Brochez given front page attention in the media

He is so cute, so famous and so clever. Now they are calling him a pathological liar. I disagree. I think he is a genius, at least in the land of the blind where the one eye jack shines. This half baked, unqualified, probably did not have any respectable qualifications, could easily cheat and con a nation of well educated first world daft administrators is a lesson to be discussed seriously, not just slamming him as a pathological liar and let the thing rest. Harvard should use this as a case study for stupidity in public administration.

I quote this from thenewpaper, ‘He used fake degrees to get teaching jobs in Singapore, cheated on blood tests to hide his HIV-positive status, and leaked the data of 14,200 people with HIV.’ And this did not  include his employment as lecturers in the polytechnics and he did so well, was so highly regarded that he was allowed a clinic to practice child psychology or something like that. How could he conned so many people in the polytechnics is beyond words.

Wait a minute, this is a genius that Singapore is looking for, someone without any degrees and can do the job. If not because of his HIV status, I would highly recommend him to be employed as a lecturer in the university, maybe a professorship to teach how to con the daft and get away with it.

Singapore does not believe in degrees but in ability. Brochez is exactly the kind of talent Singapore is looking for, and a foreigner, and an angmoh to make him more likeable, and so cute looking to and could be the darling of many women here, if not because of his HIV and biased for the males.

Did Singapore learn anything from this episode? Is the govt still very happy with the 2m foreigners that were tagged as foreign talents here? No need to verify their certificates? How many are like this Brochez, with
fake degrees but very clever and can do the job?

Is Singapore becoming a paradise for fakes and cheats? If only 20 percent of those employed here are using fake degrees, how many are out there? The probability is that at least 50 percent are fakes.

So what now, conduct COI or do nothing? I bet they will do nothing because the exposure of this scam can be so very embarrassing. And to expose all the fakes hired in high positions could be so embarrassing. So they will pretend that nothing is happening and all is well, and bring in more ‘foreign talents’ and also tell the people no need degrees, can do the job ok oredy.

Below is a comment by Cheryl Gupta posted in TRE about this so lovely Brochez.

This is a city in decline, degenerating and spiraling down the tunnel into the third world of fakes and cheats. All cheats and fakes please come. You are better than the daft Singaporeans with good and expensive degrees from out world class universities. I see so many of them in Raffles Place and Marina Financial Centre.

To be fair, while Brochez is probably not a saint (he faked his blood test and lied about his educational qualifications), it is quite another thing to accuse him of stealing the data (which he did not have direct access to) and leaking the data into the internet (evidences?), while calling him a pathological liar so as to discredit him.
To be clear, I am not saying that Brochev did or did not leak the data. However, I would like to see concrete evidences that he had leaked the data. I don’t think it is right that we conclude that Brochev leaked the data to be the Gospel Truth simply because our government said so. If we looked at the list at the beginning of this article, it is not altogether obvious that the government is always telling the truth.
At the end of the day, these events may merely be distractions to focus attention away from the incompetency and un-accountability of the government in failing to ensure proper security of medical records.

Cheryl Gupta


Anonymous said...

Actually the pathological liar r the politicians themselves but they r cleared becos the dafts 70% voted them it, it speaks volumes of the quality of these dafts as they r the sub par quality of the Qing Fujian province Chinese majority whom migrated here long time ago to look for survival, so its like u got the G that deserved it.

Anonymous said...

In the first place, when one labels someone like Brochez as a pathological liar that name-caller must be a doctor (specialised in the psyche of human beans) who has examined him several times, administered the necessary tests, and confirmed beyond an iota of doubt that he (Brochez) is a pathological liar. Simple as that.

In the second place, the one (in this case, many ones) who called Brochez as a pathological is/are admitting to the whole wide world that he/she/they is/are the pathological idiots who have been conned again and again by Brochez! Simple as that.

Pointing one finger at the other person means also pointing three fingers back at self. Simple as that.

Stupidity has no cure. Not only no cure, but also expose themselves to the whole wide world that they are really damned fxxking stupid, to the extent that they don't even feel it themselves.

Knocking Own Head With Hammer said...

Brochez merely wanted to prove that what he claimed is true. That is why he sent the list of 13 HIV positive in-mates of Changi Prison to the Prison Authority and some other government ministries/departments that had called him a pathological liar; as well as to the media that have published the claim that he is a pathological liar.

He told them that he had the list. But they turned around and called him a pathological liar. So the next thing to do, to prove that he was not lying, is to send the list (photo-copy) to all those who called/publicised him as a pathological liar.

