Securing data important?

Finally there is an article in thenewpaper talking about securing data to preserve trust written by a Dexter Ng, a chief technology officer of AntiHack.me agency based in Singapore. And I think this is a private organization expressing deep concern with the preservation and protection of data and looking from the perspective preserving trust of an organization.

The protection of data is important not just to preserve the trust of an organization in the eyes of its customers. It is far more important and serious than just this. Look at the data of ministries like defence and home affairs, and in the commercial sector the data of corporations and the banks. Can’t imagine what harm the software people could do to a bank if they turn rogues, not only stealing data and misusing the data, what about steal the banks money like the case of the Sri Lanka national bank? Even they start to transfer money out of the bank to their own accounts in some corners of the world? Imagine if the ministries like defence and home affairs were to engage foreigners or new citizens to manage and control their data and operating systems, what kind of risks are being exposed to the foreigners?

A private agency is showing concern about protection of data. Is there or are there govt agencies responsible for this role, regulating and monitoring the risks of exposing our data to foreigners in govt and private enterprises especially GLCs like the banks when a mishap can be disastrous? No, everyone very happy because nothing has happened except a few incidents involving the hacking of MOH? When nothing happens it is fine. And if it happens, then set up a COI to do the investigation and to make recommendations so that it would not happen again?

With the influx of foreigners especially in the IT industry and with foreigners dominating and controlling the IT systems of many big and sensitive organizations and probably even ministries, cannot imagine if the people responsible for the security of the country did not raise a red flag and set up an agency devoted specially to monitor and regulate this industry and the personnel, foreigners being hired in big numbers, overwhelmingly alarming numbers that would present a clear and present danger to organizations and country?

I just hope that I am wrong and they are looking into this seriously. But how are they going to vet foreigners when they have little means to know who they are, not even able to verify their qualifications to the extent that hiring foreigners with fake degrees and qualifications is a norm.

This is another big vulnerable area where Stupidity has no cure is very obvious looking at the tiada apa attitude of hiring so many so called foreign IT experts and professionals in highly sensitive organizations and departments.

Are the security people sleeping? None of their business until something happens or someone woke up and directed them to look into it?


Anonymous said...

The private data company concern on data protection ? True or not ? Probably they only concern their pocket mah..if not they can go volunteers their service as grassroot to the G mah. So why they care ? U die ur business is Sinkieland slogan? Look at the army attitudes of safety, many died but only wayang Coi lay.. no Bian liao it's the deep seated culture of no transparency & accountability...sinkies got the govt they deserved, erection is round the corner & don't be surprised tat the ruling whites still might get 70% or even more of the voters.

Anonymous said...

That pte co is simply using opportunistic marketing. Ownself promote ownself for fatter profits & more sales. Nothing wrong as that's the name of the game. But don't be surprise if this pte co employ many foreigners. It's simply a case of minimising costs & maximising profits.

Virgo49 said...

Mr RB, LG, Left Tenant General or Life is Good for Silly Poreans.

Like our Filipinos Foreign Talents love life Quote. "Don't worked so Hard.

We had IT Managers and Executives who wanted to have their Regular Happy Hours after work sessions afraid to stay back and rectify lapses or Security Threats to the systems that they were supposed to protect and paid hefty salaries.

Private Sectors crying wolves and alarmed and concerns at these security breaches and lapses.They were the Ones outsourced to do these protections.What's hypocrisy.

Nowadays, all thewe Manure minnieals work attitude is appalling.

Plus the socalled Mature Experienced 40 x 1 year needed to learn their Routine jobs Managers and needed to be executed Execs.

Now, with equally lacklustre Top AhGua and Eunches Papies in Government with NO one in Opposition Camps to provoke and ask questions due to the 70% DAFTIES who voted them into office
They had became so complacent into running their resoective ministries.

Only wants International Prestige to talk cock and bull stories and wasted tax payers monies on unimportant functions for those took them as suckers.

Things goes wrong.No worries nothing will happen.Just what's waste time COIs and some wayang to con further the Dafts.

After that back to our HAPPY HOURS. Why worked so hard?

Just follow the lifestyles of the chow ang mohs lah. Shut down no salaries just for two weeks Go Slow No Work and go to shelters or charity organistations for food.

This is now the Mentality of Sinkies Bananas.

Now Chief of SAF wayang, We must go down and inspect all camps that they are following our Directives.

