The whole world is paying trillions of dollars to US for the use of 4G

In the internet and telecommunication business the whole world has been paying trillions of dollars every year as copyright fees to the United States for the use of 4G which has been under the monopoly of four US companies viz AT&T, Verizo, T-Mobile and Sprint. In so far as the use of 4G under US control is within the auspices of the United Nations and agreement of all countries there is no problem for all countries in paying copyright fees to the aforementioned US companies.

The world countries pay more than 10,000 trillion Yuan in copyright fees to to the four US companies  . China's 4G pays US$100 million  in annual copyright fees to the US companies.

If the countries around the world switch to Huawei's 5G which now has the blessing of the United Nations to operate in the 'Internet of Things' in the next one hundred years, the US will lose more than 10,000 billion yuan of foreign exchange each year, which is set at 20% of the Annual GDP of the United States. Therefore the United States will not allow Huawei's 5G in the world as it is leading by a huge margin against all other western 5G aspirant companies.

The United States being a poor looser will use all kinds of underhand vile methods to  destroy Huawei in order to protect the interests of the US such as stopping the loss of at least 20% of USA's GDP. The United States is just a dishonourable big bully.

The world must know this is really the true and ulterior reason for USA's insistence on bringing down Huawei.

US is playing a very dangerous game. It is far more dangerous than a trade war. China is now trying to lower tension by lying low in self restrain. But it won't be long when China under the weight of the anger of the Chinese people is forced to take a tough policy against US and Canada. Let''s hope this will not lead to war between a peaceful China and Russia against the hostile savage warhawk United States, the Evil Empire.


Tuesday, 19th February, 2019


Anonymous said...

The United States is falling behind China in everything from AI. infrastructures, missiles and rocketry to space systems and 5G and therefore they resort to sabotage as they are unable to compete with China on a fair playing field. US will soon destroy itself.

Fair play and play fair please , dirty uncle Sam

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Hey, Sg, you are misinformed. There are MANY stakeholders in 4G and 5G for that matter.

You should go back into the history. The battle for 4G licensing was acrimonious, dirty and brutal. While the move to 5G hasn't been much different wrt license and patent holders all defending their turfs, it hasn't been as mean and nasty as 4G.

Anonymous said...

Unless and until someone is able to bring down the evil empire, such dirty, vile and acrimonious behaviour will never change.

But the evil empire is very fearful of any change, not to mention the changes coming out of Communist China especially, and it is fighting tooth and nail to stay up as the top dog.

Such is their fear of China's advancement in many fields of science that used to be their turf, also China's foray into Africa, South America and East Asia, that they have to invent all kinds of imaginary threat to put China in a very bad light in the eyes of the whole world.

Luckily, some countries have learned from experience or are waking up to what the vile and evil empire stands for. It wants all other countries to be their poodles and attack dogs, against any one posing a threat to their hegemony.

Helping such countries to move ahead is not on their agenda. Making money using such countries has been their motive. On the contrary, their main objective is creating conflict and division using the divide and rule system.

What important infrastructures have the evil empire given to countries in Africa and South America other than stealing their resource and selling weapons to them to fight one another? Their kind of help is geared for war, not for peaceful development and help the country to progress.

Anonymous said...

Southern glory you numbers on G4 fees are grossly overstated. To have credibility must get facts right. even if your main point maybe be right, you discredit your ownself.

Anonymous said...

US is hypocritical par excelllence. When come to spying no other country can measure to US. Also US is unsurpassed in interfering in other countries' elections and is the only satanic power in toppling governments that do not follows US dictates. It also indulges in going to wars to enrich the Deep State of the dirty rich Wall Street bankers and corporations which are under the full control of the rogues and scoundrels in the Anglo-Saxon Jewish Zionists Rothschilds Illuminati Cabal.

God forbids the Evil Empire from creating more choas and evil in this world

Anonymous said...

Remember wikileaks and Snowden on the tapping of phones of national leaders all over the world. Who did it?

Anonymous said...

USA has been spying on everybody and every country for decades and since time immemorial. For years US has been spying on everybody in other countries as well as on its own citizens via Google, Facebook, Apple, CIA and FBI. The world wants to know how come there has never been any arrest of the top executives in these American technological companies and spie agencies. The Evil Empire is just simply freaking international law and as an international mafia, it is nothing bujt a big bully.

Anonymous said...