Now, who is actually the PATHOLOGICAL LIAR?

Look very idiotic now, isn't it?

Even more stupid is that the Prison Services reported the Brochez to the Police. Who leaked the list of 13 HIV positive inmates to Brochez? Must be the Prison doctor of medical staff, isn't it? So, now the Police MUST investigate the Prison Services, to bring justice to Singaporeans, to find out who actually leaked the confidential medical information to Brochez in the first place. And the Chief of the Prison Services and the Ministry of Home Affairs are equally responsible for the leakage of confidential medical information to Brochez!

Brochez should be seen, for all intent and purposes, as a whistle-blower!

Virgo49 said...

Why the Chow Ang Mohs and Ah Nehs always gets the Plum jobs in any Organisations that conducted interviews to all and sundry?

Because these two speciecs can promise you the Moon and Stars from the above with their Smooth as Yougart Tongues or Tonggays.

They can con the dafts like birds on the trees by their talking and flew into their hands and finally into the cooking pots.

For Chinkees, we are brought up to be modest and humble as ought to be norm of our Society.So, when we are questioned with a whether you are able to do this or that beyong
Our experiences or qualifcations, we would usually replied that we will will try to or our level best so as not to be pricked with lies in our conscience.

For the black cobras or ants and that farking pathological liars whites, their replies would be No problems,no problemotos as in Greek or Pinoys. Small beer had done many times. Bigger than whisky.

The Daft employers and Idiotic HRs wet behind the ears are Wow easily convinced by them. Fantastic, Excellent.Solve my problems so that I can have more time for my Happy Hours.

I also insisted that in any interview, the Head of that particular Department must be included to conduct and see the respective applicants as they be the Ones in their department.

They would also able to sieve the fakes and the qualified applicants by asking some deeper questions in regard to their Department.

From their answers, you can judged whether they are really qualified or not.Not to leave the decisions to those Air-Headed Square Pegs in Round Holes HR managers or Execs who knows Nuts of your departmental's requirements.

On Top of that, they can even be prejudiced and gets their own kakis in. Knowing that their Clans or even their Whole Village of tribes with their Cows wanting to come to Sinkieland.

They could even be bribed. For all you know.Human Greeds knew No Bounds.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ball’s in govt’s court

Our expensive govt is always quick to grace us with their pith and wisdom, for e.g.:
“Singaporeans need to take personal responsibility”. I take it they --- the highly paid executives of Singapore PAP Inc Pte Ltd include themselves as “Singaporean” and are therefore subject to the standards of their own words.

Funny, I get the sense that they’re not walking their own TALK.

Also lost on the highly-educated high-achievers of our Managing Elite are 2 simple words which form the Latin phrase:
Caveat Emptor, which means you are personally responsible for any “buying decision” / voluntary, self-directed transaction/ attribution of trust / forming of relationships you engage in. Again, the abstract of caveat emptor seems to have missed being “implanted” in the minds of the “special people” by the rest of us to GOVERN.

It is mostly improbable that you are going to succeed in stopping criminals for doing what they do. Your best shot (still no 100% guarantee, but you do improve your chances significantly) will always be to implement measures to stop criminals doing what they do… TO YOU. Again, epic failure here on the part of the people in-charge. Not just the people, but ENTIRE ORGANISATIONS in-charge.

Labelling Brochez and assigning him descriptives like “pathological liar” is just an attempt to deny responsibility. Motherfuckers, you are supposed to have systems and trained personnel to detect and prevent frauds of every sort --- especially when all which was required in this case was to CHECK and VERIFY his “qualifications”, and IDENTITY. (i.e. the qualifications must match a name, and the name must match the person claiming that identity)

The faking of the HIV test --- easy to prevent. Perform 2 tests by different clinics.

No rocket science required here. No need to spend extra money on “more tech”. Just do the fucking job you’re supposed to do ...properly.

Virgo49 said...

In any Medical Examination for employment, the Person ought to have his blood samples taken on spot by the Lab Tech and labelled straightaway.Less the Urine Test in the toilet, the lady lab tech cannot fOllie you in. This can be switched.However, switched sample you trust can have more dreadful diseases that your own without you knowing it.

Aiya, so many hanky panky going ons with private practioners with greasing on their palms that they can even certify you as clean as a new born baby.

So, think all medical checkups should be done by a special Government Clinic.

Even that, aiya.Kakis lans. Ka chings Ang Ang, still can forty eight lah.

Elites always pan chance their own.Only crucify the peasants and the meek and the weak

Anonymous said...

