SGX, a state of denial

The Incredible Shrinking Singapore Stock Market – by Bloomberg

For the last five years, delistings have outnumbered listings. Does it matter? Not as much as you might think. By Livia Yap and Tom Redmond 12‎ ‎February‎ ‎2019‎ ‎

Robson Lee had a decision to make. In his more than two-decade career as a capital-markets lawyer in Singapore, he’d helped more than 30 companies list on the country’s stock exchange, bringing to market everything from a grocery store chain to a pawnbroker. Business had been good, but it was starting to dry up. Lee decided he had to get out. “I saw the decline,” he says. “That’s why I moved.”

That was in 2014, when more companies left the Singapore Exchange than joined it, with S$8.4 billion ($6.43 billion) in value disappearing from the public market….

The exchange’s fortunes have only gotten worse. For the last five years, delistings have outnumbered listings in the market, which had 741 companies at the end of December last year, down from a peak of 782 in 2010. In 2018 the money raised from the 15 SGX initial public offerings, excluding depositary receipts, fell to just S$710.6 million, while 19 companies departed—a net outflow of S$19.2 billion in market value. …

Many of the businesses that have left the exchange in the past few years are well-known in Singapore. They range from GLP Pte., one of the world’s biggest warehouse owners, to Osim International Pte., Asia’s largest maker of massage chairs. …they see as low valuations in the city-state, are seeking more liquid markets that can generate higher stock prices. For example, Lee says, sofa maker Man Wah Holdings Ltd. was taken private in September 2009. Within six months, it was relisted in Hong Kong at about eight times its market value….

The dying Singapore stock market has been staring in the face of the govt, MAS and the SGX. The above Bloomberg article only confirmed what is going on. But no one seems to be perturbed by this sorry state of affair. Either they are in a state of denial or just did not know what to do next. And often they were trying to explain away the problem by pretending that it is ok, normal to be in decline, and some even pretended that this was good. Think of Ah Q mentality.

When would they wake up and face the truth and seriously do something before it is too late? Admittedly Singapore is a small market and cannot compare with the advantages of Hong Kong and even neighbouring SE Asian markets. But to spout nonsense like it is normal for more delisting than listing is telling like when other markets, especially Hong Kong, are getting more listings than delistings. The SGX has now been overtaken by Thailand and Vietnam.

The quality of listings here, as mentioned in the first paragraph, are petty companies that were good enough for Sesdaq or Nasdaq equivalent while the prized and highly valued companies gave this island a miss. Does this say anything? The days of grabbing all kinds of shitty companies to list here were wasted opportunities for not defining the role of the stock market and finding a niche market instead of trying to be big just for being big’s sake and ended becoming a rubbish dump. Not forgetting the billions that small investors have lost when these unaccountable, untouchable and unable to control companies just delist or just let the stock values go to nought. They don’t care about their listings here, where there is any value or no value.

Now the market is filled with many worthless little super penny stocks that only help to undermine the quality of the market and affect the valuation of otherwise quality companies. Good companies are delisting and bad ones remained or wanting to come in because no one wants them.

Whither the stock market without a clear vision and mission and with a pretentious ambition of overtaking Hong Kong as the choice market in Asia? More dangerous derivative trading is going to run this sinking ship aground. Running out of ideas and hibernating in a cocoon, not wanting to see the truth would only expedite the death of this stock market. Its existence today is like a child in ICU and everyday is a bonus.


Anonymous said...

Rb, Knn you are damn right. With the decline, it not only affects the stock trading side, it also affect the corporate finance services side as they can no longer help companies to list here. These financial services side are also shrinking. Knn shrinkage everywhere and at the end all our balks also shrunk.

Anonymous said...

Of coz, the tiny rock has offended the LARGE Dragon, sure it will sink lah.
Dragon economy slows or sneezes, tiny rock will be affected mah.
Nvrmind still got Ah Neh & Whites gosh to hang on, still afloat mah. At least better that Madland who use a shit to stand on it's way hor.

jjgg said...

Aiya RB.. it's just a reflection of our economy la..banks..glcs. property companies do well n the rest scramble n grovel for what they can get. Even if you put 50million ppl into this place all the money generated will still end up in this 3 categories n not to mention the huge government taxes embedded into the economy. Still got hope??