The kidnapping of Huawei's CFO, Ms Meng Wanzhou will not vindicate and advance US global hegemonic control. Anyway no one respects American law regarding Iranian sanctions. US law is not international law and thus the kidnapping of Huawei's CFO is a wanton violation of human rights. The US cannot win in fair economic fights with China so it resorts to the evil act of kidnapping and extradition by its faceless poodle Canada. In short it boils down to money. US being years behind of China in 5G development fears China will dominate 5G in the internet of all things and thus make it impossible for US to collect any more copyright fees. US being a rogue country is just a sore looser and a big mafia bully.

Trump wake up. America has never been great as it has always been ruled by big time rogues and scoundrels. Since you count among the rogues how can you make America great again.

Anonymous said...

5G well on its way towards reality in Singapore

The groundwork has been laid and telcos have conducted tests and are raring to go

Crystal-clear video calls while outdoors, streaming high-definition videos with almost no buffering time and driverless cars finally becoming a reality - these are some of the things the next evolution of mobile networks, commonly known as 5G, could enable in the near future.

5G networks are the successor to current 4G networks, offering upgrades in three areas: faster download speeds, lower latency and higher capacity.

Singapore is well on the road towards 5G, as regulators, telcos and and companies here are already conducting trials and live tests of the technology, before the network is expected to be rolled out in 2021.

Besides the consumer benefits of faster Internet speeds, 5G will also have tremendous industrial applications in areas such as transport, healthcare and robotics.

Speed-wise, 5G networks will have download speeds exceeding 1Gbps. Currently, peak 4G speeds are between 100Mbps and 1Gbps.

Mr Yuen Kuan Moon, chief executive officer of Singtel's consumer Singapore unit, said: "Our early trials have been very successful and this proves that we are on the right track to achieving 5G's ultra-fast speeds and low latency."

5G networks will also be designed for ultra-low latency of less than 1ms, which means little to almost no delay in transmitting information.

Telecommunications company Ericsson has demonstrated, at the Singtel Next Generation Mobile Network Forum, a robotic arm controlled remotely with near-surgical precision, demonstrating 5G networks' capability of near-instantaneous response time.

"This would be critical in cases such as in medicine, where doctors may provide remote assistance to patients with the help of robots," said Mr Raymond Soh, vice-president of network products for Ericsson Singapore and Brunei.

5G networks will also have high capacity. Mr Nicolas Bouverot, head of Asia South at Finnish communications firm Nokia, said the networks will have the ability to handle billions of devices. "This means that the mobile network will not only be able to connect humans but also a huge number of machines and sensors," he said. "5G will bring the Internet of Things to full realisation."

However, this vision of the future is dependent on the final standards set for 5G, which are expected to be set by the International Telecommunications Union and the 3GPP by 2020. These standards will follow from the agenda of the World Radiocommunication Conference this year, where 5G spectrum allocations will be discussed.

But Singapore telcos are already collaborating with companies to test how commercial 5G can best be deployed.

M1 announced that it successfully hit a peak transmission speed of 35Gbps at a trial with Chinese telecoms firm Huawei at its main operating centre in Jurong.

"We are looking at different technology options to get very high speeds, and will continue to do trials that help us as we go forward between now and commercial 5G," said M1 chief operating officer Patrick Scodeller.

Meanwhile, StarHub is working with Huawei and Finnish communications firm Nokia on 5G trials. "We are testing how huge improvements in bandwidth and latency can enable useful applications in augmented reality, e-health, Internet of Things and autonomous driving," said a StarHub spokesman.

Anonymous said...

Re: 3:20pm

Remember Wikileaks and Snowden on the tapping of phones of national leaders all over the world. Who did it?

Ultimately you can trace the source from many US spy agencies like the CIA, FBI and the multifarious American NGOs to Congress and finally the White House in Washington.

Also every US diplomat is a spy and every of their businessmen and officials and educational officials are seasoned spies working for the US governments under the cover of their jobs.

Many stupid Asean politicians and leaders trust the American rogues and scoundrels too much and never realise the danger until it is too late. As an example President Sukarno trusted the American CIA too much until it infiltrated into his military organisation and recruited the wicked Suharto who toppled him and took over the rule of Indonesia himself with the help of US military and the Pentagon. Suharto's dictatorial rule under the watchful eyes of CIA was very violent and brutal and resulted in CIA collaborating with him in killing over three million Indonesians many of which were Chinese Indonesians who were labelled socialists or left wing or communists.

Hopefully Third world leaders especially those in Africa will be wiser and not fall into the same sinister American trap.

b said...

Let them fight each other and then the rest will benefit.