When Malaysia thinks business, Singapore will be in trouble

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia will implement six short-term measures to handle the congestion at checkpoints especially at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar (BSI) Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) complex and the Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ (KSAB) complex in Johor.
Also decided was extending the use of autogate for all foreign visitors; increasing the number of Customs scanning machines, increasing the number of lorry counters at KSAB on par with Tuas; usage of hybrid counters; and the development of immigration integrated system (IIS) with automation features....

Above are a few paragraphs of a post in theindependent.sg on Malaysia's move to make moving in and out of Malaysia easier and to cut down on the jams that are affecting visitors going to Malaysia. This kind of thing was unthinkable in the past. The thinking then was don't come if foreigners think it is a big hassle to queue up at the Causeway. It was a kind of visitors/tourists and business transportation were not really wanted. Malaysia did not want them and the visitors would have to live with the inconvenience and long wait at the immigration.

The sudden change to want to free up the Causeway and to facilitate entry and exit into and out of Malaysia is a big change in the thinking in Malaysia. It is all about business and revenue from the visitors. The choke points are bad for business and detrimental to more money coming into Malaysia.

Now all the lanes are to be open, immigration staff are to work overtime if necessary. When Malaysia is thinking of money and business, Singapore is in for big trouble. Malaysia would pose a big and powerful challenge to bring in the visitors and their money. And this is just the beginning. When all the ministries and officials are thinking this way, Malaysia would pose a very serious threat to Singapore for attracting business and tourists into Malaysia.

Singapore can only hope that this is a passing craze and Malaysia would be back to its old normal self soon, tiada apa, money not important, want to come, come, don't come, never mind. Malaysia does not need the tourists nor the business nor the money.

Would Malaysia gets its acts right and pursued this for the long term, be persistent and consistent in wanting to change to bring in more growth and development and revenue for the country and not be bogged down by petty political squabbles and agenda?


Anonymous said...

It all depends on whether Anwar Ibrahim becomes the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. And whether he agrees to carry on with the policies laid down by Dr Mahathir.

Anyway, it is still a very long way to go.

Sinagpore is not stagnant and stupid. When Malaysia moves one step ahead, Singapore will move two or three steps ahead. This has been the norm and modus operandi in the last 40 years or so.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Morning Frog Outside Glass.

Your confidence may be misplaced. It used to be like that when there were many low hanging fruits. Today things would not be so easy. An economy that stagnates at 2% growth is as good as no growth. And worse if one knows that the growth is fictitious by adding more wildlife into the island. In this sense, there was actually no growth or negative growth.

They are running out of ideas other than increasing population and raising fees and prices of everything.

Virgo 49 said...

Mr.Frog Outside Glass.

Singapore cannot move much now. No more what's innovation moves to move. Indeed any Innovations from Singapore the last few decades?

Matland, even in the Cold War of Trade War still have their diversified industries.

They still have their Palm Oil..Petronas Oil. Even.Kedah.rice.
Cameron and many places vege and fruits. Kampong still can rear chickens and mangoes.

Sinkiekand? Wow.Garden City. Can cook soup with.your beautiful flowers and grasses. Mostly service oriented companies.

Americunts arm twisting even their beloved allies, you are.dead with cocks standing. NOT Kampong cocks.

No more one or two steps in front of Matland liao. Time had passed.

All these traditional businesses no liao..They can even uprising third or developing countries can do better than you..with much grander scale.

So if Matland goes or thinks serious business, Sinking Land no more leg.up anymore.

jjgg said...

Good morning RB .. the problem always been on the Singapore side la.. Malaysia always open for biz.. don't believe? 3/4 tank rule to prevent singaporeans from gg across easily.. 100% customs check to catch the gst evaders on their weekly shopping trip.. look at the Q of delivery vehicles at the causeway each morning .. sooo difficult to clear containers?? U think that after all these years a sustainable system would have been implemented.. Malaysia should have been better treated for all the good that it has brought.. water..workers and food.. in the meantime Singapore has exported arrogance n greed.. u figure it out!!!

Anonymous said...


End of the day, my money is still on SG.

SG operates like a corporation & is not afraid to sack its own underperforming citizens and force the rest of citizens to eat bitter.

Whereas MY operates on populism and panders to majority for special rights, more subsidies, more handouts, and easier living.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

@ all

There is a difference between thinking and actually DOING business. At the moment Malaysia is talking a "big game".