Is it not their jobs in the First Place?

Why now?

Anonymous said...

These 8000+ HIV positive FTs are employed in Singapore and may have already slept with someone we know!

My goodness, are we so desperate for FTs to inflate our GDP that we are now allowing our friends and family members to ‘open legs’ for these HIV-infected FTs?

Not that I have anything against those with HIVs (they choose their own lifestyle which I respect), but it is after all a deadly infection which results in death.

Anyone agree with me or am I just paranoid?


The above is posted in TRE. With the 8,000 working here with HIV, how many have they infected?

Anonymous said...

The subject online these days should be MISMANAGEMENT by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Manpower, the Ministry of Home Affairs (ICA), the Ministry of Trade and Indistry, the Ministry of Finance, CPF Board of Directors, the Ministry of National Development (Housing), the Ministry of Transport (MRT), the Ministry of Defence (unnecessary avoidablee deaths of NSF and NSmen), etc.

Overall, the government is too laxed. Perhaps, ministers and senior civil servants are too busy counting the undeserved wealth and too pre-occupied in planning how to increase their wealth further.

Anonymous said...

When finally Kena then cry Father cry Mother also no use. Then look for some one to blame and sodomize😰

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE — Motorists of foreign vehicles have chalked up S$32 million in unpaid fines, five government agencies said on Friday (Feb 1) as they announced that foreign vehicles with “a number” of outstanding fines may be denied entry into Singapore from April 1.

Daft ministries having incompetent ministers will prevent the offenders from entering Singapore.

Smart ministries with smart and serious-minded (as opposed to laxed) Ministers will simply compound their vehicles and make them pay the fines, with interest plus a hefty admin-cum-storage fee to get back their vehicles.

No balls or what? Double standards. To own people, overly strict to the extent of lunacy. To foreigners, so farking lenient and compassionate! Why are we still paying these ministers by the $millions for?

Of course, blame the 69.9% lah. But the blame game won't take you anywhere. You have to act.

Must I teach grandmothers to suck eggs?

Anonymous said...

10.19am anon, that is what the Malaysian police will do that is to detain you and the vehicle so not just the vehicle. So if sinkies refused to pay then Kena lock up and get sodomize there in jail. Singapore should do the same thing to lock them up With Tua Kee then u can see they pay or not unless they wanted to Kena sodomized by Tua Kee here.

Anonymous said...


Just look around us.

Problems everywhere!

The many serious problems that facing SG recently are really not surprising at all.

We are trying to do tooooooooooo many things at the same time.

SG is like that now. Bo cheng-hu!

Everywhere got problems. Everything got problems.

Problems here problems there, SG really bo cheng-hu!

SG is like that now!

Got no cure liao! Got no cure liao!

Happy CNY!

Anonymous said...

Grim outlook for Aussie right points to another switch of PM

AFP News2 February 2019, 9:27 AM GMT+8

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison risks being turfed out after less than a year on job.

Australia could face a seventh change of prime minister in ten years.

Wounds from the successful ouster last August of centrist former party leader and prime minister Malcolm Turnbull have festered.

Current polls show the conservative Liberal party heading for its worst electoral defeat since 1983

Bad leaders and bad governments must be replaced. If necessary, as often as possible. Like in Australia.

A single political party should never be allowed to rule forever. Everything in the world must come to an end. So is the power of the ruling political party.

When too arrogant, too laxed, too pro-foreigners, too much extorting pay and filthy bonuses, too much power, all must be curbed and cursed.

Anonymous said...

From the recent incidents, I came to a conclusion that all our top talents are all post active, if it's not broken don't fix it mentality.
Any problems, just conduct a COI than accepts all recommendations. I doubt they conduct any daily/weekly meeting at all.
Except one department, CPF!

Anonymous said...

The situation Singaporeans are facing today is mainly due to paying too muxh to ministries and top civil servants. They are too comfortable financially that complacency and arrogance have gone into their beings. Millionaires Status where care about the lowly citizens? They are just digits to collect more and more taxes, and to increase the GDP at ALL COSTS!

b said...

The ruling party is too obsessed with FTs to the point that all FTs are good and all locals are bad. They do not ask them for certificate of good conduct or perform any background checks before granting visa. They are DESPERATE to sell them their millions dollar apartments because they know very well the million dollar apartments is build on a bubble.

C said...

What data protection?

