CIA Orchestrated Hong Kong Violent Riots

Treason has been committed in the violent Hong Kong riots. The ring leaders must be rounded up and retained incommunicado. They should then be sentenced and face the death penalty for high treason against the Chinese national state which includes Hong Kong and Taiwan. Some of the more prominent treacherous ring leaders are Martin Lee, a lawyer, Anson Chan , former senior officer in the British Hong Kong Administration, Benny Tai, a lawyer, Edward Leung, Ray Wong, Joshua Wong and Audrey Eu Yuet Mee. No mercy should be shown to them.

The riots is part of USA's overall strategy to contain and bring down China. There is a ceaseless conspiracy between these faceless undignified rogue ring leaders and the CIA of the United States to create a similar USA funded, supported and orchestrated Tiananmen counter revolution in June, 1989. 

In the past few years  there have been both overt  and covert secret meetings between these ring leaders and USA embassy officers, CIA agents, Congressmen and US senators both in Hong Kong and in America. These ring leaders are despicable US running dogs who have no shame in conniving with the Evil Empire to destroy China. They are all in the payroll of CIA.

The riots did not just start overnight. It has been well organized and orchestrated by CIA. The whole strategy is to incite and lure China's PLA to intervene to quell the seemingly unquenchable riots so as to provide USA ammunition to demonize China for brutal intervention as Hong Kong's Tiananmen. Its hidden agenda is to warn Taiwan of the danger of one country two systems and thus has the toxic objective of preventing the eventual unification of Taiwan and mainland China.

USA evil objective of containing and bringing down China must not be allowed to succeed. Patience and endurance has its limits and if the US conspiracy plans perennial riots to destabilise Hong Kong. then the HKSAR's government must invoke the vital clause to call for PLA to take over control of the rioters whose ring leaders conspiracy with USA is clearly just to take down the HKSAR's government and discredit the Central Government in Beijing.


Thursday, 31st July, 2019


Anonymous said...

This is called "wag the dog" LOL!!!!

The simplest explanation (and thus most likely) is simply that both HK & Cheena govts are too incompetent to tackle the bottom 50% of peoples' problems in HK over the last 20 years.

Die die cannot admit mah!!!

Anonymous said...

China and Russia should give the Evil Empire its own medicine. In Hawaii, the Hawaiian natives are not happy that their country had been forcefully and violently annexed by the Evil Empire. China and Russia should plan to organize the Hawaiian patriotic front to fight the Evil Empire's illegal occupation of Hawaii. The native Hawaiian natives should be supplied and armed with modern weapons to stage a national struggle against USA until it is defeated and Hawaii gets its independence.

Anonymous said...

ReF: 12:56

What about Puerto Rico and Guam? They too were illegally occupied by the American rogues and scoundrels. The United Organisations Organisation should take up their case and fight for their independence.

Virgo 49 said...

Wow the Brits with their hundred over years rule created the problems and China giving them Autonomy for 20 odd years must solve their problems?

If China were to take back immediate Honkies will be better off than Sinkies or Taiwanese today

Gave them Autonomy and yet they don't appreciate.


Anonymous said...

In the United States the native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans are very angry and unhappy for being bullied and trampled by the dominant white savage invaders from Europe. I think the American ground is ripe for open rebellion against white domination and control. All other countries should support, fund and organize these groups and arm them to resist white domination and fight for separate independent states for the native Americans, the African Americans and the Mexican Americans.

Virgo 49 said...

If China were to rule straightaway. Honkies would not be in this prediment today.

China's robust economy can easily absorbed them as under one country.

Honkies just need to cross over and offered their expertise in whatsoever they have in finding employment in their cities.

Lower skilled chickens at Temple Street can also offered their front and back to them.

Afterall they are notorious for the century old profession which beats other dialects.

PRC will take back all the land from their own capitalists Honkies who like Sinkieland capitalists exploited their own by holding their bank land and jacking up the property prices.

Our Great Short Arse Mah who is also maybe a decadent from HK.

Honkies will be living in the vast New Territories bungalows and terrace houses.Not in rat cages and diapliated old prewar houses which are death traps.

So if China took back HK 20 years BACK it will be really called Fragrant Harbour.


Anonymous said...

