A financial centre with NO stock market - Uniquely Singapore

Uniquely Singapore is not a mere slogan. There many things that are very abnormal in Singapore and would together bring the prosperity and good life of Singaporeans to an abrupt ending.

Uniquely Singapore can count on having the most expensive universities in Asia, claimed to be in the company of the top 20 universities in the world but could not produce top talents and leaders and have to import many fake talents from third world and unrecognised universities.

Uniquely Singapore can also count on being the financial centre of Asia but have no local talents to helm the top jobs in the banking and finance industry.

Uniquely Singapore also confounded many with the lack of IT talents in a modern city and went everywhere to promote smart cities using ITs but depending on third world talents to do the job.

Uniquely Singapore is a major sea port that provides and supports trade but has no national shipping line.

Uniquely Singapore is about a govt that professed to be looking after the interests of Singaporeans but would soon find that Singaporeans are a minority and becoming a threaten specie in its own country.

Let me return to this Uniquely Singapore financial centre issue. Could Singapore become a financial centre without a stock market? Bloomberg has written a recent article on the rapid demise of the stock market when there were more good companies delisting than listing in the stock market. The pathetic state of the stock market is there for all to see. And from informed sources, it is likely to end up like NOL, if big broking houses start to wind up their stock broking business here.

The failure of the NOL led to it being sold but turned around immediately by its new owners. What does this say about the NOL story? Was it a rotten apple that had to be thrown away or was it gold but the stupid could not its intrinsic value?

The stock market is dying, the broking houses are not making money. So, is the govt thinking of closing down the stock market and the stock broking business? Do they understand what is wrong with the stock market, why is it not performing and how could it be saved and revived? Or they have conveniently ruled that the stock market is like another NOL, beyond hope, so the logical thing is to close it down, just like the NOL, or like Singapore has no talent, so simply import foreign fake talents?

Can a financial centre survive without a stock market? It is not just the stock market and the broking houses that would be done, but the supporting industries including the banking and finance industry that pays for and supports the real estates, also the industries and corporations that need the finances of the stock market. How serious are the implications with the collapse of the stock market if the govt allows it to wind down?

The  closing down of the stock market is unlike the selling of NOL. It is not that the selling of the NOL would not affect Singapore as a major sea port, it will and the full impact would be felt over time. If the govt allows the stock market to collapse by not doing anything about it, if broking houses take their own initiative to close down, the impact could be immediate and many times more severe than selling NOL.

Singapore cannot afford not to have a stock market to have a thriving financial centre. Anyone thinking of closing down the broking houses, any attempt to close down broking houses, must be looked into it immediately. Any act of such nature is like removing the foundation of the house it is built on. Any act that compromises or threatens the viability of the stock market is undermining the whole economy.

When time was good, when the stock market was booming, they forced broking houses to partner with banks or else.  Now that market is no good, the banks want to unwind their broking businesses to the extent of retrenchment and even closing the business. How can like that? Which irresponsible bank is going to be the first to shut down its broking house and lead to another wave of retrenchment and unemployment?

Uniquely Singapore, a financial centre without a stock market would bring an end to the successful Singapore Story in double quick time.

What would happen if a Singapore bank closes down its stock broking business?

What would happen if a govt bank closes down its stock broking business?


Anonymous said...

Rb, I think you will be the first one to be affected and becoming unemployed but at least you have this website to sustain you. I have nothing after being retrenched and survive by eating rice with soya sauce only 😰😰😰 my only entertainment is to read your blog as cinema is too expensive.

Anonymous said...

In the frenzy of the 1990s bull run, everyone wanted a piece of the action and the laws were tweaked to favour the banks acquisition of a broking arm. Now that things have slowed down, some irresponsible banks want to quit and leave their broking business and employees in the lurch. Many of their of staff would be retrenched.

If one bank does it, and others follow, there will be massive retrenchment in the finance industry and the whole finance business, Singapore as a financial centre, will be gravely affected.

Fair weather banks thinking only of short term interest and ignoring the bigger picture and interest of the country as a financial centre.

virgo49 said...

Investors with Full Confidence in the NOBLE and HIFLUX Group lost their pants in the latest fisascos will lose further Confidence in the Sure Gone Exchange.

