The death and rebirth of UMNO

UMNO suffered a shocking and humiliating defeat in the 2018 GE for its decades of extremist policies against the minority races, basking on the agenda of Malay superiority and self indulgence in the wealth of the country with corruption of every kind to benefit the UMNO leaders. It is a credit to UMNO to have ruled Malaysia in such an abusive way for so long without being challenged until 2018. Even on the eve of the GE, they continued to believe in their racist cards to rule Malaysia with the support of the Malays. This turned very ugly when the results were out. UMNO was badly defeated.

The death bell of UMNO is vibrating throughout Malaysia. UMNO leaders too seen this as the end and many switched camp or turned away from UMNO. It was the end. The bankrupt political ideas of UMNO's racist policies could not go on forever. There is no way for UMNO but to become history.

Who would expect UMNO to return to power again? At best it would remain a strong but irrelevant and antiquated opposition party with no new ideas to make Malaysia a better and richer nation. But the latest development in Malaysia is giving hope for a new UMNO in different guise, but still every inch UMNO.

The key player of UMNO, for having been in power for so long is none other than Mahathir. Mahathir returned to power by winning only 13 seats in his newly formed Bersatu Party. It is unbelieveable and near possible to ride on such a small party to power, to become PM once again. He did. How is this related to the death and revival of UMNO?

The lost sheep of UMNO has no where else to go but flocked to the old shepherd that once led them, in Mahathir. 7 UMNO members have just joined the fold of Bersatu in Pakatan Harapan. This is the opening of the flood gate. Other UMNO members may quickly join the flow and there are about 70 of them still kicking and walking and waiting to come in. If 40 or more of the UMNO furniture decided to join Mahathir, his Bersatu would have more than 60 MPs against PKR's 47 and DAP's 42. All it needs is for a few of PKR's to switch camp and a new majority UMNO would be reborn in the name of Bersatu, the same personalities, the same policies, the same thinking, the same agenda as the dysfunctional UMNO.

When this happens, UMNO will rise again to be the ruling party of Malaysia, and history will restart a new cycle from square one. Nothing will change except in name. Mahathir still in charge, his old thinking and mindset and policies, and the whole jin gang from UMNO tagging along.

UMNO died and revives.

Long live UMNO aka Bersatu. Long live Bumiputras. Long live Ketuanan Melayu.


Anonymous said...

This is a very good lesson for Anwar's PKR, as well as for PAP of Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Also for SDP, the party that cannot make any headway (getting a seat in Parliament) since Chee Soon Juan took over the helmet (need to wear helmet because don't when or where bullets of snipers and assassins - character assassinators - will fly and hit Dr Chee in the head) should learn from Mahathir.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

Once Najib spills the beans, UMNO will be history. Dr M will not live long enough to transform Bersatu into a political force. Those UMNO lawmakers who switched sides to join Bersatu are opportunists. Their loyalty is dubious. Voters may not trust them. PAS is likely to gain with the demise of UMNO. Bumiputraism and Ketuanan Melayuism will be exploited by PAS to win over the Malay voters. PH won because Dr M split the Malay votes. There is no one at the moment who can replace Dr M and split the Malay votes.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Revenge Of The Inbreds:

Malaysia is one crisis away from the re-birth and re-branding of Ummm...No!

As usual, the "nationalist battle cry" emanating from The People's Pain & Anxiety during EVERY crisis is always long the lines of “We have to take our cuntry back!!”...a meaningless, trite and vacuous slogan mouthed by the gullible masses following some “hardline nationalist” political Big Mouth cunningly seizing the vast political opportunities presented by “default” during times of national crises.

The world’s financial and economic systems are teetering on the brink. Most pundits have already accepted that the shit could tip over at any time...and Malaysia and Malaysians are not immune to the effects and massive damage which will occur. No one can say when, but almost all agree that it will.

Of course when the collapse eventually happens, savvy Malay politicians will blame…”the usual suspects”, i.e. The Cheena. Typical play out of the Umm...No! playbook.