The US consulate in Hong Kong is a hot nest of American spies and CIA agents. It seems US has posted over one thousand officers in the consulate. It is far too many and more than what any decent consulate requires. They are out there to spy and create troubles and instabilities not only for China and Hong Kong but also for Asean countries around the fringe of the South China Sea. China should ask US to scale down its consulate to just around one hundred.

Most of these US consulate staff officers have taken liberty to visit China for long vacations puportedly for holidays but actually engaging in secret clandestine activities with Chinese internal traitors who would not hesitate to sell the country down just for a few American dollars. Many of these consulate staff officers will visit the Chinese country side, schools and colleges as NGOs and then take the opportunity to brainwash and indoctrinate the students and people with toxic propaganda against the Chinese government. In fact some American professors who were supposed to lecture on academic subjects in Xinghua and Fudan University were asked by the students why they were talking to them on politics slanted and bias against China. China and for that matter all Asian countries especially Asean countries should be more careful and wary of engaging US academicians.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I still feel that it is better for China not to do anything at the moment and let the Hongkies destroy HongKong themselves.

As for the discriminated coloured Americans, not to worry, Trump is doing the right thing, to attack them and provoke them to revoke.

Anonymous said...


Hahaha!!! I have a few hongkie friends & ex-colleagues --- both rich types as well as average.

They all say the same thing --- life now under prc is tougher than under brits. Even for the rich hongkies.

Of course the richer hongkies have more options & flexibility, just like richer sinkies!! LOL!!!

Virgo 49 said...

Why Hongkies scared to be under the PRCs?

Been having influenced by the West that Commies are BAD.

Those who are with many unseen bad deeds are too afraid to be under the Commies.

One bullet to the head no nonsense.

Innocent ones got no fears.

Capitalists normally most are tarred with guilts.

Corruptions and nepotism.

That's why they run away to most white men's countries.

After a while, found that they discriminated them more than the PRCs.

Now PRCs more wealthier and free than them and Chinkees mentalities are such that they bay siong.

Chinkees mentalities as such.

You are poorer than them, they scorned you.

When you are better off than them, they envy and waiting for you to fall.

That's why you see Sinkies Land Oppo can never cooperate and others knew very well to exploit us.

See Today's Shits Times.All thr comments by the Others of that Black Ants insults to the Sinkies chinkees.

Their reasons and excuses as though we are the Ones who started these discriminations against them and justifiable that they hits back.

Putucherry and their kind said what's happened we hits back at the minorities.

Why in the World did Sinkies Chinkees cares so much of these trivial nonsense.

Only interested in making more monies and boh chap bo hiu as long as we are not affected.

Anonymous said...

The US, UK, Taiwan and possibly Japan and their Allies have perenially being doing whatever damage they could against China.
The PRC certainly was and is aware of it. And if China is not taking measure to counter them, it is Chinas' fault and negligence.
The PRC has thus far done well economically and in weaponry advancement.
it's measures against foreign influences in cultural subversion, interferenxe and espionage do not seem as effective as desire.
The Chinese Central Government does quite a good job in dealing with errant mainlanders from the Lowest to High Ranking Officials.
when coming to Taiwanese, Hongkies and Aliens, China appears not quite able to handle them.
As said in this Blog,
the Traitors and Whoever found to betray and destabilize China must be punished for treason and given maximun sentence.
lt has to be done fast and in public. Allowing demonstration, vandalism and rioting to fester is dangerous, very dangerous.
throughout the World will not want to sèe China to be a sick nation except of course the Traitorous Bananas.

Anyone in China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Hainan and Macau carrying and displaying alien national flags should be flogged on the Spot by any compatriot and be charged for treason and sentenced to death by firing squad in public.
There cannot be any pardon for treason.

Anonymous said...


Dont worry. They will make HK great again.

Sinkieland is becoming greater. More & more sinkies are buying penthouses & expensive condos for their young kids, even those below 21.


I'm surprised bloomberg took so long to report. Has been going on since the peak prices & major cooling measures in 2013.

Virgo 49 said...

Hong Kong with Typhoon No 10 on the way will wipe out the daft Protesters who expended their energies needlessly.

Ironic. The Black Shirts protesters protested against the Extradition Bill whereas the White Shirts supposed to be triads which should be more afraid of the Bill whacked them.

What's IRONY?

Anonymous said...

