When lawlessness is fun

The big demonstrations in Hong Kong were amazing. For whatever reasons, the Hongkongers think they were strong enough to put pressure on Beijing by their show of force, that they were a different people, different from Chinese in China and deserved to be treated differently, have their own laws and their own country, an independent Hong Kong. The Hongkongers think Beijing would have to respect their rights and feelings and cut off Hong Kong from the mother land to be an independent country and not to bother that Hong Kong could be a cancer growing under the instigation and control of hostile forces to destabilize China.
The demonstrators, mostly young people, must be basking in their days of power, rioting, anarchy, that they were in control of their destiny, in control of Hong Kong, that the Hong Kong govt is hapless and could not do anything to them. China also could not do anything to them as the foreigners would be there to tear down China for taking actions against their lawlessness in breaking and tearing down Parliament House.

It was a great feeling, to be above the law, to break the law with impunity. It was power in the hands of the young mobsters. They even took liberty at the police, attacked them for wanting to maintain law and order. The young mobsters are the law, untouchable. They could decide what they want to do with Hong Kong, beat up anyone, tear down any building they want. They think they are the new masters of Hong Kong.

Then came 22 Jul, at the Yuen Long Train Station, another group of young mobsters appeared to challenge the young mobsters that had ran riot all over Hong Kong for the last few weeks. The new mobsters in white Ts took on the original mobsters in black Ts and beat them up. Many of the boys and girls were screaming and crying in fear and in pain, something alien to them. In the past weeks they were cheering and jeering, taunting and cursing at the govt and police and throwing stones at them in jubilant cries of power and triumph. They were the brave ones, the ones that were beating other people, throwing bottles and all kinds of things at their victims, including the police.

On 22 Jul, the table turned. They became the crying victims, squeezing into little corners in the train cabin to avoid being beaten. Some went on their knees crying and begging for the beating to stop. Some went accusing the police for not coming to their aid. The police were their victims, beaten by them, and they were demanding that the police must come and protect them from the white mobsters. Do they need the police, do they respect the police, do they know that they were the ones attacking the police just a few days earlier?
Lawlessness greeted with lawlessness. The hunters became the hunted. The thugs got beaten by the thugs. The brave front of invincibility and lawless became meek victims crying for help.

What happened? Where have the arrogance of lawlessness and brashness gone? Where have all the bravadoes and defiance gone? They went berserk over a few days of lawlessness until their roof came crashing down. It was unreal.

This is only the beginning. The lesson of growing up is just beginning. The time for naivety is over. Stop behaving like spoilt brats in the world of adults. Get real. Kids are kids and should not be playing with fire. The future of a nation of 1.35b people cannot be thrashed by a few young punks who think they own Hong Kong and want to decide the fate of Hong Kong and China. Hong Kong is China and would not be parted.


Virgo 49 said...

Mr RB, sama sama everywhere.

Even in Taiwan, young punks wet behind their ears and have not tasted hardships like their fore generations with too many bananas stuck un their mouths under the influence of the Whites fought against their Establishments.

Easily conned just by some who promised them what's Western Bourgeoisie Demo crazy and Freedom.

Voted that Tsai Ing Wen who created Hell for them. Also fighting against China for Independence and leaning towards the Americunts.Thinking that they are their Godfathers to save them.

Not knowing that when China is been trampled upon they themselves will also be trampled on worse than China.

The Whites cannnot hide their hatred for the Coloured People forever.

Their hypocrisies has been exposed by the now Dotard Trump who publicly condemned them like the Mats ordering the Malaysian Chinese to fark off.

Not knowing that they themselves are also not the Rightful Owners of their Land.

WWW III akan datang.

Anonymous said...

If the triads had chop off a few limbs, it wud be killing a chicken to scare the monkeys.

Anonymous said...

The white youths just taught the black T mobs a lesson. Caned them but did not do more harm to them.

Many expressed no sympathy for the silly black T mobs. They deserved the beating.

Anonymous said...

This is just a thought. Does anyone suspect that the CIA or the MI6 have a hand in this riots?

