Digital Industry, jobs go to who?

I refer to the news that a new Digital Industry Singapore Office (DISG) was launched by the PAP government as it looks forward to work better with the private sector to unlock the opportunities in a so-called “digital as usual age”, including the creation of 10,000 new jobs within the technology sector....

I have no doubt in my mind that digitalisation of our economy is the right thing to pursue. However, my main concern about this whole digital efforts centres on jobs creation. Minister Iswaran talked about the estimated 10,000 new jobs within the technology industry being created but he fell far short of saying whether those 10,000 new and better paying jobs will largely benefit Singaporeans (or not).
I ask what is so great about this scheme if those thousands and thousands of new jobs being created once again go to foreigners from overseas because of a mismatch of skills, education, training and/or experience of our own Singaporean job seekers, resulting in more and more Singaporeans ending up as Grab drivers even when our job seekers are not uneducated or IT illiterate....

Simon Lim

The above is posted by Simon Lim in TRE. I share his concern that most of the jobs may go to foreigners especially to Indians from India under CECA.

What do you think, 10% goes to Singaporeans and 90% to foreigners?

Below are two comments posted in TRE in this article showing how the people are anticipating what would gonna be the outcome.  These Singaporeans are reading such initiatives with a lot of fear, scepticism and distrust of the govt. Can the got blame the people for their misgivings? Would the govt want to prove otherwise?  Or would the govt care how it would impact the Singaporeans or how the Singaporeans feel about this?

Many former PMEs lost their decent jobs to the fake FTs dumped here by Lee Ah Long.
Meanwhile,their savings are being consumed by the HIGH COL here.
Becos many cannot qualify for social assistance due to the TYPE OF HOUSING they live in,many become impoverished.
To make things worse,the GREEDY N INCONSIDERATE SQUANDERING LEE AH LONG N HIS MONKEYS suck our CPF by scheming like CPF LIFE etc while allowing GENERAL COST OF LIVING to escalate.
This govt is UNFIT FOR DUTY N they know it.
Thus,besides having existing advantages like GRC N A CIVIL SERVICE READY TO DO ITS BIDDING,they come out with FAKE NEWS LAW to *POW CHIAK* any sg who criticises them especially aimed at good oppo sgs.
Sgs must wake up or be the cause of their own *desperation* by and by.
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10,000 is a pap fake number:
10,000 is a number that exists only for aliens FTs PRs.
10,000 is a number that does not exist for local born 70% sheep.
remember the 2 casinos and the same pap Lj who said thousands of jobs? today June 2019 no a single pap Lj or pap Cb dare to tell 70% sheep how many local born 70% sheep are employed by the 2 casinos versus total number employed by the 2 casinos.
because 94.7% are aliens FTs PRs, and 5.3% are local born 70% sheep.


Virgo49 said...

Let's see their Political Cause or Downfall of the PAP soon in the coming GE. Promises that will take years down the road.Kicking the can out of sight

Next few months will see REAL RE-destructing as their reference of retrenchments and lost of jobs.

See whether they still loved the Foreign Trashes or the locals more.

When REAL pains hits the locals they will know which way for their survivals.

When the OVER populated masses with too few jobs started to surface and they are hungry for themselves and families things will come to a HIT.

So much for clamouring BIG POP just for a few miserable dollars and now stuck with the problems of accommodating them.

Lam Pars stuck in wooden horses.Move also cannot, dismount also cannot.

Wow, let's see their mettle.

Anonymous said...

To raise the population to 10 million from the current 5.7 million, there has to be jobs in waiting for the additional 4.3 million foreigners, likely from India.

In time to come, the numbers of South Asians in Singapore would overwhelm the North East Asians.

Anonymous said...

No point no point lah, V49 8.27am!

The masses will only kpkb kpkb and kpkb!

They will also only tcss tcss and tcss!

But when come to voting........die-die pap!

Sg......early early early already like that liao!

Very very very difficult to U-turn!

Many many many are now vested in Sg!

This is the SG story!