Traitors seek to separate Hong Kong and fuel street violence

- Some protest forces in Hong Kong are closely connected with foreign politicians

- Western politicians have penetrated Hong Kong years ago, looking for opportunities to brainwash local society and foster leaders for a color revolution

- The Hong Kong media mogul who financially supports the Democratic Party is believed to be manipulating Hong Kong politics behind the scenes

Protest against the Hong Kong extradition bill has been used by the opposition to create a violent movement, evident in a series of violent attacks against the Legislative Council, national emblem and innocent civilians, bringing chaos and disruption to Hong Kong's public order and affecting its economy.

It is obvious that what the opposition to the extradition bill opposes is not a simple amendment, but the rule of law in Hong Kong. It seeks to challenge the central government and make Hong Kong "independent."

As demonstrations by extremist forces in Hong Kong grow increasingly violent, the intervention of foreign forces has become more apparent. However, such intervention cannot grow in Hong Kong society without the cooperation and assistance of a group of traitors. Jimmy Lai Chee-ying and Martin Lee Chu-ming are representatives of this group of traitors.

From last year to this year, these so-called democratic leaders have had unprecedented levels of contacts with the US government and Western parliaments, forming increasingly brazen collusion that has fueled the expansion of street politics in Hong Kong.

Since past centuries, traitors have always played a special role in conflict between China and foreign powers. In addition to directly serving external forces that invade and suppress China, their role usually includes destroying the internal solidarity of the Chinese people and helping external forces brainwash the Chinese people. Jimmy Lai Chee-ying and Martin Lee Chu-ming are typical examples of modern traitors.

Anonymous said...

(Continued . .)

US intervention

In March and May, major representatives of the Hong Kong rebellion, including Anson Chan Fang On-sang and Martin Lee Chu-ming, both of whom received donations from Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, led the Civic Party in Hong Kong to meet with US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and US Vice President Mike Pence, starting an international war of public opinion against the extradition bill.

In a provocative move by the Apple Daily, a Hong Kong-based newspaper founded in 1995 by Jimmy Lai Chee Ying, a leaflet that could be used as a protest sign for rioters in the field was published in the paper.

Hong Kong is fighting for the US, according to a US media report published within a week after Lai's meeting with senior US officials.

"Lai did not elaborate what kind of support US officials have committed, instead, he said that the US officials well understand Hong Kong is fighting for the US in the new cold war," said Voice of America on July 12 in its Chinese version.

"Mike Pence and Michael Pompeo met Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, in some way that is a symbol that the US' strategy in Hong Kong has succeeded, Lai was there to claim an award from the US," Chan Man-hung, director of the One Belt One Road Research Institute at the Chu Hai College of Higher Education in Hong Kong, was quoted as saying in an interview with Hong Kong-based media outlet takungpao.com on July 24.

Chan said that the US has been proactively intervening in protests against an extradition bill that would allow criminal suspects to be extradited to the Chinese mainland, Macao, and the island of Taiwan, and that Lai was overseeing implementation of the protests.

Taking a close look at the protests and aftermath in Hong Kong, people will notice all approaches match a typical color revolution such as gaining sponsorship from the US, fostering leaders, establishing political parties and organizations aimed at subverting the government, brainwashing Hong Kong society with extreme "Western values," leveraging emergencies to carry out street-level political activities, leveraging media to create fake news, forging so-called public opinion and coercing the government, Chan pointed out.

A color revolution is planned after long-term preparation, and it takes a while to make sure it can be used to deal with China, Chan said in another interview with takungpao.com on July 6.

Now with trade tensions have increased between the US and China, it is obvious that the US regards China as its No.1 enemy. Therefore, the US has launched a comprehensive attack on Hong Kong at both the international level and the internal level, Chan pointed out.

Besides local people in Hong Kong initiating protests, foreign consulates have participated with the cooperation of foreign media, Chan said.

Chan also confirmed that the US has accumulated forces by training a group of people who are directly engaged in demonstrations.

Since the Occupy Central Movement in 2014, batches of people have received training in the US and local media staffs have undergone dedicated training by the US in Southeast Asia.

Since then, some young people have played a major role, and the US is leveraging large-scale social demonstrations as a cover to promote a color revolution, he said.

The best way out for Hong Kong is offense rather than retreat, Chan stressed.

Anonymous said...

(Continued . .)

Collusion with Western politicians

It is an open secret in Hong Kong that the forces protesting the extradition bill have been sponsored by the US. The activist, also the founder of the Next Digital Group, Jimmy Lai Chee-ying, was exposed by WikiLeaks to be closely related to US intelligence personnel, according to Hong Kong-based newspaper Wen Wei Po.