Anonymous said...


it is really pointless talking about sgx now........

early early already given-up hope and stayed away....as far as possible................

but is still very very grateful to sgx for a very very small fortune made many moons ago...........

all the best........................

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Here's my theory--- it's simplistic, which means I'm only focusing on one possible "driver":

Too much capitalization by GLCs, and sovereign fund owned assets. This means a huge chunk of LIQUIDITY goes to these securities, causing DISTORTIONS in the value (depressed prices) in other good companies. Can't blame them from closing shop and fucking off to HK lah. I'd do the same, and so would you.

Looks like the govt. shoots itself in the foot. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ Steady lah, PAP. Good show lah!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ liquidity flows toward what human actors deem as “value”:

Back to Munger’s timeless quote: ”Show me an incentive and I’ll show you a consequence”

CPF, the double-edged sword, and killer of capital markets

Almost everyone uses their CPF for home purchases. When HDB changed from pure public housing to the monster we have now --- where the prices are market-based, and CPF could also be used to purchase private properties --- this caused a MAD RUSH which pushed up housing to sky-high prices in Singapore. Since the demand for homes is fairly inelastic, people just kept bidding and buying, taking on MORE DEBT to buy their “dream home”. Pre-election “carrots” of “upgrading” is also a driver to firmer prices.

Mortgages grew, and so did people’s repayments. If so much money goes into housing, how much is left over as “capital” to be invested in the SGX-listed equities. I would say not much.

But the SGX capitalization is dominated by govt-owned entities. They have the money --- shit tons of it (from who? from us lah kotek!). Because most people boh-lui after paying this that and the other --- high cost of Singapore living lah --- how can they give enough liquidity to the SGX to support local companies?

As I’ve mentioned before, and RB agrees, HDB needs to return to pure public housing. (fat chance lah). In that way, people can easily payback their $70-100k 1-2% HDB-sponsored loan, and have lots of “spare capital” to invest in the SGX, keeping our good companies at home instead of chasing them away, like what’s happening now.

Unfortunately Singaporeans love their “appreciating HDB” (a fucking lease lah) and the govt has used this PARLOUR TRICK to encourage Singaporeans to keep on thinking they “own” their HDBs and that these “asset” prices will keep appreciating, which of course they will because the govt can use policy to manipulate the market.

HDB up --- sucking up the liquidity, πŸ€‘πŸ€‘
SGX….fuck spider, boh lui!! 😠

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Our sovereign funds are using our money to support foreign stock market and businesses than supporting our own stock market and own companies. If they have put the money here, our market would be much better, and some of our companies would be in the same league as Samsung and Huawei instead of going down like Hyflux.

Creative could be a worldwide name if the govt would put its money behind it, also in Hyflux. But many of our money are going to kindergartens and bakery shops and backlane companies overseas.

Good money chasing after fake companies that we don't know or did not understand enough.

Conjob said...

PAP very clever wan. Don't worry about SGX lah.

There are so many SGXs out there.

Now already Internet Age. Cannot trade in Sinkingapore, then trade in Malaysia, HK, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Paris, Zurich, New York, etc lah.

Just download the software and do own trading. No need middlemen.

Also can trade in Forex, Gold, Silver, Bitcoin, etc.

Don't need to restrict yourself to one STUPID AND DEAD Market lah.

Don't need to confine yourself to one type of trade lah.

The World and the Sky are the limits. Only scare you have not enough capital to invest leh.

Better still, join PAP and become Minister lah. Sure get rich in no time wan. Some more, nowadays so easy to become Millionaire Ministers. Only qualification needed is to be thick skin and say "I am sorry" when something goes wrong. Then pretend nothing is your fault. Refute everything and anything thrown at you. Punish a few lower ranks as scapegoats.

Then sit tight and continue to collect your $millions every year.

Then every year buy one condominium unit and rent it out.

Jack up rental. Jack up HDB prices. Create demand for housing by importing more and more foreigners.

Then when you retired, make your son become Minister, like the Mas Selamat Wong Can Sing and Lau Kayu.

See? Sinkingapore is all set-up just for people like you, with thick skin - shameless - no moral, no ethics, no feelings, no conscience, no compunction and no qualms to get rich by any means possible. If not possible, then legalise it through Pa-Lee-Men. So simple. Quick and easily done!


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That is exactly what is happening. All the broking houses are encouraging their clients to trade everywhere else except Singapore. What would happen to Singapore when everyone is trading everywhere but not SGX?

