High time China uses its economic clout

Two of the 5 eyes countries are not given cold shoulder by China and trade deals had been cancelled and no new deals would take place for as long as China pleases. China used to be the number trading partner of Australia, the biggest importer of Australia raw material as well as providing hundreds of thousands of fee paying students to Australian universities. In addition, China has been throwing money at Australian properties, even wanting to invest and develop Australian ports. All these have come to nought. There is a cold freeze in the air. China has stopped buying Australian raw material and farm produce, not buying Austrailian properties, not sending its students and tourists to Australia.

The end result, the Australian economy is tanking. The mines and farms and tourist agencies are folding and stop hiring. It is best for China to keep this little USA in the cold for as long as needed until it wakes up from the new reality that it is really a very small nation with 25 million people.

This small country needs the Chinese market for its products. China does not need Australia and can find raw material from other parts of the world, in Russia, Africa and Latin America. Well done China, for whacking this little American doggie and put it in its place.

The other American doggie is none other than Canada. China is also giving it the same treatment after the silly and disastrous arrest of an innocent Chinese citizen. As far as this country is concerned, no deal. And this country is in the same predicament as Australia, unproductive people needing the big Chinese market to keep its economy alive. Now it is heading towards recession.

To the many small countries, especially the white countries in Europe, China needs only to deal with a couple in the way it dealt with Australia and Canada, cancel all trading activities with them or reduce to a bare minimum. Poland, Italy are two good candidates to be shut out of the China market. What they wanted to sell to China can be bought from other European countries. There is no need for Italian wine or cars. There is no need for the farm produce of Poland. Tell them no deal, go somewhere else to peddle their products.

China must be bold in dealing with little USAs to wake up their ideas. Only then would these little brats behave themselves. China has nothing to lose to cut off a handful of such European countries, even half of western Europe and not affecting much on its own economy. But these little economies would go belly up in less than a year if they have no access to the Chinese market. The falling value of Apple is a glaring example of what it would be like when Chinese customers boycotted Apple products.

In the case of Australia, Canada, and very likely Poland and Italy, when everything is prevented from entering the Chinese market, you can imagine how their economies would suffer, and how their people would suffer.

Go China, just do it, selectively on a few carefully chosen little USAs, especially the naughty ones. the cocky ones, and the stupid ones like Canada and Australia. This is China's best weapon to cane the brats and would be very effective. Shut them out of the Chinese market. The pain is immediate.

China, what are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn u are right as usual

Anonymous said...

The Americans and the small western countries think only they can hit China.

China must start to hit a few of them, one at a time until they beg for mercy.

Then they would not dare to pull the whiskers of the dragon and think they can get away harmless.

Ban Italy from using Huawei forever, ban Italy from the Chinese market, to join Canada and Australia a ostracise countries. See how long they can last before their economies collapsed.

b said...

So many with angmo names around - north and south americans, europeans, russians, aus, nz, pinoys etc. This war can only be won on 变通.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Australia, the most obedient doggie of Uncle Sam is feeling the effect of China flexing its economic muscles. Uncle Sam is rallying its pack of doggies to undermine China's Huawei over the 5G issue. It did the same when AIIB was launched. Uncle Sam failed. France, Germany and Britain which are allies of Uncle Sam have set up a payment system to allow European businesses to bypass sanctions and trade with Iran. 

The move is seen as not only continued opposition to last year's decision by Trump to abandon a 2015 deal under which international sanctions on Iran were lifted, but also Europe's exercise of economic sovereignty in the face of Washington's imposition of its foreign policy on other countries. Nations are learning fast. To obey Uncle Sam to undermine China is akin to digging their own graves. Canada has just done it.

Virgo49 said...

Germany, Grand Dame is piss off with Dotard and May.

They are not following the skunks to shut off HwaWei.

Why must they have those lesser idiotic Technology and fall into the traps of the Americunts who will dictate terms to them.

After all, they still remember the Americunts are their bitter enemies.

Sinkieland cuts off HwaWei and currency will be at par with the Ringitt.

Now falls below RM3.00.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, China quickly announce Italy is banned from the Chinese market and the use of Huawei 5G. All the European countries would quickly jump up from their slumber.

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland also banned by China covertly & discreetly, it's a matter of time this tiny red rock is sinking & is sinking fast. Without the China market Sinkieland also no where to go no where to sell just becos of one spoilt brat in tis rock. Who would wanto do business whose reputation is declining & worse still labelled as dishorrable? Who would wanto do business with u when u don't even honour ur own self parent will? Who will do business with u when u don't even know how to take care of ur people? Lagi worse, who will do business with u when u mess up ur own cuntry ( eg data leak,army people die every yr, HIV data leaks, thrown away mails, hiccups & sneezes every now n then)

Anonymous said...