What's MAS Controlling Authority and Auditors with their year to year reportings don't ring any alarm bells?

Management can still drawed their High Remunerations and Bonuses even the Organisations are already in the RED.

Just learn from the PAP and their silly serpents. Even with screw-ups and blunders, still have their quartly, half yearly and full year bonuses.

Own private companies, have to tighten belts and even forego own salaries to have the Company afloat.

One time, even have to pawn valuables to pay employees and CPF's contributions to go thru some hard times.

These Socalled Professionals blood sucking parasites holding these positions are just salarymen and women on their own interests. Not a stake holder.Things goes wrong, just patted their backsides and off they go.

That's why Lim Tean exhorted that real stakeholders and real businessmen must run the business and government. Know how the running of your own enterprise and how to earn that revenue to self management the company.

Not someone else Ah Kong's monies to splurge. Likewise the Daft Ministers and their dumb MPs with no ending slaughter of others monies and private enterprises hard earned revenue.

Get So called Foreign Talents that are just here for a stint to siphon your wealth and off they go faking their false abilites and qualifications.

See the Scoot fiasco with one AngMoh CEO.He will just scooted off when things real goes kaput.

So, silly Papies always thinks that all Foreign is GOD is digging their graves.

Smart Nation even simple IT Apps also screwed up in CHAS. Power Outage in SP Power. Caused fires.

All will just followed our Great Leaders and said We are Sorry. Let's get back to our HAPPY HOURS.

Investors now kena seen the darkness will be frighten of the DEVILs.

Those braggart what's savy savy monies making war stocks and what's wise investors.Your turns to drop your pants and expose your arses akan datang.

Enjoy your pittance dividends and lost all.your life savings.

What's Stuipidty.?

Anonymous said...

Like the Chinese ancient adage said that when a tree has fallen all the monkeys will run away. Same as in Sinkieland, the stock market is not the first nor the last to be axed, many still akang datang. What to do now? Asked the 69.9% dafts Sinkies they said everything all ok wat, the elites all also doing great, see median income in Sinkies is 9k dollar a month in a household see so wealthy & last yr majority all pay increase see no problem mah. Army die a few people ? Or power failures here n there leh? Aiyah, no problem lah see low probability & very minute mah. Where got problem? Somebolee already announced that Jobs is for foreigners & Ns is for locals ( no outsource of Ns, but they themselves outsource to Nepalese or Taiwanes3, see the irony?) Unqiqlo Sinkielang la.

Anonymous said...

Closing broking houses is a sure way to crash the stock market and end its existence.

Virgo49 said...

Now NOBLE not so Noble and HIFLUX kena flushed into drains.

One time wah, BLUE EYED Girl and Pride of the PAPies.All Sorts of Awards and Businessman or Woman of the YEAR.

Now, now even a whimper from them. Lau Goh said France with her immigrants carefree citizenships had talents winning the World Cup.

What's for won the WC, but now these immigrants gave you HELL with their riots and chaos?

Sinking land be following their saga soon with her open legged policy.

PAPies Ministers and MPs with many like their Malaysian made good in Sinkies Land stuipidty policies are practically self interests to plough as much as they could before that mountain of wealth is diminished.

What's washer women sons and daughters that had made good in metrocratic rise. When they are there, they would expend all their might to accumulate as much as they could as they have been deprived before.

So, their Greed took control of what's nonsensicial paths or principles that they think they believed. More they have, more they want to fleece you.

Sinking Land going to the skunks daily and the sinkies are still sleeping.

Cosy in boiling water and soon to be cooked alive.

Anonymous said...

That's y no more sweet(sugar) lives for us coming.bad for our health.

Anonymous said...

Does it matter if the Singapore stock market shrinks?
And in Singapore, wealth definitely matters: It’s one of the cornerstones of the economy. As far as Aberdeen’s Thom is concerned, the stock market has little bearing on the “tremendous growth” in Singapore’s wealth management sector or the vibrancy of the financial industry generally. What’s more important, he says, is the perception that the country is a safe place to park money, with access to good advice and good money managers. And a thriving stock market? “A nice-to-have rather than a need-to-have.”

