Portraits of Masters Athletes - A tribute

Tan Yew Yong, fastest in his age group
Wong Foong Yee, fastest in 400m
Henry Lim
Charles Ang, sprinter and everything else
Leong Hon Cheong, fast sprinter
Mogan, residing in Perth but always returned where there is a meet
Tan Kim Seng, still nursing his injury and running and jumping
Tan Nam Chong, marathoner turned sprinter
Jack Lam, the most improved sprinter
Sprinter from another club

Chee Seng took this for me using my camera
Young master Augustino
The ladies masters are going to kill me if I leave them out. Here is one from another club

Another from another club
Here is Christina Tay aka TayC, not kopi O

She is from SMA, can't remember her name
Abitha, the most improved lady master
Shuh Lan
Karen, a sprinter, marathoner, jumper, javelin thrower and everything you want to know
This is Yenn
She is from another club
Thana, our middle distance champion
First time see this uncle
Michael, the medal collector

John Chua, his fuel to run is alcohol, oops I mean wine

Wee Teck, just returned to running and is slashing his timings in every race

(Just received this pic taken by Ming Ham, nearly all the masters from SMTFA taking part on 27/7/19 were in the pic.)

This is a tribute to all the masters that made it to this meet. Of course there were many more but these few happened to run into my camera lens. I was unable to take too often when I was also running. Very difficult to worry about my camera in my bag unattended. Risk this time to try out some shots.


Unknown said...

Fantastic tributes. Thanks

Run to live, live to run said...

Chin Leng, TayC Siew Dai. Let's go!!