be counted.

Good luck to those who can go. Bring your gold, jewellery, paintings, expensive cars etc along. I can bet the eventual outcome after many thousands of years will still be reaching for the extinction mode here or there.

Anonymous said...

Intellectual Property is neither "Intellectual" nor "Property". Why?

Anonymous said...

Those who have something that can be easily copied will of course KPKB about IP. If your colleague copy your idea & get promotion ahead of you, you also tulan. Same if your kid lost out on 1st prize or 1st place becoz some classmate copied his answers.

China will also start to KPKB when other countries start copying & reverse engineer its inventions & ideas.

Anonymous said...

A property cannot be intellectual because it has no intellect. It cannot think. It is not a living thing.

An intellectual cannot be a property because he/she is a human being.

Therefore, the term "intellectual property" is a misnomer. It cannot be used in any court of law that subscribs to proper English words, meanings and terminologies.

Anonymous said...

Property can be living things e.g. slaves, indentured servants, pets, animals etc.

Intellectual can be property e.g. indentured slave or servant. E.g. sinkies NSF & NSmen ... although they barely qualify as "intellectual".

Anonymous said...

When an American tech company buys over another tech company in any country, a transfer of intelligence property takes place for a consideration, whether monetary or otherwise. Similarly when an American company operates in China or anywhere else through an agreement with a local company and a transfer of intelligence property takes place for a certain consideration, isn't this a similar type of commercial transaction? So why is this labelled as "stealing"?

Anonymous said...

Correction: "Intelligence" above should be spelt "intellectual".

Anonymous said...

11.12am "Trump is a TCSS artiste. "



Only Trump is a TCSS "artiste"?

How about "TLLM" system which moulded the younger generation, even in (highly regarded) profession such as medical practice?

What was "TLLM" supposed to achieve under the (eye-pasted stamps?) vision envisaged under Botaknomics?

Why often there are so many older generation snr consultants and/ or professors "horrified" by younger doctors "educated" under Botaknomics-led "TLLM" (Teach Less Learn More)?

What has gone wrong?

Recent cases of malpractices, data leak, HIV, blood test fraud etc etc .... don't ring any bell?

Last month (without "TLLM") got like that?


Empty rectoric that "sabo" future generation?

Look at the JC system?

Over the past years, have been to different JCs in the morning on different days ...

What is happening?

Who are the (JC) students?

The top 25% of each primary 1 cohort?

Assembly for example 7.30am, at 7.28am many (students) can be seen walking from the nearest MRT (which is at least 10 mins away from the sch gate) at snail (half dead) pace slower than LAO KOK KOK 90-yo Ah Hm or Ah Pek?

This is the generation to lead the cuntry (in the future incubated under the Botaknomics' systrm of "TLLM")?

Pls pray tell at which JCs such (horrifying) sight is NOT seen on every sch day morning?

Who or how many (in charge of the system) are "KOONING" (ZZZZg)?

Actually there are many "things" that are "horrifying" in the system?

So, who says only Trump TCSS?

NoboLEE else TCSS?

Never heard of BOTAKNOMICS' (TCSS) "TLLM"?

Ever realised what some medical sch students are doing (outside sch hours)?


Neber see?

Neber hear?

Dunno leh?


Halo ......?

AnyboLEE there?

Very JIAKLAT leh?



Anonymous said...


" Last month (without "TLLM") got like that?"

Should be "Last time ....."

Anonymous said...

"Empty rectoric that "sabo" future generation?"

Should be

"Empty rhetoric that "sabo" future generation?"

Anonymous said...

😝1.52am, from 1.17 am to 1.52 am, u kept re reading your own mad post and making amendments. Think you really need to see a doctor. Or take the dor re mi treatment from Matilar. Took quite sometime to read your post only to realised that you are either mad or crazy. I don't like you but for your own good,mi wanted to sodomize you larπŸ˜€πŸ˜›

Anonymous said...