...and we’re back to sqaure one.

Virgo49 said...

Anon 8.50

You are not correct to say a lesson for the PAP.

Matland Malay Political Scoundrels just for the sake of holding power and their own benefits will played the Racial Card of the Ketunan Melayu. Putting fears the other races as Boeymen on the mentalities of the majority Malays See PKR tried to change the ground of less discrimination on other races and they lost the By-elections.

They are been brainwashed long ago and they do not care whether their scoundrels leaders embezzled how much long as the Malays are still in charge and be the majority.

Here,in Sinkieland, it is the REVERSE. Daft majority sinkies are been margainised and sidelined and still remained as DAFT.

Our Majority Leaders looked after Others better than the Chinkee Sinkies and many still blind, dumb and deaf to these happenings.

One Daft Minister Chee Hong had to take a leaf from an Editorial Chinese Paper and now agreed that we must curb foreign quota of trash as this would have social implications.

After so many years of their stupid open legged influx of foreign trashes who made Singaporeans unemployed, this CB wayang that they must now curb foreign unflux of workers.

Shits Times headlined MPs got hearts for the workers.

Who are the Majority in Sinkieland that lost the most jobs? Chinese Sinkies for sure.

So, these don't believe their nonsense.It's only lip service as GE is near.

Sinkieland got so many jobs that employers are worried that the curb might affect their business?

If so, why then so many Singaporeans are in the jobless statistics ?

Chinese sinkies as in their nature are just too daft and fear each other more that they deserved this fate.

Anonymous said...

Matilah finally destroyed UMNO, who kicked him out of the party in 1968. In 1970, he wrote "The Malay Dilemna" describing how the Malays are an inferior race due to regressive genes from marrying first cousins. He regarded himself the "champion" of the Malays bcos he considered Malays are inferior and weak when compared to the Chinese and Indians, as argued in his book. Matilah himself is not Malay but an Indian whose grandmother and mother were Malays. That the Malays needed him to be their leader confirms in Matilah the the Malays are not bright enough to lead themselves. That's why he continued to attack Malay leaders like Badawi and Najib after stepping down as Prime Minister in 2003. His own Party, the Malaysian United Indigenous Party, joined the Pakatan Harapan (PH) Coalition whose victory in the 2018 General Elections returned him to power as Prime Minister again. Only 30% Malays voted for PH. The Malays are now fractured and scattered politically with many former UMNO politicians leaving to join other political parties. UMNO will never regain its former political stature since Matilah had already corrupted and used UMNO for his own personal benefits and gains as well as his cronies.

Titiana Ann Xavier said...

UMNO stands for United Malays National Organization. From the name, no one will doubt that the party fights mainly for the rights of the Malays. If Najib is convicted of corruption, UMNO's true colours will be revealed. It is a party comprising corrupted Malay elites and not the common Malay folks. The average Malay will not want to support UMNO ever again. UMNO is now a lame partner in Barisan Nasional. MIC and MCA are being rejected by voters for their links to UMNO. Barisan Nasional will kaput once UMNO disintegrates.

Anonymous said...

Read these on Mahathir's corruption -

- by Soros


The GOOD&BAD old days are back in New Malaysia for Mahathir and his goonies and cronies ...!

Are you ready for S$1.00 exchanged for RM$4.50? Soon ... very belly soon!

Anonymous said...

The Third Indo-Pakistan War has just started

India has launched air strikes against militants in Pakistan.

It’s the first time warplanes have crossed the de-facto border dividing the disputed territory of Kashmir - claimed by both India and Pakistan - in more than 40 years.

India’s foreign secretary called the strikes a "non-military pre-emptive action," saying the strikes targeted a training camp for the Jaish-e-Mohammad group in Balakot, north-east Pakistan.

Pakistan has said it will respond to the strikes, and dismissed India’s claims that the strikes killed “a very large number” of fighters.

In February, the Jaish-e-Mohammad group claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in Indian-administered Kashmir which killed 40 Indian paramilitary police.