Anonymous said...

One Thing isn't put in order here in Sinkieland - Jobs r for Foreigners (cos they created jobs for Sinkies ) & NS is for Locals Sinkies. These is the Truth Nothing but the Truth, so who to blame ~ the 69.9 Dafts Sinkies Lah!

Anonymous said...

Ya ya ya new jobs are for FTs.


69.9% don't care, still gone to pap!


Anonymous said...

Ordinary Sinkies are like daft frogs being slowly boiled to death in a cauldron.

Wake up!! Wake up to the elites' schemes before it's too late !!

Or is it already too late?

Anonymous said...

Hi 9.51am

YES! Tooooooooo late!


Virgo49 said...

Wow,so many parrots echoing the Stooges comments.

The Pay And Pay must be desperately desparate.

Virgo49 said...

5.7M and 10,000 forecasted massages figure jobs?

Enough for all?

Anonymous said...


Fintech or tradetech or securitiestech has ALREADY affected you. That's why DBS cutting you & the other bunch of remeisiers off.

The notion that you deserve a job & good salary just becoz you show face & able to follow instructions & do the steps of the job & just talk to people IS LONG GONE in S'pore and other developed cities around the world.

If you can only do the above (no matter what job --- road sweeper or doctor), then your salary & job prospects will be pegged to the next easily imported immigrant road sweeper or immigrant doctor.

Anonymous said...

have wittingly
willingly pawned themselves
condoned their Rulers
to sell the Country.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Systemic Failure Is Too Glaring

Basically, the whole world has changed over the last 20 years because of globalisation. At first, it seemed that globalization had brought about only goodness. Nobody wanted to talk or even think about the downsides, the ills and side-effects that globalisation would bring about. Every leader, adviser, consultant and top civil servant simply follow the direction that the global wind was blowing. No one had bothered to take a step back and look from a distance to get the proper perspective. Why?

As a result, Singapore has also changed tremendously over the last 20 years, especially in three areas - banking and finance, human resource and immigration, and jobs and skills/talents.

However, the leadership has not change - old dogs cannot learn new tricks, fear of change or too stubborn to change.

The people's attitude, behaviour, mentality, skills sets and talent pools also have not change. So, there is a dichotomy, irony, dilemma and misfit in almost every aspect of the whole society.

Clearly, there is a systemic failure, whether deliberate (self-sabotage) or otherwise (lack of vision, foresight and initiative).

Whose fault? Answer:

1. Ministry of Education has failed miserably and horrendously in churning out the talents needed.

2. Ministry of Manpower has failed to project and ensure the training of local people to cater for the needs of industries (foreign and local). Over-reliance on foreign workers and talents, laziness (taking the easy way out) and lack of ideas are the causes of this unfortunate but preventable failure.

3. Immigation Authority, under Ministry of Home Affairs, has failed to control, screen and restrict the influx of undesirable, unwanted and unnecessary foreign elements who post as foreign talents but were actually redundants, fakes, frauds and criminals. These failures should not have been tolerated but they were allowed to pass. So something must be very wrong with the overall system.

5. The PMO has failed to coordinate and fine-tune the policies created with the various Ministries. The tendency to leave everything to the Ministers to decide as they please has been clearly and glaringly exemplified in the recently passed POFM Act. This means it is time for the PM to retire. New DNA is required.

4. The above three Ministries should bare the full responsibility of this systemic failure, although the other Ministries are also partly to blame.

What is/was the cause of this systemic failure? Answer:

Over-paid Ministers and top civil servants. Nobody wants to rock the boat and get himself sack because the money was/is too good to believe. Nowhere else in the world can such rewards be expected by a mere public servant (both politician and civil servant).

Good luck Singapore!

Virgo49 said...

Now Nexflix new Korean Drama series "Chiefs of Staff"

The Corridors of wheeling and saboing in the Power of Politicians

Follow the Korean fiery styles of their temperents and straight to honest and kills ways of lives.

Not hypocritical our ways of lives where everyone is hiding and NOT telling the truths.