@ 8.17am Crazy Siao Ting Ting IMH Escapee Kong Cum PLP balla Sucker: >>>Took quite sometime to read your post only to realised that you are either mad or crazy.<<<

Yew need to go back PRIMARY sch to retake your PRI 1 exam la.

Yew are not only siao ting tong crazy moron, yewr Ingrish also fail la

"...only to realised ..." What kind siao ting tong grammar?

Kintergarden nvr learn after "to" is nvr past tense?

Worst, YEW gave YEWRSELF away yewr IQ near ZERO read the post from 1.52am to 8.16am then can understand?

How many oldies in MSN need more than 6 hours to read the post pls KEE CHIU!


No have?

Only YEW!


Also, YEW mati tiny canon dropped off le maciam new born severed biblical cord, so dun embarass yourself anymore in cyberspace in front of (w)hole world le.



PS: Such a simple post that lament what this place is turning into with some or many of the top 25% of each Pri One cohort fark up attitude LATE for school still taking own SWEET time walking like LAO KOK KOK half dead YEW oso dun understand? Trace the route from each JC between 100m to 1500m to the nearest MRT and likely without fail every sch day morning along this path after sch assembly hour there are still many JC students taking own sweet time walking at snail pace towards the sch gate making a beeline from gate to the nearest mrt station? Along the entire path can see JC students taking own sweet time? Like that oso ok? This is the way MOE spend $15 billion or 20% og TAXpayers blood tears sweat $$$ to bring up the younger generation? Simply bot chap close 2 eyes 2 ears neber see ???

Anonymous said...

"This is the way MOE spend $15 billion or 20% og TAXpayers blood tears sweat $$$ to bring up the younger generation?"

should be

"This is the way MOE spend $15 billion or 20% of TAXpayers blood tears sweat $$$ to bring up the younger generation?"

The "og" should be spelt as "of"


Anonymous said...

"Simply bot chap close 2 eyes 2 ears neber see ???"

Should be

"Simply bor chap close 2 eyes 2 ears never see ???"

"Bot" should be "bor"

"neber" should be "never"


Anonymous said...

8.37am, with your cross referring, now I realised that you are the same mad person that posted last time. I would have thought that by now you already got treatment from Matilar and he has already sodomized you. But look like you are resisting treatment for your own good. Please go seek treatment lar before members of your family live in fear from your madness. Acting that way, I also dare not help you by sodomizing you. I think only our great Matilar would dare to help u. God bless or in your case may be god blast

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 09, 2019 8:17 am
>>from 1.17 am to 1.52 am, u kept re reading your own mad post and making amendments.<<

Yew GOD?


You know exactly what was going on?

YEW have 10 binocular cameras aimed at the condo unit?

So YEW should know right?

Last night 8.30pm slept le

Woke at 12.30pm cos weather farking warm perspiring all over

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Then re read post again at 1.50am then make amendment for typo error cos at almost 1am still must make ZERO typo?

Cannot have typo at 1am?

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YEW evil or not?

Yew say la?

Typical fark up mati PLP modus operandi to character assasinate.

But oldies readers in msn not 3-yo lah?

So easily CON by YEW incest infested MATI?

b said...

This kind of argument is only half truth. 50% they did steal some jobs, 50% because they can steal the jobs due to uncompetitiveness and corruption from others. But any cunty can be like China. China is just copying some other cunty behaviour. Competiveness means I can steal your job. Its just so simple.

b said...

Ahnehs and japs also steal many jobs from angmos, how come trump never make an issue? Trump is not very fair to china by just pointing at china. Many cunties are guilty of stealing jobs. Everyone steal jobs from everyone. This is how the world improves and becomes more competitive.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 09, 2019 8:49 am
>>>I realised that you are the same mad person that posted last time. <<<


Say whatever YEW want.

Like that TCB oso "MAD"?

Anyone who spoke up oso "MAD"?

Uncle everyday speaks up MUST be lagi "MAD"?

Everyday spin stories write fake news NOT MAD?

As lo(ooooooo)ng as paid "filthy" $$$?

Must PLP write fairy tales then NOT mad?

If like that then this world will really become MAD!!!