1. When you outsourced your data bank to outsiders, there should be an immediate assumption that the protection of your data has been compromised.

2. When you employ foreigners as your IT employees, advisers or consultants, you should know fully well that you are compromising the security of your data.

3. When you have ministers who refused to take full responsibility, thinking that a mere 'I am sorry" will surfice, your whole country's security (not only data security) is compromised.

Bear that in mind, if anyone is serious about security - IT or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Lee Hsien Yang meet over breakfast again, this time at Ang Mo Kio market.

The last time was in Yishun Chong Pang Market.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps to contest in AMK GRC?

If cannot replace PAP, then kick out the Main Cause of All the Ills in society. Good strategy.

Anonymous said...

1242pm & 1245pm

No point lah!

Any where Sama Sama!

Waste time!

Difficult to change the 70%!


Anonymous said...

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Nothing to lose but everything to win.

Worth a try. Go for it.

Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling and Dr Tan Cheng Bock and Lim Tean and Singh should form a team to contest AMK GRC. Sure to win one, if no dirty tricks by PAP.

Anonymous said...

That is why we need WP to slap the government to prevent it from falling asleep. Nobody believe that was important, until now!

Alas, WP may not be undertaking this task much longer. Hope the new party of TCB can do the same job and not necessarily become the Government. Otherwise the PAP may become the slapper instead of the 'slappee'.

Anonymous said...


Of course it is always good to try

Yes......worth a try! But........

Just remember.....many mAny many many people are now vested in Sg like their bto, CPF, ssb, etc etc etc. .......

They are very very afraid of changes!

We shall see!

Anonymous said...

2.25 pm why u discouraging people who wanted to change. Scare of this and that. I need you need to be sodomized lar

Anonymous said...

Hahaha....2.31pm....you are the Sodomize King!

Beware of AIDS!

Anonymous said...


Don't worry. Tell the voters not to worry too much. Nothing really will change, except one GRC, which will become useless because the 4G leaders are already in place and ready to run the country.

HDB, BTO, BOT, or what nots will not be affected. ONLY ONE DISHONORABLE SON will be taken to task be his Dead Father rising from his ashes, in the form of PSP, like a Phoenix, as he had promised.

Anonymous said...

2.56 pm anon, I posted he need to be sodomized but not me Kar. May be Matilar can do it as volunteer.

Anonymous said...

PSP stands for Phoenix Spirit of Papa.

LKY is rising from the dead to fix his dishonorable, ungrateful and unfilial son once and FOR ALL.

He is the ONLY ONE who can undo the mistake he has done.

Wooden Head has got no balls to do it. Anyway, Wooden Head is already a dead wood, rotting from the inside out

Anonymous said...

"Securing data important?"

collecting $$$..... is more important!!!, very easy lar. can self clearing self wrong doing.

Anonymous said...

Japan LDP was ousted in abt 2009, Japan functions as like nothing changed. A country or city is run by civil servants lah. If PAP got kick out, after a week of noise, everything will go back to normal. We have a elaborate system here. Nothing to fear but fear itself. At least you don't have to pay millions to ministers n the buy high n sell low fund manager will be ousted, saving lots of money. Spore got a lot of talented people outside of the Party. It's just they prefer to keep quiet.

Old Dragon 28 said...

Virgo49 February 02, 2019 9:29 am
//This is now the Mentality of Sinkies Bananas.//

(Young) BRO Virgo69,

Mee has since lo(ooooooooo)ng ago(h) concluded that sinkies should continue to vote for PAP, even giving PAP up to 90% to 95% electoral support especially in the next GE (and make every single opp candidate lose his/ her deposit).

Sinkies deserved the best garmen and best treatment at the hands of those who rule sinkieland, so PAP is undoubtedly the best choice and outcome for sinkies.

Karma is not a bitch anymore if opp wins any significant numbers in the next GE.

Giving the maximum electoral support to PAP is the wisest choice that sinkies can ever make for theirs and sinkieland's lo(oooooo)ng term interests.

Ai have come to the conclusion that it WILL serve sinkies' and sinkieland's lo(ooooooo)ng term BEST interests to vote PAP (big time) in coming GE and let there be no doubt about it.

With PAP winning a ("landslided") landslide, sinkies' and sinkieland's interests would be fulLEE secured and bolstered to the tilt and this is the outcome that sinkies fully deserved (including the ensuing treatments they will receive going forward).