Politicians and Top Evil Serpents covering their failures and hoping for time that things will past.

In time to come,all be exposed and calamities will strike with no mercy.

The future descendents of Sinkies will pay dearly for their blunders.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

When millionaire politicians run out of idea and hanging on to a miserable 2% or less GDP growth and still demanding to be paid in the millions, what can you expect?

With this kind of non growth built on non productive headcounts of imported labour, how far can it go, more a case of blowing the population balloon until it bursts.

In the commercial factor, the CEO would be sacked long ago and replaced, or the company closed down.

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...
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Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

DId you see that? Boeing used USD 9 per hr "engineers" to develop software for the 737 MAX. HCL did the software for the plane, Cyient for the flight tests.

I notice something very interesting on their websites. When they tout their services, the always use ang mohs to do it. I wonder why this is?

Anyway, I hope that they are not responsible for the terrible performance of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Some news reports are mischievously alluding to the idea that these "cheap engineers no good lah", as Boeing got rid of its old engineers to save money.

The news media is being very cheeky trying to link the idea of cheap engineers with the dangerous outcome (i.e. fatal crashes). I don't think they've found a link, but the news media are a cheeky bunch of so-and-so's who love to make trouble and suggest things that they have no proof of.

Everyone is well aware that Indian engineers are top-notch. That's why they get the work.

Anonymous said...

RB 106pm

......but 69.9% still voted for them!


Anonymous said...


Everyone is well aware that Indian engineers are top-notch. That's why they get the work.
July 02, 2019 1:10 pm

Your everyone means Matilah and maybe the Americans in Boeing?

If you are referring talk only, I think everyone will agree with you.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:38pm

70% of Singapore GOVT IT jobs involve significant Ahneh IT (usually indirectly thru a few layers of different companies), especially when it comes to the parts that no Sinkie likes to do i.e. coding, debugging, turnkey system development etc.

My first involvement with Ahneh IT staffing in govt-related areas was way back in 1994 when I was in a stat board. Many of those early Ahnehs were quite terrible in IT actually. But the quality improved in the 2000s.

Previously in the late-1980s to early-1990s, a lot of Indoes(almost always of chinese ancestry) and Hongkies. BTW in the 1990s, those chinese Indoes & Hongkies automatically invited to get PR after 6 months working in S'pore.

Also got quite a few Cheena IT staffing from early-1990s, but problem is their lack of English communication. And worse of all, majority don't bother to put in effort to improve in order to communicate with govt ministries / stat boards. Hence most Cheena IT confined to SME's chinese-speaking work environment & also helping those SME's expand local biz into China.

From my experience with those Cheena IT staff who put in effort to master English and get jobs in govt stat boards, they are usually very solid, better than locals & ahnehs.

Anonymous said...

Under pressures from US companies and EU leaders, Trump has lifted the ban on Huawei.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous July 02, 2019 9:25 am
///Ya ya ya new jobs are for FTs.


69.9% don't care, still gone to pap!



Not only fts but better if Indians under CECA get the high paying jobs.

Next erection best 93%?

Abdullah Ayer Rajah GC Bungalow Tan's deposit also kena forfeited?

That will be the BEST SLAP on the faces for those kpkb tcss?

Support CECA and PAP all the way (mai tan liao)?

Sounds good?


Anonymous said...

@Frog Outside Glass July 02, 2019 5:38 pm
//Under pressures from US companies and EU leaders, Trump has lifted the ban on Huawei.//

The HK opposition said the HK student protesters walked right into a trap

The story line is quite predictable after this?

(Likely) Act 1:

The HK public opinion ("made" to) swing against the protesters?

(Likely) Act 2:

With the trade truce and the window period gained, they will likely turn against the protesters.

Act 3:

Sooner of later, the Act will likely be passed into law?


Just watch what happen in the coming days, weeks and months?

Anonymous said...

After HK (more or less settled) , likely ROC could be next "target "?

The Japanese must be worried sick?