Anonymous said...

Does it matter if the Singapore stock market shrinks?
10:21 am

No wonder PAP still can win, and win big, in elections.

So doesn't matter lah, even if PAP very screw up and causing daft, money no enough Sinkies to suffer, and suffer greatly. Let it be lah.

Anonymous said...

Financial centre with no stock market?

So what?

Smart Sinkies will still be very rich and become richer if they know how to make money in a financial centre with no stock market.

And for those who are rich and have free time, can still come and kpkb here, for shiok lah. Kong song lanpar song mah.

Of course the rich and smart ones will not join the Sinkie opposition lah, or else they will lose like Chee Soon Juan and Tan Jee Say election after election. For what?

Anonymous said...

Uniquely Singapore, a financial centre without a stock market would bring an end to the successful Singapore Story in double quick time.

Hahahaha. That's what RB thinks.

If only Hsien Loong thinks the same way, then I will be worried. RB, I am not worried lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

>> Can a financial centre survive without a stock market? <<

Probably not with no stock exchange, but definitely can with a very small exchange. But it won't benefit everyone (broadly speaking) the way a large PUBLIC platform does.

How might Singapore not only survive but THRIVE as a financial centre with a tiny bourse? Where might the business come from? Simple answer Private Equity & Banking. This will be exclusionary --- anyone with less than 1 or 2 million (whatever the number is) cannot play. However, the private equity space has seen steady growth....not everyone trusts public companies, and you'll find many reasons why. Some people like the "old fashioned way" of making money: starting a business or directly investing in one.

The Koch Brothers own Koch Industries. This is a PRIVATELY OWNED (using trusts etc.) and very rich multinational. Our very own Temasek is privately held. So make no mistake, private wealth can grow very large and rich enterprises...but the "average joe" will never be able to benefit from such entities profitability. Most hedge funds are private too...although they do buy publicly traded assets and instruments

Many of Singapore's land barons and baronesses made their pile of lucre from investing their own money in local properties. These are other examples of how private equity can grow to enormous levels. Again, it is exclusionary --- only stakeholders in such ventures make money and no one else.

No way the govt will allow the financial sector to die lah. Even if the bourse shrinks to only a few hundred listings (like Panama, another tax haven which only has about 200 companies in its tiny stock market), Singapore will still be doing BIG BUSINESS in financial services...for the RICH!

Anonymous said...

That's why smart rich Sinkies delist their stock from SGX or list them elsewhere to have more money lah. They do something about it, and not kpkb.

And they still remain here is because they can still make lots of money in other areas and so they support PAP, despite PAP being screw up.

Anonymous said...

So doesn't matter lah, even if PAP very screw up and causing daft, money no enough Sinkies to suffer, and suffer greatly. Let it be lah.
10:27 am


A lot of daft Sinkies lost a lot of money in 2008 due to the Lehman Brothers and minibond case. But PAP still win big in GE 2011 and GE 2015.

And very recently, a lot of Sinkies lost big money when they invest in Hyflux which went bankrupt.

But I think PAP will still win big lah, and Tan Cheng Bock will end up like what happened to Tan Jee Say in the last election.

No more PAP brand, cannot or hard to win lah.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The Continuing Rise Of Private Equity

Yup, it's a trend. The trend is your friend... 😂

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

Wah piang, steady lah Singapore. More wealth for already rich people.

Make more money lah!

OK lah, maybe can delist SGX! SGX itself can re-invent itself as a private equity firm...better still, delist everything, take ALL OF THEM them PRIVATE 😂🤣

Anonymous said...

10.37am, u very kualan. Let people vent their frustration lar. I feel like skiing to suck my rambutan if you post some additional discouraging remarks.

Anonymous said...

Uniquely Singapore can count on having the most expensive universities in Asia, claimed to be in the company of the top 20 universities in the world but could not produce top talents and leaders and have to import many fake talents from third world and unrecognised universities.

They did produce top talents and leaders but still not enough of them lah.

So PAP have no choice but to import many fake talents from third world and unrecognised universities to supplement the top talents to make the numbers enough lah.

Just like votes for PAP, it's all about numbers lah.