As long as the Malaysian Chinese (and to some extent the Indians) are in-charge with the business stuff, it'll be good and Malaysia should be comparable to Singapore, and might even offer advantages like lower costs.

But if the UMNO crowd gets involved, they will fuck the show right up, as they have been doing so for the past god-knows how many decades.

Sometimes I travel to Singapore from Australia via KLIA. As shiok as KLIA is (are...there are 2 of them) they are not even fit to smell the arsehole-hair of our Singapore (best in the world) airport. So if they want to surpass Singapore, they still need to do the "impossible" by catching up.

Anonymous said...


Sg is indeed very very very very lucky these yearssssss!

Is not we are very very very very very good!

It is because our kind neighbors are slow in waking-up and with own internal political issues!

So.... not because we are very very very very very good!

We are lucky $$$$$$$$$$$$!

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Mr Jiggs

You are absolutely right. Yesterday morning at Malaysia Second Link checkpoint. Like a breeze even with nearly ten over coaches at their CIQ. Not even goes to the scanning machines.

You heard of many bombings in Matland.???

Sinkie land total reverse on the pretext of what's nonsense security for your safety.

Just to show who is the Masters.

Minimum one half to two hours waiting to go thru the checkpoints.

Must know who is the Law and Home Affairs Minister

Anonymous said...

@Virgo 49 July 09, 2019 8:25 am
/////Oldies that are been scorned and called senile by the now pompous young punks will have best laugh seeing them struggle with many more bitter lives ahead of them.See who goes Senile or MAD.earlier..Yo chiak You Boh?

Chinese old ways of teaching their young to undergo sufferings before they can grow up to be strong./////

Seems like the fresh air in the high cloud (also) cannot "save" you liao to clear your muddy mind?

China's young generation in the midst are mostly the Little Emperors under the OCP (One Child Policy).

The Little Emperors know what is or live by "ć…ˆè‹ŠćŽç”œ"?

You must be in the grandest delusion of "smoking" jackpot machine or whatever gambling u are indulging in?

Go to some of the areas where some of the China students are hanging out in Sinkieland to see how decadent and the amount of (their parents') $$$ they are squandering everyday ...

(Indeed) living up to (your) senility (making wild delusional statements)?

Talking nonsense (again) without verifying the facts?

Best talk something that you know?

Better NOT talk something you think you know?

That only confirms the seriousness of (your) senility (you are) suffering?

Anonymous said...

Sin is great
it is send to
Gate of Hell.

Hell it shall
be soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi 10.57am

Please don't spread fear leh!


Anonymous said...

I don't see how this can go forward with UMNO, PAS and everyone else harping on race and religion being more important than progress. Every issue is now about Malay rights and nothing else matters.

For a start, the most important step is still changing the mentality of the Malays first. But with the most important element, which is education still stuck on racial bias and refusing to bring changes to the education system, whereby race is the main criteria for entry to higher education institutions at the expense of merit, it is hard to see how the country can progress.

Rest assured, the situation will not change. Not unless Chinese and Indians are given more opportunities to exercise their abilities over how the country is run. And that begs the question of can they allow that.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is well endow by nature and the lnhabitants benefit greatly from the peace and abundance in a land with the least natural disaster.
They are amongst the luckiest if not blessed folks.

Virgo 49 said...

No time to entertain you.Too busy with collecting monies from Genting ATM machines and now waiting a cheque from cashier of cash RM53K plus plus from a GrandJackpot prize. Dont believe can call Genting and said old uncle striked 53K at Jackpot machine no.3333.Circus Palace.

Pity you young punks have to slot for another thirty or so off years b4 can come here to relax.Dont know whether can or NOT. Have to pick cardboards after destructing as mortages for your pigeon holes or even cannot afford to own a car not fully paid yet.

Hopefully ST classifieds no bankruptcy notice of your names.

Even 10K I saw also bankrupt by Finance and Leasing Company

See see must own overextortation price car and come to the worse have to drive as private hire.

Let passengers banged car doors every day that one fine day found doors NOT attached to car.

Then start quarreling with passengers.

Dinner time and have shows at Bona Cineplex at 9.35pm.

Wow, this trip got 4 Chinese HK shows Loius Koo.

Chasing the Dragons Two.