Anonymous said...

8.58am u really a bit funny haha. But I also agree that u need the dor re mi.

Anonymous said...


Should be


Anonymous said...

Think yewr brain gone le.

Beside soh doo mi and do re mi, YEW run out of any legit arguments.

So prove that system wan dan le

And the "TLLM" oso gone le

No new ideas at all

No innovation.

No creativity.

The only creativity that exists is in:


Anonymous said...

Dude stop arguing lar. Just go to dor re mi to cure your illness lar. He suggestion is for your own good

Anonymous said...

Ya u dud die must win the argument. Relax lar, not that I wanted to say u. Accept the treatment from Matilar as he has suggested.

Anonymous said...

Tiok la

The JLBs and PLPs should go for Do Re Mi (themselves) ONCE AND FOR ALL.

It is for the good of posterity (of a piece of sinking barren rock and its inhabitants)

Mb TCM(b) and ah ζ΄‹ can do the do re mi job to the "perpetratots" to "salvage" this barren rock (from sinking eternally into the bottom)

PS: Uncle RB, this will be the last post. The mati in MSN other than soh doo mi and do re mi is devoid of any sound comment. So no pt wasting time on a sinking rock, its JLBs, PLPs and kong cum daft. This 10.09am already showed how useless they are (by regurgitating a similar line again anf again and again ... and even worst than replaying a broken lao ah ma record.)


Anonymous said...

The US and the world have not paid the Chinese royalties for gunpowder, printing and paper. Most Chinese inventions pre-date the West.
"Theft of jobs and wealth" by the Chinese CANNOT explain the 5+million jobs, stock and housing value created in the US in the last 2 years ... the Chinese DID NOT lose jobs or became poorer!
Also, many innovations by US companies in the last 20 years were discovered by Chinese scientists working in US and European companies; innovations by Chinese companies in the past 10 years are also dominating the world eg alibaba, baidu, huawei ... etc.
So, who is stealing from WHO?

Anonymous said...

The question to ask is 'Who is the biggest thief?'

Who can be bigger than the one stealing whole continents from the natives and claiming they discovered it and so is theirs. Were the natives not there before the whites came? It was them who discovered the place. All those history books keep repeating the White's claims and everybody blindly agree.

Now the White thieves are going to steal the oil from Venezuela.

Anonymous said...

10.33am, I am shock that you are still at it. I also want to support the other posters to sodomize u cause u just wasting everyone time tooπŸ˜“

Anonymous said...

AnonymousFebruary 09, 2019 4:49 pm
10.33am, I am shock that you are still at it. I also want to support the other posters to sodomize u cause u just wasting everyone time too


Anonymous said...

Chinese app beats US tech giants like Apple, Amazon to be crowned world’s most innovative company
Published time: 23 Feb, 2019 10:21 Edited time: 23 Feb, 2019 11:18
Get short URL
Chinese app beats US tech giants like Apple, Amazon to be crowned world’s most innovative company

The world’s two most innovative companies this year are both from Asia, with Chinese tech platform Meituan Dianping unseating 2018 champion and Silicon Valley giant Apple, according to ratings by US business magazine Fast Company.

While Washington keeps saying that Beijing is stealing its technology and uses this mantra to justify the ongoing trade war, the Chinese “transactional super app” claimed top spot among 50 of the most innovative companies in the world. It is the first time that a non-US company has emerged on top since Fast Company started running the rankings in 2008.

In its “definitive list of who matters in 2019,” Fast Company gave the crown to Beijing-based Meituan Dianping, which was making its debut in the ratings. The app-based service expedites the booking and delivery of services such as hotel stays, movie tickets, and food.

The Chinese platform was followed by Singapore-based Grab, which forced American rival Uber out of the region in 2018 and acquired its local operations. The company now not only includes ride-hailing, ride-sharing services, food delivery and travel booking, but also offers its 130 million users financial services and will soon add healthcare services. Grab hit $1 billion in revenue last year and is likely to expand further after it managed to attract more than $3 billion in fresh funding.