You can be fake or screw up but if people still select you, then you win liao lor.

Anonymous said...

Uniquely Singapore is a major sea port that provides and supports trade but has no national shipping line.

So what?

Singapore can still survive and a lot of Sinkies even prosper what.

And just only a few years ago, 70% were even happy enough to vote for PAP. 70%, u know.

And what's the use of having a national shipping line if the people in those countries are not as happy and rich as most Sinkies?

PAP under Hsien Loong is very smart to make sure that only things that really matter happened.

Anonymous said...

PAP under Hsien Loong is very smart to make sure that only things that really matter happened.
11:55 am

That is one reason why it is not by chance that the Sinkie opposition is weak and not ready to be govt.

And for PAP, this is what really matters, so PAP make it happen and continue to happen. Not overnight, but over a long period of time lah.

So for Tan Cheng Bock, I am very pessimistic about his chances by becoming a non PAP brand. He cannot change in a short time something which had already happened for decades already.

Anonymous said...

Which irresponsible bank is going to be the first to shut down its broking house and lead to another wave of retrenchment and unemployment?

Aiyo RB, bank broking houses do not only do SGX trades lah.

They trade worldwide, u know. In other words, they go international.

Just like SIA go international. To fly within only Singapore is a joke, correct or not?

In fact super rich Sinkies also go international. You think Poh Piah King can become so rich just by selling his poh piah skin only in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

Two-Thirds Of All US Bankruptcies Are Primarily Caused By Medical Bills, New Study Finds


Do you think this fate is coming soon for all Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

What would happen if a Singapore bank close down its stock broking business?

80% of Singaporeans will vote for the same old political party ... because we are too scared to change.

What would happen if a govt bank close down its stock broking business?

100% of Singaporeans will vote for the same old political party ... because we are too scared to change.

The bigger the problems ... the more scared of change Singaporeans become.

Anonymous said...

Not for all Singaporeans. The rich PAP supporters would have all the money to pay for all their medical bills. There are so many here that are very rich.

Only the kpkb Singaporeans need to suffer the fate of unable to pay medical bills.

Anonymous said...

The rich PAP supporters would have all the money to pay for all their medical bills. There are so many here that are very rich.
2:20 pm

This one PAP knows lah

Because PAP collect income and property tax from Sinkies so they know exactly how many Sinkies are rich and therefore most likely will vote for PAP.

And maybe Tan Cheng Bock not being in the govt don't know, and hence thought he still got chance to win, and with non PAP brand some more.

I tell Tan Cheng Bock better learn from Tan Jee Say to avoid defeat in coming election, especially if his party is not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...


You should have moved to HK or Shanghai long time ago already. You cannot use the excuse that what is happening to SGX & SG financial markets is sudden or overnight --- it has been happening for many years already.

What has happened in SGX is the collective fault of govt, banks, brokers, fund managers, institutional & retail investors. E.g. Lowering of listing standards, hawking & flogging lousy companies to investors, not focusing on integrity & governance of companies and their management, allowing pro-biz laws to favour companies & mgmt over individuals & minority shareholders, collective greed in buy/sell/"play" counters for quick profits, promoting a casino mentality rather than real investment, creating CFDs & DLCs.

Even GLCs & TLCs have taken advantage of pro-biz laws & "no-need-to-take-responsibility" culture to be complacent over many decades, to run their businesses into the ground, to screw their minority & retail shareholders.

So basically you deserve it. Just like you deserve PAP.

Hope banks & brokerages & SGX downsize and retrench. In order to improve, need creative destruction first.

PS: Basically the only things that are doing well are war stocks e.g. ST Eng, and banks (coz Sinkies are suckers for property loans).

Anonymous said...

redbean gives a whole list of worries;

- Singapore universities unable to produce Singaporean talents
- Singapore's financial centre with no Singaporean talent as CEO
- Singapore's IT technology with no Singaporean talent
- Singapore's global port & shipping with no national shipping line

So what?
This is NOT proof that Singapore is in decline.

“And even from my sickbed, even if you are going to lower me into the grave and I feel that something is going wrong, I will get up.”
- Lee Kuan Yew

Since Lee Kuan Yew has not yet returned from the dead.
This means Singaporeans and Singapore is doing very well.