Shut them out of the Chinese market. The pain is immediate.
China, what are you waiting for?

Not so simple lah.

A lot of Chinese from China emigrated to Australia, Canada and the US u know. They prefer to live in Australia, US and Canada than in China and despite that, a lot still maintain business links with their motherland.

Even Huawei's CFO and daughter of founder has a few houses in Canada to stay there every now and then.

So like that how to shut them out of the Chinese market, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Xi Jinping is just like sombolee in Sin-gap-ore. Only bully his people but dare not face foreigners head-on. This is a sign of a covvard.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

It pays to be friendly with China. In 1999, China and Portugal formally resolved the question of Macao. Since a comprehensive strategic partnership was established in 2005, China and Portugal have frequent high-level exchanges seeking to pursue mutual benefits and win-win results. Portugal is an important partner of China in the European Union.

China is happy with Portugal's active participation in the construction of China's Belt and Road Initiative. Portugal now occupies a central role in China’s European geoeconomic strategy.The US ambassador to Lisbon, George Glass, said that Uncle Sam is concerned about Chinese investment in Portugal. Pure sour grapes.

Anonymous said...

When the Chinese dragon and Republican elephant make love or fight, the Aussie kangaroo and Kanadian beaver will suffer!
No reason to take side - dragon and elephant are just engaging in foreplay! They can NEVER consummate, and they knew it.
BE SMART, just watch the wayang and play with yourself!

Anonymous said...

China does not meddle in the internal affairs of sovereign states. It wants good relations, but this to some silly states is internal interference.

The most serious internal interference is like those cases in Iraq, Syria and Libya and now Venezuela. Many sillies would not want to talk about such invasions of a country of a country and regime change.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News! Broken News!

The baru top top top leader said they are not slack.

I am very very sure that all here agreed with him.

They are indeed not!


Yam Seng!

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Anonymous: February 09, 2019 12:45pm "That's why some countries can even sell away their country to China."

Please elaborate on the particular country that is so corrupted that it sold itself to China. Corrupt and friendly are not synonymous.

Anonymous said...

When Yew sold your national STRATEGIC ASSETS, which belong to the people, the citizens collectively, not to the government or The-Ma-Sick Ho's-Ding, or Gig-I-See, Yew are selling your country to Cheena, Indo-need-sia and Matland.

To cover-up losses, and cunningly turned them into "profits" to look good in the annual balance sheets, Yew sold national strategic assets to foreigners, that is a treacherous action, culpable chargeable criminal offence, which Yew should have no excuse not to know in advance.

What is fiduciary duties?

Where is pre-deal analysis of all aspects including legal, ethical and moral obligations to the country and people?

Anonymous said...

As I said before, the Whites are ganging up against China. This is the inevitable outcome. Whites will always side with whites. History can attest to that.

Those banana white testicle lickers should wake the fuck up. The White Supremacist will never accept Asians into their circle of influence. Asians can only be sidekicks to do the dirty work of the whites. When they have lost their usage, under the bus they go. Aung San Su Kyi is an example. She is already under the attack radar of the West.

Anonymous said...

Aiya the fact that y'all can come here tcss means that most are doing ok, earning well.

Come here once a while masturbate or sodomy ok lah. But don't let it consume ur brain.

Most impt still look out for #1.

For me that means looking after my portfolio, enjoying dividends, monitor war stocks, healthcare stocks, AI stocks, tech ecosystem stocks, fintech stocks, consumer staples stocks, utility stocks.

Talking about 5 eyes, China, US, trump, xi, Huawei, West, East, S'pore, PAP, oppo etc etc is all just fun masturbating. But most impt is to ensure you create minimum passive income of $5k each month & annual increase for inflation.

Too much masturbating you sure end up in IMH. I worked there for 6 yrs as a staff (it's really a fucked up workplace), and the MAIN factor for people interned long term inside is $$$$$ No Enuf. No $$$$, no support, burden, family abandon.

Rich crazy people don't stay long in IMH, at most few days in A class private suite. They or their family got $$$$ to provide safe appropriate home environment for them.

Anonymous said...

Bananas of Singapore elites like GCT and LHL still very happy living it up and sucking it up the Whites. Disgrace to ancestors and Singapore.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

The Aussie economy is huge. 2017 GDP is $1.69 trillion. It is has the highest median adult wealth too --- 8-9 trillion in total, more than the Swiss who used to have the highest median wealth.