Our generation brought up a Street wise and strong willed children with our type of harsh discipline.

Your generation knows how to make babies but don't know how to bring up children.

A generation of Monsters and soft boned strawberries children.

Virgo 49 said...

Hello Anon.

Whether racical or not, Matland upcoming infrastructures of Port Services and other giant projects as with China can be easily trained the Mats whichever sort of education they received.

These are just Humane everyday sort of occupations.

For your info, Mats can be especially good in handling types of blue collar jobs than Chinese.

Some more their costs how many times cheaper than Sinking Land.

I have had worked in Port Klang before and majority Mats and Indians. Very efficient and good in these mundane jobs.

Chinese, mostly stevdoring and Toway businesses.

So sinking land no competition with costs and their snergy logistics services.

The PRC wanted East Coast ports that their vessels can call direct without passing Singapore. From there their planned Rail service northwards to Thailand and beyond.

Also, there Trengganu Petronas Oil. No need Singapore Service as also afraid Sinkies Leaders may betrayed them aligning with the Americunts.

They have foresight far far ahead.

Not to be caught in a shit hole by the American cronies.

That's why even that Mad Hater slashed their prices and they may even be a lost.They also willingly do for them.Their interests of long term matters.

Now even Mahathair sang their Songs of good will and praise.

They willing to bear the lost for future gains.

Other markers matter. Huawei their top sales in Matland.

Their soft diplomacy to capture all hearts. Later they supported them in the U.N.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Mats can be trained, but will they work again after decades of receiving handouts?

Maybe, they can still become rich the easy way by drinking Malaysian water. Bugs me why they did not all became rich. Maybe they drank their water the wrong way.

This secret of getting rich was revealed by Mahathir, who said Singapore became rich because of Malaysian water. I wonder whether this is true. Must be, because Mahathir's family is also very rich. Should have shared this secret earlier with all Malaysians. Najib and company would not have to resort to corruption.

Virgo 49 said...

Anon.Mats in Malaysia cannot survive on just Government aids alone.

You think their Govt can feed their millions of Mats without them working?

Even their handouts just a few hundred ringgit once in a blue moon.

If not, there would not be so many of them even as Hawkers and other jobs if they can depend on handouts without work.

Just like even Sinkies poor elderies.
With the PAP minister asking them you to eat Kentucky, Ramen or Sushi in restaurants with their few hundreds a month they don't have to pick cardboards and collect crockery at Hawkers centres.

Also, human beans even how poor still have an ounce of human pride. They will only put out their hands for handouts unless they are really desperate.

Many would still want to retain their pride without handouts if they could.

Read of a suicide in Little India of a man and his mother falls to death.

Been unemployed and looking at aged mother caused tremendous stress that they had to take their lives.

You think they want to die this way?

Does our You want to eat in restaurants
Ministers and social workers help them enough?

Sinkies most just wayang in what's helping the desitudes and poor.

Just want prestige and standing in society.

Let me tell you how my ex Chinese boss which I once worked for him as a what's bullshsits Lion Rotary Club Chairman helped with wayng charity to raise funds for the poor just to be in the good books of the PAP.

Overheard his conversation with his committee members. Anyway,he is a pompous man who talked loudly that everyone can hear him boasts.

He told his secretary to raise funds by having cheap pencils engraved with their District LIONS Lottery, oops Rotary Club insignia and sells as souvenirs for fund raising.

Said buy per piece at 2.00 and sell at 10 per piece. Give 5 to the Charity and they take 3 as cut per piece. Each had in their pockets 1.50 each. Imagine they can raise funds by selling at hundreds enough. How much they amm kang?

This called helping charitable organisations. Prestige plus Amm Kang profiting their own.

Later hope to get award from the Govt.
Pui!!! Lost faith in human beings.

That's why I always said All dogs goes to heaven and human beings to Hell.

Not all.. Most. Me exception to Heaven. I good man.


imho said...

Malaysia has a big problem. They always fall for the race/religion divide. Its the one big thing making them unable to thrive.

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing
to be born in a country with plenty of resources, with minimum disaster and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is top attraction to retiree settlers from around the World for decades.
it is the Top Attraction to students from around the World.
Malaysia shall soon be the Envy of the Sour Grape
Sinkies who look down at the Malaysian Leaders and the Malaysians.

Moin khan chouhan said...

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