Therefore, I will continue to vote PAP.

Anonymous said...

Where got such thing as responsible banks?

Please never forget the saying that when the sun shines, banks will lend you an umbrella. But when it rains the banks will take back their umbrella.

Bankers are the most vile and wicked people since time immemorial. Bankers took your deposits and lend it out at multiple times, known as fractional banking, earning massive interest from borrowers while paying a pittance for your deposits. Karma will befall them for short changing those elderly whose money they made used of, but given them bare bone interest rates. There is even talk of banks charging interest for your deposits, as in Japan. We may come to that if current interest rates on savings are any indication.

As for the stock market, with all the sick rules and regulations, the outcome is no surprise. This is also going to happen with the Casinos and those entities they cannot control but legislate with sick rules, unlike the CPF board and entities they control. Companies will just move out if they cannot be given leeway to do business. They always brag about ease of doing business in Red Dot, so why are companies delisting from SGX?

Anonymous said...

5.57pm u rally daft lar and need to be sodomized to wake up as this is your only chance not to live like a zombie😂

Anonymous said...

The Government knows Sinkies are rich. Just look at the crowds at Condo launches!

Sinkies are among the worlds biggest property owners. More and more are private home owners now. Never mind how much they owed the banks in loans. Just slog the next 30 to 40 years to repay.

When the crash comes, never mind bankruptcy is the in thing nowadays. Trump was a six time bankrupt and he is the President of the USA. But I wonder how many will visit the Sands Casino, not to gamble but to dive.

Anonymous said...

Hi friends

Don't be angry!

SG is like that liao.

Worry less! Be happy!


Anonymous said...

@ 557pm

"Since Lee Kuan Yew has not yet returned from the dead.
This means Singaporeans and Singapore is doing very well.

Therefore, I will continue to vote PAP."

That was why Lee Kuan Yew labelled people like you as DAFT!

A clear example of "Stupidity has No Cure"!

You need to be sodomized by Afrikan Tua Kee then you can wake up your fucking ideas!

Anonymous said...

LKY when he was minister mentor, already hinted publicly not once but several times about the future fate of his "baby" ...?

The words and terms he used then "sounded very perplexing" ... but after that, with hindsight, it is crystal clear?

He seemed to know then what is the likely fate but din explicitly say it ...?

UG said...


Woo hoo. I wake up loh. The Ang Moh gave Li Ning education, Ah Tiong millions scoot away. So Huawei invent 5G, the Ang Moh Kao Peh what? Next time all the Li Ning use Ang Moh weapons in Singapore, Ang Moh activate Singapore alliance for war against China, the Ang Moh dare to use our soldiers? Than in the mean time, locals already wake up. I li hai is my problem, got war I run away like my ancestor seat lousy boat come Singapore. Different from new batch, new batch seat Boeing. So next time if Ang Moh dare, find more Li Ning who just fresh come from China, go back spy China. So Huawei 5G will be yours. Looks like Banana in Singapore never teach Ang Moh.

And locals are awake. No free education. Everything expensive. Locals know no one will care them. So dear Ang Moh, what soldiers are you going to use in Singapore? Lam pa soldiers that throw 6 smoke bomb and create instability?

Or Singapore problem is cause by African Tua Kee until the White Skin Tua Kee is also afraid?


So Lee Kuan Yew create PAP still scold us DAFT for voting PAP? And WP is PAP B team? So he so kind send Chee Soon Juan go jail to tell us to vote for Chee Soon Juan but no one vote for Chee Soon Juan? Yah lah. We are daft. Next election, so many political party, please only vote SDP. If not will LKY scold you DAFT?

Next election maybe I stay at home loh. Lee Li Lian empty boxes. Lee Kuan Yew say daft is it dont go election ah? Lee one so honest, still dont listen. You see the Lee family feud, so honest dont hide behind, show hand leh. Still not honest? No wonder you all are DAFT. Old leaders Chio Si Lang. People open so many opposition party is to hint you all dont go vote is it?

UG said...

