Irresponsible retrenchment and irresponsible hiring

Irresponsible retrenchment of Singaporeans, especially the seniors and PMETs, has reached a crisis proportion.  It is a very serious affair for senior Singaporeans to be retrenched, dismissed or sacked under false excuses when finding another job at their age is almost impossible. The end result is financial difficulties and family hardship when there is no income and the paltry payout from CPF is unable to sustain a normal way of life in this most expensive city in the world.

Added to this is the irresponsible hiring of Indian nationals to replace the Singaporeans that were irresponsibly retrenched. Many Singaporean and non Singaporean CEOs have been adopting this foul practice to fire Singaporeans and replaced them with more Indian nationals.  I am not mincing my words.

The pervasive presence of Indian nationals in the ‘Chennai’ Business Park in Changi and ‘Mumbai’ Financial Centre in Marina Bay is a stark reminder of the pathetic state of affair affecting seniors and PMEs in Singapore. This reminds me of what an ex MP said about the blackout in Little India. Wonder what he would say if he visits the above two places and some corners of East Coast Park.

Let me first deal with the 62 year retirement age issue. Some Singaporeans are still thinking that 62 is the retirement age in Singapore. No, 62 is the minimum retirement age, something like the minimum sums in CPF savings, ie it is only a minimum and can be raised and raised. Here is a statement from MOM.

‘In accordance with the Retirement and Re-employment Act (RRA), the minimum retirement age is 62 years. Your company cannot ask you to retire before that age.
You have this protection if you:
 Are a Singapore citizen or Singapore permanent resident.

 Joined your employer before you turned 55.

Employees who turn 62 can continue to be employed in the organisation if they meet the eligibility criteria of re-employment.

Employers must offer re-employment to eligible employees who turn 62, up to age 67, to continue their employment in the organisation. The re-employment age was raised from 65 to 67 on 1 July 2017 to help older workers who wish to continue working as long as you are willing and able.’

Yes, employer cannot ask an employee to retire because of his age and must offer the employee post retirement employment up to 67, as in 2017. This age limit has actually been removed in practice and can be above 70 or more. In de facto, there is no retirement age in Singapore today.  Several politicians and govt appointees have worked way pass their 70s and still gainfully employed in govt services or GLCs.

To the many PMEs they may think this has nothing to do with them. The Employment Act protection is for the workers only. Not true. MOM has extended its services to PMETs who need assistance when they are
irresponsibly retrenched. The NTUC, the representative of workers, has also set up a unit called U PME Centre specifically to assist professionals, managers and executives that were irresponsibly retrenched.

The Govt and MOM did not go to sleep when this monumental problem is staring them straight in their faces.  As each day passes, more and more seniors and PMEs are losing their jobs and unemployed and in financial difficulties. They need help desperately and the Govt and MOM and the NTUC cannot look the other way. They are Singaporeans whose jobs have been taken over by the presence of hundreds of thousands of foreigners, particularly Indian nationals.

PMEs that are wrongly or irresponsibly retrenched or lost their jobs can go to U PME centre or the MOM to seek assistance. If these failed, they can petition the Prime Minister for help, to intervene into their plight when their rice bowls are affected. Seniors and PMEs have families to feed and dependents to take care of. If not manage properly this could turn into a political crisis for the govt.

What if all else fails? Well, the GE is around the corner. The elected Govt is supposed to take care of the people especially in providing good jobsfor them, not handouts and pittance subsidies that could not last the next day.

Irresponsible CEOs causing Singaporeans to lose their jobs and to replace them with Indian nationals must be put on notice that they cannot get away with crimes against the seniors and PMEs. Such malpractices must be put to an end immediately.

PS. Heng Swee Kiat's budget speech spoke about more restrictions on S pass and dependent pass for foreigners to deal with this problem. Hope it is not just lip service.


Virgo49 said...

In our times of uncertainty in the 60s and beyond, when Singapore attracted Foreign Investments and Companies to our shores, then Minister Goh Keng Swee demanded that the investors had to employ our own as first priority.

They may have their Management and skilled personnel here to run and transfer the knowledge to our locals. But, still Singaporeans must be the Bulk of the workforce.

GKS and the other Ministers, even had a blueprint in collaboration with each ministry of how to train and educate the population for all these upcoming jobs.The demands of these industries.

That's where we have so many Poly Grads in all fields that suit the demands of all the investors industries.

Tim Cook in one of the lecture said that China produced more skilled workers that can filled two to three football fields than a dozen in America.He was surprised when so many with the same qualifications came for interviews for his organisation's jobs openings.

Sinkieland leaders had no foresight and each ministry does not collibrate with each other with a blue print or plan of how to sustain employment for the people.

All on musical chairs rotating round like monkeys.

Only kept harping must upgrade, upgrade with no clear visions.

What's throwing monies on those irrevelant courses and allowed these scam companies to con them.

MOM can have what's laws or requirements of protection of the PMETs and workers.

But if they do not have a proactive approach to see them thru.then it's all hogwash.

Now they just closed blind eyes to the Employers suka suka hire and fire policy of no jobs security on the flimsy excuses of restructuring and what's nonsense companies non profitability.

Getting rid of old workers with their hard earned years of toils salaries and replacing with cheaper ones. Especially the Foreign Trashes.

One time, even if the NTUC is a toothless Tiger, at least workers and some junior management staff
are retrenched with sufficient benefits befitting of their years of service.

Now, tai lan pan hey? Kill and set fire to the workers with not even paying them their owe salaries like Offo

What's has the Employment scene
Come To?

Explorixation of Workers with closed eyes by the Government.