Yes! Anon 907 am. You are 1ooo% correct!

The problem is the 70%! Not pap!

Die die WILL vote for pap!

SG is like that liao!

No cure! No cure!

Virgo49 said...

Just in to CNN 711 now and you will have find pathlogical liars now arguing between Cumo and this Kellly Connway Dotard's White House ex Campagign Managress and now Adviser in that rambling arguments


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ virgo

Re: blood & urine tests.

Your suggested way of doing can still be HACKED. It's not only the test that should be monitored for truth. It is also the RESULTS. Results (the report) is easy to fake.
If you have 2 or more septate tests at seperate clinics you vastly improve the chances of the test being true, or detection of FRAUD.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

PS: For added security and anti hacking/ fraud measure, the tests at different clinics are "blinded" ie. Clinic A, B (C) have no knowledge that they're testing the subject. As far as they're concerned, the subject is just some random person showing up to be tested.,.
The type of test should also be blinded. Blood samples are taken. No mention/ knowledge of what the PURPOSE for the sample is.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

You guys really think that our civil servants are idiots and cannot think of better ways to do such tests? Even an O level student would have enough commonsense to devise a better way to do such tests.

This is like the assumption that the people in MOM, the HR are all fools and can easily be fooled by the foreign cheats. Some are of course. It is all about the intention, the political will to want to do something right.

Look at the CECA and the treacherous terms in the agreement. You think they did not know and stupidly signed away our interests? There is more than meets the eyes.

Ask simple questions like why they are doing such things, what is the intent and also the motive. Who is signing and who is benefitting.

Anonymous said...


///Ask simple questions like (1) why they are doing such things, (2) what is the intent and also the motive. (3) Who is signing and (4) who is benefitting.///

(1) Becoz 70% Sinkies are idiots.

(2) What's wrong with earning more $$$$$$.

(3) Limpeh.

(4) Not you.

Anonymous said...

I want to ask again. Do u think those responsive should be sodomizd by all the male sinkies?

Virgo49 said...

1) Why they are doing such things?
To punish the Singaporeans who voted in the Opposition.

For years they had absoulte control of Parliament.Then in JBJ and they had a hard time with him.

Later CST. Maybe Temporaily Tahan but Tahan a few terms. They were pain in their necks or arses.

Then later even lost SDP three seats and WP LTK. My God.LKY's absolute control is eroded.

He wants Absolute Obedience. When he fought for the workers, they had posters of Workers pinned under the Bosses.

Now he Boss so he disallowed workers uprising. Then he started the devish scheme of what's TC and GRC. Saying must have majority races represenation.

TC with their Evil Serpents to harass and made lives difficult for Opposition that they won back two SDP seats.With their Pak Kat economy of scale and all managing agents in fear of them.Who dares do for Opp Constituencies ?
After all the Managing Agents also their Kaikee langs. Ka ching Ang Ang from branches HDB staff.

For GRCs.They have rule and divide.Special privelleges to the Mats and Ahem. Under Special Provisions in the Constitution.

They have these groups supports in any Erections.

Next, they are on the Top of the Pinnancle so those at the Top must get their desired top renumberations.

Likewise in any Organisations.So the bottom base must get the minimum to support the Top Maximum.

They knew Singaporeans after spending a bomb on their Children and Self education will demand high saladies to commensurate their rewards and high work.

So, to defray this get in all the cheap labours to suppress the sinkies wages. Borrow knives to kill Without efforts by telling the sinkies to accept the norm.

Those high paying fake ones are to punish the balance sinkies elites to break their spirit.

Next. the bananas are afraid of Chinkees revolution as we may combine and kick their arses

So they devised to have a Cosmopolitan Society.All chai chap. No more Chinkee Resolve.

So they encouraged intermarriages and Lau Goh even now wore Moody or GhandI Kamsahe.

See how many in Parliament held more important portfolios than Chinkees.

This is because they purposely do this to erode the majority spirit.

TBC, Korean drama Joe the Lawyer starting soon.


Anonymous said...

All these fiascos and unnecessary deaths of our NS boys are due to one main reason - the culture in our Cabinet, Parliament, civil service and stat boards. In these organisations members are required to leave their heads at the door when they report to their offices and work places. In return they are guaranteed iron rice bowls with sky high salaries and bonuses and protected from all consequences should any mistake or failure occur. So we have an army of very expensive unthinking, complacent, robotic people, good only at taking orders and covering their own backsides, running this country with no accountability. To stop the rot we need a total reboot.

Anonymous said...