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ c’mon Singaporean youngsters, wake up lah

Almost every cunt I know in Australia has some exposure to the market. However, it is not the same (far from it) in Singapore --- which is surprising, considering it is a much more tax-friendly and supposedly more financial savvy culture.

Singaporean stock investors: low compared to other developed cuntries: https://www.fool.sg/2014/07/01/number-of-singaporean-investors-reaches-record-high-are-you-part-of-it/

WTF young people? You are partying, shopping and eating way too much!

RB blames the govt from investing in foreign companies rather than supporting local ones. I think there is some truth in this. WRT our 2 sovereign wealth funds: None of us know WTF goes on with the money or the management and how they deploy capital, because what they do is supposedly “secret”.

However, although the world’s 50-60 bourses are dominated by govts and institutions, the hoi-polloi of “average people” also count as suppliers of liquidity and capital. Despite the robot and High Frequency traders, the “average Joe and Jane” are still collectively huge market players,and many have done well over the long term. (the sensible and lucky ones).

If the govt keeps mopping up all the people’s cash --- from home prices to increases in utility costs, to people drawing on savings to survive unemployment or a decrease in real wages...this all affects how much money people have to INVEST.

Also the attitude on an economy which relies on CONSUMPTION and a fucked-up value “services sector” has got to change.

I don’t think that I am the only “frugal uncle” here...the way I observe how youngsters spend in Singapore is sometimes beyond words lah. Anyway, their money, their life.

The SGX hasn’t done much to encourage young investors. The ASX on the other hand, is very proactive in chasing new business and going after the young when they are still in school. I actually know a few “average high-school students” from “average families” who have 6 figure portfolios and well on the way to a choice of “retirement” before they turn 30 (if they don’t do silly things).

SGX needs to step up and be “greedy” about getting new investors.

Anonymous said...

In fact, in Sickapore, everything is in a state of denial.

Starting with the 70% that refuse to admit that you have a really fxxked-up garment. Some more, there are people who die die keep harping that Sickapore is so great and so fantastic - like a Five/Six Star Hotel.

Next, you just heard one son of a Gan spoke in Pap-Lie-Men, rejecting allegations of cover-up (the facts speak for themselves, no denial nor rejection can cover this huge fire that has already razed 14,200 HIV sufferers).

And you also have one Mother Hen, who deprived others of becoming doctor, rubbing salt into the wounds of mothers (and fathers) whose sons have died prematurely and tragically in the hands of the the people responsible for the SAF and the Ministry of Defence.

“Which mother, shall we say, can lose her son?".

The correct question to ask, in counter to the thick-skin Mother Hen is

"Which Minister, shall we say, can lose his/her job?"

Just two examples above will suffice, because they are the most recent. There are other ministries and organs of state also in denial. And, of course, the CPF, PA and NTUC are the greatest denials of all.

Anonymous said...

You really don't know meh?

SG is like that.

SG is........You die your business!

What Creative? What Hyflux?

You die your business! Help what?

SG is like that Liao.

Wake up! Wake up!

Anonymous said...

I like your very very colorful paintings anonymous 1047am.


Anonymous said...


///RB blames the govt from investing in foreign companies rather than supporting local ones. I think there is some truth in this. WRT our 2 sovereign wealth funds: None of us know WTF goes on with the money or the management and how they deploy capital, because what they do is supposedly “secret”.///

Temasek invests quite a bit in local companies (GLCs remember?), but they tend to do it via private equity nowadays for newer companies, not through public listed stocks. At the end of the day both Temasek & GIC are not charities to prop up the local market or local companies.

Even at the peak of S'pore Stock Exchange, the total capitalisation is still less than 1% of the world. Temasek & GIC puts their money in places where they think have better prospects. And for the last 15 yrs, is usually NOT in S'pore. Sometimes they get it very wrong, but they get more things right. And they limit losses by right position sizing, scaling in into new or unproven investments.

All SWFs of other countries also do the same .... unless the SWF is hijacked by corrupt govt or corrupt rulers to prop up their own image, prop up inefficient local industries, invest & create ego-companies and ego-infrastructure etc. Which is not sustainable in the long run.

I'm glad that Temasek & GIC are cold blooded & hard headed enough to treat investing as investing, and not ego boosting or regime propping (not totally anyway).


Maybe you should have migrated to more happening HK Stock Exchange long time ago??