Anonymous said...

Don't know what to say about hk.

Don't know call them HERO or ZERO?

BTW just watch.........


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ RB

Despite your sarcastic tone, you fail to see that short bouts of “boh cheng hu” can be actually “liberating”.

Whilst the gangland culture has been toned down in most Chinese societies, it is alive and well in Hong Kong.

You have to appreciate one thing about the Cantonese: they are AGGRESSIVE and can be provoked easily into being HOSTILE. Lingnin culture is famed for producing various manner of pugilists and kungfu fighters. They are also well-known for their gangs and gangland culture.

In Singapore most of this stuff has been “cleaned up”...IMO to the detriment of the society and the culture at large. We used to have gangs, gang fights...with names like: Zero-Eight, Black and White, Two-Four etc contributing to our coloured history. Unfortunately most of this stuff is LOST on the young, and even forgotten to those who were there.

Many fathers of our current politicians used to run with the gangs of Singapore. Gang fights were seriously violent, brutal and deadly affairs. Teens as young as 12 would sometimes enter the “battles”. Bearing scrapers (many gangsters were mechanics), acid bulbs, chains, parangs, choppers, knives, steel bar and occasionally firearms were used in gang clashes in the Jalan Besar, Katong-Geylang-Joo Chiat, Red Hill-Commonwealth-Queenstown, Jurong, the Chu Kangs...it was exciting times!

Across the Causeway, there was even a more violent scene. Malaysian gangsters are extra CRAZY ---- they will engage the police directly, and fight to the death.

Now, both cuntries pride themsleves in being “civilized” with a strong Rule of Law governing the societies. You think this is good? Yes, but it has severe downsides---the main one being the govt can fuck around with you and you are powerless.

How long do you think a Najib Razak would last in Hong Kong, once the ire of The People reached a tipping point? How do you think the PAP’s enduring curtailment of free speech and expression would fair under the “individualism” of your average Hongkie?

The Gangs Of Hong Kong are a spontaneous, non-centralised EMERGENT PROPERTY of the SPIRIT of Hong Kong’s people. They represent DEFIANCE to authority, when that so-called authority has crossed “the line” in the minds of the people.

How many of the so-called issues would we have now if Singapore still had its gangs? How many foreigners would “get away scott free” with bullying locals? Maybe businesses which hire too many foreign workers would “mysteriously” burn to the ground?

Do I advocate lawlessness? Under certain circumstances absolutely. The People are allowed to make bad decisions as they are allowed to make good ones. As a collective, People Power might be “unruly mob power”, but it is still People Power.

The principle of Government for the people and by the people will be upheld...even though the govt might presently have the laws and guns on their side.

...ad if the people fuck it up, and fuck up their own society and cuntry…SO BE IT.

Violence is so underrated and too often written off as “taboo” for a solution. The reality is VIOLENCE IS EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, especially when people don’t respond to, or ridicule reason and polite “normative” behaviour.

Sometimes LAWLESSNESS IS NECESSARY. ANARCHY IS OCCASIONALLY THE BEST CHOICE. And sometimes The People need to drag the government officials out, hang them in public, burn them at the stake...or the way the “stylish and chique” French do it: chop off their heads with a specially designed machine. 🤣😆

Gang Stocks Guy said...

The young punks have forgotten the Boxers Uprising. The Triads even took on the corrupt Ching Dynadty rulers for the sake of Motherland China by sacrificing their own lives by the thosands and thousands. What is a few hundred chicken-backside students instigated by CIA and MI5 agents in Hongkong?

Many youngsters and academics don't understand that in any country, there are always two sets of governments/rulers - the open and official government and the underground hidden government. Same like the police - open police and undercover police.

The elected government runs the country openly. The underground Triad Societies run the underworld.