In mid-2014, an email related to Next Digital Group executives was leaked that indicated that the group has been communicating with the US Consulate General in Hong Kong.

During protests against the extradition bill, Lai had a high-level meeting with senior US officials including Mike Pence, Michael Pompeo and US National Security Adviser John Bolton.

At the end of May 2014, Lai met with Paul Wolfowitz, the former US deputy secretary of defense, on a yacht for five hours, according to a report from Hong Kong-based Chinese language magazine East Week on June 19, 2014.

Wolfowitz, Lai's buddy, is a foreign policy hawk. In 1982, he was appointed as assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. Meanwhile, he was one of the prominent neoconservatives in the George W. Bush administration.

According to a May 2018 report from globalresearch.ca, a Montreal-based website featuring a media group of writers, journalists and activists, Wolfowitz was responsible for developing the US' Defense Planning Guidance, 1994-1999. It was blunt, and later described by US Senator Ted Kennedy as imperialist.

In part the unedited Wolfowitz Doctrine declared, "Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence of a new rival, either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere… to prevent any hostile power from dominating a region whose resources would, under consolidated control, be sufficient to generate global power," according to globalresearch.ca.

Lai said during his own online show that he and Wolfowitz had known each other for a long time.

Lai and Wolfowitz were already friends when the latter became head of the US-Taiwan Business Council in 2008, Mark Simon, a senior executive at Next Media Group, confirmed, according to Hong Kong-based English newspaper South China Morning Post report in June 2014.

In Lai's chart of "political investments," Simon is his right-hand man.

Simon's father worked in a US government department. Simon served in the US Navy and was focused on intelligence assignments after he graduated from Georgetown University, one of top schools in diplomacy, reported East Week.

Simon transferred to Hong Kong for business after service. Wen Wei Po reported that Simon processed Lai's donations to local political parties.

Ellen Bork was one of Lee's assistants from 1998 to 1999. She was also reportedly connected to Jesse Helms, the then chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Later she served as deputy director of the Project for the New American Century at Freedom House, a US-based government-funded NGO that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom and human rights. Now Bork is a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Initiative, a Washington-based think tank.

Virgo 49 said...

The UAssA and her Infidels is waiting for China to take strong actions in Offense rather than Retreat scenario.

Then they will played full Orchestra that China is using primitive force to clamp down civil rights and DemoCrazy.

They will harped for the next twenty years that China is highlanded and strife freedoms.

But, they themselves can kill millions and it's their rights for freedoms and Demo crazy.

China is restraining herself to show the International Community that they are a Begin power.

Their BRI is very important to them. Do NOT want the West and cronies to disrupt by broadcasting that they are an Aggressive Power

Anonymous said...

REF: VIRGO 49 : 6:43pm

The white shirt triads have principles and rules and they are very patriotic. Whereas the black shirts are the brainless riff-raffs of society made use of by the deplorable evil ring leaders to carry out their wicked deeds with just a bribery of a few petty dollars.

Virgo 49 said...

The Triads should be more afraid of been extradited to China with bullets to the Heads executions.

They should be the ones laughing at the dafts black ants oops shirts who protested on behalf of them. Patriotic if committed serious offences also bullets to heads. Unlike just their cutting off their fingers

My guess is that they are been bought over by the Millions and Trillion hairs businesses to whack them as they are losing much businesses.

Or alternatively the PRCs had learnt from the Americunts spy agencies to have these whacked as the HK police forces hands are tied.

Anonymous said...

The white shirt triads not only have rules and principles to follow. They have integrity and that's the reason they are patriotic and will not allow the callous despicable ring leaders to harm China and give China a bad image. In the Taiping revolution against the Ching Dynasty and the British in the 1860s to 1870s it was the triad societies who out of patriotism joined Hong Siu Chuan in his fight to overthrow the Ching Dynasty and drive out the British and other Western invaders. However it was the same western oriented Chinese Christian leaders who helped the foreign invaders to topple the Taiping rebellion against the Ching Dynasty and the British. People like Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai, Benny Tai, Anson Chan and their deplorable cliques have no integrity, dignity or self-respect to speak of. They all should be arrested and despatched of by the firing squad as soon as popssible.


Anonymous said...