No point being frog in the well & KPKB the sky is so small & shrinking some more.

Virgo49 said...

I am Sorry that your Sons have to die for the Nation and Us.

Our Sins, oops Sons very SAFE.

Data Leaks, I am sorry. IT Security Teams afraid to work late and no time to plug any loopholes.

We sat on our big Arses and leave everything to chance with the subordinates.

We seek your understanding on these matters.

Wah piang, one PAP MP wayang ask a set up question and the Minister asked with aplomb.
See those pretend to be wise Ministers and PAPies MPs putting on their lan cheow and CB tired faces in Parliament wants to puke.

SGX with these incompetent Mananagement sure die one!
Also GOOD.

Actually as what's I said, save many dafts from going bust.

Public listed Companies Directors and Management and even staff in public invested monies plough all the benefits.Whether making or not also changkol.

All these bullshits War stocks and made millions investors like Matilah are losing their pants and just pretend to make millions.

For donkey years CPFIS every year reported that the CPF shares and stocks dafts so called Ostriches
Investors are better off with their monies in their CPF's accounts.

Let the Parasites Fund Mangagers sucked your Blood.

See the investors inquiring the Management remuerations and benefits even their Companies under Receiverships.

Better have my own monies invested in Genting and one to one chance

Lose Also Shiok.

Lose myself than let others lose for you.

Anonymous said...

My wife said she will be a better investor than buy high, sell low, Ho Jinx.....she will not buy from Li Ka Shing when Superman is selling, just a simple example.

Virgo49 said...

All these Daft Ostriches investors always said Don't worry, long term investments.Prices drop, drop lah. Let bury our Heads in the Sands.No need to monitor just like the Papies Ministers and Top Evil Serpents leave to David Cobber you Fields to Cobber You. They think that the shares by chance will rise with time?

Peter Lim will laugh at your Stupidity. Smart investors like those in the Marketing Department Managers and Staff must be ears and eyes into the changing markets and their trends.

Most had to drink and dwell their lives away in the Grapevine and nose every gossips and any lobangs to be ahead of their opponents.

Likewise the Shares and Stocks investors.They have tobe aware of their shares that they had invested to in the Conpanies.Dig into any news of their business.Whether rising or sinking and cut loss when they are sinking.Not just leave them to fate cock sure that they will rise again. Interests lost on your principals cannot even recover when they ever rise again. What happen if they sink till zero value. Cut lost and save your arses.

What's units trusts good recommendations from those Trust Managers. You buy or sell they still have their commissions.

So, who gain or lose more. Many just like daft sinkies always said no pian lah if Han Cheng pai

Bo pian lah they Cheng Hu.can do what's they want.

Now this Wah Edwin Toby just how lian cut down jail terms for his clients said PAP IBs losing battles to thowe who critised them.Must have laws to clamp down these noises. Wah blame Foreign Interferences.


Virgo49 said...

Tong, Tong, Ting Tong. Not Toby.

Auto change Toby.

Anonymous said...

Hi V49

I oso like to read your comments.


Virgo49 said...

This Son of Gun bullshits and wants to cover all their Arses.

What's Judgement calls whether to protect the Affected parties or not ?

2016 Year of the Elections.Disclose their blunders and be afraid to lose some seats?

If they are so concerned of the harm to the Patients, then they should exercise more care to this Crucial info then take for granted that all should be well.

Think Sinkies are so daft that Others named us Unthinking Nation of Dafts

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...


Small example of Temasek & EDB private equity investing:

Zilingo grabs $307M of VC funding

The valuation of this online clothing pasar malam is $1,000,000,000.

The founder & owner of this Singapore-based company is a 27 year old ahneh migrated from India.

Chalk up another 1 to your #MillennialsRock. LOL!!!

Virgo49 said...

Just to add:

If this BTC-Boh Tak Chek (Brochez) name very apt as all his Credientials are false any way did not blackmail them further by disclosing that he had more data you think they will disclose their blunders?

They should have what's they did in Bangkok cut off both hands from the shoulders and legs from the groin and let him wiggle in the sand for us to see and videotape to cough out all the remaining stolen data.

Aiya, learn from the Thais lah.

Real Goons

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...