Cos eventually they know what is likely to ensue?

Anonymous said...

So it is better small nation states like Sinkieland is closer to India and the Americunts?

Create more Chennai Biz Parks, more Little Indias all over sinkieland?

PAP is the BEST for Sinkieland

India Nasi Bryani is one of the best Indian food on earth

Super tasty.

Yum Yum.

Nasi Kandar is also one of the best Indian food on earth

Between that and white chicken rice, Indian Nasi Bryani and Nasi Kandar is preferred (for mee)

Just flood the rice with several version of Indian curry.







More Indians work in Sinkieland Best!

More varieties and choices of Indian food to eat.

Kishore already said Indian engineers top notch in the world.

Indian foreign talent is (likely) the (only) answer to Sinkieland's AISG and DISG objectives


Chiong Ah

(Mai Tan Liao)

Should have rolled out the RED CARPETS yesterday to WELCOME ALL THE TOP NOTCH INDIAN TALENT.

Now or tmr a bit late le.

But better late than never.

Double down?

Roll out 100 times more RED CARPETS?

From Changi airport till Chennai Biz Park and Little India (and to Ahem... MBFC and Asia Square if Ang Tao dun mind)?



Anonymous said...

Supporting PAP, CECA and Indian FTs all the way.

Mai Tan Liao.

Best Indians become majority asap.

Cos the future is in India.

India is the future in Asia.

Virgo49 said...

Sinkieland become Land of SHITS.

Top Notch Engineers with collasping Bridges, Buildings, Roads and MRT tunnels etc.

From socalled First World to the Fourth

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49 July 02, 2019 6:50 pm
//Top Notch Engineers with collasping Bridges, Buildings, Roads and MRT tunnels etc.//


"7 killed after building in Shanghai collapses" Source: CNA

Anonymous said...

Agree with the above comments on CECA and bringing in more Indians to fill top jobs that lazy Singaporeans did not want. And when there are enough Indians here, the Cheenas would not dare to say Singapore not ready for India PM. More Indian FTs and more Indian new citizens are the way to go for Singapore to survive into the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

Singapore's Hotel New World collapsed how many casualties? 33 dead and more than 200 injured?

Anonymous said...

Clap clap clap!

1001% agree.


Anonymous said...


Going forward will start to post in our 4th official language aka Tamil.

Will learn bit by bit

Indian experts and compatriots and comrades willing to teach Tamil and Hindi for educational purpose will be most WELCOME!


Anonymous said...

Trump agreed to peace in Afghanistan on the Talibans' Terms.

Mexico's President wants to disband the country's army so that US Forces can easily walk over to annex it as the 51at State of USA.

Canada's Boy PM True-dog is also thinking of joining USA as its 52nd State.

Anonymous said...

Singapore can become the 53rd state of USA.

Anonymous said...

And will eat Indian curry and prata everyday till become fluent in (at least) Tamil (but preferably both including Hindi).

Akan Datang

Coming soon

Comment in (our 4th language) Tamil

Learn now before it is too late?

Ride and leverage on Asia's future superpower aka Indian growth story

Anonymous said...

Sthg not impossible?


Alternatively how about India?

Virgo49 said...

Anon 6.50

Shanghai Building may be already 500 years old.

India practically every other day, this or that collapsed or buried.

Wah, you must be a black ant or chiap cheng Chenna who loves Indian Curry like our Lau Goh so muchche

Anonymous said...

@Virgo49 July 02, 2019 8:29 pm

//Anon 6.50//

Ha ha ha

U senile?

Ownself posted @ 6.50pm then call own self anon 6.50pm and own self chap cheng cheena...

See below:
//Virgo49July 02, 2019 6:50 pm

Sinkieland become Land of SHITS.//

Ha ha ha

Called ownself chap cheng cheena... (finally admitted u r one?)


Anonymous said...

Kishore famous mantra :


M -

P - Pragmatism

H -

From historical devt, at present can see that India has a very young population and its economy is up and coming?