Now you can see why I happily EXPLOIT the "best of both worlds" --- Singapore & Aust. It works damn well.

Now the truth: a portion of that "wealth" is contained in over-valued property. Most people believe that the Aussie property bubble will burst and it'll be worse than the US because of "bankster activities" which were recently uncovered in the Royal Commission on Banking and Finance. IMO: where there's lots of money involved, sooner or later certain individuals will concoct "short cuts" to obtain more for themselves. Or as wise old Charlie Munger puts it "Show me an incentive and I'll show you an outcome".

The health of Australian is a PROXY for the Chinese economy. Why?

Because Trade with China accounts for 50% (half) of the entire Aussie economy, and RB has cited examples.

What RB (Trump and all governments playing GEOPOLITICS) has failed to grasp is that wealth creation is a 2 way, mutually beneficial, mutually profitable street.

Example: Say gold has a price of $2000/oz. One ton of gold will be priced at ~$65 million.

Let's say you are stranded on a desert (no food, no water, no tools, no communication --- nothing) island with nothing but 1 ton of gold. In that situation you'd be in dire poverty and eventually you will die.

Wealth comes form production (of goods and services) and exchange in markets. It requires producers, and buyers. If you have one without the other, you are POOR.

Therefore Chinese customers of Aussie goods and services are increasing their own wealth when they exchange their money for Aussie goods and services. If they pull back, they too will DECREASE their WEALTH.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Anonymous said...

There's little USAs, and there's little LKYs

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


There is an enterprise in Australia called "daigou" 代购. I have friends (Singaporeans and Malaysians) who make 10-20k a month doing this. They buy up lots and lots of baby formula and sell to Chinese mainlanders at 50-100% margin; it is extremely profitable and commerce is conducted via WhatsApp and WeChat. The daigou shoppers very clever: remittances are paid to their Singapore bank accounts to avoid the Aussie taxman's grab (45% marginal rate). Business is boom-town Charlie. 20k per month, no tax...that's a lot of flights back home to party, eat zir char at Desmond's Creations in Geylang, and shop at Ion Orchard. 😂

The Chinese parents benefit (increase wealth), daigou shoppers benefit, and Australia Post/ Fed Ex benefits. (Australia Post has setup special services for the daigou trade).

The Aussie economy is going well. There is a housing bubble and crippling debt (highest consumer debt in the world) which will eventually take everything down, including the Aussie dollar to (IMO) USD0.50. (fucked)

I use the daigou trade as an example because I treasure individual enterprise and the ability of "small timers" (like me) to generate respectable cash flows and profits on a consistent basis. You don't need a "private wealth manager" like this "big timers", although it is nice to be in that situation.

Trump's Tariffs are immensely unpopular with Aussies. China's exporting power affects Aussie's trade with China. If they pull back (which they have...thankfully only a bit) we EARN LESS which means eventually people with HUGE MORTGAGES will find it more and more difficult to service their debts...and eventually the whole fucking thing will collapse RAPIDLY and SEVERELY. Since Australia's economy is 50% trade with China, Trump is considered an economic ENEMY. Unfortunately, the Liberal Govt still wants to play "geopolitical games" and maintain US ties...because none of those fuckers produce any marketable goods and services, and live only because the Aussie taxpayer is paying 45% marginal rate, plus 10% GST.

But, as usual, The People Get The Govt They Deserve...so I can't wait for these motherfuckers to be thrown out...not that'll make much difference.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

China has become an expert in applying the carrot and the big stick strategy. As China becomes more prosperous and more powerful, the size of the carrot and the stick will increase proportionally. Woe betides any country that tries to rub China on the wrong side especially countries which think they can punch above their weights.

Morrison and Trudeau got the stick after being arm-twisted by Uncle Sam to throw a punch at China. The moral of the story: It's foolhardy and it doesn't pay to be a pawn of Uncle Sam, the Evil White Supremacist.

Anonymous said...

For the next few years, China needs the West more than the West needs China. Xi knows this, Trump knows this. But everyone is playing mahjong or poker.

PAPies know that in the short run, they need US slightly more than China. But in the long run, PAPies know that the prosperity and the jobs for sinkies are tied to China's good performance 20, 30 years down the road.

Anonymous said...

He Swee Kiat came out to say that the Government has not gone soften and slacked.

His words, instead of reassuring, confirmed that the Government is double-confirmed slackened and lazy.