>> I'm glad that Temasek & GIC are cold blooded & hard headed enough to treat investing as investing, and not ego boosting or regime propping (not totally anyway). <<

Yeah. I think they do ok, just look at the growth in AUM. People criticise them for "losing money". Of course lah. Not all "bets" will win. You will always have to tahan the shit that didn't make it and move on --- not only in investing but in life too.

"Money will go where it is treated the best" ...or at least believed to be treated the best.

At the end of the day, over the long term, the market is a weighing machine --- a meritocracy based on value. If your bourse is fucked up, people will put their money elsewhere --- where they believe they will be "treated better".

@ "misunderstood" 1047

>> Some more, there are people who die die keep harping that Sickapore is so great and so fantastic - like a Five/Six Star Hotel. <<

But only if you consider and treat it like a HOTEL --- in your own mind. If you treat it as your home...your mileage may vary, and you might end up disappointed. πŸ€“ The distinction between "home" and Hotel" makes all the difference. For me, I could care less who runs Singapore --- PAP, WP, CCP, USA, UMNO, Dr Mahathir...dun care, cos it's a hotel to me. 😜

I treat Singapore as a HOTEL, because my once-upon-a-time-home-and-birthplace home was "stolen" from me, by people with Absolute Power... and to add insult to injury, I was expected to bear the cost for this outrage and "forbidden" to challenge the robbers. Fuck them. I'll engineer my life so that I can take only the "good" and not give a damn about the "bad" by making "home" elsewhere.
Many Singaporeans are doing this. And you don't even have to get a flight --- you can move to Johor and enjoy a "better life" and treating Singapore like a 5-star Hotel you visit at your leisure.

@ misunderstood Virgo49

>> All these bullshits War stocks and made millions investors like Matilah are losing their pants and just pretend to make millions. <<

Haha, how many times do I have to tll people that I am one helluva fucked up stock trader, having lost so much money over the years? I'm only thinking of going back in now, because the shit is getting cheaper, and I am thinking differently. I've been out of the market since 2007, and except for my pension fund which is managed by "professionals" who are doing me 10-20% return (no way I could do that), I've missed the WHOLE 10 year bull market. I have lost my pants. Twice already, in fact.

Anonymous said...


///I've missed the WHOLE 10 year bull market.///

My humble advice is to wait for the next SHTF moment in markets. You'd know coz the stock markets of places like S'pore will drop -50% or -60%. And there will be official announcement of RECESSION. LOL!!

You may miss another 1-2 years to the top of this cyclical bull (who knows???).

By then, the world is your oyster & you'd have an embarrassment of riches in what trophy assets to invest in e.g. proven blue chips that have consistently increased dividends every year for 20+ years, rental properties in prime or semi-prime locations.

If you can't wait, then use 10%-15% of your liquid networth TOPS, to practice, test out strategies & techniques, trial various low-cost online brokers etc.

No matter how old you are, investing is a lifetime effort & journey, a kungfu that has no end point & where you know there're MANY other exponents much better than you.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ 142

Ah yes. Temasek and their move to private equity. Read somewhere sometime back where Temasek are moving with some heavy and famous hitters in the private equity space...like for e.g. KKR & Co (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) , one of the Big Swinging Dick firms of Wall Street and killers in the M&A space.

One thing good about private equity: you don't have to be transparent. You can do all sorts of "deals". Downside: you have to lock up your money for a long time.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ WSG,

Appreciate the suggestions. Waiting for STHF is my planned strategy.

>> You'd know coz the stock markets of places like S'pore will drop -50% or -60%. <<

That I didn't know. I was expecting a pullback of 35-40% tops.

>> If you can't wait, then use 10%-15% of your liquid networth TOPS, to practice, test out strategies & techniques, trial various low-cost online brokers etc. <<

Haha, funny you should say that. Just before CNY, I had dinner with my mentor who is now in his 80s. He said exactly the same thing: get back in and try, "get your feet wet again" he said, after I told him I've been "gun shy" about stocks for 11 years now.

UG said...

Wah seh. What you all talking about? There is wda and e2i but I am still jobless leh. People talk here talk there, say sorry, what commit suicide next time dunno what. Talk here talk there, talk and talk, maybe like got 50 years? I am still sitting at home when there is e2i and wda, and I go so many reservist leh. But the minister still got salary leh. Pay them is not solve my issue leh. Dad still sleep void deck leh. No one compensate me yet leh. They dunno do wrong thing must compensate? If not people go jail for what? No talent on top, below how to have talent. Of course must import. Mean other country leader is more talented. For example China, so li hai leh. Can have Oppo, Xiao Mi, Huawei and etc. And Li Ning still got free education. Clap clap clap.