Anonymous said...

Who is betraying the Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...


///PS. Heng Swee Kiat's budget speech spoke about more restrictions on S pass and dependent pass for foreigners to deal with this problem. Hope it is not just lip service.///

First of all, Ah Heng didn't mention about dependent pass at all.

Second, the restrictions are for Work Permit & S-Pass in services sectors --- which are jobs paying too low salaries for most Sinkies to accept anyway.

3rdly, Ah Heng didn't mention at all about E-Pass --- these foreign workers are NOT counted in the Dependency Ratio Ceiling. Companies can hire 100% E-Pass foreigners, legal & no problem at all. E-Pass jobs ARE the jobs that Sinkies need & want.

If you don't believe me that E-Pass have no limit and not counted in DRC, please go check the MOM website, or better still -- go call MOM hotline or send black & white email to them.

Those foreign workers you see in the Biz Parks, Shenton Way, MBFC etc (IT, finance, bankers, etc) are mainly E-Pass types.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not juz the S pass or depandant pass holders foreigners. The main crux of it is the Employment Pass holders, companies can hv unlimited numbers of them with unlimited nationals to choose as long as they deemed to be talented with bogus credentials or fakes experiences or fake degrees noboli hue lah. SMEs or even MNC employee many foreigners nowadays as they were unable to control to locals, by recruiting FTs it means collateral 'Huat ah' to them.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

KNN, you are absolutely right. Heng just talked about restricting S pass and dependency ratio, not dependents.

They don't care how many E passes they are approving instead restrict S passes on jobs that Singaporeans did not want.

PMEs can go mati lah, who cares. More Indian nationals means higher productivity, like India. Singaporean PMEs low productivity.

Virgo49 said...

What's for to 35%?

That's a lot in these uncertain times ahead.

Need so many meh?

Sinkies all BTC- Boh Ta Chey?

Anonymous said...


Sinkies need jobs that pay at least $3,000/month in order to afford HDB mortgage, raise a family AND save for retirement (ALL with MINIMUM assistance from govt).

These $3K & above jobs are now MOSTLY given to E-Pass foreigners!

Don't believe me?!? Go check the annual jobs created in S'pore as reported by SingStat --- jobs going to foreigners ALWAYS VASTLY outweigh Sinkies!

Even govt dept like SingStat cannot hide the facts!

From 1990s until today, PAP still refused to address this ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM issue of E-Pass replacing Sinkies!!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "crime buster" RB:

>> they cannot get away with crimes against the seniors and PMEs. <<

Wah! Crimes ah? Call police leh 😂

>> Heng Swee Kiat's budget speech [...] Hope it is not just lip service. <<

Probably not, since the shit is already happening.

What you failed to notice or mention is the sg.gov's world-famous reputation of being pragmatic. i.e. they will introduce policy to deal with a situation --- especially one which is politically-charged --- then they will come out a months later to remind people how "successful" their policy has been. This is where SingStat goes to work to deliver "proof" in numbers.

Then after lobbying, bitching and complaining by the MNCs and local firms about getting foreign staff, the World's Foremost Pragmatic Government will reverse policy, and we're back to square one. 🤡

>> Well, the GE is around the corner. <<

As if that's going to make a difference. The PAP has a vast bag of well-proven pre-GE "tricks", plus now they have another one: if they re going to lose LOCAL support, will the numbers of NEW CITIZENS (who presumably support PAP) outweigh the numbers of locals who'll not vote PAP? You can bet the PAP will be doing the calculation. 🧐

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ Cut the alien invaders!!!

Singapore Budget 2019 Dependency Ratio Ceiling Changes

As you can see, not much lah. Sg.gov knows that Singapore depends on foreign labour to keep the place awesome and rocking!

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ huat ah, lui lai lai:

KNN 2.1 billion budget surplus ah? Wah, everybody got "free money". Better bribe the sheeple... 👌🏽✔️✔️

Anonymous said...

You think the pap's 69.9% will be reduced?

Don't gamble on that!

The masses die die will vote for pap!

Won't be surprised pap got 75% of the votes at next GE

This is $g!

$g is like that liao!

Cursory Act Is Deception said...

Examined against the backdrop of CECA (Comprehensive Exploitation Concealed Agenda) signed by PM Lee of Singapore with PM Modi of India, the Finance Minister Heng Swee Kiat's talk (about reducing quota to 35% for those of S Pass ONLY) is only a tiny drop of water in the vast Ocean of Indians of all walks of life invading, infiltrating, infesting and inflowing the entire job market in Singapore.

He is not even tackling the real problem. And the real problem is the CECA. This grossly unfair, totally lob-sided, and discriminatory agreement signed with India MUST be torn asunder and declared NULL AND VOID. Only then can Singaporean job hunters start to have a breath of fresh air.

Wake up, everybody!

Anonymous said...

Do u think those responsible for it should be sodomized by all the sinkies?😰

UG said...

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Anonymous said...

Changes to foreign hires ahead of General Election cosmetic only lah. Ratios still very high in favor of foreigners and their dependants, and will not assuage the seething anger among Sinkies, their numbers growing as more join the aging club.

Anonymous said...

UG, it's good that u know u are daft. U should offer yourself to be sodomized so u can wake up.👍

UG said...


UG said...

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UG said...


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UG said...

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Anonymous said...

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UG said...

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b said...

Politics 101 lesson 1: Politico elites do not take care of people. THey only take care of themselves. They will con people to vote for them but they only want to get power and take care of their own pockets.

b said...

Most politico elites are shareholders / directors of big companies that employed lots of foreigners. They will not put in policy to harm their own pockets.