Waste no time and make no mistake about it.

To SECURE sinkies' and sinkieland's lo(oooooo)ng term interests, PAP is the absolute and MUST choice.

Sinkies deserved the BEST garmen for what they are.

Anonymous said...

There are many brilliant Singaporeans who can make a great difference for Singaporeans. They are not coming out yet because the 69.9% have not changed their attitude and resolve. If only 20% decide to switch side, then the whole political ball-game in Singapore will take off to a new height.

The country is not run by the PAP. The country is run by the civil service. PAP only aims to control every single aspect of government. The PAP ministers are the most useless ones. With their running dogs in the civil service, they are totally helpless. Identify these running dogs and put them into the kennels, then the whole PAP machinery collapses.

This what a new government must do.

Anonymous said...

Over the years, this 4G is the best thus far and the future of sinkieland and sinkies is BRIGHTER than the SUN (and MOON combined).

What with the like of the best education man in charge and some lao kokok ministers retiring, sinkies in such wards should coalsce and rally their full support behind such 4G and ensure they receive a RESOUNDING (ROARING and DEAFENING) mandate to educate every single child as the best 21st century worker equiping each with all the skills made in many statements (albeit motherhood sounding) but true and essential.

Sinkies should not paste their eyes with stamps but keep them opened wide and clear of rubbles to see fulLEE that they have the best most talented man at the helm in charge of their child's future (and education) and they should fulLEE and totalLEE entrust their entire heart, mind and soul in the vision of the GREATEST talent (in education) since sinkieland attained self-garbermen in 1959.

In the 4G, sinkies have the best education in charge to bring out the best in each child and thus each child of sinkies also will be as bright (if not brighter) than the SUN (and MOON combined).

There are so many good things about this 4G but due to constraint, this comment shall end here for now.

Cheers and best of luck to all sinkies and their offspring. You and their future are in very safe and good hands.

Anonymous said...

6.51pm anon, u need to be fucked upside down for your view. U crazy or what?

Anonymous said...

The best that has happened in sinkieland and for every child of sinkies is the education system that has unfolded and is unfolding right before the eyes of each sinkie parent whose eyes are free from any stamp pasted and they can see far and clearly with perfect 20/ 20 vision.

For each parent, the only thing they have to do once each child enter the best education system conceivable and ever existed is to DO NOTHING.

Just sit back and relax.

Let the education system does its (BRILLIANT) job.

It is maciam the production system of the amazing capitalist system. Raw inputs go into a black box and out come all the sparkling finished products such as smart phones, shiny toys, gems, luxurious goods, all the ho liao and what have you.

To be a parent in sinkieland is such a fortunate happening and blessing. His/ her child is so blessed with the best education system ever existed on earth and there is ZERO worry that parents have to bother with and can rest totalLEE assured their children future is brighter than the SUN and the brightest (FULL) MOON combined.


Anonymous said...

Talking to the chers in sinkieland and understanding what is happening and the brilliant work they are doing is perhaps the MOST UTTER ABSOLUTE BO BAEY CHOW HAPPIEST moment.

Indeed, it is so REASSURING.

Every single word that they utter, every comment they make are maciam gold, NO! should be diamond, ruby (bigger than the xx carat pink diamond across the strait?).

Sinkieland, what a WONDERFUL cuntry tbis si and to live in.


When the time comes, each oldie can close their eyes fully le.

Their offpsring future is NEVER BRIGHTER than it is NOW and going forward.

Anonymous said...

7.53pm anon. Not say I wanted to say u. U just be living in dream land in your dream. U need to wake up. How to wake up? Go seek treatment from doctor or if u Money No Enough, go meet Matilar. He will be able to help u with dor re mi or so do mi.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous February 02, 2019 8:30 pm
"U need to wake up."

Anon (Kongcum siao ting tong daft bozo moron ah gong) 8.30pm,

(From your comment) U are the one who needs mi fa so to AWAKE from your slumberland zzzzzzzz ... Kakakakakaka

But dun think this mati can do the job cos after countless soh doo mi his originally tiny canon shrivered, dried and dropped off like the new born severed biblical cord and in place a tiny ugly odd shape dirty depression much like the cha bor ladyboy after ops tinkie has come into being and to be karma-nised like a bitch till his last day. So probably the legendary Tigerland giant durian in liew of mati tiny canon would be the only tool that can wake you up

Virgo49 said...