According to China own ex-minister children, including one Keyu Jin, she said China now in the Middle Income Trap. Population aging rapidly. Worst still, those from 4-yo to 38-yo the Little Emperors ONE-CHILD POLICY generation?


So what is more Pragmatic?

Lean towards who?

The answer is quite obvious?

Eat more curry and roti chanai (virgo49, roti prata name in KL, JB, Penang, Melaka and in fact whole of matland rt? U should know since u keow gui everytime go GENTS)

Shiok shiok

tehchew got one saying

"Ti ko liang ti ko chor"


Tehchew :

"Lai ...

Chor Chor Chor

Chor Na Jit kai kelingkia chiu kar liang liang leh

Mai Ngai

Ti ko liang ti ko chor

Ah hia, ler ta si hm si? "

Anonymous said...

10.55pm anon, u really very kualan in your comment. I wanted to sodomize you to cure u from this nasty behaviour. 😀

Anonymous said...

To protect their self interests, the rest of asia should support India and Japan to counterbalance the ah Tiong?

Pot And Kettle Both Black. said...

I see down here not only Lau ah pek tcss and kpkb. I see those anti-lau-Ah-Pek and Anti-China elements are even more vicious in their tcss and kpkb. Racist and Extremist even. Must have been radicalized by the Internet?

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Keillings. Kelilings lovers.

Have your daughters and sons marry the kelilings.

Dragons screwed by the snakes.

Sai Suay.

These are the beans that even dogs dont want to screw will marry kelilings.

Virgo 49 said...

Some Mfuckers are just too jealous that they have nowhere or Sanctuary to go in case sinking land sinks.

Saying why properties in Melaka instead of China.

Melaka cannot.Why must be in China. Your wish or my wish.

Cocks. Eyes red red ah?

You be boiled alive here in Sinking Land soon.

Still sleeping when the whole country is already overan and under siege.

Still welcoming your conquerors

Virgo 49 said...

���� China no need fight war with India lah.

The kelilings will perish by herself with her heavily overpopulated and unemployment and starvation.

Years ago interdependence and still land of shits.

Worked one hour slept three hours everywhere even near Dustin shafts and void decks.

Dead bodies lying all round the housing estates

Virgo 49 said...

Just to add: NOT ENOUGH PAINS yet for thr lot of you.

See whether the Anhehs or Ah Tiongs will save your arses

Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ "Dancing Fool, 1130

>> Ah Tiong shameful video:
Crazy Lao Ah Pek falling into Ah Tiong trap <<

Fuck, this one better lah . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7u1aXFdW2w

All the Lao Ah Pek ran away....no business...🤣

Virgo 49 said...

Young punks believed in the Western propaganda of all these shits.

Idiots to believe everything they propagated.

Bait, hook sinker and your life.

imho said...

If gahmen do not bring in FTs, who is going to rent those highly priced condo which some of them owned by gahmen and their relatives?

Its the same in Oz. So many unemployed but still giving out temp working visas endlessly.

Its not about race, its about GREED! Blame those landlords not the migrants.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Ah Nehs Lovers.

Shits Times reported Ah Neh molested young girls as young as ten to thirteen at Hougang Swimming Complex.

Hope not your daughters or your nieces.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

My personal experience with these foreigners meddling with IT systems. The more they meddled, the worse and unstable the systems become.

Do not let them mess around with your IT system.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, do not be surprised that so many companies and govt agencies data kena hacked are maintained by these trash foreign talents IT personnel as employed by the penny wise pound foolish employers.

Once a Jap Co which I had worked with them employed a Pinoy IT administor with daily IT breakdowns every other day.

HR and General Affairs Manager wanted to curry favours and save cost for Company so that he may have benefits on his own.

Jap MD everyday just played golf or lunches with clients and leave office affairs to the local managers who are jostling and fighting for power amgonst them.

Most local managers are just half bucket of shits only know how to entrench themsleves for promotion and monies and powers.

But too cowardly to use for right decisions. Local Sinkies suffered under them.