Say sorry 6 smoke bomb sack already? No wonder need foreign talent. Matilah is correct leh, who cares what PAP or WP. I li hai is my problem. Go Bangkok also got coconut juice drink.

Da Jia Hao. I am strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei millennial generation. Anyone want to ask my leaders why? This strawberry cao mei, cao liao fah mei millenial generation theory cannot apply to China. Other country I do not know. Definitely not China. From youtube I see, from the boh tak zi millennial generation, assemble apple phone, to the got tak zi millennial generation invent Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi? Woo hoo. Li Ning will thank our Ang Moh Tai Lo and Banana Tai Lo. Thank you Thank you. Too bad, too late liao, a lot in China got education liao. Woo hoo.

Eh election coming is it? What say sorry and what commit suicide thingy? Who cares? I give people so many chance to reverse my thinking so that I can feel patriotic and LKY iron fist. Now who cares? Say sorry 6 smoke bomb sack already?


Anonymous said...

So.keep queuing.4D.lah.

Anonymous said...


4D still need 50 cents or $1.

Cheaper to call 999. Toll free. Tell them you and your dad wanna go pelangi village resort. Free lodging, free food, free tv, free radio, free electricity, free water. Sorry no swimming. But don't expect banyan tree or club med service lah. The staff and fellow guests are quite rough type. Heard that changi resort got better service and food. But that one got higher admission criteria. Not any beggar or bumpkin can go in.

UG said...

Okay. You say it. I shall forgo my mum and sis. Thanks. Unless you say sorry. Else sin is yours. And I am dead serious.

UG said...

Learn from you Anon 435pm. My dad is a old people you know. If no one say sorry. I am dead serious. Who cares right? I am just waiting for people to say. Thanks ah. So religion is useless. You say one Anon 435pm. Not I say. My dad is old people. Thanks ah. I hope someone track you down. Anyway 6 smoke bomb never sack also. Say sorry got use?


UG said...

I call 999 before leh. How many times want to bear false witness? Hope army more people die. Yes. Good. Thanks Anon 435pm. Best if elites one die.

UG said...

Aloysius Pang consider elites? Want see more die? More Chaos?

UG said...

Accident can just happen any time you know Anon 435pm?

UG said...

I am still waiting for my fairness leh Anon 435pm. You open mouth already. Want do it?

UG said...

What happen if Anon 435pm open mouth, and I really stop visiting my mum? Thank ah Anon 435pm to challenge me. I am dead serious you know. Anyway I got no job. Why should I care for my mum? How many more elites will die? Law of attraction powerful? There is WDA and e2i but I go not job. Why should I visit my mum? Learn from PAP logic. Thanks ah old leaders. Should not have bail my mum ah. Why is it my problem? Not I create one. Thanks Anon 435pm for waking me up.

UG said...

Thanks ah old leaders. Clap clap clap. Told you all liao. See what Anon 435pm talk. I li hai is my problem. Old leaders create Singapore, got army, got e2i and WDA. But e2i and WDA never help me find job. So who cares? Thanks ah old leaders. Chio si lang.

Election come stay at home loh. My dad can sleep in WP void deck. Go until Sylvia Lim also no job. What PAP or WP?

UG said...

Lee Hsien Loong meet the people session also never help people find job. Who cares? Defend what country? Learn from Lee Hsien Loong meet the people session.

Anonymous said...

@Virgo 1240pm

///Likewise the Shares and Stocks investors.They have tobe aware of their shares that they had invested to in the Conpanies.Dig into any news of their business.Whether rising or sinking and cut loss when they are sinking.Not just leave them to fate cock sure that they will rise again.///

Actually since you're so in tune with Genting (including their official mama-sans & pros there), you should consider investing small sums in their stock.

Get paid for patronising their roulettes, baccarats, & pussies. LOL!!

1 tip: don't just anyhow buy --- wait for corrections or bad news first, so that the stock price sinks.

E.g. If you took advantage of the Xmas stock market hysteria, you could have bought Genting between 96-98 cents. Today's closing price is $1.10. If you bought at 98 cents, that's 12% capital gains in just 1.5 months.