Anon 11.44
It's not that they it's not broken, don't fix it.

It's that they do not have the foresight to foresee any what's gonna go happen and what's are the implications and loopholes that scoundrels can commit to their policies.

See how much scams that tax payers monies been lost in their policies without their civil servants been ignorant and with foresight to prevent these.

This clearly shown their incompetence of their capabilities.

Anonymous said...

8.56pm anon. Matilar though have a small Canon resting on two flat tires, he is an experienced so do mi or dor re mi expert. You will be in good hand lar.😀 Just relax and enjoy the ride with him. God bless

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 02, 2019 9:26 pm
"Just relax and enjoy the ride with him."

Anon 9.26pm,

Great idea. Now that the role is reversed after his already tiny canon shivered, dried and dropped off like the severed biblical cord of a one-week old new born and he has taken the role of a ladyboy albeit genuinely maciam undergone the ops, best is mount mati on a HUGE pineapple now selling like hot xxxxxxx in the cny market and see him "enjoy" the ride with tears bursting uncontrollably and gushing down his cheeks like the torrential tsunami from Anak Krau in indoland .....


PS: See u guys in the New Lunar New Yr on 5 Feb 2019.

Anonymous said...

The so-called education system has never been a system for education but a system for ministerial experimentation.

Each time a new incumbent sits on the Ministry of Experimentation chair, in order to justify his millionaires salary and absurd bonuses, he will put his spanners into the "System" to prove his worth, most of the time to show that he is better than the previous Minister of Experimentation.

Moreover, each time certain scholars are posted into the Experimentation Ministry, as Head of Dept or as Project Officer, he will also put his spanners into the "System".

And each time when a new principal takes over a school, he/she (usually a she) will try to prove her worth by introducing "new ideas" in order to get his/her "ranking" ahead of others.

So, before a system can take roots and perform as a system, it is usually "modified", "revised", upset, and destroyed.

What Education System? You think people are so stupid to buy into the shitty propaganda?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 02, 2019 10:39 pm
"The so-called education system has never been a system for education but a system for ministerial experimentation."

Thats FANTASTIC, isnt it? Then your child become a white guinea (PA)Pig lor ... Lol (and lmao)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 02, 2019 10:39 pm
>>>Each time a new incumbent sits on the Ministry of Experimentation chair, in order to justify his millionaires salary and absurd bonuses, he will put his spanners into the "System" to prove his worth, most of the time to show that he is better than the previous Minister of Experimentation.<<<

Thats even better!


Should pay them 10x more to eyperiment 10000x mpre so that ypur cgild will become 1001% a whiter than white guinea (PA)Pig ... (Lol, LMAO ...)


Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 02, 2019 10:39 pm
>>>Moreover, each time certain scholars are posted into the Experimentation Ministry, as Head of Dept or as Project Officer, he will also put his spanners into the "System".<<<

How can that be a bad thing?

If not, old fart would NOT have insulted sinkies by publicly branding them as DAFT?

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous February 02, 2019 10:39 pm
>>>And each time when a new principal takes over a school, he/she (usually a she) will try to prove her worth by introducing "new ideas" in order to get his/her "ranking" ahead of others.<<<


Have u NOT heard the CLASSIC CHINESE PHRASE: "最毒妇人心"?


Anonymous said...

10.39pm: >>>So, before a system can take roots and perform as a system, it is usually "modified", "revised", upset, and destroyed.<<<

Great job! If not how can sinkies not become taxi drivers and securty guards?

Anonymous said...

12.16am, don't insult our founding Father lar. He did some bad things but he also done many good things and overall more good than bad. It's the dis honourable Son that did many bad things. So if u continue to insult him that I have to tell you though I don't like you or hate you, I still need to sodomize you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.13am @ 3.13am still cunt sleep cos his tiny weeny canon shrivered, dried and mati-ed le (dropped off le like the newborn severed biblical cord), it didn't stop there but deformed into a depression ugly shape fake artifical cunt causing "him" (she/ ladyboy/ mabok) to turn and toss in bed in the middle of the night, insomnia every night ..... "He" (She/ Mabok) trying to dream in "his" (her) mind and make "her" a "him" again but that likely would cause her to hear more voices in her head and lead to eventual mental breakdown if it had not already happened.

Anonymous said...