Those lawless and traitorous HK students, calling themselves champions for democracy, have been:

1. Raiding and destroying the sacrosanct HK Parliament,

2. Attacking and beseighing the HK Police HQ,

3. Attacking and beseighing China's Liaison Office in HK,

4. Attacking the uniformed Police who were on official duties, trying to maintain peace, law and order,

5. Disrupting and causing losses to tradees and businesses,

6. Disrupting and frightening tourists and ordinary peace-loving law-abiding peoples' lives.

Those actions have angered the Triad Societies greatly. The first counter-attack by the Triad members should have brought about lessons to be learnt by the lawless students. Otherwise, more counter-attacks will be forth-coming.

Anonymous said...

Matilar, u crazy or what supporting lawlessness. u need to be sodomized lar then u know what lawlessness actually mean.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I thought of running in the Hong Kong Masters in a Nov. Probably not going with the rioting.

The heart of martial arts and triad activities were in Foshan, Tientsin and Shanghai. Hong Kong came in later, after WW2.

Anonymous said...


Various actors are resorting to extra-legal methods --- those elements of blacks & whites are basically just paid mercenaries. But as always, they tend to go after the easy targets --- small shops & businesses by the blacks, and non-violent protestors & passengers by the whites.

The paid mercenaries won't like to engage each other (at least not voluntarily). They are not paid well enough for loss of life or limb.

The bottom line is that many HK'ers (especially those below 40) have REAL GRIEVANCES which are PRIMARILY on extremely high cost of living, unaffordability of flats, unaffordability of getting married & raising a family, longest working hours (even worse than SG) ... and that anger is being directed at the authorities for not being able to improve their lives. The extradition bill is seen as Beijing's version of "No bread?? Eat cake lorr!!!" or "What you want?? Hawker centre, food court, or restaurant?!?"

It's not the extradition bill PER SE. But the feeling that Beijing & the authorities can't be bothered to solve their problems & in fact making things harder.

You be surprised, but MANY senior Cheena officials in Beijing KNOW the actual reasons. The problem is that there are no easy solutions. And obviously they cannot openly say they are not competent enough & HK'ers just need to suffer some more.

The proposed Greater Bay Area economic zone initiative will help HK'ers in their grievances, BUT the benefits will likely go to their next generations. Those especially in their 30s & 40s will likely not benefit, if they already can't make it in current HK.

The best that Beijing can do is to be open & honest, maybe re-direct more $$$$$$$$$$$ towards HK welfare & subsidies, and try to accelerate the GBA programme. And many of the Cheena senior officials are thinking the same way.


Anonymous said...

As long as HKers want to remain as One Cuntree Two Cheeby-Holes System, it would be stupid for China to pour in money to help make the HK System works well. China should lay off and let the HKers run the show to the ground. They asked for it.

Only when the HKers start thinking or rejoining the Motherland fully, like all other parts of China, should the Central Government give a hand.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Why blame Beijing? One country two systems, Hongkongers ruled Hong Kong. Beijing only responsible for defence and foreign affairs.

Beijing cannot be involved unless it is national emergency.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News : Chinese military can be deployed at Hong Kong’s request to contain protests, Beijing says

Anonymous said...

@RB, @All,

No worries --- Xi will use both methods on HK ... security clampdown as well as increased welfare support. Just like after 1989 Tiananmen.

There's 2 big camps in Beijing & Xi is navigating both sides.

All in all, good show for the whole world to see! Hahaha!!!

BTW both China & HK authorities are keen to suppress the demonstrations, but not in a bloody way, so as to prevent more Billions from being sent to Singapore. We have already probably received upwards of $100M from HK tycoons & billionaires becoz of the unrest. Singapore is a big benefactor & if we have the guts, we should be doing black ops to fund more HK protestors to kill & burn.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ More complexity and intrigue

This is becoming one helluva shit-show.

Police (govt) tries to suppress protestors. Then gangsters attack protestors and police "buat bodoh". Meanwhile, in the garrison, PRC troops fix bayonets and await orders to "restore law and order".

Sounds like a (another?) Chinese Civil War is about to start. What is required now is for the Kuomintang to jump in and join the "activities" and it'll be a real party for the world to see, and for the history books to feature. 😂🤣

Oi. Taipeh...are you up to it?