Where is the PM? Operating by remote control? Why is he not taking the lead to defend the Slacked Government (from a continuous series of incidents of serious inefficiency and irresponsible). Why he pushed this dirty job job to the Finance Minister? Isn't this a sign of slack? Laziness? Irresponsible?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Those banana white testicle lickers should wake the fuck up. The White Supremacist will never accept Asians into their circle of influence. Asians can only be sidekicks to do the dirty work of the whites. When they have lost their usage, under the bus they go. Aung San Su Kyi is an example. She is already under the attack radar of the West.
February 09, 2019 3:07 pm

There are many examples of US stooges that were killed after they were no longer useful to the Empire. Osama, Saddam, Gaddafi, and many more in Africa and Latin America. Now they have tried several assasination attempts on Duterte but failed. Najib too was a good friend, playing golf with Obama, but what happened?

As with regards to Australian properties, it is not going bust just because of Chinese not buying. Many of the new high rise buildings are collapsing or risk collapsing any time. The Oval or something like that, a high end property in Sidney cracked after 4 months of occupation and not no one wants to be near it.

As for the illegal milk powder trade, let it be, small time biz. It is the oil, the iron ore, and many minerals, the poultry produce etc etc that are suffering from no buyers. They all turned into dirt. Many shiploads were simply dumped into the sea just like the American choppers when they escaped from Vietnam.

Anonymous said...

The person driving Piraeus sure get PBM also. Out of so many ships in the area must langar that one. In broad daylight too. Hahahaha!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heng Swee Kiat thinks the people will take his empty words as gospel truth? What a joke. He must be too busy counting money and forgot that he is still luving on Cloud 9. And still snoring on his $10,000 Slumberland mattress......zzzzzzz

In Memory of Ong Teng Cheong said...

Ocean-shipping rate plunged. How will this impact on Singapore as an entrepôt?

Why did Heng Swee Kiat not addressing this?

Heng Swee Kiat should not have usurped Lee Hsien Loong's responsibility.

Defending Singapore Government's slackened and softened administration and lassie-faire approach in recent years, resulting in many bad incidents, should not be the Finance Minister's job. Heng is not even a Deputy PM.

What are the two Deputy PMs doing? Busy counting their annual bonuses and looking for places to invest?

What is the PM doing? Still on CNY holidays mood?

Why the three of them are not even bothered, yet the Finance Minister is courting another stroke for himself?

Heng thinks that he is already the PM? HAHAHAHAH......

Anonymous said...

A former policewoman passed away unexpectedly last week after she was bitten by one of her pet hamsters.

The mother of three daughters, between the ages of 2 and 10, had been trying to separate her two beloved pet hamsters that were fighting when one of the creatures bit her thumb.

The 38-year-old, Mdm Tan, later complained that she had numbness in her hand and her tongue. Mdm Tan was conveyed to a local hospital where she slipped into a coma and died last Friday (25 May).

Mdm Tan’s untimely death is especially devastating since she was very fond of hamsters and frequently posted photos of her two hamsters on her Facebook page.


Anonymous said...

5.34 am anon, what is the relevant of your post in respect of the article? None right? U have chosen a wrong forum lar some more posting at 5.34 am blur blur. U need dor re mi to wake up lar😭

Anonymous said...

U think Ah Heng himself decided to write a newspaper reply? Hahaha!!

The other senior ministers in PMO & Cabinet purposely preparing Ah Heng to have more limelight.

The drafting of the reply is also a group effort by PM & some other ministers and all their private secretaries. They also involved civil servants like perm secs of relevant ministries & CEOs of certain agencies/stat boards.

A LOT of millionaire salaries wayanging behind the scenes to produce this motherhood statement newspaper reply!! Hahaha!!!

Virgo49 said...

Check the old shipping records of Accidents.

These gecko Greeks Piraeus many accidents before.

Sinkieland think twice.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A former policewoman passed away unexpectedly last week after she was bitten by one of her pet hamsters....

Mdm Tan’s untimely death is especially devastating since she was very fond of hamsters and frequently posted photos of her two hamsters on her Facebook page.



Anonymous said...

The most well paid tuitors in Singapore is tutoring politicians.

Virgo49 said...

Kena bite by Hamsters can die meh?

I previously kept Motoro Sting Rays as big as one foot in Diameter and I cleaned my tanks with hands in, they just kissed them.

This is BAD KARMA for punishements of what's they been committing their past sins.

Policemen and women as legalised Gangsters loved to sodomise and brutal punching bags innocent citizens.These the prices they pay for their BAD KARMAs.

You reaped what you sowed.