China should PNG the traitors like Anson Chan, Martin Lee, Jimmy Lee and the gangs.
Let them move to their beloved western countries and suffered racial discriminations by the whites, calling them chinks and slit eyes, better get spitted on.

Virgo 49 said...

Water Margins 18 Heroes. But they are against the Corrupt and Evil Rulers.

Also, Sinkieland, our Great Heros WHO are been ISA and clamped down into oblivion who can be a nuisance but Also Protectors of our Chinese families and cultures.

Many do not realise that without them at our past disturbances, many of them would NOT be here today.

Sinkieland still need what's our 50 and 60s Streets Justice vigilantes as envisaged by Matilah to monitor and taught some lessons to the Wildlifes that now seemed to be surfacing having upper hands in our own land.

Cardboard police cannnot do much.


Anonymous said...

Hard to understand
why Beijing
allows the Traitors and
the Leaders
of the Protests
to stay free and
active to repeatedly doing
damages to the

Anonymous said...



Trumpy's trade wars & HK protestors have given me YET ANOTHER CHANCE to top up HK stocks on the cheap.

Last few times were in Oct/Nov 2018 and June 2019.

Watching the Hang Seng these few weeks!!

PS: Be prepared for a -10% drop in stocks around the world soon. People like Virgo will beat his drums to say Great Recession is here LOL!! RB will be sweating to bring in trading commissions.

Virgo 49 said...

Right Big Depression On.

RED OCT as always in every year.

That's why the Americans have so many tragic films on RED OCT.

WSG losing all his pants and BLOOD on his hands War Stocks soon ill-gotten gains chek arg illlusinory wealth soon.

Karma finally caught up with him.

Be prepared for the worst.

Anonymous said...


///WSG losing all his pants and BLOOD on his hands War Stocks soon ill-gotten gains chek arg illlusinory wealth soon.///

No leh ... My collection of war stocks just went up by annualised 960% in just the last 3.5 hours!!! (New york stock exchange)

I'm looking at my $$$$$$$$$$ signs & smiling. No chek ark leh LOL!!!!


Virgo 49 said...

Left to be seen. Recommended Pinnacle at Duxton for your Sky Diving.

Still easy access. Or Sinkie River. Good bros and sis waiting in open arms for you and lead the way for you to HELL after your last Hurrah celebrations.

Anonymous said...

His Boeing stocks oredy kena whacked. And his numbers based on his funny maths, loss he also said gain. Make 2% he bloated it to 200%.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:32am,

Funny maths?!?? No leh --- I learnt from RB -- the great kena-fired financial maestro of the markets!! LOL!!!

As for Boeing, 90+% of my Boeing stocks have given me over 1,400% returns over the last 16 years --- I'm looking at 87,000% total returns over a 40-year holding period!!!! (Using the great RB's "funny maths") $10,000 invested will grow to $8,710,000 after 40 years!!

Of course, people on this blog dont have the patience, wisdom & fortitude to tahan 40 days, let alone 40 years!!

So far my maths OK lah --- good enough for me to retire at 44 (4 is my lucky number) with a 7-figure portfolio to shake leg & shake cock!! LOL!!!!


Anonymous said...

My take is China should not be involved. Let HK destroy itself.
The rioters through their leaders have infiltrated all sectors of Governent n Unions already.
Last week I read that most of Teachers, Lecturers n some Professors are anti China
And that if you want to be elected as student leader you must be anti China too.
Let’s say young students after spending 10 years in school being brainwashed would turn out
to be anti China too. HK riots is not about the Bill .It is to destablise n break up of China which they
failed 30years ago at Tiananmen .
If China send it troops it maybe able to stop the riots but it is only temporary because it will happen again
like 2014.The brainwashing was too deep and wide n China may end with a prolonged problem.
Give verbalsupport to HK G nad let the rioters continue to do what they want to do. Once the economy
Is badly damaged N HK suffers China can move n completely .”refurbished “ the country.

Anonymous said...

Anymore delay in reining the uprising traitors and protest leaders, shall be costly for Beijing.
Demonstration, vandalism, rioting and violence are not as consequential as the change of ideological sentiment.
Once the Traitor and Converted Banana get any foothold on the Mainland Population, it shall be disaster for Chinese World-wide.

lt is imperative to have the Traitor and Trouble Maker to be captured and charged as fast as possible before situatuon gets out of hand.

imho said...

Uass and China are both played by ahneh so they can benefit from the conflict.