Dear Ang Moh. Vote for the one that go jail or dont vote right? My Cambridge O Level sounds logical a not? Or am I daft like you whereby Banana give free education to Li Ning in a Ang Moh alliance state, my modem is Huawei and I go so many reservist, log in to army portal also use Huawei modem, and Ah Tiong scoot million away.


No wonder Huawei got 5G lah. Cos you are DAFT like me. So now I know I li hai is my problem. Who care what Ang Moh or Ah Tiong? KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. Fight war I run. Rich one in Vietnam run, only stupid and poor one fight Ang Moh? Than war finish, rich one than come back be rich again? KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. So many DAFT. Smartest is SDP, Chee Soon Juan, Ah Tiong and China kena whack left right up down still got Huawei 5G. Clap clap clap.

LHL is daft cos need to feed minister millions still so many cock up. Chee Soon Juan become smartest. KAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA. And other Opposition party got ex PAP one, got go to LKY grave, Puah Puay and ask for permission to open Opposition party against LHL a not? Boh Tua Boh Suay.


UG said...

Is Chee Soon Juan LKY B Team?


Suddenly so many different opposition party and so many different people talk is to social engineering us to vote PAP or totally dont go vote at all?

ABC said...

70% Daft Sinkies sodomized by PAP day and night for 50 years, still don't know. Still don't feel enough pain. Some more, some Daft Sinkies called themselves IBs are enjoying PAP sodomy whole-heartly.

Yes, RB, agree with u. Uniquely Singapore!

Anonymous said...

LONDON (Reuters) -

Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua has cancelled trade talks with Britain’s finance minister Philip Hammond after defence secretary Gavin Williamson threatened to deploy a warship in the Pacific.

Hu was due to hold trade talks with Hammond this weekend, it said. The newspaper said Hu cancelled the talks in protest at Williamson’s speech on Monday.

A FURIOUS Government row has erupted after Gavin Williamson was accused of risking Britain’s chances to access Chinese markets worth billions.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson caused 'huge anger across the Cabinet' after he lashed China's military ambitions.

In a fiery speech, Mr Williamson said Britain must be prepared to boost our “lethality” as he threatened to deploy a British aircraft carrier to China’s backyard.

A source told The Sun: “There is huge anger across Cabinet. Gavin was partially inciting a war – the team knew China wouldn’t be happy.”

China had been expected to lift their bans on British poultry and cosmetics which have not been tested on animals.

The agreements would have opened up access to markets worth an estimated £10.2 billion over five years.

Mr Hammond was expected to return to Britain on Sunday triumphantly clutching the two Memorandums of Understandings with China.

The deals would have been a desperately-needed boost for the Government, which is scrambling to drum up trade as Brexit looms.

The Sun understands that officials have embarked on a frantic round of diplomacy to try to get the talks back on track for this weekend. Instead, China offered up only junior officials – ending hopes any agreements would be reached.

A defence source told The Sun that Mr Williamson’s speech was shown to No 10 (PM May) and the Treasury Secretary before he delivered it.

The boy-handling-a-man's job, rich man's son, Gavin Williamson thinks that UK is still the British Empire of the 1800's. He has totally forgotten how the Prince of Wales and the Repulse were sunk of the coast of Malaya by the Japanese. He must have been snookered by No 10 Downing Street that approved his speech before he delivered. Now, PM May is trying to distance herself from Williamson's speech. What kind of politics is she playing - stabbing on the back of her own hand-picked defence secretary?

Anonymous said...

UG please remember to take your temperature and medicine today and regularly too

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In WW2 it was the sinking of the Prince of Wales and the Repulse in the South China Sea. This time it will be the sinking of HMS Queen Elizabeth, an aircraft carrier.

Canada has a boy PM, England has a boy Defence Minister. All little innocent but mischievous boys!

UG said...

Anon 744. I hope your whole family take temperature and medicine.

Unknown said...

See how the Chinese are proud of their Huawei, and how the way it defend the staff that's detained by other country. See how the u s government is proud of their apple etc...
Corporations are the representatives of a countries development and well being, just as the type of house are indications of the well being and development of a person. With companies shunning the exchanges listing are indications of poor regards for the country's wellness and capability..

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Anonymous said...

It is happening.