Today'$ problem$ are becau$e of the 69.9%!

They voted with eye$ �� OPENed!

Don't blame pap lah!

We de$erved it! Correct?


Anonymous said...

Virgo be careful lar. I really don't want to see u Kena and get sodomize lar

Anonymous said...

Deep seated culture lah. Ang moh tua kee still very much in PAP ministers & Sinkies mindset. Raffles 200 is another confirmation.
Foreign trash as jewels.
Our local jewels as trash.

Virgo49 said...

Correct. That's why the 69.9% preferred to be Ostriches and buried their heads in the Sand and their arses up in the Air waiting to be sodomised.
Those who don't have a chance to Siam not to be sodomised.

Brochez sodomized and got sodomized passing AIDS to all and sundry.

Don't know whether spread to the Top of the Pyramid or not.

Anyway still giving them HELL sleepless nights.

Anonymous said...

Brochez sodomized Dr Ler. In turn, Dr Ler, who was Head of Department in Ministry of Health, probably went around sodomizing the other Heads of Department or let them sodomize him. Perhaps also the sissy-looking $Millionaire Minister also got sodomized by Brochez or Dr Ler, or other Heads of Department in the Ministry of Hell (the Master Mind that dished out Hell to all CPF members by creating the various Compulsory Insurance Schemes to suck dry whatever CPF savings they have left, with the intention of making at least 90% profits ($Billions) at the end of every year!

The Hell Minister deserves to be sodomized.

Anonymous said...

Hello 743pm

Hahaha.....pls be very very careful!

Too direct....,can lim kopi

Anonymous said...

Govt-linked agency hires Malaysian burglary suspect who ends up stealing $62,000 worth of IT equipment from IMDA

One Soh Jun Cheng stole S$62,000 worth of computer equipment (including 6 iPads, 6 Lenovo monitors, 30 Lenovo ThinkPad laptops, 17 docking stations, 80 Lenovo power adaptors, 25 laptop bags, and 32 Lenovo mice) from the Information MEdia Development Authority (IMDA), a statutory board under the Ministry of Communication and Information, under Minister Iswaram, the $Million Minister responsible for Cyber-Security throughout the whole country.

Interestingly, the 23-year-old engineer, Soh Jun Cheng who holds Singapore permanent residency – was a burglary suspect in a separate case when he was employed by a Government-linked firm to provide IT support for the IMDA.

On 16 Nov 2017, Soh reportedly broke into a house at Chiselhurst Grove and stole $4,650 worth of electronic items. He was caught and granted court bail thereafter.

Notwithstanding the known fact of Soh having been charged for theft, in March 2018, four months after the Chiselhurst Grove burglary, NCS Pte Ltd hired Soh.

NCS (National Computer Systems) was founded by the Singapore Government founded in 1981. It was then restructured as a commercial entity in 1996 and became a wholly owned subsidiary of SingTel Group in 1997.

NCS is the same organisation that was involved in the latest IT fiasco at the Ministry of Health, in which the faulty Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) subsidies cards were distributed to 7,700 patients.

Therefore, it is quite clear that NCS is involved in various government IT projects in the past and presently. Wonder what other types of potential criminals are hired by NCS and still existing in the Fiasco-prone organization?

The Police Commercial Crimes Department should keep a close watch on NCS and IMDA.

Incidentally, IMDA was the Statutory Board involved in the hiring of an Indian woman with fake degree (Phd?) from a Degree Mill.

b said...

The gov civil serpants are all very well paid but how come still get monkeys? Pay peanuts get monkeys, Pay durians also get monkeys? Why pay durians? Its time to reduce their pay.

Anonymous said...

7.43 pm, ya better not be too direct. If Kena lim Kopi then sure high chances will Kena sodomize lar

virgo49 said...

Had a video of that Neh who hits the lady in KL MRT brutually and now kena also not sodomised as yet but kena whacked on buttocks by the Para-Military Police crying Mothers and Fathers with paddle oars just like Pao Ching Tien Times.

SPF should do the same to these Chow Ang Mohs who whacked Sinkies and innocent taxi uncles.

Also, purposely leaked the beatings to frighten the monkeys by slaughtering the chickens.

Get one Little India Rioter and do the same treatment.See whether they dared still swagger around.

But SPF, no balls one.Only bullied own sinkies.

Anonymous said...

SPF and SAF have become very politically correct instead of culturally, morally and ethically correct. Why? Because of the 69.9% of daft Sinkies. All the ills in Sinkieland are caused by the 69.9%. This group of idiots must be sodomized by the foreigneers.