Pakistan has asked India to give peace a chance but India replied with military air strikes deep into Pakistan's territory. This is a good lesson for Sinkies who have to work side by side with the 2 million Indians from India. Learn and register it inside your heart and mind.

Virgo49 said...

Right Anon 10.05

In 1971, India -Paki War. Even dragged all the way to Sinkieland.

Last time Clifford Pier is use for embarking and disembarking ships crews. Our boarding officer supposed to board a vessel at the Roads saw two groups of Indian Nationals and Pakis sailors fought there when they saw each other.

So, Sinkieland with her myriads different nationalities in loggerheads with each other will provide action entertainment for Sinkies.

Good show and Good Work PAP for bringing LIVE entertainment to Singapore.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

India is showing its true colour. It is willing to use its military power with no restraint especially against its neighbours. Bhutan and Nepal have been under the Indian's vice for decades, strangled and not allowed to develop into rich and prosperous and free nation. The islands to its south, Sri Lankan, Maldives, Mauritius are all under threats from India.

India has attacked Pakistan many times, even attacking China like the 1962 Sino Indian border war and the latest Doklam Incident.

You can imagine what a monster India would be if it becomes a super power. It is a power crazy reckless military power.

Anonymous said...

Good for the little sideshow of ahneh air strikes to maintain the buzz in war stocks!!

Unfortunately ahnehs buy their war toys mainly from Russia & Europe --- I don't have much war stocks from there, only 1 or 2 European companies.

But any sharp drops in Ahneh stocks will be good for me to go buy some more.

Drops or crashes due to war or geopolitics is often very GOOD time to buy stocks! :)


Anonymous said...

Malaysia will be the sick man of ASEAN in time to come. Vietnam has already taken off. Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos will no doubt follow soon. Indonesia, Thailand (may be stifled under the military government at present, but will unshackle itself eventually) and the Philippines are already experiencing rapid economic uplift over the years.

Mahathir is now showing his old fox tail, going back to his old dirty tricks. He needs the numbers to shore up his base and that can only come from ship jumpers from UMNO, his 'brothers in arms' of the 'Ketuan Melayu' movement he engineered while he was the PM in his first stint.

What is his real motive? To help his son rise up the ranks of course, and he needs all the support, not from his alliance with Anwar and Company. He is too old to last by grabbing eternal power for himself, so his old supporters from UMNO will help him to this end of elevating his son.

In UMNO, his son can never rise above the likes of Najib, Hamidi, Hishamuddin etc who were in control. So, this is his second chance using Harapan and he is slowly twisting and steering the coalition under his complete control, by accepting his corrupt co-conspirators of old into Bersatu, and these party hoppers will be more than willing to help raise the spectre of UMNO 2.

One thing is for sure. These ex UMNO members are not there to help realise a 'New Malaysia' that many voters were hoping for. They are there to dip their dirty hands into the till of another corrupt regime rising from the ashes.

Anonymous said...

Dr M boleh!

Speedwing said...

Same shit by a different name.

Anonymous said...

俗语说: "人不为己, 天诛地灭。"

一个不会, 不能, 不想, 不要, 不懂得捍卫自身利益的民族或国家, 只有一个结局?

Anonymous said...


From Bersatu in UMNO to bersatu in Harapan. The old robbing hood gang members are getting together in Harapan.

Mahathir boleh! Ali Papa boleh!

Anonymous said...

Shiok! Fireworks over Kashmir airspace. 2 ahneh fighters shot down by pakis. Hope to get more ahneh stocks at good price. So far only drop a tiny bit.


Anonymous said...


Soldiers in Belarus have unearthed the bones of hundreds of people shot during World War Two from a mass grave discovered at the site of a ghetto where Jews lived under the Nazis.

The grave was uncovered by chance last month on a construction site in a residential area in the centre of Brest near the Polish border.

Soldiers wearing white masks on Tuesday sifted through the site with spades, trowels and their gloved hands to collect the bones. They also found items such as leather shoes that had not rotted.