10.39pm >>>What Education System? You think people are so stupid to buy into the shitty propaganda?<<<

Ha ha ha


Really there are STUPID pple who take it as shitty propaganda?

Anonymous said...

In some JCs, before each child starts the journey, it is a foregone conclusion up to almost 20% of the JC1 students will not make the cut at the EOY (end of yr) examination and up to another 60% scrapped through by a margin thinner than the hair strand and will NOT make it to the uni too?

Thats why parents are so relaxed and dun need worry anything at all despite spending all the resources to bring up their child till 16+ yo (only to be "wasted" in "ruthless experimentation" and cannot make it teaching)

One parent in 2016 whose son studied in a sch in the middle of sinkieland almost VOMITTED blood after the MYE parent meeting session talking to his son's chers he broke his (PA)Piggy bank spending almost $3,000 a month hiring tutors for almost every subject for his son to circumvent the problem his child was facing in the sch teaching "system".

So if a parent really is a "nut case" and does nothing but sit back and relax, then the child "could be doomed"?

Empirically, the more than $1,000,000,000 tuition industry may have been grossly underestimated bc there is no systematic statistic/ data collection to account for all the spending incurred by parents. If can really sit back and relax, why parents are mad ah and spend many billions of dollars collectively to circumvent the problems their child are facing in the sch?

MOE entire budget are also billions of dollars per year and parents need to spend another billions on tuition to make up for the short fall?

Typically the tuition demand steadily builds up each year starting from Jan. Every sch engagement exercise or meet parent session caused many parents to go away feeling ever more depressed and more worried than ever like the parent in 2016 mentioned above and for the sake of their child reluctantly do (HUGE) DAMAGE to their (PA)Piggy bank account by coughing out thousands each month on their child's tuition

The more parents engaged the chers, the more worried they are? What have they heard that caused them to go away feeling so worried sick and depressed? The conclusion they have after each talking session with chers? If they have confidence in them, why the parents want to break and damage their(PA)Piggy bank accounts severely after each meet the parent session?

This is the future that sinkies are facing?

Brighter than the SUN (and brightest FULL MOON combined)?

(Ai rest mind case.)

PS: The chers are the real stupid pple if they think parents dunno how fark up the way that their child has to go through and endure in sch?

If not parents are nuts ah to spend another billions on tuition on top of the billions already spend by MOE each year?

If parents really stupid and think are shitty propaganda and not deeper meaning than their child's future as bright as the darkness in the cold winter nights liao (in the Artic Circle)?

The fact that each year parents are coughing out billions on tuition speak otherwise?

Now those who read it as shitty propaganda realised how STUPID or not they are?

RB legendary quote: "STUPIDITY HAS NO CURE!!!"

Anonymous said...

One more thing, during meet the parent session, if you bother to find out what some chers said and how some parents felt in their hearts, it is a wonder how come the sky hasn't fallen yet?

It is maciam doom?

The end of the world?


The next thing after stepping out of the sch and chers' sight is many parents frantically searching high and low and calling up tutors and tuition centres all over Sinkieland?

What does this mean?

Sinkies deserved this outcome for what they are?

By observing the action of parents, still need to ask parents their thoughts (of the chers and the sch)?

You STUPID is it?

Virgo49 said...

Good morning, that's why I am blessed that my two children are unmarried and be stupid enough to bring up children in Sinking Land when you have to spend all your life's earnings for their education. In the end by part time, free lance, contract workers with NO Secure future.

Just like the Offal employees retrenched penniless.

Spend a bomb for them and in the end became slaves to others.

Lim Tean in HL said if any Male Singaporean who took up arms and to defend his motherland is been deprived of jobs in his own land it is not worth defending his own motherland.

The MOE for donkey years been having the Singaporean children as guinea pigs in their education system.

Virgo49 said...

To add it all, all these grivenances will come to naught and without any fruition with the now taking your own monies to just simply trickle back a bit in the "MERDEKA" scheme to you and giving a bit of honey to swallow your bitter pills later in the forth coming GE.

Pay And Pay with the Dafts supporting them will get 80% of the votes.

Enjoy your CNY and braced yourselves to be suckling pigs in the Year of the PIG.

PAP- PAPigs.

Anonymous said...

5.30am anon, you are very funny but also quite disgusting leh. I also have the urge to sodomize you leh?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Anon 6:28am

I have posted your interesting views in my Singapore Education blog.

Anonymous said...