Furthermore, the current dividend yield is about 3.24%. Just buy small amounts of Genting on the dips & collect dividends for your next pussy hunting expedition to Genting! LOL!!


UG said...

Anon 435pm. So people no filial piety, so what? Say sorry got sack 6 smoke bomb? LKY die queue until so long for what? So? Next time those radio stations or news promote good will stuff, who cares? Every time they promote one good will stuff, is bear false witness a not? Every time religion master promote good will stuff, but old people collect card board is exercise, is bear false witness a not? And the religion master got go vote PAP or WP a not? Consider bear false witness when there is e2i and WDA but I got no job?

Clap clap clap. Thanks Anon 435pm open mouth. Thanks. Clap clap clap.

UG said...

I will wait until people solve my problem than I visit my mum? Learn from PAP and religion master. Thanks Anon 435pm. My mindset is not I set one. If people got certain mindset in Singapore. Ask those old leaders why.

Anonymous said...

UG not say I wanted to say u. Happy new year. But I think u need treatment urgently that is to be sodomized so that u don't post nonsenseπŸ˜€

Virgo49 said...

Hello WSG.

0.12cts for one share. How many lots of thousands to have a few hundred $$$$$?

Once dropped dropped, lost by the thousands.

Might as well one hundred on one single digit at $3600.00 Hits a few times can go down Awana Premium Outlets for Bak Kut Teh and Armour,Adidas, Nike buy gym shorts

See their Multiplex Theatres and Lobster dinners.

I scared to be on the HIV list as may leak online. So I refrained the other vice. Already had 5 vials blood tests and all cleared of any infectious diseases like VD and Aids for some skin rash.

Maybe that sweet names cards distributor lady which looked innocent and smiling.


UG said...

Anon 643. Nonsense than nonsense loh. Dont visit my mum. Learn from u all. Thanks. No say sorry. No job. No need care for parents. Learn from u all.

Grand Duke of York said...

Time to buy China stocks now, especially Huawei and all the communications and high tech companies. Shift to Shanghai and New York markets. SGX is hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Virgo49 said...

Just to add:

If this BTC-Boh Tak Chek (Brochez) name very apt as all his Credientials are false any way did not blackmail them further by disclosing that he had more data you think they will disclose their blunders?

Is he the one that hacked into MOH and name cannot be disclosed?

Anonymous said...

10.08pm, sorry Hor Huawei is not a listed company but u can buy the supply chain companies to Huawei like tsmc from Taiwan etc.

As for Virgo, u still screw the normal gals in Geylang those $60 for 20 minutes type or the more high class lower mileage type. The lower mileage type while no guarantee likely have a lower chance of diseases. Try the more expensive karaoke girls lower mileage they may accept onky few customers per month versus those one day taking in 10 customers. Also my friends Taking extra precaution by putting on cap even for blowjob.

As for UG, do get it done a sap that is to receive sodomy to cure your illness

UG said...

Anon 1020pm. Do get it done for you and your family asap to receive sodomy to cure your illness and hope some die in army, some sleep void deck, or some use for organ transplant.


Hope God of Abraham do some thing to the pharaoh. If not I got religion for what? Send flood to your house even better. I am learning from education, religion and some Anon leh.

Anonymous said...

UG, u are like a girl very losoh leh like a broken record. I support the anon to sodomize u leh.

UG said...

Anon 1211. I hope you are being sodomize also. You support sodomize, so you are pharaoh? I pray to my religion to sodomize pharaoh. Am I evil like muslim? I more li hai than Amos Yee right?

Anonymous said...

UG, don't be a girl girl lar. Argue for what. You are not well. When you are sick, go seek treatment. I think the many anons proposals are for your own good. In the process of being cured, instead of suffering pain, you may enjoy it like some homo. So killing two birds with one stone. God bless and enjoy being sodomized lor

Anonymous said...

SGX stands for Suckers and Gamblers' Exchange.

Anonymous said...

Hi 8.21am


Widely known as Sure Gone Exchange!

You dont know meh?

UG said...

Anon 649. PAP promote killing people, go for treatment and get sodomize. Resign before i follow what pap do. I love to follow education, religion and leaders style.

b said...

SGX is a SCAM. Many people lose money.

b said...

Cunning ceos/cfos used SGX to raise money. After they raised the money, use the money to pay themselves high pay. Slowly the company mati, the money transfer to their pockets in a legit way.