Dmitry Kaminsky, a soldier leading the unit, said they had exhumed 730 bodies so far, but could not be sure how many more would be found.

"It's possible they go further under the road. We have to cut open the tarmac road. Then we'll know," he said.

Some of the skulls bore bullet holes, he said, suggesting the victims had been executed by a shot to the back of the head.

Belarus, a former Soviet republic, was occupied by Nazi Germany during World War Two and tens of thousands of its Jews were killed by the Nazis.

The site of the mass grave served from December 1941 to October 1942 as part of a ghetto, areas created by the Nazis to segregate Jews and sometimes other minorities from other city dwellers. Brest was part of Poland before the war.

The remains were discovered when builders began to lay the foundations for an apartment block.

Local authorities want to bury the bodies in a ceremony at a cemetery in the north of the city.

"We want to be sure that there are no more mass graves here," said Alla Kondak, a local culture official.

Is there any more mass grave undiscovered in Singapore, that some insensitive and unthinking Fat-Pay Ministers and representing PAP (not representing the voters) MPs are actively encouraging to glorify the atrocities of the brutal, inhuman Japanese by changing Museum name to Japanese and by organising and holding Japanese Cultural events, displays, shows?

Some pro-Japan elements, like NTUC and Miniso, even set up shops to sell solely and only Japanese goods, which may include goods from those in the nuclear radiation affected areas like Fukushima, Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Make money more important? Other things such as racial harmony, sensitiveness, culture, etc not important any more? Social fabric if Singapore society gone to the dogs and birches? "What's wrong with collecting more money?"!!!

Anonymous said...

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Monday, 25 Feb 2019, the Shanghai-listed China 50 exchange-traded fund soared to an all-time high, as the stock market posted its biggest single-day gain since August 2015.

Among the contracts was a call option expiring on Wednesday with a strike price of 2.8 yuan. The option soared 19,400% due to a 7.6% jump in the ETF.

By the end of Tuesday, a 3.1 percent slump in the ETF had wiped out the option’s gain. It sank to zero as the ETF closed at 2.736 yuan.

There’s nothing new about options experiencing huge swings in China, when their underlying assets turn volatile close to expiry. But recent moves in China's stock markets deserve attention.

Volatility in China’s benchmark equity index over the past 10 days has soared to the highest level among major markets globally, with price swings about five times bigger than those of the S&P 500 Index.

Those trading in China’s options had better get your heart-attack medication standby and keep your testicles far apart.

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Anonymous said...

2nd day of the 3rd Indo-Pakistan War

Two Indian military aircraft shot down and two India pilots captured/arrested when the planes intruded into Pakistan's airspace.

One Pakistani fighter-recce plane flew into the Indian-held territory of Kashmir and were intercepted by a few Indian fighter aircraft. But before it flew back to Pakistan's territory, it dropped bombs (propaganda bombs) into the Indian territory.

The Indian fighters gave chase and entered Pakistan's airspace. That is when they were shot down by surface-to-air missiles. Three Indian pilots parachuted. Two have been captured by Pakistan and one is still at large (perhaps dead).

Tension escalates further between the two countries. This Indo-Pakistan Conflict has to attribute to the British's decision to separate India into East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan, Kashmir and India. Divide and rule, or divide and create troubles for the natives, so that the evil Ang Moh can continue to dominate, exploit and rule the whole world.

Even until today, Singapore leaders are still holding dearly to the British heritage. The 200 Anniversary Celebration is a case in point. Ironically, it is going to be a celebration of slavery instead of a celebration of independence. Today, Singapore is still very much under the direct command and control of the Ang Moh (both UK and USA).

Study in Ang Moh universities, and think, write and speak like Ang Moh. Carry Ang Moh's balls and kowtow to Ang Mohs. Yet keep talking about punching above their weight? Got shame a not?

Anonymous said...

The minority race in Malaysian needs only to thank nature cause the dude is 93 and he can't live forever. Only thing is how much damage he can do before he meets the maker?😀